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Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel)

Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel)

Studio: Fallen Angel
Category:  Cream Pies , Gonzo
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astroknight's ratings for Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Internal Affairs 2 (Fallen Angel) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/15/2001

Running Time: 87 min. (cover states 90 minutes)

Production Date: 11 / 19 / 1999

Director: Luc Wylder (who also produced and shot)

Cast: Julie Meadows, Rayveness, Dee, Monique DeMoan, Jon Dough, Rob, Todd Alexander, Lothario, Luc Wylder, and Alexandra Silk

Initial Expectations: I’ve really enjoyed Luc Wylder’s Sex Across America series. I’ve heard that he really likes this series as well, which gives me a lot of hope. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there isn’t a bad woman in the entire feature either.

Initial Reaction: It’s a very nice feature with as much focus on real couples as the internal pops.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of internal cum shots. real couples, and anybody in the cast

Who Should Avoid It: Fans of facials or extremely hardcore sex

Audio /Video Quality: The audio quality is very good. Some of the feature is filmed outdoors, but there’s minimal noise from it and you can still hear almost every sound the couples make. The video is also very clear and doesn’t show some of the typical problems with Gonzo porn, such as shaking, soft focus problems, or bad lighting. There are also a couple spots with some bad pixelation and a few soft focus problems, but they’re very short.

Music: The music is your typical porn music, but unlike more porn music it stays very quietly in the background an doesn’t interfere with any of the other sound.

Menus: The menus are simple, but very nicely done. The bios allow you to pick the girl by picture and the chapter menu gives the option of either the scene or the interview before the scene. It’s a nice touch rather than just having the choice of which scene and dropping you somewhere you don’t necessarily want to go.

Disc Problems / Complaints: At the end of each chapter I had to manually hit the next track button to get it to advance. It’s a fairly minor problem, but it does end up getting very annoying. On the complaint side of things, there’s a Cream Pie icon in the bottom corner of the scenes that allows you to skip right ahead to the cum shot. It’s a nice idea, especially in a feature that revolves around the cum shot, but it can’t be turned off.

The Feature: Internal Affairs 2 continues Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk’s search for the ultimate cream pie. For those unfamiliar with the term, a cream pie is slang for an internal cum shot. It’s something that most people think feel great, as well as being a lot more natural. Luc Interviews each couple before the scene and even goes as far as making sure the viewer knows how to get in touch with the stars if they really like what they see. In between, Luc and Alexandra talk about the scenes and have a cream pie of their own.

Monique DeMoan and Jon Dough start things out with Monique dropping down to give Jon a little oral action. She gets up and turns around for him to eat her from behind and then starts fucking her from behind as he plays with her all natural tits. She also rides him reverse cowgirl before laying back on a couple bar stools for him to put the cream pie in her oven. It’s a nice scene and benefits a lot from the great chemistry between a real couple. Afterwards, Monique tightens up her pussy to turn it into the start of a cum-fall that drips off her ass. Luc gets her to push out a little more and even has her jump around a little to try and get a little more out.

Dee, a very attractive black lady, and Rob do the next scene in the kitchen. He helps her strip down and then she drops down to give Rob’s knob a gobble. He doesn’t return the oral favor, and instead gets right to business fucking her from behind. He lets her ride him reverse cowgirl next as she holds onto the table and counter before she lays down on the tile floor for him to fuck her. From the look of her nipples, it wasn’t a warm floor either. Dee’s nicely vocal throughout the scene and gets into things very nicely. Rob’s pretty quiet, but you don’t see much of him through the scene. He dumps his load deep inside Dee and it takes her a little while to pump it out, at which point it hangs down off her pussy and lets it drip onto the floor. Once again, it’s a hot scene that benefits a lot from the chemistry between Dee and Rob, although Dee’s vocal skills give the scene most of its heat.

Rayveness, with jet black hair that doesn’t look nearly as good as her natural brown does, and Todd Alexander get busy in a bedroom for the third scene. As always, Rayveness is extremely cute (and has an amazing natural body) and appears extremely realistic, friendly, and fun. As opposed to most suitcase pimps, Todd also appears to be a pretty real guy with a good sense of humor. After some passionate kissing, Rayveness goes after Todd’s nipples. They both trade a little oral loving, including Rayveness giving Todd one of her normal amazing blowjobs, before Todd takes her over to the dresser and starts fucking her from behind as she moans away. Luc does a great job on the camera work and catches them in the mirror so that many times you get two angles at once. They make their way back to the bed where Todd drops the bomb in Rayveness’s bunker. It’s very rare to see Rayveness give a bad scene, and this one isn’t going to break her streak. It’s sad that she’s so underrated when she normally gives such a great performance with such a realistic and fun feel, such as this one.

Julie Meadows, one of my all time favorite girls, and Lothario, finish things off. As usual, Julie looks amazing. Lothario, however, reminds me of Tom Byron, and not when he didn’t look that bad. I’m guessing he’s either a musician or an artist. His interview before the scene reminded me a lot of some of the interviews Tim Robbins had early in Bull Durham. However, from the looks between them it’s obvious they care about each other so I wish them both happiness. Julie starts out by dropping down to suck on his cock outside before they go inside so Luc’s neighbors don’t get too upset. Inside, Julie hops up on a railing so she can get her pussy eaten before she slides in onto Lothario’s cock. She takes it in her pussy at first, looking as happy as a five year old who just found a dollar, before she tells Lothario she wants him to bend her over and fuck her in the ass. As usual, Julie moans and coos throughout the entire scene, much of the time with a smile on her face. With Julie’s enthusiasm I’m amazed whenever I mention her to other porn fans and they haven’t seen her. She’s easily one of the most enjoyable girls in porn to watch no matter who she’s with. She takes Lothario’s population baby batter in her beautiful butt before blowing it down the crack of her ass. It’s a great scene that should please all of Julie’s fans as well as making a few more.

If you’re a fan of internal cum shots, Luc Wylder has put together just the feature for you with Internal Affairs 2. Every scene has an internal cum shot and Luc makes sure that you see it all in one camera shot so you know it’s real. The only bad thing about it is that Alexandra only appears in some of the framing sequences and never gets a cream pie of her own. Luc also uses real couples for the scenes which makes a big difference. There’s a more realistic feeling to many of the scenes that helps them out a lot. I was a little unsure about this title at first, but after watching this one it has me hoping there’s more to cum.

Extras: The slide show lasts about three and a quarter minutes with five seconds per still. It’s a nice mix of full screen shots and snapshots that looks pretty nice. There’s also a manual photo gallery that has a few of the same shots, or at least very similar shots. Cream Pie lets you cut directly to the internal cum shots. It last a little over six minutes and is a great addition for internal cum shot fanatics.

Themes: Straight, internal cum shots, and anal

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Internal Affairs 2 can be found online for around $23, but only three stores are offering it at this time. I’m sure that as more stores offer it the price will come down. If you like or are curious about internal cum shots or like real couples, this DVD is for you. Every scene has a real couple and an internal cum shot to cap off a hot scene. There are a few problems with the transfer, but they’re pretty minor and the extras are a little above average.

Note to Fallen Angel: This was a great idea for a feature. The real couples add a lot to the sexuality of the feature even though the guys aren’t always that good looking. It looks like you care a lot about the viewers from some of the things put onto the DVD, but the chapter problem should have been caught in quality control. Also, please make it so that the icon in the bottom corner can be turned off. Most fans who have spoken about the icons such as this do not want to see them all the time.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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