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Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann
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Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Interactive , MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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T0MBOne's ratings for Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  3/21/2009
36 year old Lisa Ann, a self-described "cougar," stars in a 2 disc set, INTERACTIVE SEX WITH: LISA ANN (2008, Zero Tolerance) with the first disc being the interactive DVD and the second DVD being a sort of greatest hits from Lisa Ann's return to xxx in 2006 combined with some newer stuff from 2008. I'll review each disc as a separate thing then combine ratings for a final recommendation.

The first disc of INTERACTIVE SEX WITH: LISA ANN is the interactive one where Lisa Ann walks and talks and fucks through many sexual scenes. Mike Quasar directs. Shot in high definition with 100% real cumshots, INTERACTIVE SEX WITH: LISA ANN also includes a multiple angles feature, which allows the viewer to jump back and forth between a wide pov shot and a tighter close-up. After Lisa Ann says "hey sexy," I chose the TOTAL EXPERIENCE function instead of the LET'S FUCK function.

The camera follows Lisa Ann inside her home after a hard day at the office. She disrobes and takes a bubble bath that's highlighted by partially submerged huge boobs and a sexy twist of her body around in the tub. She stands up, says "you're making me horny," drops back into the water then dries off on a towel beside the tub. A solid start---!!! outa !!!!!

She puts on a skimpy dress then we dicide to GO TO THE CLUB. During the limo ride, Lisa Ann says the ride is a long one so she sucks cock with her boobs hanging out a cute purple dress. She takes the facial in her mouth and looks incredible. A well-photographed brief BJ sequence with a terrific Lisa Ann performance---!!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

At the club, a horde of beautiful women are dancing. Lisa Ann recognizes her pal Julia Ann; the duo dance a bit, a bit longer if so desired then they head back to the house where they play with each other, tease each other in the hallway before landing on a big bed for girl/girl action.

GIRL/GIRL function has the duo in matching pink and black lingerie on the massive bed with brown bedspread and pillows. The gals engage in some kissing for a few minutes---!!, oral---!!, strap-on---!! 1/2 plus the ladies SWITCH, if so desired. The highlight of this sequence is Lisa Ann on her knees thrusting the strap-on into Julia Ann lying on her side. I like the SWITCH function---!!!, which allows switching to the other gal going down on the other. Otherwise, typical girl/girl stuff---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

DOUBLE BLOW JOB function has both gals giving head in a solid pov camera shot. Hit the alternate angle function for a tighter shot of the sexy ladies' faces. Hit the TALK DIRTY TO ME function---!!! for the gals to talk shit while they suck dick or hit SHUT THE FUCK UP---!!! to return to a quiet blow job experience. A pop shot concludes the double blow job. A good scene but Julia Ann's eyes are thickly covered with black eye shadow, which detracts---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

ORAL function features Lisa Ann in a blue dress with a light green star pattern around her tummy as she gives a more standard blow job in pov---!!!; she looks look great with her long thick dark brown hair as she holds the prick in one hand. Hit the SLOW & FAST function---!!! 1/2 for a more energetic performance then finish off with a facial---!!! 1/2 or a swallow---!!! 1/2. Watch the facial in a fantastic tight alternate angle but stick with the pov for the swallow where the alternate angle is too tight. I like Lisa Ann's blow jobs skills so this sequence recieves an overal rating of !!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

HAND JOB function features Lisa Ann with her boobs hanging out as she straddles the guy, stops, plays with her nipples. Hit the CUMSHOT function and the action jumps to the TITTY FUCK cumshot so I skipped to the TITTY FUCK function instead. Where is this hand job cumshot? A disappointing finish to this hand job stuff---! !/2 outa !!!!!

TITTY FUCK function features a solid pov shot of Lisa Ann on red blankets. Hit the alternate angle function to catch a close-up of all the oil dropping onto her massive boobs. The titty fuck is alright; his dick slides around and misses it's mark a bit until the pop shot that lands in her cleavage---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

DRESS UP function features a 6 minute sequence of Lisa Ann trying on three different outfits. Outfit 1 is a sexy two piece lingerie thing in a blood red color. Hit the OUTFIT 1 function and Lisa Ann spread-eagle mish fucks (and more) in that sexy two piece---!!!, hit the OUTFIT 2 function and Lisa Ann cowgirl fucks (and more) while wearing a blue and black two piece---!!! 1/2, hit the OUTFIT 3 function and Lisa Ann doggie fucks in a sexy black and purple two piece, the top being a teddy that mostly wraps around the small of her back in an overhead pov camera shot, where Lisa Ann's body does not fill up the frame---!! 1/2. The DRESS UP function is cool and I enjoyed watching Lisa Ann popping in and out of her closet and trying on the different clothes---!!! outa !!!!!

MASTURBATION function features Lisa Ann in FINGERS mode as she wears that light blue dress with light green star patterns around her tummy. Lisa Ann asks "don't you wish those were your fingers?" but the set is a bit busy with dildos and such in the foreground---!!, hit the TOYS function for a much tighter shot of Lisa as she plunges a light blue didlo in her pussy, the alternate angle is an overhead closeup shot of the plunging didlo with Lisa Ann saying "I'm going to cum all over this toy"---!! 1/2, hit ANAL TOY and Lisa Ann plunges a purple dildo in her butt that looks best when her feet are hanging just off the side of the cushion---!!. So, the MASTURBATION fuction rates about a !! outa !!!!!

MISSIONARY function features a naked Lisa Ann spread eagle in a wide overhead camera shot. Hit the alternate angle to mix in a terrific shot of her twat taking a pussy pounding. Hit the SLOW & FAST for a nice bounce to Lisa Ann's boobs while she grasps her hands above the ankles---!!!, hit ANAL for another terrific spread eagle shot that you can mix with alternate angles for a tight shot of the ass pounding, hit CUMSHOT for ejaculate that reaches as far as her armpit---!!!, watch these positions in OUTFIT 1---!!!, which features an anal cumshot that lands around her pussy so watch that one in the alternate angle close-up. Overall rating for MISSIONARY is !!! outa !!!!!

COWGIRL function features a well-lit Lisa Ann as a fireplace behind her nicely frames her cowrgirl riding body---!!! 1/2, hit the SLOW & FAST for incredible action in the wide shot, alternate angle is okay---!!!!, hit NAKED ANAL for a terrific wide shot, alternate angle okay---!!!!, hit OUTFIT 2 to watch these positions in that blue and black 2 piece lingerie---!!!, the NAKED CUMSHOT and FILL HER UP are tops---!!!!, the cumshots in OUTFIT 2 are fine !!!. So, overall, the combination of a well-framed image and Lisa Ann giving a spirited performance makes the COWGIRL activities the best thing about the first DVD---!!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

DOGGIE function is disappointing. Quasar shoots Lisa Ann in an overhead shot, which features pillows thrown on the floor taking up more screen space than her body. Switching to the alternate angle gives you a terrific shot of Lisa Ann's tush and cute butt crack and that's why I recommend the alternate angles---!!! 1/2 for the assortment of terrific cumshots. Too bad the extensive doggie fucking wideshots detract---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

GET TO KNOW LISA ANN reveals her on a dark roof top as Lisa Ann lies in patio furniture and chats about her career in porn. She explains why she is a "cougar" and not a "milf" and says that she stopped making porn for 7 years because she had grown tired of the acting part. She started up again when gonzo requirements became the norm and she could perform just for the fun of having sex. This feature runs more than 9 minutes and it's a fine bio-type feature that works well as a sort of behind the scenes feature for the first disc---!!! outa !!!!!

Okay, so the interactive part, disc one of INTERACTIVE SEX WITH: LISA ANN has more hits than misses. I epecially like Lisa Ann giving blow jobs, something about that cute face and that big head of dark hair is a turn on. (Her face reminds me of Julia Roberts for some reason) I wish her boobs were not so overstuffed but otherwise she is terrific in terms of looks and performance. Mike Quasar mostly does a fine job presenting her in a variety of fucking positions and other sex acts. Good fun; the first disc rates---!!! outa !!!!!

The bonus disc starts out with three scenes that make up A DAY IN THE LIFE OF LISA ANN: 3 WAY AT THE OFFICE, A SEXY INTERVIEW and GIRLS ON PARADE.


Lisa interviews Ahryan for a job and woos her away from her agent, Ben, who just happens to show up. Lisa takes them into some other room where she pulls down a bed for the three to frolick and fuck. Lisa sucks Ben's prick, then Arhyan's boobs. Ben doggie fucks Ahryan while she sucks Lisa Ann's boobs. Double blow job leads to Lisa riding cowgirl, Ahryan P2M, then Julie Ann reverse cowgirl. The gals take turns in other straight sex positions then a cumshot and Lisa Ann asking "aren't you glad you came to work with me?" conclude a solid well-lit scene with good chemsistry between the performers---!!! outa !!!!!


Lindsey interviews for a job by taking off her clothes. Lisa Ann puts her on the desk, kisses her, plays with her small boobs and then her twat. She decides to "test the goods" by sucking Lindsey's cute pussy. Lisa Ann climbs on the desk and pulls her panties to the side so Lindsey can suck her pussy. On hands and knees upon the desk, Lisa Ann sticks hands and fingers in the twat of a writhing Lindsey who cums while lying across the desk. Lisa Ann takes her panties off and sits on Lindsey's face then the scene concludes with Lisa Ann saying "you have some skills." Solid girl/girl action that is well-staged and well-shot upon Lisa Ann's massive desk---!!! outa !!!!!


At her talent agency, Lisa Ann asks "any whores show up yet?" Lisa Ann interviews a cute blonde with a dopey fruity tattoo on her stomach, Lilly. Lilly takes her clothes off, says her boyfriend will only let her do g/g, so Lisa Ann sends her away. In walks Jackie, a pale redhead with a DUI problem and a revoked driver's license. Lisa sees the goods, likes what she sees but worries about her legal problems. In prances Kelly Skyline, who Lisa Ann calls a "cutey patooty." Kelly looks great with a cute face and small boobs with pierced nipples and no tattoos. Lisa tells Kelly that "porn is more fun when you're single." Concludes the interviewing process with "two outa three ain't bad." How about !! outa !!!!! ain't bad.

The next four scenes are taken from Lisa Ann's comeback in 2006 when she appeared in ASS CLEAVAGE 8, DOUBLE DECKER SANDWICH 8, MOTHER LOAD and POV CENTERFOLDS 4. These scenes have already been reviewed so I will highlight a few things about each scene.


Mike Quasar directs Lisa Ann's first anal scene. Afters a strip tease and some ass slapping straight sex positions, Lisa Ann and James settle into about 12 minutes of anal sex in a variety of positions with Lisa Ann begging "pretty please" during the process. A solid scene that's too long at 32 minutes---!!! outa !!!!!


An odd 22 minute scene with the big boobed and beautiful Carmella wearing pink fish netted stockings and garter belted outfit and sporting ugly red streaks in her otherwise sexy straight reddish brown hair. Lisa Ann wears a similar get-up but in red with her fishnet stockings worn OVER her sexy high heels. Over? Why? I would have loved this scene had the lingerie slowly come off. Instead, the flashy outfits bounce around with their bodies jumping from position to position on a turquoise couch with mustard colored walls. Carmella riding anal reverse cowgirl with a beautiful bounce to her boobs is the highlight. Lisa Ann bring outs a strap-on for the finale that concludes with a Ben facial that lands bunches on both ladies' faces---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!


Scott the personal trainer helps himself to Lisa Ann or I should say, Lisa Ann helps herself to him. I enjoyed the opening blowjob moments the best with Lisa's hair pulled back into a massive pony tail. An alright 22 minute scene turns goofy when Lisa Ann lifts little blue barbells, gets a little extra workout, while she rides in reverse cowgirl. She looks good in other blow job stances with her long flowing hair out of the pony tail but she keeps spewing idiotic lines like "you're suck a good trainer." Uhg---!! /1/2 outa !!!!!


Heavy breathing Mick Blue is the lucky guy shooting the 31 minute pov scene. The lighting of this scene is erratic and the pov stuff makes for a claustrophobic viewing experience when other wider angle shots are not mixed in. The whole pov thing is an economical way of making a gonzo disc, just not my cup of tea. Lisa Ann looks great, though---!! outa !!!!!

A more recent scene is taken from YOU'VE GOT A MOTHER THING CUMMING 2 (2008) which begins with 7 minutes of chit chat between Quasar and Lisa Ann then Mikey Butders comes around and cums in Lisa 's mouth after the duo engages in a variety of straight sex positions on a faux antique piece of furniture. A solid, well-lit 30 minute straight sex scene with good chemistry between Lisa Ann and Mikey, who is one of her real life Talent Agency clients---!!! outa !!!!!

An 8 minute Photo Gallery is the only other extra on the second disc.

So the second disc nearly rates !!! out of !!!!! but I would rate it at !! 1/2 outa !!!!!.

Combine the two discs and you get a Lisa Ann viewing experience that is quite fulfilling. So, pick up this two disc set of INTERACTIVE SEX WITH: LISA ANN (2008, ZERO TOLERANCE) if you just can't get enough of her. Final rating for both discs combined is !!! thanks to many wonderful interactive moments with the busty and beautiful Lisa Ann.

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