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bono-ONE Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze 5 starsInteractive Sex With Jenna Haze 5 starsInteractive Sex With Jenna Haze 5 stars
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Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze

Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Interactive
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Gentleman Jon's ratings for Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Gentleman Jon  on  3/2/2007

What I Liked
Jenna is as hot as ever, and there is lots of content on the interactive disc. You can watch her striptease from a coed outfit, from romantic lingerie, and from a bondage outfit. You can watch her masturbate three different ways (pussy fingering, pussy toying, and ass toying). You can see her give a blowjob both fast and slow, and both swallow the cum or take a facial. You can watch her make out with Alektra Blue, and see Jenna and Alektra take turns eating each other's pussies and fucking each other with a strap-on. You can watch the girls give a double blowjob, both relatively quiet and with them talking nasty to each other and the camera, and see Alektra share the semen with Jenna.

You can watch Jenna get fucked in missionary, cowgirl, and doggie positions, both fast and slow, in both her pussy and her ass, and both naked and in sexy outfits. You can watch her wearing the bondage outfit in missionary position, the coed outfit in cowgirl position, and the romantic lingerie in doggie position. She always talks dirty. When she's in the bondage outfit she attempts to be more dominant to the viewer, but she really is a nice and easy to please mistress. In all cases, the male's face is never shown, and he never talks, although he does grunt and groan at times. In each position, both naked and clothed, you can see her receive a vaginal creampie, or have the male pull out of her pussy and spray her, or pull out of her ass and cum on her. With one exception, elaborated on further below. All told, there are 20 real cumshots or creampies on the interactive disc. Some of the cumshots are quite impressive. Jenna and the stud always resume fucking after the cumshot or creampie. In some instances you can see what may be cum leaking out of her orifice even when the stunt cock gives an external cumshot.

For everything except for the strip teases, you can use the angle function of your DVD player to watch the clips two different ways. Angle one always has her centerered in the frame, and for oral and fucking clips, it approximates the male's point of view. Angle two has a closeup of pussy and ass, sometimes panning up to her face. Except for when she and Alektra Blue kiss, and the blowjob clips, where the angle two camera focuses on her face but is more to the side than angle one. One thing I noticed on angle two is how pretty her little hands are, when she's fingering or toying herself.

There is also a bonus disc with five of Jenna's earlier scenes for Zero Tolerance, unedited. The scenes come from Strip Tease Then Fuck 8, Blow Me sandwich 9, Who's Your Daddy? 9, Internal Cumbustion 10, and Grand Theft Anal 9.

What I Disliked
There is not a whole lot to dislike, but there are a few things that keep this title from getting 5 stars. There is no cumshot from anal when she's in her bondage outfit in missionary position. Clicking on Cum when watching anal missionary with her wearing the bondage outfit just plays the external cumshot from vaginal missionary with her in the bondage gear. And as impressive as many of the cumshots are, a few others are pretty weak, or poorly aimed, getting as much on the guy as on her.

In the clip with her kissing Alektra Blue, at one point director Mike Quasar can be heard loud and clear saying "30 more seconds of kissing." There is at least one other instance where a viewer can hear directions being given, but in those other instances Jenna is vocal enough herself that it is not nearly as noticeable.

It would have been nice if fewer clips began with her saying a variation of "Oh, so you want to..."

I don't think the bonus scenes on disc two should count against this release, but it is worth mentioning that her scene with Manuel Ferrara in Internal Cumbustion 10 is poorly edited. I am not a big fan of anal creampies myself, and I believe Jenna and Quasar's assertions that the anal creampie in that scene is real, but I can see how someone who likes anal creampies and is more suspicious could think it was fake, as there is not one single continuous camera shot of Manuel pulling out and the cum spilling out. There is a quick dissolve between Manuel pulling out and her standing, letting the cum drip out of her ass.

DVD Quality
The picture and sound are both excellent. It was shot in high definition, and of course the picture is 16:9 aspect ratio. Watching it on my 4:3 television, there are menu choices in the black bars at the top and bottom. The sound is good enough that it really captures a 'gloop' sound as the cum spills out of her in one of the vaginal creampie clips.

The main menu and several submenus have video clips of Jenna encouraging the viewer to choose an option. Most of the individual clips except for cumming are between three and four minutes long, although there are a few that are closer to two and a half minutes long. The cum clips range from 22 seconds to a minute long. All clips will repeat indefinitely until you choose another menu option. Navigation of the interactive disc is fairly easy to figure out, but it isn't perfect. It would be nice if a viewer could go straight from a creampie to external cumshot or vice versa without having to go back to fucking. But exploring the slow and fast options of vaginal and anal fucking and all the cumshots in a particular position, from both camera angles while she's naked, and then realizing that it can all be viewed again, this time with her in a sexy outfit, is a very nice discovery.

If you are reading this review, then you can find the complete cast list of both discs on Zero Tolerance's website and on various retailer's websites, but there is no cast list on the DVD cover itself. Jenna's on-screen partners on disc two are identified at the beginning of the scenes, but I don't think Alektra Blue is ever identified anywhere on disc one, let alone any of the faceless stunt cocks. For your information, I know that James Deen, Johnny Castle, Pat Myne, and Scott Nails are on disc one, and possibly others.

The only extras on disc one are a six minute interview with Jenna and some trailers. I don't know if I should count the compiled scenes on disc two as an extra or not. I guess I will, since they call it a bonus disc. A Behind the Scenes featurette of the new material could have been interesting, if only they had shot a BTS.

Overall Thoughts
It is a very good release overall. It doesn't cater to every fetish, but everyone should find something to like in it, assuming they like Jenna Haze. It should have a fairly high replay value. It is definitely recommended viewing for Jenna Haze fans.

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