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bono-ONE Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz 4.5 starsInteractive Sex With Courtney Cummz 4.5 starsInteractive Sex With Courtney Cummz 4.5 stars
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Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz

Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Interactive
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astroknight's ratings for Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interactive Sex With Courtney Cummz A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/27/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: approx. 214 min. total footage (includes both angles)

Production Date: 11 / 16 / 2005 – 1 / 28 / 2006

Director: Mike “Quasarman” Quasar

Cast: Courtney Cummz, Eva Angelina, Chris Charming, Evan Stone, Mark Wood, and Scott Nails

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: There are few women in porn currently that I think are hotter than Courtney Cummz, and it sounded like Zero Tolerance was trying to put the effort into this one to do it right. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Initial Reaction: It's a very impressive first effort at the virtual genre for Zero Tolerance, and definitely has me looking forward to their next effort (which supposedly is going to involve Jenna Haze!).

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting virtual Courtney

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of facials

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very nicely done. The audio is very clear and very nicely balanced without any background noise. The video is also nicely done. It appears to be presented in non-anamorphic widescreen with the main picture being in about the 2.35:1 ratio and the choices listed out between the picture and the burned in black bars. There's a touch of very minor pixelation throughout the release as well as some minor lighting inconsistencies.

Music: The striptease segments are set completely to music. The music isn't bad, but it definitely holds the segments back from where they could be with how well Courtney does with teasing talk.

Menus: The menus are pretty simple, and just spell out your choices above and below the picture between the picture and the burned in black bars of the non-anamorphic transfer.

The Feature

Not even a month into her contract with Zero Tolerance, Courtney Cummz became the focus of their first interactive release. Both making her a contract girl as well as focusing on her for an interactive release make plenty of sense with Courtney's pretty face, fantastic natural tits topped off by a wonderful set of nipple rings, and a killer ass that she isn't afraid to put to use. She also knows how to play to the camera without overdoing it and puts out plenty of vocals. Perhaps the biggest surprise here is that nobody before Zero Tolerance put her in front of the camera for an interactive release.

Courtney puts out plenty of the usual virtual choices along with a few new twists. You can have her do a strip tease, masturbate with her fingers or a dildo that will go in either of her holes, and of course let her suck your cock. She'll also let you fuck either of her holes in missionary, cowgirl, or doggie. Here, those standard choices just aren't enough. For the strip tease Courtney will let you choose between her dressed up as a schoolgirl in a little baby blue and pink outfit, a teacher in a white tied off shirt and a black pinstripe skirt complete with glasses, or a nurse in a pink fetishy number. The outfits aren't just limited to the strip tease, as she'll let you fuck her in the schoolgirl or teacher outfit in missionary or as the nurse in cowgirl in addition to the standard naked fucking. Not letting that be enough, Courtney will also bring in her lovely gal pal Eva Angelina to help her suck “your” cock or let you just sit back and watch as they get it on with each other naturally or with toys while deciding who does what to who. Heck, if you want you can even just watch them lie on the bed kissing. Through almost all of it you can choose between two real camera angles and whether Courtney goes Slow N Easy or Fast N Furious.

For her part, Courtney does a great job. She's nicely vocal and plays to the camera, but doesn't do it too much. She looks great in whatever outfit she's put in and varies her energy nicely. I really like the slow versus fast options as it captures Courtney and her styles very well. So many other studios go with things like nice versus nasty and very often it's hard to tell the difference between the two moods. Here Courtney feels natural and never limited. Eva fits in just as well, and looks to have just as much fun.

Cumshots are always an important thing in virtual sex releases. Sadly, they've often become the focus of many interactive releases due to how badly some studios botched them with animation with some of the early virtual releases. Here Zero Tolerance avoids that problem by going with all real cumshots. They mix things up a bit by allowing “you” to give Courtney a creampie in missionary and doggie that she nicely squirts back out. Most of the other cumshots are either on Courtney's ass or pussy, with her only facial being for the blowjob. There's a nice addition of some cumswapping for the group blowjob, but I'll confess to being a little disappointed with the lack of facials here. I'm not a huge facial guy, but Courtney's one of those girls that does it so well that I can't help but look forward to seeing her take a face full of guy goo. Each pop also normally goes back to the guy fucking her wherever and however he was fucking her before.

The other major difference between interactive releases is the mechanism. Thankfully this isn't some half-assed release that claims to be interactive by popping a position / chapter menu on the screen and letting you change chapters during a long and horribly edited scene to call it a virtual sex release. Each segment loops and does so completely with segments that normally last between about two and a quarter and four minutes. This is easily the biggest problem with the release. There are many times when you go from Courtney being completely into the sex to having the cock put back into her and her being a little more calm, which interrupts some of the flow and feel of the scene. It stands out even more in the cumshot loops as rather than returning to whatever Courtney was doing before, it stays locked in a segment that frequently lasts about thirty five seconds. Hopefully with their next interactive sex release Zero Tolerance will have the segments loop back to the start and have the popshots return to whatever happened before the pop. Although I didn't like the lack of facials, with the action returning to the fucking after the pop it should help the cumshots to flow back into the action extremely well.

The camera work also has a little different style for this release. Rather than having the camera fixed, like most companies do with their virtual releases, this release has an obviously hand held feel. It's not a bad thing, as it pans up and down Courtney's magnificent body, but at the same time it didn't work as well for me because there were many times when I was shown something I wasn't wanting to see as much or wishing that it would just pull back and show me everything. This is something that I think is either going to work very well for people or not, and for me it held back the action a bit.

For their first attempt at a virtual sex release, Zero Tolerance and Mike Quasar did a very impressive job with Interactive Sex with Courtney Cummz. As always, Courtney looks fantastic and turns out a very nice performance and the addition of Eva Angelina is a very nice treat. I love the addition of creampies for the sex and that the pops are all real (or if not, faked well enough that I didn't ever question them). The action was held back a little by a different camera style for virtual sex, but the bigger problem was how the segments all looped completely. This is far from an unusual problem for interactive sex releases, but the rest of it was done well enough that it comes out an impressive release overall and an very impressive release for a first effort. Interactive Sex with Courtney Cummz has a few of the typical virtual sex problems, but is well worth checking out if you're a fan of interactive sex or Courtney Cummz.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Ass Cleavage 6, Blow Me Sandwich 7, Fine Ass Babes 4, Fishnets 3, Girlvana, Goo For Two 2, Who's Your Daddy 7, Tic Tac Toes 2, Teenage Jizz Junkies 3, and New Trix 2. There's also a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about seventeen and half minutes and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. Courtney starts out in the makeup chair while the Quaze and Mark Kismet try to get things going. Of course Quaze has a few fun comments as Chris Charming arrives, and the laughs and insults don't stop when Evan Stone's also around. There's a little footage of the stills and scenes being shot, but more of the focus is on Quaze as he tries to shoot the movie and lightens things up with his own wonderfully bitter sense of humor. As usual with a Mike Quasar movie, I really enjoyed the behind the scenes featurette.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, interactive, tease, masturbation, toys, anal, oral, cum eating, group, cum swapping, cream pie (vaginal), and lesbian

Raincoat Factor: Borderline extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Zero Tolerance’s DVDs can be found online for between $11 and $25, with many stores offering them for around $20. This one's definitely worth the money. There's a few things to be improved with the virtual mechanism, but for a first attempt it's very impressive with Courtney doing a great job. The technical aspects are nicely done and mostly hampered by a non-anamorphic transfer, and there's some good effort put into the behind the scenes featurette for the extras. This is a must have DVD for any fan of Courtney Cummz.

Note to Zero Tolerance: If you polish a few things for your next interactive release you should have the best virtual sex release out there!

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