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barrettman Interactive Sex with Bree Olson 4.5 starsInteractive Sex with Bree Olson 4.5 starsInteractive Sex with Bree Olson 4.5 stars
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Interactive Sex with Bree Olson

Interactive Sex with Bree Olson

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Interactive
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Interactive Sex with Bree Olson:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Interactive Sex with Bree Olson overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Interactive Sex with Bree Olson Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Interactive Sex with Bree Olson Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Interactive Sex with Bree Olson Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Interactive Sex with Bree Olson Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Interactive Sex with Bree Olson DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Interactive Sex with Bree Olson A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/7/2008
Alright fans here's a review I've been looking forward to writing now for going on 8 months, ever since catching the last two days of Bree shooting this I couldn't wait to see the finished product and it's very easy to say if you're a fan of Bree Olson this is a MUST HAVE!! It's all Bree Olson, all the time. There are a vast array of options for you to choose and once you make it through the fine opening credit sequence with Bree we come to her on a couch talking to us about the nasty things we're about to do to her and with her!! The options are layed out nicely on top and along the bottom of the screen, you see sexual positions, a tit fuck option, Bree & Friend-- that's a g/g scene, you can watch her masturbate, and then you get Dress Up where she wears three different outfits and does a striptease for you. So let's go through them one by one, oh yeah there's a separate disc just for the extras, but we'll get to that soon!

Dress Up:

This opens with Bree fully naked asking us to choose one of three outfits to watch her strip out of, there's coed, bikini, and finally cheerleader.

Coed: This one has Bree coming up to you in a backyard dressed all in pink and the term pretty in pink doesn't even begin to do her justice. Simply gorgeous from head to toe and from the running time you get three minutes to appreciate her in this and I'd enjoy every single second as she slowly reveals that perfect body.

Bikini: I think this was my fave of the three dress options as you get time with Bree on the beach, she looks just stunning lying there on the beach as the waters crashing up behind her, the sexy fuck me eyes working very well and the color of the bikini was very flattering to Bree as well. She leaves the beach when it's time to get freaky setting in front of some running water where the nasty bits are revealed, awww those tits dreamy!!

Cheerleader: This one has Bree again in a backyard and the Lakers could use this girl, she looks great in purple!! Lots of pom pom play along with showing off her great ass, tits and cute face. So there you have it, three good minutes for each option and Bree looks delicious in all three of them.


We open here with Bree sitting on the base of some winding stairs, she gets bottomless quickly to start diddling that pussy, she talks dirty but it's that innocent voice trying to sound like a whore talking, could turn some of you off, I just prefer Bree talking normal myself but hey the visual was great and for whatever reason I don't know how on my computer to use the multiple angles but watching on my regular player you do get true multiple angles for this and the sex scenes which we'll hit shortly. Nevermind, I just found out how to do it, lol, finding the multiple angles, the closer in shot has me itching to dive in to snack on her cooch! You also get the option of toy meaning a glass one to her pussy and then there's an anal toy option which has Bree on her knees doggiestyle pushing that toy up her poopchute. If you jump from one option to another you stay in the camera angle you were just in so you just need to switch which isn't to hard. Visually it's all very good so far and so far as eye candy goes Bree is easily one of the best girls to come along in the last few years.


Now we're starting to get into the real juicy areas starting with Bree Olson sucking "your" cock!! We open with Bree doing it nice'n'slow but as you'll see on the bottom right of the screen is a slow/fast option so if you want her more aggressive just click on that and she's a full on nasty whore, I like her doing it just as she is now, nice and slow! The dirty talk is better here too, more in Bree's natural talking style. I think by the size of the schlong she was taking on Chris Charming here, could be wrong, I know they used three guys for most of the sex and then one more for the shared blowjob which is coming up! You also see two options for the pop here too, one a facial and the other is very self explanatory, swallow it, one final option too is blasting your nutjuice on those funbags! Hmm I think they used the three cocks for the three pops, makes sense. Now for the double blowjob you're taken to a different location where Bree is joined by Courtney Cummz and they take on Sasha who was very lucky. Again you get the slow and fast option for the girls, more talking in the fast option. There is also the Bree & Friend option you can go to and that takes us to Bree and Courtney in the bedroom where they have some fun, again that's cumming up! The pop here is right up into Courtney's mouth where she shares with Bree, very good times indeed. Multiple angles here too.

Sexual Positions:


Now we get into the heavy lifting for this title where Bree gets nailed in all her holes! This also has several options for you which are easy to navigate. The opening version has Bree fully naked as you lay pipe to that cooch, you can also have her in the outfit which for this position was the cheerleader outfit, I'd check them both out but I usually prefer the girl fully naked. This is a great overhead shot of Bree though. There is also the anal option which again is available in both all naked and with her in the outfit, also the slow/ fast option is on the table . Bree's talking dirty all the time and you also get the fill her up option which as you might guess is a creampie- didn't see this available in the mish anal though, not a big deal for me though, not a big creampie fan.


This has Bree sitting on 'our' cock facing us so it looks like reverse for those of you scoring at home, lol. Looking at Bree's tittes moving as she rides the cock was great, again you get anal and vag, she's in the coed outfit when you click on that. There's slow/fast for you to choose from and the fill her up is there as well but not anally.


This final sex option on the main disc has us looking down as Bree starts out naked, taking cock up that pussy, the same options available as before. The views were quite good here along with the dirty talk from Bree. She's wearing the bikini when you want her too, doing anal or vag depending on your mood. So that's the fucking to Bree with the real pops closing each segment out.

Tit Fuck:

Just listen to Bree ask us to titty fuck those big natural breasts, so sexy!! She lotions them up making them nice'n'shiny and Chris subs for us slipping that huge german panzer between her mounds. Don't forget the multiple options here. Angle two here is from the side showing those big tits rising up like twin mountains!! She takes a solid pop at the end coating them.

Bree & Friend:

This is the final area on the main disc to check out and it's got a few good options, starting with kissing, here I'd go with the second angle which is up close as those girls go for three minutes twirling tongues. One small problem you hear Quasarman a couple times with talking to the girls about how much footage he needs time wise, oops someone didn't edit that out, haha. Still the girls kissing was very hot. Now you also get oral which goes on for nearly three minutes by both girls, Courtney eats cooch for a little longer but who cares! The g/g option has them using a strap on on each other, no anal here but still strong footage and lots of dirty talk. The final option has the girls sharing the cock of Sasha and I alluded to that earlier as you can get to this from the oral option where it's just Bree at first sucking cock. So that it fans for an overview of this sexual title, Bree Olson fans should for sure add this to their collection. She is gorgeous in all the scenes, there's plenty of fucking'n'sucking with sexy stripteases mixed in with three outfits chosen. Now it's time to hit the second disc, the extras!

A Day In The Life Of Bree:

Well now we're on to a second disc and this is definitetly not filler material, it's worthy of release as a title just on it's own. You get started with Bree in Bed, we ease up on her slumbering in the bed and she wakes up with a smile on her face, good morning baby!! She could sleep for another 8 hours but we want her up and fucking right!! So let's wake her up which is the option you'll see on the left, the other is to let her sleep- now why would you do that! So she's up when the next shot opens, in the shower with running water and the suds start to cover that sexy body, this brings back good memories as I was standing about ten feet away as this was shot! This option goes on for just over four minutes and holy shit she looked amazing wet and I'll let you guess who got to towel dry her after!! This leads to another choice, let her go back to sleep- huh after taking a shower, nope , so it's on to the kitchen!! Bree's on the phone and we learn she was double booked that day, for a g/g scene and then for an anal scene so what should we do. Well I went first with the g/g scene with Celeste Star and this one goes on for just over fourteen minutes, no toys, just kissing and oral from both girls, it was awesome, a little ass licking too!! Now for the other option it takes us to the anal scene where we find Johnny Sins-- think this is him, lol, and they hook up with sucking on tits, Bree sucking cock, then it's a little warm up pussy fucking until that ass gets tapped! The scene was around 10 minutes long, so a bit of wham bam ,thank you maam!! Superb load which Bree greedily swallows along with cleanup! But we're not quite done yet!! One last scene, the director enters and does the woes me line about not having a girl for the next scene so we get to either let Bree make a few more grand fucking or go home to her favorite dildo? Yeah I choose the scene too! It's a two on one with James Deen and Trent Desoro. Again problems with the director and the trio decide to head back to Bree's place and fuck anyway!! So by staying around they make the choice to take off and it's go time, it takes Bree lifting up her shirt to show off those tits and they're off. The guys have fun with those tits and Bree gets to do a little sucking'n'fucking here for another 14 minutes. No anal here but lots and lots of great footage, cowgirl with her riding cock and sucking cock was quite good. A little double sucking until the guys blast off to her open mouth. I'm spent and so was Bree after the two days!! Bravo girl and again her fans will certainly find time to add this to their Bree collection. It's as good as any of the other volumes in this series and depending on how much you like Bree it might be your fave, no need to pic faves though just enjoy this and the other volumes, no who does Zero Tolerance pick next for this series as the bar is quite high and will take a special girl to reach it.

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