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Studio: Hustler
Category:  Interactive
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bono-ONE's ratings for InTERActive:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
InTERActive overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks InTERActive Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks InTERActive Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex InTERActive Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting InTERActive Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras InTERActive DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality InTERActive A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/17/2007
Ok fans I rented the new interactive featuring the lovely Tera Patrick and I must first say she indeed looks lovely throughout this one. Not that she isn't alwasy a head turner but I found the makeup in this dvd to be particularly flattering to Miss Patrick on several occasions, I loved it too when she had her hair flowing down on both shoulders and there was a time in this where she's doing a tease for her male neighbor who's over helping celebrate her birthday where Tera's showing her body and giving some of the best Fuck Me Eyes you'll ever see, just stunning to watch. I see a secret features menu and you make a series of choices in the flick and if you make the rights ones you'll be rewarded with a code which upon returning to this menu you get an extended car wash scene with Tera plus two other hidden features so good luck! This interactive is a bit different than you've seen before, this one had a bit of a storyline as Tera's workaholic husband doesn't pay her enough attention so she's got to get it from somewhere!! Before that we have Tera outside washing her car so you get some fine tease shots around her body. The hose then stops working and the neighbor helps out and of course Tera's got the hose pointing directly at her shirt when it starts flowing again, lol. So we follow her upstairs of course staring at her ass which she catches us doing but she's not upset, in fact she goes into the bedroom where she changes into one of two outfits from which we choose.

You have a pink or a yellow bikini so I went with pink but we have turn away as she changes but luckily for us there's a mirror right there so we get a full view of her sexy body as she changes outfits. You get a good idea here inside of just how hot she's looking and indeed she's pretty in pink once she's finished changing. There's a little modeling of which Tera's very adept at doing, the hands know their way around that body and there's some sexy talk too. Tera mentions that her friend Jessica James is coming over and we're welcome to join, again we choose an option and I say hell yeah let's go. So off to the pool we go where Tera mentions it's her birthday in case we didn't know already. Tera then needs to put on some lotion and again a vital choice in this one and yes I choose to help put the lotion on her!! There are multiple angles too for parts of the dvd and you'll see this indicated in the top right corner of the screen. The angle I used was pretty straight forward looking down on Tera as we rubbed the lotion all over her thighs, feet, lower belly, and yes we get to touch her ass!! We loosen the top exposing those boobs and Tera calls us a naughty boy with a gleem in her eye but sadly no more lotion so where can she get some more. Her eyes drift over to our bulging cock which she pulls out, jerks on and with perfect POV access we look down on her as she purrs with the dirty talk and the fuck me eyes were tremendous coming from Tera. Eventually we let loose with our load right to her tits and she rubs it in like a good girl. Tera then suggests full nudity from both of us and into the pool we go!! Damn Tera is looking sexy fans! Jessica then arrives so we have two hotties!

Jessica soon joins Tera in the pool, of course we're asked if it's ok and naturally I said yes. First, before getting in the pool we watch Miss James lose some of the clothes she's got on and once in the pool the girls engage in a little tonsil hockey leading to them getting out of the pool to move the action on a bit further meaning oral sex, oh yeah. Tera was once known for her avoiding girls but now she's full on into eating pussy. The options here are pretty easy, you have the choice of having each go down on the other so have a look see on both, I did Tera munching first, then watched Jessica eat some kittie. There is some multiple angles again but I preferred the shot we get right away. Tera if your curious did look real good eating pussy, no avoiding diving in all the way from her. Tera and Jessica then propose a wonderful question to us and that's who do we want to suck our cock among them, you can have either girl or as I went let both ladies share your schlong! There was some fine trading off, a little g/g play with the tongues and we end up blowing our load to both their faces so this neighbor is sure getting a great day from the lovely Miss Patrick.

Our next scenario has Tera receiving a package and you'll laugh at how she signs for it, bending down making it look like she's blowing the guy when instead she's just signing for it, I laughed anyway. The package turns out to be a Sybian and fans of her My Plaything will know she had some fun riding one in that dvd so again we watch from a hot frontal shot as this device purrs making her pussy wet. I loved too how she takes off the pink robe exposing her tits and man they are looking really good here and the moans were soft and sexy just the way I like them. There are three speeds to choose from, slow, medium, and fast with the option at any time of making her cum. Well we get one more visitor and it's Hillary Scott who is dropping by to borrow some supplies, they're baking today, her and mom. The girls go into the kitchen so Britney as she's called can get what she needs. They take out Whipped Cream, Strawberries, Chocolate Syrup, and also some milk-- this gets spilled accidently on Hillary's shirt so off that cums letting her sexy tits be displayed. While Tera goes to wash the shirt Hillary busies herself with one more option choice for us and I went with the whipped cream. She first sprays some on her finger and licks that off and once Tera leaves she walks around to spray it somewhere else as she was looking for a banana to taste, of course we offer up ours! The cream gets sprayed on our dick and Hillary drops down to clean it off and give some good extended head. Hillary has this coy look too on her face as she does this, totally winning me over with those pretty eyes and she is wearing glasses too. Well she wants that banana in her other hole too and not her pussy which she's saving,nope we are told to stick it in her ass!! There are two positions offered and I went with mish over doggie because I wanted to see her tits. The pops to her face with some cleanup and you also have the option of making her cum as well. Tera walks in and only notices a trace of the cum on Hillary's face and thinks it's milk and doesn't even notice Miss Scott is fully naked, I think the counter was hiding that fact.

Well Tera gets all dressed up as Hubby is supposed to be coming to take her out for a special birthday dinner but he says that special project he's working on will keep him to busy. Well Tera's not bummed for long as "we're" still there and she offers to put on a little show for us and of course we let her. The black dress is very good on Tera and she slowly works her way out of it. The fuck me eyes here were spectacular, her face had that modelesque quality about it and all I can say is simply stunning and beautiful is the best way to describe Tera here. There is a sexy crawl over and Tera works the cock out and this time it's only here giving the head and it's so sensual in it's tone, I loved it. We get three positions to boink Miss Patrick and I went with cowgirl which in POV land actually looks like reverse so we're staring up at the lovely Miss Patrick and getting to fondle her tits while her pussy is hugging our dick, pretty good work if you can get it. After enjoying the view you can pop to her face and just as the cleanup is finishing up the hubby pops in wearing a party hat saying happy birthday to his wife who is still coated with the jizz of her neighbor, lol. Checking out all three positions you get actual pops on all three, doggie to her ass, mish to her lower belly, and cowgirl is to her face. As the credits start to roll you have a couple amusing bits of hubby taking out his frustrations on us, first shoving us in his trunk, and then later pouring dirt over us as we're buried alive, well I guess being fucked by Tera, being blown by her twice, shared with Jessica, and then Hillary gives us a bj and lets us fuck her in the ass so if we're checking out at least we dying a happy man!! Now I did figure out how to get to the special menu but I won't divulge that info here, suffice to say if you can hold it at the end you'll get there!! So good luck man.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

As I looked at what you get it seems we got a lot of this during the movie itself but if you watch them all to conclusion I'm sure you'll see some bits you didn't see in the movie. Now there is a second disc devoted solely to extras which include a hands free version which basically takes the choices away from you but I think you'll like the ones they make so essentially you get the entire movie played out on disc two. There are some behind the scenes available and I'd really watch that plus there's a trailer for this one, an InTERActive silent movie in black & white with the great old subtitles you used to get back in the 30's & 40's-- it's the dvd played out in silent movie form with subtitles so that's cool, wouldn't want to watch the whole movie that way but hey if you're into this type of movie you have it here in full. There is some bonus stuff from Teravision where you can watch a solo tease scene with Tera, a live photoshoot with her, a preview of the Virtual Tera site, and finally Teravision trailers. Back to the main menu you also have extras from Hustler which include a bonus multi-guy anal scene with Hillary-- YES!! There's also a scene featuring Jessica Jaymes from the movie Jet Set and she fucks Tommy Gunn. Well that about covers this and of course making a few different choices such as using the chocolate syrup or not letting Jessica stay when she comes over to visit Tera gets you some different scenarios so play with this and I can see repeated viewings a lot if you're a Tera fan.

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