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Inside My Panties 2

Inside My Panties 2

Studio: Hustler
Category:  All Sex
Directed by: ,
Released on: 
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Aaryanna's ratings for Inside My Panties 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Inside My Panties 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Inside My Panties 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Inside My Panties 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Inside My Panties 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Inside My Panties 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Inside My Panties 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Inside My Panties 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  5/9/2004
Needs more Panties! And More Cum Drinking, Please!

As I’ve become more comfortable with my own bisexuality, I’ve embarked on a personal quest to find titles that celebrate a woman’s beauty, but in some unique way. The sexy way a woman looks in cute panties would seem to fit the bill quite handily, especially now that thong and v-string styles are now so popular!

The girl on this video’s boxcover is an excellent example. Her cute v-string really shows off her gorgeous ass. But things weren’t always this way. Years ago, a girl’s rear was hardly the focal point for attention that it is today. It was meant to be covered, especially its cleavage. A woman’s breasts or crotch were where a man’s libido was directed. I even remember my first reaction to seeing these minimalist undergarments. I was absolutely convinced that they must’ve been designed – for men! (Bastards!)

But how things have changed! Women now embrace them – for the practical reason that they help to prevent panty lines from showing! Hooray! A young woman today wouldn’t think of wearing anything else. And with the increased popularity of anal sex (at least on screen), most ladies probably don’t realize it -- but a woman’s derriere no longer needs to play a Cinderella role to her own pussy or tits! With thongs and v-strings, a woman’s rear can now look as sexy as nature had always intended! In short, a woman’s ass – has never looked more fuckable!

Ladies, I don’t know if you realize it, but bending over with your butt out now means a lot more today – to men – than it ever has! In the past it just said, “Fuck me doggy!” Now it says to guys, “Fuck me doggy – and shove it up my hot ass, please!” As a consequence of this, I’ll no longer bend over to pick something up if I happen to drop it while I’m out in public. I’m afraid that I might end up – with someone’s dickhead literally pressed up against my rectum! And those v-strings I’d be wearing underneath my skirt -- would hardly offer any protection at all! (Oh, but the tease!)

Which leads me finally to the film! Unfortunately, when it comes to the use of panties – this movie really comes up short! Sure, the women are wearing them in every scene. But rather than being used seductively, these undergarments are merely pushed aside or gathered around a woman’s ankles or thighs – while she’s being fucked! (So much for that last line of defense!)

When there are two girls, they end up doing silly things with the panties, like trying to eat each other through them, or using them as the “rope” to play an oral tug-of-war! But the worse use of undies in this film – is when they employ them multiple times as a birth control method! Let me explain. In two of the scenes, the men climax and shoot their loads on to the outside of a woman’s panty-covered twat! And in two other vignettes, the men jerk off on to a girl’s wadded up panties – which the girls are clutching in their mouths like dog bones! Alas, in every case – the nutritious cream that each girl passionately brings forth from her man’s inner depths (by fucking him) simply goes to waste! How silly!

Also, the only teasing display of panties comes towards the movie’s end. A blonde with a really nice figure gives a topless fashion show for her man – where all she changes is her panties. Now, that’s more like it!

The most creative use of panties, though, is when a guy insists upon jamming a woman’s thongs up her crack – so that it hangs out of her ass like a donkey’s tail – before he removes it to screw her there instead! Cute!

The fucking in this movie is nicely photographed, with most of it done one-on-one in a woman’s pussy. There are a few anal segments, and a fun 2-on-1 threesome where the two guys screw – first her mouth and cunt – and then both of her lower holes simultaneously!

There are also a pair of girl/girl scenes where the women spend what seems like hours fingering and licking each other’s centers – and then jamming a digit up each other’s twats! Thankfully, there aren’t any toys. But there isn’t a lot of kissing either, so the emotionality of the women’s love sessions just went flat!

The nicest feature of this video, though – besides the panties – is the attractiveness of the women’s figures and faces. I’m not sure which country in Europe they’re from, but these Continental gals have a softness and roundness to them, especially around their hip pointers – that makes their smooth bellies look like this wondrous landing pad for fucking – or feasting! The girls also aren’t as consistently clean-shaven as their American sisters, so if you’re a guy (or gal) who likes to see a little more stubble, this movie might be worth checking out!

Overall, as a nice middle-of-the-road fuck flick with very pretty girls, I’d normally recommend this film without hesitation. But the lack of a single oral cumshot really upset me! I mean, what a letdown, both physically and emotionally! This movie would be improved tremendously if the girls would just catch a load or two on their tongues – and then trade it back and forth between themselves! Or maybe if the guys came all over their wadded up panties, the girls could then suck the semen out of the fabric to enjoy its flavor! Or, if one girl were fucked in her twat or tight asshole while her pretty panties were pushed aside, the guy could climax within her – and another sexy babe could then tongue fuck either orifice – to scoop the semen out! Or, since I’m on a roll, how about two girls never removing their panties – but taking turns kissing each other while giving their man head! After their dude climaxed entirely within one of their mouths, both girls could then kiss to romantically apportion the cum more equitably between them.

In the girl/girl scenes, I would have the ladies kiss all throughout their interludes, rather than just at the end. They could then remove each other’s sexy undergarments – and replace them with their tongues – while returning home frequently to kiss each other’s beautiful faces! And who says they couldn’t do all of this while a guy is also in the room? What I’d really like to see is one girl being eaten by another – while a dude is fucking the first girl’s asshole from below! And the girl feasting wouldn’t remove her face – and the guy screwing wouldn’t remove his dick – until the girl being eaten and fucked has reached a laughing and screaming orgasm! (This would be so cool!)

As a final thought on kissing – you couldn’t have two girls do too much of it! In fact, the only thing nicer in my book that two girls kissing, is to have them smooch – while their tongues, lips and throats were completely drenched with cream! And you couldn’t have too much cum either!

As other improvements for the future, I’d also like to suggest that the studio highlight the beauty and allure of the women’s undergarments more strongly. I’d have the girls dance and strip seductively – while the video lingers to provide us with numerous front and rear close-up views! Or I’d have the girls wear thongs or v-strings underneath mini skirts – either blown up by the wind – or peeked up by a well-placed camera. The nice thing about string undies, of course – is that the bareness of so much ass – may fool you into believing that the women are totally naked underneath!

As a release from Hustler’s H2 European arm, this title isn’t bad. But it would be so much more satisfying if they would use the panties more teasingly. The ladies also need to kiss more passionately. And, for heaven’s sakes – please make sure that the girls drink more cum! A lot more! Please!

Just to let you know, it’s not as though I want to see these changes – because I secretly want to drink the cum myself! I actually don’t (at least not yet)! It’s just that, if I’m going to spend good money, or if I’m going to use this video to have an enjoyable evening with my man, the last thing I want happening -- is for him to be emotionally unsatisfied at the end – or worse, to fall asleep halfway through! Granted, the pretty girls and the fornicating in this video are both quite nice. But why should I buy this title when there are so many others out there -- where the cumshots are so much better? Peace out!

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