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astroknight Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) 3.5 starsInside Job (Wicked Pictures) 3.5 starsInside Job (Wicked Pictures) 3.5 stars
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Inside Job (Wicked Pictures)

Inside Job (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Inside Job (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Inside Job (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/25/2011
Welcome fans to a new title from director Stormy Daniels. She's got a top notch cast here- Gracie Glam, Alektra Blue, Brooklyn Lee and in the leading role Kagney Linn Karter so yeah we have some major hotties in this. The story seems to revolve around Kagney who is a real estate agent and she is engaged to Brendon Miller who we learn in a thief and not a very good one and he's helped by Barrett Blade. The two want to steal enough loot so that Brendon can buy Kagney a real nice ring but they aren't the best thieves so this might not turn out well so that is pretty much the story and we'll see how it plays out.

The story opens with some good credits which sorta lay out who is who. Kagney is The Girl, Brooklyn is the Friend, The Brains are Gracie Glam & Alektra Blue and we have the Brawn played by Barrett and Brendon and last but not least is The Doc played by Marcus London. So now we know who is what in this flick, let's get to it.

Kagney Linn Karter:

So the story starts right off with Kagney who has helped Marcus out and he wants to ask for a little further assistance-- to christen this new mattress and since Kagney is already down to her bra and panties I think she's up to it. Nice shots too right off the bat with Kagney riding him, not fucking, just riding and he takes her tits out and gives them some serious mouth love, wouldn't you with those gorgeous titties dangling right in your face plus Marcus slips a few fingers around to dabble in her pussy. The action then moves to the two jointly helping Marcus lose the trousers and Kagney still over the top of him is in perfect position to lean down and engulf his stiff prick. Not a long bj but I'll take some of Kagney giving head over none. Marcus returns the favor with a nice wide open leg spread for our view. Marcus actually gives head longer than Kagney did but that's fine as they move on to fucking with reverse being a super good lead off shot. Doggie and mish too are captured leading to a pop up her belly. I'd say the mattress has been broken in!

So fresh off helping her most recent client out, lol, we have Kagney returning home finding her boyfriend there and Brendon hasn't done much that day, per usual. But he did get his disability check and spent some of that for a fancy- haha, outfit which Kagney doesn't quite love. I think Brendon wants to have a little hanky panky but she's got a busy day coming up so she puts the squadoosh on that. After Kagney has left the room Brendon reaches over and looks at her appointment book and finds the info he is looking for- perhaps a house to break into. He calls up his buddy who we will learn is Barrett and the two agree to meet in 15, let's see if these guys can pull it off! Ahh we see the cast Brendon is wearing isn't for a real injury anymore and he can slip it off plus he's already dressed for night time thievery! He makes sure Kagney is occupied before making his exit. Barrett picks him up but we don't get to see if they do it or not. We just assume all went according to their plan as the next scene is the following morning and you have Brendon asleep on the couch with the fake cast back around his leg. Kagney is shown leaving for work where she meets up with Brooklyn who queries her about whether or not she's still banging that hot doc- Marcus, that she sold the condo too recently. We know she is and Kagney feels conflicted about it as she has not broken up with Brendon, mostly due to him being injured which we know is not really the case. We'll have to see if Kagney finds out sooner rather than later about this regarding her boy toy. The two have been together since high school. One last couple, Alektra & Gracie, comes to check out the new house Kagney is showing and Brooklyn notices these two have come to the last three open houses Kagney's done and then they end up fucking in the bath room! Well a man comes up to Kagney and he wants to see that master bathroom and when the two go to check it out they find the door locked, hmmmm!!

Alektra Blue & Gracie Glam:

We soon find out why the door is locked as inside the two ladies are quickly shedding their clothes and there is some good breast kissing from Gracie as she nicely moves down to eat her friends pussy- great open shot and she uses some fingers too. It isn't a long oral session but I'll take what I can get with these two. Alektra does return the favor and the shot was really hot as she goes behind, down on her knees to arch up and lick at Gracie's ass/ pussy-- yep that amazing ass is right there in Alektra's face!! She also sits up in a regular position so Alektra can lick her before they switch it back to Gracie doing the oral and she is on her knees with Alektra's pussy put over her face, really like oral in this shot as well as the shot where they lick in doggie. A pretty solid lesbian scene with oral dominating as well as each girl doing some good finger banging too. Turns out after the scene we learn why they fuck in these bathrooms. Turns out Alektra is hitting it with Barrett too and she lets the bathroom window open so he and Brendon can later come in and steal from the house before anyone has moved in, clever!

There is some interaction/ friction with Alektra, Barrett and Brendon which actually was more comic relief than anything else. The guys leave her and go to the house to case it and see what they can find inside worth taking. Ok guess people live there but aren't at the present time so the house can be shown which then leaves their stuff free so the guys can take what they wish. They leave that successful score and head over to a condo to get a few more things of worth. Turns out this is the good Doc's place. Barrett finds a picture and turns it over but Brendon wants to know who it is and turns out the photo is of Marcus and Kagney-- this leads to tears, ahhhh Brendon!! It gets worse when Marcus arrives home before they have left so the guys hide and Marcus comes into the room but is on the phone and preoccupied on that and doesn't notice his room has been slightly ransacked. The guys high five after he leaves but then Marcus returns and they high tail it out, lol. They believe that have made a clean get away but turns out Brendon left his wallet behind and Marcus comes storming in ready to kick some ass, he thinks Brendon and Barrett were there to steal pills. Barrett comes in from behind and smashes a bottle over Marcus's head knocking him out. The guys start to panic when they hear Kagney returning home so they frantically hide Marcus before she comes in. Outside we are privy to a phone call from Kagney to Brooklyn who is told Kags is breaking it off with Marcus and wants to commit to Brendon.


So she comes into the room just as Brendon is falling down onto the bed, he'd forgotten to put his cast back on so when Kagney notices it is gone he is like surprise. This leads to a little nookie session, Kagney feeling happy and guilty at the same time while we aren't quite sure what Brendon is feeling though he puts on a happy face as they start fucking. A nice close shot of her tits and Brendon does kiss those puppies on his way down to eat her pussy, another good open shot for the oral here. Brendon then stands up at the side of the bed and this gives Kagney a perfect angle on her knees to give him head plus she is comfy since there is a mattress under her rather than a hard floor. The bj this time was longer with Kagney who is then fucked in mish, cowgirl and doggie leading to the pop all over her ass cheeks.

After Kagney goes into the shower to get cleaned off and this affords Brendon and Barrett a chance to get Marcus out of the house and they're going to take his car to I guess get rid of him in some form or fashion. But before they can make this happen Gracie and Alektra come walking up and guess the guys were supposed to meet them a couple hours back with some of the score from the nights activities which of course they haven't. They don't know about Marcus yet so will Barrett and Brendon come up with a plan, better think fast boys. Brendon rushes off leaving Barrett to deal with this.

Alektra Blue:

Barrett was able to get rid of the girls anger by giving them the take from the nights scores but he wasn't able to fully ditch Alektra who had a switch blade and she wasn't afraid to use it to get what she wanted besides the money, you can guess she wanted a little personal satisfaction which Barrett better do well. So this leads to our next sex scene and nicely we have Alektra already topless and she is quick to move to engulf Barrett's dick with some good close shots here of her face diving on it. Sex wise you get a good ride in reverse, some mish action leading to a pop shot across those big titties, some cleanup too from Alektra.

On to the next day where Kagney gets a visit from the police at work, nope it isn't about Marcus missing. It is about the listings she has sold recently which she finds out have been burglarized- this comes as news to Kagney. From there we go back to Barrett and Brendon who are still trying to figure out what to do with the kidnapped Marcus London. I think you'll enjoy a few laughs at this scene where the guys discuss what to do-- Marcus sits in the middle between them and he is wearing a bra atop his head-- so he won't be able to identify their voices, clever that Barrett is!! The guys decides to blackmail him and hit one last house before ditching him and Marcus agrees to not say a word. Back to Kagney and Brooklyn who start to discuss what they think happened and who might have done these robberies. The girls settle on a target but it isn't Brendon they are thinking of. Brooklyn and Kagney know the next house to be shown and decide to go and surprise who ever hits it! At the house the girls hear a noise and hop up to surprise the perp and Kagney starts going ballistic with a plunger when one of the perps knocks Brooklyn down and out. It is quite funny actually watching Kagney screaming and wailing away with the plunger. Finally she calms down enough to see that it is Brendon and his friend Barrett who are the crooks but now their concern goes to the fallen Brooklyn who isn't moving. Barrett is dispatched to get the good doc out of the car, good thing they brought Marcus after all. No resolution between Kagney and Brendon at this time, they just get Brooklyn and take her to the observation room. Cut to the next day and we learn a few more things. The police have cleared Kagney and Brooklyn of any connection to the thefts- they found Gracie and Alektra's finger prints at the scenes so they are now looking for them. Also Brooklyn has made the moves on Marcus who seems to have moved on nicely from Kagney.

Brooklyn Lee:

Marcus stops in for one last treatment, seems Brooklyn is doing good enough to go but why not one last fuck session. Marcus is good working the hospital gown off her exposing those nice tits of hers and we are provided a nice open shot as he massages her pussy lips too. After a little oral for the young lady she is allowed to turn over onto her stomach and engulf his cock, good side view as well as moving in closer for some no hands head too. After some pussy action we get the move to her ass, oh snap I don't think I've seen Brooklyn do anal before so nice going Stormy getting that for this scene. It isn't the best anal shot side saddle but Marcus pounds her good leading to the pop on her ass cheeks. Ok I was happy with the finale and the anal was a nice surprise.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans a pretty good story here with some good funny parts to it. Brendon and Barrett make for a good comedy team and I'd say not so good at being clever thieves! Alektra and Gracie have a nice g/g and get to be the tough guys in the relationship with Barrett and Brendon though it doesn't turn out well with the police looking for them for these thefts as the movie ended. Kagney tells Brooklyn in the last call that she's going to make Brendon sweat it a bit before getting back with him, he did some bad things but for the right reasons. Marcus gets a good rebound fuck with Brooklyn and she surprised me taking his cock in her ass, wish we'd got a couple positions with that anal but it was a pleasant surprise to a good final scene. No behind the scenes which was to bad but there is a bonus scene featuring Kagney from another Wicked production- Smart Asses and she works with Rocco Reed so have a look see there, a third chance on this disc to enjoy Kagney, yep good addition! Overall a good story with some funny elements to it and the actors used did their lines well and comedy isn't the easiest thing to do so nice job cast.

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