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Innocence: White Panties

Innocence: White Panties

Studio: Ninn Worx
Category:  Couples
Directed by:
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RLD Fiend's ratings for Innocence: White Panties:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Innocence: White Panties overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Innocence: White Panties Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Innocence: White Panties Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Innocence: White Panties Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Innocence: White Panties Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Innocence: White Panties DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Innocence: White Panties A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by RLD Fiend  on  7/25/2005

Innocence: White Panties

Studio: Ninn Worx
Director: Halle Vanderhyden
Editor: Bunker Jones
Year: 2005

Feature Time: 2:12:11

Extras: Behind the Scenes (0:26:15)

Sunny Lane (Cover Girl)
Veronica Jett
Bobbie Blair
Avena Lee
Jordan Fleiss

Themes: Artistic

Ninn Worx is a studio operated by veteran director Michael Ninn and it's known for some relatively high-budget, artistic and stylized feature porn. The "Innocence" series from Halle Vanderhyden continues the artistic trend of Ninn Worx with one major twist; everything is filmed against a stark white background on a circular rotating stage. There's lots of edits and jump cuts, which makes for some fairly intriguing but disorienting pornography. It's either going to be a style that one loves or hates, I imagine. If you have seen one "Innocence" movie, you will know what to expect from all of them.

Scene 1: Sunny Lane and a dude

The first thing I notice about Sunny's scene is the blurry, dreamy quality of the shot. It's not just because of the white everywhere; it's like Sunny and the couch she has to fuck on are all out of focus too. It's not like previous "Innocence" movies I've seen where the picture was sharper. Ninn Worx seems to like to do this kind of stuff. I'm all for artistic porn, but why does that mean blurry and out of focus?

Sunny herself is pretty stunning, no doubt, as she fingers herself on a couch. Pretty soon a guy joins her on the circular stage and gets blown. Sunny is the best part of the scene but I wish everything would be sharper and in focus. She does a straight vaginal scene mostly in reverse cowgirl before receiving an open-mouth cumshot.

Scene 2: Avena Lee and Tony T.

Avena Lee is a dark-skinned Asian vixen who looks a little older and more experienced than what might be expected from the "Innocence" theme. She does an average scene with Tony T. who doesn't get to rough her up in this movie as he apparently likes to do. They fuck in doggy and cowgirl. There wasn't too much that was memorable about the scene. There's a big blue curtain or something draped over the set which is supposed to add color I suppose. Tony T. dribbles a bad cumshot and the scene is thankfully over.

Scene 3: Jordan Fleiss + Bobbie Blair

Every episode of "Innocence" has to have a requisite Lesbian scene. There's a crazy amount of tease in this scene before anything remotely strokeworthy happens. Bobbie Blair is pretty hot though, a dark-haired seductress. We finally meet Jordan Fleiss as well. I'm wondering if they are ever going to have sex or just stare coyly at the camera as the stage rotates.

Eventually they get down to business. It's an average Lesbian affair that I didn't find particularly erotic. Your mileage may vary. They use some sort of pink dildo on each other and both seem to be into it.

Scene 4: Veronica Jett and a bald guy

I haven't seen Veronica Jett before and this isn't a very good introduction to her. I'd like to see her in action in some more conventional gonzo fare. She is slender with some tattoos and short, spiky hair. She doesn't look very "innocent" but that's o.k. She does some oral on a dude on a red couch and gets fucked. She even does some anal before finishing with a facial.

Scene 5: Kat and a guy

Kat is a hot little Hispanic actress who is usually found doing more aggressive, hardcore gonzo. She's on a gaudy purple and green couch set that keeps turning up in Ninn Worx movies. She gives the male talent a typically sloppy blowjob and gets fucked in doggy style and reverse cowgirl anal. Everything is bright white, grainy, and typically artsy.

Some other guy just randomly shows up and Kat gets DP'ed. She gets two shots which are swallowed. There is a stupid camera effect where it switches back and forth between both cumshots rapidly. Great. Kat is usually fantastic but her sexual heat was tempered by the grainy film look and dream-like atmosphere.

"Innocence: White Panties" is pretty much more of the same from Ninn Worx. If you liked the other films in the series you will like this one. They are all pretty much the same, from the perpetual whiteness to the carousel rotating stage. Couples and fans of artistic, dream-like porn shot for the MTV generation should try Ninn Worx if this sounds appealing. I personally do not like the frenetic camera work and editing very much, but the overall artistic concept appeals to me.

I think "White Panties" is inferior to the other "Innocence" movies I've reviewed, both "Candy Girl" and "Baby Blue." You might want to give those a try before this one, but fans of Sunny Lane (and there are many) will rent or buy it anyway because of her standout scene. Oh, and nobody actually wears white panties in the movie, so if you're expecting to see those, you may be disappointed.

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