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Innocence: Little Secrets

Innocence: Little Secrets

Studio: Ninn Worx
Category:  Straight
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morbidthoughts's ratings for Innocence: Little Secrets:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Innocence: Little Secrets overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Innocence: Little Secrets Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Innocence: Little Secrets Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Innocence: Little Secrets Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Innocence: Little Secrets Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Innocence: Little Secrets DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Innocence: Little Secrets A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by morbidthoughts  on  8/18/2004

Well, emboldened by my review of a feature last week, I've decided to try on an artsy fartsy review. When I look at Ninn Worx covers, I automatically think of Andrew Blake who defined the soft feature movies that focus on the women's beauty rather than the sex. Now I'm not normally into these types of movies and my reviews are far from being wicked prose, but I need to have something to show to a girl on the first date before I attempt to indoctrine her on the ways of the Animal Trainer. Besides, this movie has Teagan and Lauren Phoenix in it.


Well Jassie, who I reviewed in Ring Sluts, looks beautiful. Maybe it's the makeup or editing but you can't see any of her freckles which made her so cute. She's diddling herself on a red couch against an empty white space backdrop. Why do people automatically equate white space background with being artsy? Is fucking in purgatory erotic? Or is it suppose the represent the innocence theme of this movie. The erotic mood is blown when I see two major cumstains on the red felt couch. She talks to the viewer in a soft voice which I dug. Some dude that I don't recognise joins her.

Well, Jassie as usual exhibits her shallow blowjob skills. At one point she looks back at something else which suggests to me that there's multiple cameras running and somebody fucked up in editing this movie. I must admit that Jassie does look prettier than I've ever seen her before... and she actually seems to be into the sex while her eyes roll back into her skull. Her gasps and moans are muted. Weird, concentrating on white background and sex distracted me from the fact that the red couch turned into a red lounge chair. I believe that is what I usually I refer to as "trick pornography". She takes a facial that partially misses, surely ending up staining that chair to match the couch. I'm surprised. This was a really good scene for Jassie.

Tanya James & Bella Star:

Man, Tanya's makeup is done really well too. She's a lithe blonde with good-sized droopy tits. She's been mistaken for a natural Krystal Steal. She's sitting on a funky chair against the empty space backdrop with some huge ass spiral paperweight nearby to keep the space down. Tanya teases us quite a bit. I wonder if the director is going for a hypnotic effect.

Weird then Tanya disappears, and Bella Star is seen going through a similar routine with the chair and stupid paperweight artpiece. What the hell is this? Compare & contrast? The new age music starts to aggravate me a little. Bella is not as attractive as Tanya since she has smaller boobs but she's still fine. Since I saw her in a lesbian scene in Cadillac Highway, I'm going to assume there's no cock in this scene.

Then Tanya magically appears in an opposite chair. Tanya acknowledges the camera with a hot wink. Since we're dealing with two white blonde chicks, there's not enough contrast against the background. The use of the soft focus doesn't help either because the girls really feel like they're blending into the white space. A number of toys were harmed in the making of this scene. Well what can I say, this was a lesbian scene.

Lauren Phoenix:

This is a stream of consciousness review but I'm going to pause and watch the scene for a while before I get back. I need to eat dinner. No, really. Eat dinner. Nothing like eating fried chicken and watching porn at the same time. No, that was not a euphamism for anything.

Okay, back. I must say that Lauren Phoenix is one of the finest examples of female beauty to walk on this earth and this movie proves it. So I was chomping on a chicken drumstick while Lauren comments that there's nothing like stuffing a big cock into her. I didn't quite catch then irony, until some guy showed up. While she's gnawing on his drumstick, I finally felt weird, put the damn drumstick down, and decided on having some cole slaw. They do it vaginally before the scene changed.

The scene restarted with Lauren this time with a different dude. This replay shit was confusing. Lauren's eyeing of the camera while she gives the deep blowjob on this new guy is intoxicating. This guy focuses on drilling Lauren in the butt with some ATM thrown in. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to explain away the ATM to the first date.

The original guy reappears so they can complete a dp. Okay, I'm going to have a problem explaining the DP to the date. Scene ends with two facials. Lauren is fine. Sex was presented well even if gimmicky. Excellent scene.

Charmane Star:

Charmane is one of the few attractive full-blooded asians in porn. Her makeup is done very well also. She has a perky body with good tits. She has ink on her right arm though. She diddles herself on the red couch. She's actually lying on a sheet covering the couch with hints that the couch is not so clean.

Hey, I recognise a guy! Kurt Lockwood gets the honour of porking Charmane. His hair is a little more shaggier than what I'm used to. Maybe he should've went through the same makeup process as the girls. Charmane shows decent blowjob skills eyeing Kurt rather than the camera. They fuck in a number of positions. Kurt and Charmane seem to dig each other which is confirmed with some kissing. Cumshot on the tongue. This was an excellent scene. Charmane was sexy. She looked good fucked. That's all I can say.


Teagan is sporting a retro hairdo that looks like the one on the mom from the Wonder Years. It looks good on her. Her hair is dark here which suggest this may be one of Teagan's earlier scenes. She gets a new purple couch to work on.

Teagan's blowjob confirms that this is an early scene in her career because she doesn't go very deep. She looks astonishingly beautiful. Wonder if she hooked up with Steph the makeup artist at this time. The best thing about Teagan is her enjoyment of the sex in her scenes in that voice of hers. She gives up the butt in this scene. Normally this would've surprised me in an artsy movie but this is Teagan and besides, Lauren paved the way with the anal, ATM, and DP. She takes a facial at the end. This was an excellent scene also.

Parting Thoughts:

Here's a little secret. I liked this movie. I went in expecting an Andrew Blake movie where the emphasis is on the girl's looks, some cheesy background, and new age music. Instead I got a movie that emphasized the girl's looks, some cheesy background, and threw in some good sex. Now I know the white background is supposed to represent innocence and put the focus on the girls and all that crap but it made things seem sterile also. Ehhhh... gotta have something to bitch about. Behind the scenes focused more on how they made the movie and I saw a parrot in there somewhere. It reminds me of a Ron Harris shoot. I found the BTS more interesting than the intro tease in each scene. Lauren's was the best scene followed by Teagan and then Charmane. Obviously I didn't think much of the lesbian scene. If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email.

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