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Initiations 9

Initiations 9

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Snowden Porn's ratings for Initiations 9:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Initiations 9 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Initiations 9 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Initiations 9 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Initiations 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Initiations 9 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Initiations 9 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Initiations 9 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Snowden Porn  on  10/3/2002
The idea behind Anabolic’s Initiation series is to set the girls a sexual challenge and see whether they can pass. Sounds interesting and along with an all-star cast I’m already getting good vibes from it. Let’s take a look at the girls and see what their challenges are!

Scene 1: Kimberly Vs Lexington Steele
challenge: first interracial
Kimberly’s part of the French/Canadian contingent that have invaded Anabolic’s shores and conquered! She’s a young, French speaking brunette, and has fast become lot of people’s favourites. I’ve seen her perform a few times now, and must admit she’s never overwhelmed me, but I must admit that in this scene she has never looked better!

Groans - no anal
Cheers - great looking Kimberly

Scene 2: Flick Vs Eric Everhard + Jon Dough
challenge: DP
I’m not a fan of this girl. She’s from England, very pale, very thin, not attractive in my opinion. I’ve seen her before in Service Animals 2 and have tried to keep away from her ever since.

Groans - unattractive girl
Cheers - DP, two excellent facials almost blinding her

Scene 3: Kristy Love Vs Eric Everhard
challenge: Skull Fuck (BJ)
I read the challenge and when I read ‘Skull Fuck’ I was expecting a long hard deep throating session. Instead, it was a lame attempt and bit of a boring scene. Shame really because Kristy was a good looking blonde with a great body (nice rack) but because it was just a BJ scene we never really got to appreciate the rest of her body.

Groans - boring, no sex, small money shot
Cheers - nice looking girl, has potential

Scene 4: Ice Vs Jon Dough
challenge: first anal
Whoa! Before the sex we see Jon Dough on his computer admiring her profile pics. This brunette girl is cute. Young looking, good make-up, great body (she’s thin but shapely) it will be interesting seeing her ass get broken into.

Groans - what - no anal! Even though her challenge was to do anal, she backed out
Cheers - nice looking girl, great facial all over her covergirl face, hard sex, Jon Dough gave her a pounding he must have scared her so much she had to back out of anal.

Scene 5: Judy Starr Vs Eric Everhard + Mr Marcus
challenge: 2on1
Another of the French/Canadians is blonde Judy Starr. I always complain about this girl’s boyish yells during sex, I just find it really off putting, but most people in the forum are big fans of her and if you are one of them, no doubt you’ll like the scene. Not sure whether I was seeing things but it seemed like there was some rugged editing in this scene (maybe I’ve got porn overload!). The part I’m talking about is when Mr Marcus is in her ass from behind, he cums and quickly rushes round to squirt in Judy’s mouth, then it seems to cut to Mr M back in her ass. The lack of continuity disappointed me and felt like I was tripping on drugs.

Groans - bad editing, more boyish screams
Cheers - hard anal sex

Scene 6: Jenna Haze Vs Eric Everhard
challenge: BJ
Another boring BJ no sex scene starring highly-rated Jenna Haze, or how I like to put it over-rated Jenna Haze. The only interesting parts here was when the camera guy (not Lex) starts talking to Jenna and pleading with her to eat Eric’s crusty ass and cheesy toes. She profusely refuses to perform such acts and the guys didn’t seem too happy at all the denial she was coming out with. She repeats "I suck cock, I fuck etc etc…I don’t eat ass! Its just not my thing!" An amusing argument which is also repeated again at the end of the DVD as the Anabolic guys use it, in my opinion as a cheap shot to Jenna. I don’t think they like her very much.

Groans - no sex, Jenna’s not looking very pretty, cheap shots directed at Jenna
Cheers - Jenna sticking to her principles and not backing down after continual requests

Scene 7: Shyla Vs Lexington Steele
challenge: anal scene with Lex
Another nice Shyla scene to add to my collection. All the usual anal action was included but nothing new or that I hadn’t seen before in her many other scenes.

Groans - no complaints really. However I’ve yet to see a Shyla scene where she really shows off her gapes Le Castel style.
Cheers - good solid performance from both parties, Shyla looking gorgeous

Scene 8: Shelby Belle Vs Eric Everhard, Jon Dough + Mario
challenge: 3on1
The challenge said that this was her first ever 3on1 scene. Shelby, the covergirl, is beautiful, the cover doesn’t do her justice. She’s got lovely dark brown eyes and nice blonde hair and when I watch her she reminds me of Britney Spears - what do you think? Unfortunately I would have liked to hear her speak, but instead we go straight into the action as she starts the scene off with Eric’s cock in her mouth - lucky bastard! Soon all the guys are all over Shelby as she receives DP, DPP and 3 facials. She appeared to handle the DP’s and DPP’s a bit too well amongst some more shoddy editing.

Groans - again more bad editing resulting in a lack of continuity, no gapes
Cheers - a new favourite found, excellent sex, circus acts, good facials

8 scenes (6 sex + 2 BJ). The DVD had a shaky start but ended superbly with Shyla and Shelby Belle making it a definite ‘keeper’ for me. I didn’t really see the point of the BJ scenes - if I wanted to see scenes with just BJ’s and no sex I would have bought an oral DVD. I didn’t like the editing in some of the scenes, particularly Judy’s and Shelby’s, which made the action very jumpy. I like to see initial insertions and a few gapes but Initiations#9 seemed to lack these two criteria. Oh - and by the way, all the girls pass their 'initiations' except Ice (no anal), and Jenna (no ass/toe munching).

Inlay card (I love these things! It shows a sweaty Shyla sucking on Lex’s Schlong)
Reversible Sleeve (so you can reverse to soft-core side in-case you have snoopy parents!)
Photo Gallery (Pointless)
Cum-shot recap (We like these!)
DVD releases (still the same old ones - come on Anabolic update these!!!)
Web Site Info (I wouldn’t call this an extra - we want bonus footage!!!)

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