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Initiation Of Lou Charmelle

Initiation Of Lou Charmelle

Studio: Marc Dorcel
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Comet Man's ratings for Initiation Of Lou Charmelle:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Initiation Of Lou Charmelle overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Initiation Of Lou Charmelle Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Initiation Of Lou Charmelle Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Initiation Of Lou Charmelle Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Initiation Of Lou Charmelle Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Initiation Of Lou Charmelle DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Initiation Of Lou Charmelle A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Comet Man  on  9/8/2010
Scene 1
Interview w/ Lou (pretty brunette w/ good body, tongue/pussy piercings, and back and arm tattoos) where we learn she liked being a lesbian and rough sex and anal sex interleaved with a scene where she gives a guy a blowjob in a car as she is dropped off at the Initiation Mansion.
At the front of the mansion are two guys waiting with rubber hoods covering their heads. Lou is wearing a dress with sexy lace see through leggings, black bra and black heels, and black glasses. She's brought in where a hot brunette is eating lunch. The hot brunette sends her blond apprentice to strip Lou down so she can be redressed in black strap on heels and a red neck collar (in the meantime, the hot brunette is getting licked under the table by a guy). Lou is led off (naked except for her collar and heels) by the two guys with hoods where she is locked in a bedroom after being fingered hard by one of the guys.

Scene 2
Continued from the first scene, the blond licks the brunettes breasts and kisses her (they're both half wearing their dresses. They both get to work on the guy that was licking the brunette under the table and give him a good sucking. The blond (wearing high heels, garter, pantyhose, dress and black bra) gets doggy on the table first, then missionary on the table. Then the brunette gets missionary on the table, then anal spoon on the table, then RCG anal on the table (she's still wearing her white shirt, black tie, bra pulled down, dress pulled up, pantyhose, heels). The guy finishes by jerking himself onto the blond's mouth.

Scene 3
The blond goes up to Lou's room and wakes her up from her nab, puts on black lace panties/garter/pantyhose on Lou, then brings her to a room with a guy. The blond sits on a chair and fingers herself while Lou (no bra) sucks the guy. The blond (with her dress around her waist) licks the guy while Lou lays on the bed and fingers herself missionary. Lou (who has only taken her panties off) gets missionary on the bed first, then doggy anal on the bed, then RCG anal while the blond licks/fondles her breasts. The blond (wearing a silver choker and black garter/pantyhose/heels) then gets spoon on the bed, then doggy until she seems to have an orgasm (face flushes red). The guy continues until he cums on her butt.

Scene 4
A brunette in red heels, black hat, black gloves, black whip, and corset walks up to a room where a pretty blond (wearing black bots, black choker, red necklace, red gloves, and red panties, and purple knee high hose) is waiting. The brunette brings in a guy with a black hood, pulls out his penis and makes the blond suck on him. The brunette sets up the blond (who now has either lubrication on her pussy) on the bed in doggy and pulls down her panties and pulls the guy over to start on her doggy. The blond then gets RCG for a while before she's tied up with a ball over her mouth. The brunette (who has a pussy piercing) gets fingered hard on the bed, then gets spooned, then CG anal, then RCG anal, and finally she jerks the guy off with her black gloved hand.

Scene 5
Back to the mansion where the hot brunette (wearing a headmaster outfit) from scene 2 comes into a room with a guy in a suit and black hood kneeling on the ground. The brunette strips the white shirt and dress to reveal blue bra/panties (she wraps the bra around the guy's neck and then lays in on the ground so he can lick her as she kneels over him; she's wearing a black tie, black gloves, garter/hose). She then sucks him in a 69 position before getting on for RCG, then RCG anal, then CG anal, then doggy anal, and she finally jerks him off in herr mouth (she also has a tongue piercing).

Scene 6
It's nightfall, and the cute brunette brings Lou into a living room by her collar and feels her up and spanks her. She sits on the couch, then puts Lou over her knees, pulls down her panties, and spanks her, then spits in her ass before fingering her anus with her black gloved finger, then makes Lou lick a jeweled butt plug before sticking it in her asshole and spanking her a few more times and then she makes Lou stand up in that room and wait.

Scene 7
A brunette (who looks a bit like a guy in drag with the bad makeup in a red corset which hides a stomach tattoo and red gloves, black pantyhose and red heels) is in a furry bed surrounded by two guys (with collar leashes). The two guys lick her breasts and give her a hard fingering. She sucks on one guy while getting her breasts licked and fingered hard by the other, then sucks both at once. She gets spooned hard by one guy while sucking the other. She then gets spoon anal, then RCG anal, then CG DP until she jerks off the guys on her thighs.

Scene 8
This is Lou's initiation scene. The cute brunette comes back and slaps her breasts, then whistles for foud guys (all three have suits on, but only two have hoods) to come in. She gets fingered by the guys without hoods before she kneels down and sucks on all four guys. She gets RC first (with the butt plug still in) while sucking one guy (one guys is jerking himself on the couch and the other is helping her ride). The butt plug gets pulled out and the guy on the couch does CG DP with her. The non-hooded guys do RCG DP with her while the hooded guys jerk themselves. She then does CG DAP while jerking one guy until both guys jerk off on her ass. The other guys jerk off on her mouth and back and she says 'I'm covered in sperm', then there's a flashback to her interview where she says without sodomy, there feels like sex is missing something.

Photo Gallery, Pro-Condom public service segments (Vulve Fiction and Erection Fatal), the usual strip teases on a Dorcel disc that you can't fast forward, Making Of (only in French), Trailers (Madame de Bonplaisir, Pornochic: Jade, Fuck VIP: Fury, Soubrette Service, L'ete de mes 19 ans, Black Angelika Infirmiere tres special, Russian Institute 13, Story of Laly)

Other Comments:
As in all Dorcel movies, the guys all wear condoms, though flesh colored ones.
Film is in french with the option of french subtitles.
I wish they had performer credits in the scene index, or at least a performer index in the extras; I had to go to the opening credits to see who was who.
The filmwork is generally good and the lighting is nice and moody as appropriate.

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