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Indian Lady

Indian Lady

Studio: Classic X
Category:  Classic , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Black Coffee's ratings for Indian Lady:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Indian Lady overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Indian Lady Female looks rating 1 star
Male Looks Indian Lady Male looks rating 1 star
Sex Indian Lady Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Indian Lady Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Indian Lady DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Indian Lady A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Black Coffee  on  8/24/2004
Year of Release: 1981
DVD Runtime: 1 hr. 16 min. 13 sec.

Credits (As they appear)
Debbie Truelove
Toni Reenee
Charles Antony
Jerry Davis

Andrea Martin
Rick Valenzio
Sunny Summers
Kelly Mathews
Harry Moran
Angela O’Day
Starr Johnson
George Beaumont

Photographed & Edited by Hans B. Anderson
Written, Produced, & Directed by Cindy Lou Sutters

MTV’s Real World, CSI, The Casino, Dr. Vegas, Father of the Pride, American Casino, etc. Television is quickly turning Las Vegas into one of the most recognizable cities in the world. The glamour, the lights, the mega resort casinos. Was Vegas always this big and clean? Why not take a trip to the Vegas of yesteryear and see how much it has changed. The story of Indian Lady – if you can honestly call it a story – has Debbie Truelove roller skating back and forth across early 1980’s Las Vegas, voyeuring her friends during their most intimate moments. The sex is hot, the plot is lame, and as a bonus, if you watch closely, you’ll even see how much Sin City has changed over the last twenty years.

Debbie roller skates from place to place and watches people having sex – that’s pretty much it story wise. Sometimes she joins in, and other times she just looks while touching herself through her clothes.

The sex scenes average about five minutes each, and everyone has a natural body, ie., no implants and plenty of hair to go around (except on a few of the men’s heads). As far as looks go, the men and women seem like average people you would meet on the street in the early eighties – no models or rock stars here. The sex, however, is very hot. Everybody seems to really enjoy it. If anyone is faking it, they deserve the Academy Award for their efforts. This enthusiasm easily makes up for the lack of attractiveness of the players as this is one of the most authentic (Is that the right word?) feeling pornos I’ve ever seen.

My biggest complaint about this film (Yes, it was shot on film!) is the annoying narrator. She has an irritating voice and says nothing of any importance. The worst is when she talks during the action, blocking out the moans with rambling nonsense. My advice, watch the film without the volume turned way down.

The Sex
The first scene has Debbie watching a girlfriend, who is scantily dressed wearing an Indian headdress and war paint, giving a blowjob to a man in a cowboy hat (I shit you not!). They are being photographed by a second guy in a ball cap. Debbie licks her lips as the girl alternates between sucking dick and sucking a toy six shooter. The cowboy comes on her tits, and that part of the photo shoot is over.

The shoot continues in a bedroom with the cowboy moving behind the camera. Debbie and her girlfriend playfully fight over the dick of the guy in the ball cap before giving him a blowjob he’ll never forget. The scene ends with the guy fucking the girl doggie style while she eats Debbie’s pussy. He comes on her back. The cowboy just watches in the background, clicking off pictures while playing with his own cock.

Debbie leaves the shoot, skates to the window of a friend’s house, and watches as a man and woman sloppily kiss each other. Oral sex is quick to follow, and the couple only stops for a moment to look at some dirty pictures in a magazine before continuing with oral sex for the rest of the scene. Outside, Debbie yanks up her tight red t-shirt to play with her tits as she stares and licks her lips.

She skates across town to an Asian friend’s house and looks through the window to discover an orgy beginning (the annoying narrator calls this an orgy, not me). The orgy is actually a threesome: two girls and a guy. Lots of oral here, and lots of extreme close ups. Damn, it looks like fun! The scene lasts for almost five minutes, and it’s not until the last 30 seconds that another guy and girl join in, making it a more proper orgy. Unfortunately that thirty seconds goes by fast, and the scene is over too soon.

Debbie skates to another house to watch a couple that appear to be in their late thirties. Through the window she stares as they mutually masturbate each other before the woman gives the man an enthusiastic blowjob. He comes all over her hands. This scene is the worst scene on the narrator’s part because she rambles on about God knows what the entire time. If you don’t mute the entire film, at least mute it here!

After voyeuring two more houses with couples sucking and fucking and coming with great fervor, Debbie finds her way to a cheap motel. She peers around a door to watch a hairy, chubby girl suck and fuck a guy until he comes on her belly. She picks some of his semen up with her fingers and drips it into her mouth with a smile.

Debbie also smiles and skates to a private theatre. She rubs herself through her jeans as she watches old black & white porno footage. These quick films are very interesting, but I can’t tell if they are all part of one film or separate shorts. The first one is of two girls and a guy fucking. The second is of a girl hanging from the ceiling by her feet, slowly twirling around in circles, and sucking the dick of a guy lying on the ground. Looks like lots of fun. The third has a girl with her arms tied above her, a bandana gag in her mouth, standing in front of two men in suits that strip her of her clothes. (Debbie gives this one a weird look.) The final one has one of the same men in a suit fucking a naked woman from behind as the other man in a suit watches. He comes on her ass.

Debbie leaves the theatre, skates to a house, and voyeurs two lesbians in a short but memorable scene. At the next house, she watches a girl and bearded guy go at it until the guy comes all over the girl’s face

Sadly, the final scene of the film is also the weakest. Debbie arrives at a friend’s house and, instead of peeping, she joins in. Her friend, the first and only blonde in the entire film, eats her out. It is a classic moment when Debbie spreads herself wide but refuses to take off her skates (Boogie Nights anyone?). On the couch across the room is an ugly, old guy - graying hair and severely balding – playing with his limp dick. The narrator informs us that he needs extra stimulation, like the show Debbie and her friend are putting on, to get himself hard. But, alas, this is not enough stimulation because when the blonde stops eating Debbie and approaches him, he is still half limp. Debbie and the blonde enjoy blowing him to a pathetic climax and, sadly, the film ends.

While the quality of the sex is top notch, the quality of the DVD leaves something to be desired. There are no extras, no subtitles, no chapter stops, and not even a menu on the damn thing. The pictures on the case bear no resemblance to anyone in the film, and every name listed on the cover is wrong. The only thing Classic-X seemed to get right was the title (and the price).

The audio is okay, but, like I said earlier, you want to watch this film silent to avoid hearing the narrator. The video is below average, but, since all the action takes place during the day in well lit places, it is not that big of a problem, i.e. it is easily watchable. The entire film appears to be intact, including the credits, but I can’t be sure because this is the first I’ve seen of this film and I can’t find much info about it anywhere. Let me put it another way: there are no obvious cuts here.

This is a poor film with really great sex. Looking for a gripping plot or inventive camera angles - stay away. Want beautiful babes faking orgasms – not here. If you want average looking people who love sex, really love sex, this is for you.

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