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Incredible Gulp 2, The

Incredible Gulp 2, The

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Cumshots , Oral
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Rosseau's ratings for Incredible Gulp 2, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Incredible Gulp 2, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Incredible Gulp 2, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Incredible Gulp 2, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Incredible Gulp 2, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Incredible Gulp 2, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Incredible Gulp 2, The DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Incredible Gulp 2, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Rosseau  on  1/26/2006
What, and how, I review:
My reviews focus on the act of cum swallowing, which is a fetish of mine. I only review videos which have that act in at least one scene, and I try to describe it in good detail. How was it filmed? Did the girl seem to be into it? Was it the usual gonzo thing, or "erotic swallowing"?

Some may find this approach too specialized and narrow, since it leaves out the foreplay, the sex positions, and so forth. However, there are other reviews out there which take care of the usual stuff pretty well. On the other hand, I've found that a lot of comments are pretty inaccurate when it comes to cum swallowing - some claim there was some when there wasn't, others overlook it when it happens. Most don't bother with any sort of further description. So that's what I aim to take care of, for readers who share my fetish - to give you some good, accurate info on that prticular aspect. Now let's get to it...


"The Incredible Gulp" is a swallowing series by Zero Tolerance. It doesn't focus exclusively or excessively on that aspect, like, for instance, "10 Man Cum Slam". It's more of a normal gonzo video where each scene simply ends with the girl gulping down the moneyshots. Volume 2 was directed by David Perry and features an all-European cast. All of the girls are "Private" models, and most of them look gorgeous here, so the female talent is definitely there. The production values are good, and the action is well-filmed. All of the scenes here are threesomes, two studs (and two loads!) per girl.

Scene 1 - Cony Ferrara:

A blonde with heavy makeup and big, fake tits. Of all the girls in this video, Cony is the most whore-ish looking and the least pleasant, but still watchable. She's fucked by two guys on a couch. At the end, both produce medium-sized loads, bordering on small (one of them is Leslie Taylor, who always seems a bit on the "watery" side). Together, they still add up to a nicely visible gulp of sperm in Cony's mouth. She doesn't look too thrilled about it, but obediently gathers her men's sperm, shows it to the camera for a few seconds (losing a tiny bit, but not much), and swallows with a rather painful expression. The act itself is well-captured, and she at least managed a genuinly relieved smile afterwards. A solid, but not great, opener.

Scene 2 - Barbara Voice:

Barbara is a pretty, cheerful-looking blonde with a big, genuine smile. She, too, is shagged by two males on a couch (a different one, if you need to know). The two loads she gets are medium-sized, a little better than in the first scene. Barbara also seems more into it, giving the camera a few smiling, dirty looks as she plays around with the sperm. When the director asks her to swallow, she keeps playing some more, moving her head back and forth slowly and longingly, until she finally swallows. "Was it good?" asks the direcor. She giggles and replies "Yeah, sure!", in a tone that suggests: "Of course it wasn't good, you dolt, but I'm a good sport." Then, Barbara gives us that awesome smile once more. A good scene.

Scene 3 - Cory Baby:

A dark-haired girl with deep brown eyes and a very pretty, somewhat exotic face, Cory is arguably the most classically beautiful woman in the video. This one is a real feast for the eyes, and she is filmed - with two guys, what else - in a nice, sunny outdoor setting. David Perry must have liked her, too, since he appears in this scene himself. While David encourages his friend to "Put tout in her mouf!", the other stud ejaculates a well-sized, thick load. But unfortunately, Cory loses all of it because she stretches her tongue out too far. What begins like a disappointing conclusion to a magnificent scene is however saved by David Perry, who shoots another good load into her mouth himself, in a very well-captured closeup. And this time, Cory keeps it all together and swallows like a good girl, with her magic eyes fixed on the camera. It could have been a classic if she hadn't accidentally dropped the first half, but it's still quite a hot scene. With a girl of such beauty, one load is good enough. On a side note, David relates his instructions to her in a mixture of English, French and (I believe) Romanian that is hilarious to listen to.

Scene 4 - Niki Montana:

Another blonde, Niki Montana is not actually beautiful in the classical sense (her face and nose are a little too wide), but pretty and sexy. The girl-next-door type. I like her. Have seen her in multiple swallowing scenes, and she seems to genuinly enjoy it. Another romp in the garden, with two male performers (are we getting the pattern yet?). Leslie Taylor manages exactly one squirt, followed by some light dribbles. The guy plainly shouldn't be in swallowing videos. Fortunately, the other hunk produces one, two, three, four, five-and-a-half squirts, which means Niki ends up with a solid amount to play with. She plays so exuberantly, in fact, that she loses half of the sperm, but simply picks everything back up from her chest. Then she picks up everything that didn't land in her mouth in the first place, from her tits and from her face, sucking her fingers as if they were dipped in honey. I prefer a "direct swallow", but Niki makes it sexy to watch. Finally, she gulps down the prize and happily shows off her empty mouth to the camera. "Thank you, it was great for me!" she tells David, and sounds as if she absolutely means it.

Scene 5 - Gilda Joy:

Gilda is a solid blessing. Slim body, foxy face, long, brunette hair. What's more, she's cute as a button, with a cheerful attitude and a huge smile that she flashes most of the time. Even the obligatory "interview" at the beginning of the scene is worth watching simply because of her humorous demeanor. Then she's soundly fucked (in the garden, again) by her two partners, and kneels down for the cumshots. David is in this scene, too - the direcor always picks the hottest girls for himself, doesn't he? Both loads are okay, and Gilda collects them nicely, throwing sexy and encouraging glances at the studs. She loses a tiny bit while playing around, but with such a well-sized gulp in her mouth, it doesn't really matter much. Swallows, and says: "I like it! It's very good, and... too much vitamin, and... Mmmh!" A great effort from a very playful little slut, my favourite scene of the video. Gilda Joy is worth keeping an eye on.

Scene 6 - Cora Carina:

A beautiful, fresh blonde with white skin and big eyes. Cora is a bit more on the quiet side, but she seems to enjoy the "work" well enough. Paired with two men, of course. This last vignette takes place in a stable, complete with haystacks and a carriage in the background. The sperm loads are not huge, but both of them quite thick and milky. Cora gathers them without spilling a single drop, and probably ends up with the biggest amount of semen in the video. She plays with her tongue a little, and gulps the creamy stuff down without difficulty. A worthwhile closure.


This is a very good video for swallowing fans. There are other titles out there where more and bigger loads are involved, but quality counts for a great deal. The female looks in "The Incredible Gulp 2" are clearly above average, and the action is well-filmed. The swallowing is done in a nice and erotic way. Cory, Gilda and Cora are all truly beautiful. Niki and Gilda seem to be having a lot of fun. In summry, if you want to see some hot Euro girls drinking DNA, this is a title you should definitely check out.

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