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Inch Freaks

Inch Freaks

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Inch Freaks:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Inch Freaks overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Inch Freaks Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Inch Freaks Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Inch Freaks Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Inch Freaks Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Inch Freaks DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Inch Freaks A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  6/26/2003
Inch Freaks
Yani Z.
Jessica Dee, Alaura Eden, Charmane, Holly, Kailani, Dominique Dane, Betty Blue, Brandon Iron, Mark Wood, Brett Rockman, Joe Monti
Running time:
2hrs 14mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

I am baffled. Inch Freaks is a movie about women who allegedly crave big cocks. Could you sell a movie to heterosexual women where the focus is on some female body part that the men in the movie are supposedly crazy about? Maybe I am missing the point. All wilful misunderstanding aside, maybe this does make sense in a market where some straight male fans appear as interested in the dimensions of the male stars' genitals as they are in the female stars with whom such productions are ostensibly concerned. Who really are the Inch Freaks? As we'll soon see, this really is an incredibly flimsy premise on which to base a new movie or series. Did you ever hear a porn starlet seductively moan, "Oh, I love that small, thin cock of yours inside me?"

Alaura Eden
Tall, dark haired Alaura, dressed simply in blue vest, jeans and heels, casts sly sexy looks at the camera as she smokes a fag, one of those activities that have drastically different meanings on each side of the Atlantic. Now Alaura has an undeniably strong, individual look and can be an acquired taste, without which this lengthy tease scene all about her may be too much of a chore. I think she's a grown-up sexy woman and thus is pretty appealing, and find it easy to enjoy her wiggling and crawling her way around the house, slowly peeling off her clothes to reveal a curvaceous body and superb ass. Yani Z's direction covers all angles as we see her slowly prepare for the sex by backing up against a dildo stuck to a glass shower screen, and then slipping into some sheer white stockings and lacy lingerie. "Does that make you want to fuck me?" she breathes. Yes. That's how simple the male mind is.

I must admit, however, that the "seductive" chat to the camera that she's produced thus far seems more incongruous when delivered over the head of the guy, Mark Wood, who's now sucking her tits and spanking her. It's as if he wasn't there. Anyway, she pays attention soon enough, sucking his cock in an interesting position where she's flat out on her tummy, grabbing her heels as he slides into her mouth. Sadly the bogus comments continue: "Oh God I'm so tight!" she announces, sliding on to his dick. And so modest too! There is a nice shot of her ass as she rides, however, before a brief toy interlude (a butt plug and anal balls make their way in and out of her ass and into her mouth) prepares the way for slow but steady anal sex.

Cowgirl anal is visually impressive, doggy anal hardly the deepest or hardest but evidently enough to turn her on, both being followed up by ass-to-mouth oral. There's a great standing doggy position to show off her legs and high heels, and Alaura even shows her wetness to the camera, as if to silence my doubts about her exaggerated vocals. Finally, Mark shoots a thick, gooey load on her tongue and Alaura naughtily drips the load out as she whispers goodbye. It's a really well-done scene with extensive tease and all really neatly shot but, for me, there isn't enough "oomph" about the sex which comes across as too laboured and played for the cameras. Her chat may appeal to some viewers, but to my mind it just adds to the impression of a slick, pro job.

Holly and Kailani
Two "first timers", tanned Kailani and pale Holly, both pretty cute though not outstandingly so, indulge in some mild girl-girl play in the bathroom, including some nice kissing and a double-dong fuck in the tub. Brandon Iron joins them, little skirts back on and Kailani in black fishnet stockings, in the bedroom. He has them rimming each other in double quick time, proceeding to taste ass himself and offer gentle guidance in the arts of sucking cock and licking balls. He fucks Kailani and then Holly, the darker girl licking Holly's clit and tasting her juices from Brandon's dick.

The girls pile together and Brandon goes from one pussy to the other, fucking them gently. Kailani takes a pretty hefty double dong toy into her pussy, causing her to yell out. Holly tastes the toy and then rides Brandon in cowgirl, while Kailani again licks the pussy-flavoured cock and lightly smacks Holly's ass. She gets one last turn on Brandon's tool, but clearly her pussy works some magic and he spunks on Holly's face. Kailani licks it gingerly from her playmate's soft cheek, but there's a very fast fade to black that kills the scene off too quickly. It's a fairly average encounter in sexual terms that only heats up sporadically. Maybe the girls were more inhibited than it sometimes looks, but Brandon does a good job of guiding them. Funny how he's a baddie when he's mean - does this make him a big softie? Or just a professional doing his job, playing a part in a movie?

Charmane is beautiful. Let's make that clear right off. She is so pretty and perfectly formed all round, and sets off whichever outfit she models in the photo shoot-style tease sequence that begins this scene. Small boobs, prominent nipples, lovely legs, and a rounded bottom that looks tiny in the hands of Joe, her partner for the sex. She goes down, nibbles his cock through his pants, and delivers a tasty BJ. There's some nice coverage of her body as Joe nudges into her pussy during a standing doggy sort of position. She irresistibly proffers her tight cheeks to him and he fucks her in doggy. Her rude remarks subside as the he fills her up, but what I can't get over is the size of his hand relative to her tiny round butt. Smack!

We can see her lovely ripe, thick nipped tits as she bends forward to suck him, from reverse cowgirl, and marvel yet more at that small but perfectly formed ass, said it again, but it's true! Spoon sex gets her heated up some more and it also shows off her body well. Damn, she looks good from every angle. She uses her mouth to get Joe off, and he unloads his goo right over her face. For me, there's not enough kissing or touching or real connection between the pair, but as far as just admiring a beautiful girl having a pleasant sex session, this is eminently watchable.

Betty Blue
The camera tails Betty, a girl clearly attempting cool by association with that stage name, into a metro station. The curvy brunette challenges the cameraman/voyeur to follow her…if he's man enough. She boards a train and teases him (and the viewer) by furtively playing with her pussy. Back home, she playfully pushes the cameraman to the ground, and indulges in further extensive tease activities. She strips off her top, skirt and lacy panties to reveal fine boobs, and speaks in a husky voice (French? Quebecois?) as she slips on a pair of black and white checked tights, which show off her sturdy legs and ass well. Then she slips 'em off again. Slowly. That's my kind of tease. Next, she fucks herself with a sizeable dildo, but soon she wants real cock.

This is quite craftily filmed to ease the transition between the POV style coverage of the tease and the third-person view on the sex. Her lace-gloved fingers seek out the stud's cock, as though it was from his view. Her cock sucking is admirable. Slowly the view moves to show her in doggy sex with him, highlighting her desirable womanly curves before she bids us to follow her to a garishly decorated bedroom where she stretches out cat-like on the bed. The doggy style fucking resumes, moving to missionary and interspersed with breaks for excitable oral. Her eyes are beautiful.

Brett, for it is he, pops that most delightful of toys, the ponytail butt plug, into Betty's ass. She shows off her fab bum with the toy in place, and then she takes it in her mouth. Naughty! She has no hesitation to devour his cock after it's been in her ass, either, as we see during breaks in reverse cowgirl anal, where her pierced pussy lips are prominent. A different perspective on the position shows her ass so well, yet again, and then they get into spoons anal, her big tits in motion. They're firm and full, and I really hope they're natural! Again, not enough real connection between the pair but this is undeniably hot stuff as they push on through pile driver anal and more ass-to-mouth oral. Brett comes on her pussy and anus, and Betty dips her gloved fingers into the come and licks it up.

Jessica Dee
Curvy Jessica leads the camera indoors, where she gradually strips off her jeans-and-t-shirt outfit and, after crawling and wriggling about in teasing fashion, slips into something a little sexier. I must admit I haven't been a big fan of hers before, but she does look a little prettier here. Similarly, I haven't been a big fan of fishnets, as I feel they often look tacky. However, the red pair of fishnet tights Jessica slips on here certainly do something on her curvaceous form. In between crawling up the stairs, Jessica also puts on some lacy lingerie and a pair of ludicrously high shoes, before the underwear slides down again so she can pop butt plugs into her bottom.

Jessica's crawling upstairs with a plug in place when a chap slips into the picture and right into her pussy. He turns out to be Mark Wood, I think, and Brandon Iron appears on hand too. As Jessica tries to look real nasty while working over their cocks, she reminds me why I wasn't too keen on her before. Nice body, though. It's seen to good effect in the reverse cowgirl sex, which leads on to doggy and spoons anal, split by A2M. Jessica seems to react vociferously at times, especially to the latter and to double penetration. Both guys whack off into her mouth. She dribbles it out, while pulling "nasty" faces. It doesn't look enticing. Sorry way to end, as otherwise director Yani nearly makes a good job of selling a scene with a girl I don't care for to me.

Dominique Dane
Now, who is this floating across my screen, sweetly smiling, all loose, lithe limbs and flowing blonde hair? There's only a moment or two to check her out before Brett sidles into the shot and Dominique confusingly introduces herself as "Irina", or something like that. Brett happily undoes her scanty wrap top and eases off her silly little pink skirt. She sports pink panties, tightly wrapping her silky ass cheeks, but these go quickly too. This is hardly a problem, as I can't quite believe how pink and pretty her pussy looks. She almost seems bashful, surely not, as Brett admires and nibbles her tits, but that's the way it seems as she emits a giggle when she spies Brett's knob. Dominique looks absolutely charming giving Brett a heavenly blow. Ah, it looks so innocent by today's gagging, spluttering standards.

Then we have Dominique's truly beautiful pussy. The way it forms, so pink and plump yet so neat, all round Brett's cock during missionary is amazing. Imagination is working overtime as I ponder how that must feel. She's all pink and flushed and it looks fabulous. Reverse cowgirl highlights her lovely boobs and beautiful bum, but it's superb coverage of doggy that really hits the spot, her delicious ass filling the screen, her body arching. She tastes her pussy from his cock, and later coverage of cowgirl shares the time between her sexy ass and blissful face. After one last missionary position, Brett comes in her mouth.

This is just the right scene at the right time for me. To be perfectly frank, aside from those knockout encounters between Nacho and Cinderella in Killer Pussy 15 and Blowjob Impossible 5, it's a long time I've been so enthralled by such a simple, straightforward sex scene as this. The subtle appeal of this scene might elude some viewers, and you may well wonder why the hell I like this apparently ordinary scene so much. But if it interests you to see a beautiful young woman just glowing as she, as far as I can see, really enjoys sex, I recommend it. It's really natural, though it could still use more kissing, and the feeling is just great. Dominique is said to be a first timer and doesn't play to the camera, but to me that's what helps make this so enjoyable.

I must confess my positive reaction to this movie is, in part, one of surprise, as I wasn't expecting too much. Still, having watched the movie, I am no more clued up on Inch Freaks' "cock craving" theme. The reality is that the movie splits its time between substantial tease sequences and laid-back sex, with references to the desire for large penises made rarely, and only in passing, to the extent that it's pretty much irrelevant. For me, this is a good thing, and like another movie I reviewed lately, Internal Cumbustion from Zero Tolerance, the niche marketing of the title disguises a really well done movie with much broader appeal.

The camerawork always flatters the girls, and on this evidence I prefer Yani Z's shooting style to that of his DVSX colleagues as he really moves the camera around the performers to capture some great angles. It's not an original style, but it works. The sex is explicit but not unduly nasty, there's some good toy play, and the mood all around is pretty good. There are a few reasons that mean this movie is in the "good, not great" class, at least as far as my tastes are concerned. I would still like to see better chemistry between the performers - the tendency in some of the scenes is to use the guys as anonymous studs. To me, it makes little sense to have people fucking but not to let them react naturally to each other. The Kailani/Holly and Jessica scenes don't quite float my boat the way Dominique's scene does and Alaura's would be better if she didn't lay on the act quite so much. The look in her eyes tells us perfectly well what she's thinking, thank you very much!

DVD Comments
Excellent picture quality, good sound - no complaints on that score. Those who seek extra value in the DVD extras will find a reasonable selection. Each girl is featured in a solo scene, of roughly 3-5 minutes duration, which is a good idea from DVSX. I feel this has the potential to be made even better, with different outfits or settings and so on. There's a photo gallery and a couple of trailers too. All round, a good package. I must say that DVSX really know how to put things together with good artwork, pictures and general styling, they make appealing products in that regard.

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