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In the Butt 2

In the Butt 2

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  Anal , Compilation , Couples
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Anime Nut's ratings for In the Butt 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
In the Butt 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks In the Butt 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks In the Butt 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex In the Butt 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting In the Butt 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras In the Butt 2 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality In the Butt 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Anime Nut  on  10/18/2009
In the Butt: Vol 2 is a gonzo collection of five scenes that originally appeared on the Naughty America website. As you might've guessed from the title, all of these scenes share a common theme: good old-fashioned butt sex! But don't let the description on the box mislead you. Despite what it says, there is room for penetrated pussies as well. So if anal-only titles are not to your liking, rest assured this isn't one of them.

The scenes play out like little vignettes, so you get actual characters and a scenario that lands them in each other's arms (and laps). The story set-ups are generally well-done, with varying degrees of plausibility. Each scene is divided up into four chapters which can be accessed directly from the main menu. There are no opening or closing credits, so you can select "Play Movie" without having to worry about endless, spoiler-filled titles that plague so many gonzo titles these days.

Lastly, there are some issues that stem from the fact that these are internet scenes. Some are better-shot than others, but they feature way too many fade transitions. In some cases, the transitions nearly miss an initial penetration, or even the cumshot. Plus, there's a constant problem with audio balance. Some scenes are nearly twice as loud as others, forcing you to readjust your system's volume output if you plan to watch multiple scenes in one sitting.


SCENE 1 - Bobbi Starr & Otto Bauer
Approx. 27 min

Otto gets a visit from his next-door neighbor Bobbi, who has a bone to pick with him. No, not that kind of bone - wait, actually, that bone too. Seems Bobbi's pretty upset about a number of cigarette butts that have ended up in her backyard, and Otto is Suspect #1. In a turn of events that is way too ridiculous to believe, Bobbi takes a sudden turn from scolding to insatiably horny. Clothes off, and we're treated to a nice full-frame close-up of Bobbi's naked ass.

Both performers continue to act well as the fucking ensues, including some inspired line-readings by Otto. When Bobbi is getting pounded in cowgirl anal, we get another amazing view of her magnificent butt as the camera moves in close to eye-level with her anus.

SCENE 2 - Kimberly Kane & Alec Knight
Approx. 25 min

Kimberly follows her boss Alec into a basement storage room, looking for some important file documents. Kimberly apparently never learned to bend at the knees when rifling through a box on the floor. This offers an irresistible view of her ass to Alec, who decides to breach a few rules of workplace ethics.

In no time, Alec is getting royally blown by his all-too-willing employee. While bobbing her head on his cock, Kimberly's body bounces adorably. When the fuck action starts, Kimberly appears a little bored and detached at first. However, she quickly comes to life once Alec smacks her clit with his cock, then even more so when anal is added to the menu. At one point, Kimberly becomes a woman possessed as her eyes roll into the back of her head, and her moans become deeper and more forceful.

Favorite line? While getting anally fucked in doggystyle, Kimberly casually tells her boss, "I'm giving you a new fucking job: assfucking. Part-time." For a gonzo scene, that is some genius dialogue.

SCENE 3 - Phoenix Marie & Christian XXX
Approx. 30 min

Phoenix and Christian are co-workers who have been assigned to work on a project together. Christian arrives at Phoenix's home in full business attire, which Phoenix proceeds to mercilessly tease him about. The jacket comes off, then the tie. You don't need to be a prophet to predict what comes off next.

Once again, this scene features some stellar camera work. I particulary appreciated how every position showcases Phoenix's luscious ass in some way. Either it's filling up the frame from edge to edge, or it's pushed out in such a way to accentuate every curve. Since Phoenix and Christian are dating in real life, it's no surprise that they project the best chemistry of all the pairings on this title. Even the foreplay is wonderfully erotic.

The sight of Phoenix atop the dining table on all fours, dipping her head down to suck Christian's cock as he sits back in his chair - that alone is worth the price of admission. The anal sex is enhanced by some loud, juicy slurps as Christian's pounds away at Phoenix's ass. Great scene from beginning to end.

SCENE 4 - Laurie Vargas & John Expizedo
Approx. 27 min

Since it's not readily obvious from the dialogue alone, I had to go online to get the full scoop on the set-up here. John is visiting a friend of his wife, and he joins her in what looks like the rec room. That friend, Laurie, is on the phone with John's wife. As John listens incredulously, Laurie relays his wife's demands for them to fondle, suck, and eventually fuck. No, it doesn't make a lick of sense. Does anybody care? Probably not.

The blowjob is enhanced by a brief bit of titfucking. Even shorter is the time spent on vaginal sex, since Laurie wastes no time in proposing, "What about you go in my ass?" Throughout the scene, Laurie moans. And moans. A lot. When John finally goes balls-deep in her ass, Laurie starts yelping and shrieking loudly - which finally stops her incessant moaning and talking, at least.

SCENE 5 - Kylie Ireland & Dane Cross
Approx. 28 min

Shot on the exact same set used for the previous scene, this one features Kylie Ireland as a teacher leading a book club in her home. Dane is the only student to show up, which leads to a whole lot of awkward tension. Kylie and Dane give the best acting performances of this title, even if they're playing the types we've come to know 'em as: Dane as the shy and nervous guy, Kylie as the bold and dominant seductress.

Both Kylie and Dane do a good job of staying in character as the sex ensues. Unfortunately, I wasn't as pleased with the camera work. Too often, it moves in way too close to the action, causing the focus to falter occasionally. Also, the fade transitions are at their absolute worst here, sometimes occurring up to three times during a single position.

Thankfully, the technical flaws are no match for the raw energy put forth by Kylie and Dane. Kylie clearly loves the feel of a warm cock filling up her ass. The hearty cumshot caps my favorite scene of the title.


The only special feature is an eight-minute photo slideshow. Nothing special here, though there are a few nice shots to be found if you have the time.


Rent it. Despite the overall high quality of the sex on display here, there really isn't anything you haven't seen before on countless occasions. Add the annoying fade transitions and inconsistent sound quality, and you have a title that only needs to be enjoyed once. Still, I must reiterate that Phoenix Marie's and Kylie Ireland's scenes are exceptional in terms of hardcore assplay. A fun ride while it lasts.

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