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In The Ass...On The Glasses

In The Ass...On The Glasses

Studio: Zane
Category:  All Sex , Anal , Cumshots
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Speelie's ratings for In The Ass...On The Glasses:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
In The Ass...On The Glasses overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks In The Ass...On The Glasses Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks In The Ass...On The Glasses Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex In The Ass...On The Glasses Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting In The Ass...On The Glasses Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras In The Ass...On The Glasses DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality In The Ass...On The Glasses A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  6/16/2001
Zane has been importing Eoropean, mainly German, videos for years, and releasing them in the USA with any extra naughty bits such as fisting removed. Recently, they have picked up a line of German titles shot in the Czech Republic, and have left in the "good stuff" for "Euro versions" available in select markets. Now, some of this line, mostly known as "Czech Extrme" or "Backdoors of Prague," are making it to DVD.

This one has intrigued meever since I first heard the title months ago. Later that day, I went to lunch and saw a very attractive young lady taking orders. She wore a tight skirt and top, and glasses. I couldn't help having lewd thoughts about her sexual habits...

In the Ass On the Glasses is a catchy American title for this flick. I imagine the original German was not a direct translation, since not all of the action is anal. But in typical fashion for this line, German guys screw young Czech women and use German dialog that is untranslated.

The movie begins with Crazy Man Mike Silver emerging from a surprisingly modern looking gas station mini-mart with a valise and a map of Prague. I don't know if "Crazy Man" is a running character from other movies, but he is the guide for this show. In his valise are magic glasses that make women horny, and he intends to put them to good use.

Crazy man enters a room where Zenza Raggi (A German Turk who is in probably half the videos shot in Europe over the past decade) is trying to get friendly with Jessica (plain curly haired brunette) and Linda (pretty, slender blonde). Silver hands Raggi the valise, and departs with a maniacal laugh. The girls try out the glasses, and then a standard suck and fuck sequence begins, with everyone pleasuring each other. Linda does some anal before Raggi drops his load on their faces, indeed on the glasses.

Jana (another pretty, slender blonde, with longer hair and bigger breasts than Linda) stands on a street talking to Freddie Dalton and another guy outside their car. Crazy man passes the valise to a guy, and runs off laughing maniacally. Jana tries on a pair of glasses, and then gets in the car with the guys. She blows the driver as they pass through a car wash, then all three get together in a room at an inn. A standard 3-way ensues, with Jana getting every hole filled, including in a DP. She is enthusiastic, but not entirely comfortable. In the end, both guys cum in her face on her glasses.

Next, Crazy Guy finds effeminate Reinhard sitting indoors in a lawn chair, wearing a wig and a dress. He is ignoring a beautiful live statue standing in the corner. This time, the "man" gets the glasses, and it makes him horny, so the statue comes over to get busy with him. Silver runs off, laughing maniacally. Dirty blonde Leona wears a gown, but as it gradually comes off, she proves to have a nice slender body with big droopy breasts. She goes through the usual positions with Reinhard, displaying a lot of energy. At the end, she is riding him in reverse cowgirl anal, and he pulls out to shoot his wad up her chest, with the first drop landing perfectly between her breasts. Both partners then lie back and grin at each other as they pant in exhaustion.

Crazy Guy Silver will do anything to help his friends, so he uses a power utility truck to lift him up to the window of the hotel room where Zenza Raggi is trying to talk Ätna into sex. She would rather smoke her cigarette, until Silver hands Raggi the magic valise. Then, she can't wait to look through and select a set of glasses. She magically needs to devour Raggi's manhood (Silver has departed, laughing maniacally), and he proceeds to poke and prod her every orifice, before the intercourse begins. Ätna has a thick, but toned body, enormous breasts, and reddish hair cut above the shoulder. Her breats look great swaying in the doggy position, and then flopping in reverse cowgirl anal. Raggi can't resist the urge for a titty-fuck, and this is one of the better ones I've ever seen. He finishes by shooting onto her face and glasses. She is tired and breathing heavily by this point.

Finally, Crazy Guy gets some action for himself, showing off his valise to dyed-blonde Lucy. She also has a thick but toned body (the sort I love!) and really big breasts. This is a long scene, with the only anal being Silver's thumb up her butt for brief moments. The sex is quite hot, Lucy is INTO it, she grins a lot, and coats his cock quite visibly with her wetness. The longest time is spent in doggy, as the camera lovingly shows off her swinging breasts, often from the underused frontal angle (one of my favorites!). After a while, Silver shudders, before panting and talking rapidly in German about what a great internal orgasm he just had. He then resumes fucking Lucy, and several minutes later, pulls out and shoots a vigorous load onto her face and glasses. He then runs off, laughing maniacally...

I enjoyed the heck out of this one, it isn't great film making in any way, but as a basic plotless gonzo release, it is perfect for those times when hot sex and undemanding viewing are the order of the day. The camera work was simple and effective, the picture quality was ok (Czech locations always seem a bit dreaery and grey) and the video had only one glitch (during Lucy's scene, it jumped back by a bout a minute, before resuming). The extras amount to only a good photo gallery, and ads for Zane's website and phone sex line, but with 110 minutes of enthusiastic women having hot sex, this is well worth viewing. And best of all, not only are all the breasts are natural, but Dave Hardman (assigned to Zane on his work release program) is nowhere to be seen!

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