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In Man's Country

In Man's Country

Studio: Studio 2000
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for In Man's Country:
Overall Rating 3 stars
In Man's Country overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks In Man's Country Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks In Man's Country Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex In Man's Country Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting In Man's Country Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras In Man's Country DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality In Man's Country A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  3/13/2003
It’s Sonny Markham’s twenty-first birthday, and his friend Adam Rom takes him out to dinner and then to Chicago’s Man’s Country. Sonny is a hefty blond bodybuilder with a godlike gym-built physique; Adam is a cute young twink with curly dark hair. Sonny is reluctant to go into a gay place, but Adam—who obviously has designs on Sonny—persuades him.

Adam’s plan begins to have effect when they encounter Chris Ramsey giving head to Tony Cameron in the showers. Since Tony is in ecstasy, Sonny wonders what a blowjob feels like and asks Adam if he will oblige. Naturally this is what Adam has been hoping for and he chows down on Sonny’s dick. Sonny likes it! He shoots his load not merely over Adam’s face, but into his mouth. After he has shot his load he places his still dripping cock between Adam’s lips!

Returning to the shower, they find Tony is now screwing Chris. Yup, Sonny wants to try that too. Once again Adam is only too willing to oblige, and Sonny fucks him in a variety of positions.

Well, Sonny has enjoyed this so much that he gets himself a club membership. But he only goes to watch.

He first views an orgy among four very handsome twinks in a watery grotto: Kevin Wolf and Todd Stevens are paired at the beginning along with Alan Reeves and Tom Winston. Todd fellates Kevin as Tom blows Alan. When Kevin fucks Todd and Alan fucks Tom, the two bottoms kiss over a low-lying wall. After a time Kevin and Alan switch bottoms in midstream. If we needed any further proof of Sonny’s severe sexual repression (i.e. straightness) it’s that he watches this scene without getting so much as an erection.

Downstairs in the Eagle Bar, the leather crowd assemble. Here Sonny watches humpy Jake Andrews and Karl Bruno do a flip-flop suckandfuck. Here was an opportunity for director Travis to give us a touch of S & M, but the sex is extremely—indeed prissily—vanilla, not at all what the setting, costuming, and make-up would suggest. Andrews is wearing a leather vest and sports a close-cropped satanic mustache and goatee. Bruno has very short hair and leather armbands. Both are decorated with grungy tattoos. If not fisting, at least fingers and a dildo could have been used here. Something that would differentiate it from the idyllic sex that has gone before.

The film takes a further downward plunge when we learn Sonny has become a dancer at the club and are forced to watch his performance on yet another birthday. (At the rate this guy celebrates birthdays he’ll be sixty before he’s thirty.) Sonny’s costume for this embarrassing foray into performance art is a white hat and a pin-stripe suit that he wears with white Nikes making him resemble Sky Masterson in a high school production of Guys And Dolls. (Take it off, Sonny! Take it all off!)

Sonny has fallen for the manager of the club, Christian Fox, a delectable shaggy haired blond who killed himself shortly after this film was made. Christian has a birthday present for Sonny. He joins the strippers and performs for his reluctant lover. It’s a far better routine than Sonny’s because it is neither awkward nor embarrassing and it’s much shorter.

After this Christian tries to overcome Sonny’s hang-ups about sex in public by offering himself to the dolt. “It’s now or never!” he warns the backward boob. So Christian sucks Sonny and Sonny fucks Christian. These are two great-looking guys but we’ve seen it all before and we’ve seen it done better. This scene, which is supposed to be Sonny’s loss of inhibition and coming out, demands that Sonny suck Christian’s cock. (When you’re in love, Sonny, you’ll anything for the other guy—and that includes sucking his cock.) By his not doing so, we are treated to a scene that falls far short of the earlier scenes with Rom. The sex here is perfunctory. There is no chemistry whatsoever between these two actors. Christian looks drugged (and probably is) and never gets an erection. As Sonny is fucking him, Christian’s limp dick can be seen swinging between his legs like a bell clapper in a hurricane. Sonny fucks as though he is only doing it for the money (which he is.)

What started out as an exceptional film with incredibly hot scenes and performers runs out of steam halfway through and plummets downhill like a bobsled carrying Orson Welles. And that’s a real pity, because with a little more effort Studio 2000 could have produced a masterpiece of erotica that would have stood the test of time instead of giving us a creation with a beautiful marble head and torso mounted on legs and feet of clay.

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