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In Da White Booty

In Da White Booty

Studio: Exquisite Pleasures
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Dark Side Jedi's ratings for In Da White Booty:
Overall Rating 4 stars
In Da White Booty overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks In Da White Booty Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks In Da White Booty Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex In Da White Booty Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting In Da White Booty Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras In Da White Booty DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality In Da White Booty A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Dark Side Jedi  on  11/10/2005
Who the fuck is Jordan Septo. Has anybody heard of this guy. He has got to be the Luke Skywalker of Porn. Heís a hard workin muthafucka whoís daddy has to be Buttman from the Evil Empire, cause his shit is just that good. He wields his camera like a Lightsaber and puts women in positions tighter than The Millennium Falcon.

Trina Michaels.

For those of you that donít know. This girl love black cock. Se has a decent figure and does every last possible bit of screen filth that makes you a star. Paired with Trina is IRís new sheriff. Nat ďUnderground RailroadĒ Turner. Heís reppin for the black man, but nigga, whatdup with the tighty whiteyís?

Little Miss Muffet, sat on Nats Tuffet, but before she did she sucked him something wonderful. She slurped burped and gobbled him down like it was her favorite lolli. After good head youíd think that one might reciprocate. At a minimum youíd think that good lovin was en route. Not this nuck. Nat flipped this big titty broad over and went to work ďAss MiningĒ. This was straight up anal with no breaks and no brakes!

This scenes passion was just above average, but the camera was so tight that my soda started to taste like ass as I watched this go down.

Katja Kasin

Katja is the Matt Damon of porn. Anytime you see Ben Affleck, you know that Matt is somewhere in that joint, credited or not. The same applies to Katja. If you know the joint is IR, Katja is gonna be in it and chances are sheís serving up ass.

Iím not into Katja, but she is a sneaky bitch, and sometimes when you least expect it, sheíll make you love her.

The meat delivery guy is Sledgehammer, but he needs to change his name to patches cause those pants were wrecked. He wants to be a solider, but his wardrobe is straight up Salvation Army.

Katja in the other hand has ass like Nikon has glass. High priced, top shelf and youíll never lose focus, not to mention #1 rated!

This girl makes anal look easy. Iím telling all you no game nuckas right now. Katja might be your best bet at convincing your girl that anal donít sting. He ass is like a Louisiana levy, Sturdy as fuck, but once that ass is breached, itís open season on Assville.


Asian cuisine just donít taste right with some bamboo. Whether you like it hot and sour, or twice cooked, please make sure and serve me up some of that firm, sweet side. Iím happy to see that this girl is back in the rotation, cause bodies like hers donít come down the line that often. Donít let this puffy nipple fool you, even without those she could go toe to toe with Miko Lee. This is one bad bitch that makes my sack blue.

Bamboo is someone special and the reason I know this is because LT has never been as long or strong as he was for his scene today. I have no idea what they used to grease up her ass, but that slick 50 was runnin all down her cheeks while LT dup that ass out. There was so much fluid that I could tell lube from seed.


Imagine a flat chested Bo Dereck with a gang of ass, and thatís Nomi. I donít see her much, so Iíd assume that trick lives abroad.

In this scene she takes on Nat Turner and half of Milli Vanilli. Nomi looks great with wood in her ass, and I love to see bubble like that with a big black support beam holding em up.

Milli (or Vanilli) was a bit out of place in this scene, he kept trying to slip in, but Nat had things well in hand. If you can overlook that ďBlame it on the Rain, NegroĒ Iím sure youíll find this scene to your liking.

Candi Apple

Is this the same broad that gangbanged New York a few years back, or do I have my freaks wrong? What I do know is sheís fresh, cute and loves to fuck. She also has a mouth that is twice as filthy as any girl in the biz today. She also appears to have a soft spot for the black man and that soft spot is her ass.

This girl didnít flinch. Usually, you have to work the tip in or go slow, this girl gave up the ass, and talked so much shit that the dude in this scene couldnít do nothing but drool on her ass. Iím sure the fact that she gaped like a bitch didnít help the stuttering that this brotha was doing cause the ass was so good.

The Dark Side

This was top shelf shit. The sex was hot, the women were tight and the camera and lighting were grade a material. If Jordan would stop shooting by the airport and maybe try shooting on a set, Buttman might reveal a deep secret to him.

I guess it donít matter cause the force is strong with this one and one day a Jedi he will be.

Use The Force

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