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Immortal Love

Immortal Love

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Immortal Love:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Immortal Love overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Immortal Love Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Immortal Love Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Immortal Love Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Immortal Love Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Immortal Love DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Immortal Love A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/10/2012
Hey porn fans wanted to say a few words on this Stormy Daniels release from a couple months back that she wrote and directed. No actual fucking for Miss Daniels in this one though she does pop up in a brief appearance after the first scene in this show. The story centers on Gracie Glam who we learn is engaged to Kris Slater. The story starts off with Gracie arriving home and a theme starts of her playing the piano and it does appear that it is Gracie really playing and playing well too. Kris arrives home just after she finishes and he is surprised that Gracie is there even though he is bringing a bottle of wine in with him.

Gracie doesn't pick up on this and thinks the wine is for her and the two head off to the bedroom for a good couples scene to get us going. Never tire of watching Gracie on screen, such a pretty young woman-- did I really just type that, lol. But it's true. Anyway, after wards she wakes up and finds Kris gone but he hasn't gone to far as we find him just outside the front apartment door having words with a woman, Stormy. Turns out she's been banging him for five months and Gracie finds out thus putting the kaboosh on the wedding.

Britney Young shows up the next day to help pack up a few boxes, these are Kris's things as it's Gracie's pad and she isn't going anywhere! Not long after Gracie goes over to Britney's place for a meal and we meet Seth Gamble who is the boyfriend who offers some encouraging words to Gracie in her rough time. After Gracie leaves this leads to the second scene which took place in the bedroom. Some good oral from Seth followed by solid couples fucking ending with a pop just outside her pussy.

The main part of the story then begins to unfold after a late night at a local pub where Gracie has a couple glasses of wine and decides to walk home. But she isn't along as Brendon Miller and a buddy follow her and they don't want to escort her home if you catch my drift. The two assholes don't get to carry out their plan though as a mysterious figure swoops in and throws them both off and away from Gracie who collapses unconscious. Gracie then awakes in her bed still clothed and not fully sure of how she got there-- her terrace door was open and she's on the top floor as we learn a short time later.

The mysterious figure was Xander Corvus who we learn is a vampire but he doesn't bite anyone when thwarting the attack- this is important and will come into play when the final resolution comes for this movie. But not to get to far ahead. Another character shows up, Alektra Blue, and she is also of the undead persuasion. She knows what Xander is up to, seducing Gracie but not killing her- this could be troublesome as he left Brendon alive the other night. Well Alektra offers to go and take care of that little problem. The solution she comes up with is to head back to the bar where Brendon was spouting his tale of Xander swooping in, killing his buddy and why won't anyone believe him, lol. Of course Alektra says she does and makes her intentions quite clear leading Brendon out of the bar to the parking lot where they go at it leading to Alektra jerking the load onto his stomach, leaning back and fanging out and then diving in for the kill, bye bye Brendon!

This takes care of one of the human problems but still leaves the Gracie question. There is a nice little montage and musical sequence of Gracie and Xander getting closer and closer. You sense there might be a fang time coming and there are a couple of flashes-- though these are dreams of Gracie's. Xander finally decides to come clean and he leaves Gracie who can't share this detail with Britney when the two talk about why Gracie has been missing the last couple of months. Alektra then comes back into the show offering to help Gracie find Xander. She ends up taking Gracie to the underground Vampire club where we see a few of them hanging out. They get real interesting when a live human walks in. Xander is there, sees Gracie and instantly takes her out of there. A short time later he has her in a safe motel room and he takes off to try and find out what Alektra has told the group.

Back to the club where we find the head Vampire played by Mick Blue who is displeased with Alektra not resolving the situation and when she won't throw Gracie/ Xander under the proverbial bus to give that solution she is taken to the roof for the True Death-- True Blood nod totally intended! But before that occurs Mick gets it on with Chanel Preston who is there presumably one of the undead ladies he has hanging around. Good fuck scene that closes with a pop shot on her ass.The story then goes back to Xander who returns to the club and finds Alektra on the roof and here is where him not killing and then drinking from a human comes into play. Alektra was the one who over 100 years ago killed Xander as she loved him and wanted him for her own-- taking him from a wife who was also good on the piano which certainly helped draw him to Gracie early on. Turns out if you kill your maker then the curse can be lifted. At first Xander doesn't want to do it but Alektra makes a strong plea for him to do this and allow her to do something good before leaving this world. Xander does it and the movie is nearly over now and all we need is the final solution to be played out.

Back at the hotel we see Gracie waking up as Xander walks into the room and she is surprised since it is daylight but Xander fills her in and now the two can finally be together. The chemistry has been good in this one throughout once Xander and Gracie got together and now they can fully explore it leading to a very nice couples scene on the bed, oral from Xander followed by a few positions. I missed the early bj from Gracie but she does get in some very nice oral of her own before Xander finishes in mish and then a pop just outside her pussy up the belly. A good tale gets the ending you'd hope for closing out this story. I enjoyed it mostly for Gracie who handles the dialogue well. I also appreciated the piano playing which seemed very authentic to me. Xander is a solid leading man here not going over the top with the vampire schtick. In fact they don't really stress it to much beyond a couple fang shots. There was the throwing of the two guys in the parking lot when the attack on Gracie happened too. The one frustration I have is not being able to see the extras for this which will obviously be on the dvd. I'm using the Wicked site which only offers the movie. So if this release matches every other Wicked dvd I've seen then the extras will include some behind the scenes, still shots, and usually there are one or two bonus scenes featuring the main leading girl which in this case was Gracie and perhaps a scene with Alektra from one of her recent Wicked flicks or maybe Chanel too who was in this release. A good pick up for fans of Gracie who enjoy her solid acting chops as well as her sexy body in two couples themed scenes.

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