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If You Only Knew (Vivid)

If You Only Knew (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Snowman872's ratings for If You Only Knew (Vivid):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
If You Only Knew (Vivid) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks If You Only Knew (Vivid) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks If You Only Knew (Vivid) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex If You Only Knew (Vivid) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting If You Only Knew (Vivid) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras If You Only Knew (Vivid) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality If You Only Knew (Vivid) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Snowman872  on  10/24/2002


"If You Only Knew"


* Synopsis *

Taylor Hayes discovers she pregnant, but at this point in her marriage, her husband (Joey Ray) seems to be indifferent to her. In the morning, he's much more absorbed in the newspaper than Taylor. She's invisible except when she is serving him breakfast. Taylor can't find the right moment to break the news to him and feels upset about the distance between them. When Taylor tries to make a connection, Joey is clueless to her cues.

Enter old college buddy "Jerry" played by Dale Debone. In college DeBone and Ray were a couple of wild and crazy guys. In the years since Ray's character has settled down, but DeBone's character is still a free spirit. DeBone still smokes pot, deals drugs, drinks like a fish, throws crazy parties, beds as many women as possible and avoids anything resembling traditional family life like the plague. DeBone is disappointed to see that Ray has changed so much and tells him that his current life is a joke.

Despite their obvious differences, Ray lets his old friend stay with him. Almost immediately, problems begin. For starters, Ray comes home from a hard day's work at the office to find Ray and his wife Taylor high from smoking pot, eating ice cream, and watching pornos. When Ray expresses his disapproval, DeBone says to Taylor, "he didn't always used to be this way."

DeBone's presence causes both Ray and Taylor to re-examine their lives and think about whether or not they really are happy together. Scenes from the present and the past are intertwined to demonstrate how happenstance and personal choices intersect to define one's life.

* What's Hot *

Claudia Atkins is delightful as Ray's true love that got away. She looks mega cute in her scene and delivers the hottest sex in the movie, culminating with a fairly explicit anal sequence in two positions (standing doggy and sideways with one leg up).

Nice effort to elevate this feature above standard (low budget) porn flicks. Many (plot related) scenes were shot in interesting locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also, the producers paid attention to details here, even going to the trouble of creating a fake rain effect.

Multiple angles pop up at various times during the sex scenes and let the viewer choose between three different camera angles. I think this is a great feature, but in the event you find it annoying, the feature can be turned off under the "Set Up" menu.

Lots of nice extras on the DVD version of this feature including a 21 minute feature "On the Set with Vivid", some outtakes, bonus scenes and previews of other Vivid features. I especially liked the "On the Set" featurette, which related to the filming of this movie.

Good production values.

* What's Not *

Taylor Hayes is underutilized sexually. It's frustrating that Taylor Hayes, the Vivid contract girl performs sex that is so sanitized compared to Taylor Hayes, the Tushy girl. I'm beginning to lose hope that we'll ever see the wild Taylor Hayes again. Also, I didn't like Taylor's makeup in this movie... way too much around her eyes. A minor thing perhaps, but it was something that annoyed me quite a bit.

Thumbs down for most of the music in this movie, especially the bad guitar "rock" track and techo/rap/dance track in Claudia's hot scene.

* Play By Play *

Below is a brief description of each scene:

Scene One - Felicia Fox and Dale DeBone. Felicia is a sexy waitress. She's wearing a white top, black shorts and heels. The guys order drinks and DeBone fantasizes about getting down with her. He imagines Felicia giving him a BJ. She's on her knees in front of him. Good blowjob sequence here. Felicia seems into it. Next standing fucking from behind with one leg up on the chair (multiple angles). Her top is off but her other clothes remain on. Then cowgirl screwing in the nude. Good bounce. Next reverse cowgirl. DeBone cums on her tits.

Scene Two - Adajja with Dale DeBone and Joey Ray. Adajja is a blond with big hair here. She's playing the part of a hooker and is wearing a tiger top and heels. She gives DeBone a BJ while Ray fingers her on a table. Then doggy screwing with BJ action at the same time (multiple angles). Then an energetic standing fuck followed by mish. For the cum shot, one dude squirts on her chest and the other in her open mouth.

Scene Three - Claudia Atkins and Joey Ray. Flashback to San Francisco in the 80's. Ray goes on a date with Claudia. She's wearing a pink top, short jean shorts and black boots at first, but later in a public park sequence is wearing a short red dress. The couple finds a secluded area of the park and then kiss and make out. Then the scene cuts to that evening. Claudia is now wearing a black tank top with black pants. They make out on the sofa. Lots of kissing and touching. Next Claudia gives Ray head. She inhales his cock deep and makes some gagging sounds. Claudia looks great in this sequence. She makes eye contact with Ray. The only bad thing is the lame techno/rap/dance music soundtrack. Brief titty fucking. Now Claudia is nude and masturbates for Ray on a table. She fucks herself with three fingers during this hot sequence. Then the guy licks her snatch from behind. Claudia seems to enjoyed it. Now Ray fucks Claudia reverse cowgirl. She has a neatly trimmed pussy. Claudia rides the cock skillfully and is vocal, including dirty talk to encourage her partner.

The scene cuts, and Claudia is seen getting fucked up the ass doggy style with one leg up on a chair. Both close and full body shots of the action are included. This is a nice anal sequence and the guy moves his cock in and all the way out a number of times. Again, bad music is employed (this time guitar rock). Next, he walks Claudia over to a bed and continues poking her backdoor, this time in sideways position with one leg up. This time it's more of a slow and steady grind in her ass. The scene ends when he jacks off on her butt and she sucks his cock after his cums.

Scene Four - Taylor Hayes with Dale DeBone. This scene is set in the 80's and Taylor has the look of that era -- glitter top, big hair and bad make up with too much eyeliner. DeBone looks like his is straight out of "Wayne's World". The couple teases and touches other before getting it on. Then Taylor gives DeBone a blowjob on her knees. Some slobber is seen. She turns around and sticks her ass out. Then DeBone proceeds to pump her pussy doggy style. This is a long sequence filmed from a variety of angles. Then missionary sex with Taylor's legs up followed by on her side.

Scene Five - Felicia Fox with Joey Ray. Ray is in a chair in the similar setting to Dale DeBone in Scene One. Now it is his turn with the waitress. She touches him and climbs into her lap. Adajja is in her work uniform (white top and black skirt). She gives him a lap dance. He stands up and it appears a BJ is about to happen. At this point, Joey gets sick and passes out in the gutter.

Scene Six - Ebony Sinclair with Joey Ray. Joey is upset and Ebony comforts him. She's wearing a blue tank top and shorts with matching panties. Ebony looks pretty here. Joey buries his face between her cheeks. Ebony has a nice, petite booty. Then he licks her holes and fingers her pussy. Next Joey pumps Ebony missionary and doggy style. Then the scene cuts to side saddle anal with one leg up. Nice! Mr. Ray is ready to come and jacks off on her face. Ebony opens her mouth. Decent finish here as Ebony ends up with lots of goo on her nose and cheeks.

Scene Seven - Taylor Hayes and Joey Ray. Taylor confesses to Joey her sins (cheating). Joey has her describe the incident and the couple gets turned on. Taylor is on her knees rubbing his cock as she describes the encounter. Then she begins to give him a blowjob. Taylor looks hotter here than her other scenes in the movie. She makes a good blowjob effort here and multiple angles are enabled. Joey eats at the Y and then screws her mish on the table followed by sideways. Joey pulls out and cums on her ass cheek.

* Everything Else *

Vivid includes four bonus scenes on this disc from other movies in their catalog. This disc features two scenes with Taylor Hayes, who is a good choice since she's the featured starlet here. Taylor's scenes are lifted from "Creating Kate" and "Taylor Loves Rocco." Also, there are two scenes featuring Adajja lifted from "The Pin Up" and "How to Marry a Millionaire." The total running time on these bonus scenes is about 38 minutes.

Four previews of other Vivid features are included: "Jumping Track", "Girl Next Door", "Hunter" and "Thrills Part One".

There's a very nice photo gallery that is better than many I have seen. Rather than display static images, the presentation roams all over the pictures and at times zooms in on interesting parts. The slideshow is accompanied by pleasant electronic music. I think this is an improvement and permits the viewer to remain passive while enjoying the eye candy.

Condoms were used in this feature.

* Last Word *

"If You Only Knew" is a good choice for couples. The reflective nature of the plot and relationship themes may be interesting to females and "sensitive" male types. Content wise, Raincoaters should proceed cautiously. Fans of Claudia Atkins should check this out because it's a stylish opportunity to see the Russian cutie get all her holes probed. Last but not least, the production values are high and Vivid includes lots of decent bonuses on the disc.

Overall Rating: B

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