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I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation)

I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation)

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Barely Legal , Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Oreb's ratings for I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation):
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation) overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation) Female looks rating 1.5 stars
Male Looks I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation) DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality I.D. Please (Vivid 2003 Compilation) A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by Oreb  on  6/3/2003
I.D. Please

Vivid Raw

Barely Legal,All Sex, Straight, Compilation

Starring:April,Randy Spears,Lita Chase, Jay Ashley,Gina Lynn,Alexxxis Tyler,Pat Myne,Travis,Tony Montana,Keki D'Aire,Bobby Vitale,Vanessa Chase, Nick East,Katie Gold, Michael J. Cox,Little Cinderella,Alex Sanders,Ann Marie,Mickey G.,Mariah,Ian Daniels,Barbie Bell,Ted Hunter,Cherry,Evan Stone,Steve Taylor,Cheyne Collins

Running Time:About 4 hours

Feature: This is a compilation video I got as one of my first porn dvd's. I bought it because it was only $10 and boasted a 4 hour run time. I realize this was stupid but I figured what the hell. The quality of the image varies greatly from scene to scene because it is a compilation and many of the scenes seem cut short. The dvd starts with lame comercials for phone sex for about ten minutes. This alone makes me dislike the DVD. I wouldn't recomend this to anyone.

Scene 1: "April,Randy Spears": Scene starts in the middle of a tease, picture quality is not great. April is a small breasted hottie however and that makes everything O.K.
1.BJ: good deep throat, sloppy and loud.He is sitting in an armchair, at one point she stands up while still going down on him.
2.Cowgirl: He sits back and she does most of the work.Condom.
3.Reverse Cowgirl: Now she stands up, turns around and goes to work.
4.Missionary: She lays on the chair and he gets to do her for a change. He finishes by cumming on her feet.

Scene 2: "Lita Chase, Jay Ashley". When this scene starts he is already going down an her. Picture quality is lacking and the scene is window lighting only. Lita looks a little long in the tooth for my tastes, she doesn't look as though she was very attractive 10 years ago either though. She has big fake titties and badly bleached hair.
1.Pussy Eating: She lies back on a table and he goes down on her.
2.BJ: She is almost fully clothed and not very hot, he leans/sits on the table. Her tongue is pierced.
3.Missionary: She lies on the table again and her fake boobs stick straight up. She is a little too fake.
4. Anal Doggie: Not anal for about 20 seconds then she lies flat on the floor and he sticks it in her ass, he is kneeling above her.
5.BJ: She sucks him for a second then there is a lame cut and he comes on her face.

Scene 3: "Action Sports Sex 9: Gina Lynn,Alexxxis Tyler,Pat Myne,Travis": Two chick scene begins in the middle of sex. Since there is no real chronologic order to a group scene I won't number everything here. One girl (girl 1)looks kind of average, she has light brown hair small breasts and a not exactly tight body. The other girl (girl 2) is a latina who would probably be above average in looks if she didn't have acne and a terrible boob job; this girl looks as though she was butchered. This is the weakest scene so far.Girl 1 gives a BJ while girl 2 gets it doggie style. Then girl 1 does RC way too loudly. while girl 2 gets done missionary. Now girl 1 rides her guy as girl 2 still goes mish. Position changes are so fast I can't keep track. Both these girls look like fluff girls trying to get into the industry. They are over acting big time and neither is particularly attractive. One thing which is kind of cool is that the both lie down on top of each other while the guys take turns hitting it doggie, then missionary on top, doggie on bottom.
Girl 1 takes a weak shot on her mouth and supposedly swallows. Girl 2 takes a little better one on her mouth and seams to enjoy it.
Girl 1:2
Girl 2:2
Scene: 1.5

Scene 4: "Tony Montana & Friends": Starts in the middle of a BJ. Looks like a "classic" scene. It looks as though there lens won't go to a wide enough angle for the space they are in because you never see the face and sex at the same time, they have to pan back and forth which really blows. This scene is so cut down that I couldn't enjoy it.
1.BJ: very short.
2.Pussy Eatin: He kisses/licks her titties and goes to work on her muff. She has pimples down there. She is on a table. Short here as well.
3.Missionary: She's on the table he does her in another short segment.
4.Doggie: She get's bent over the table and he fucks her for about thirty seconds before unloading a minute load on her ass.

Scene 5: "Nurses-Keki D'Aire,Bobby Vitale": Scene starts with Bobby watching nurses enter a parking lot, Then he poses as a patient and Keki takes him to a room to give him a bath. Now he starts jackin it and offers to give her money for the sex. Her face is O.K. and her body is very nice.
1. BJ and Tease: He's on the hospital bed and she stands over him, a little too much masterbation, I don't need to see a dude spankin it. She teases him a little then goes back to work. She has latex gloves on. Fairly short scene but she is hot. He cums on her gloved hands as she jacks him off.

Scene 6: No Identification: Lesbo bar where a woman is reading "poetry". Two girls start going at it on the bar. Chick 1 is a meaty latina with little boobies and a man face. Chick 2 is slightly less muscular with big ole tits with some sag. They almost immediately go into dildo play and licking. They don't even look wet yet. They are both past their prime.
Chick 1:1
Chick 2:3

Scene 7: "Vanessa Chase, Nick East": This is another old looking scene. It begins with her sucking a dildo in an office. The lighting and picture are terrible. Camera work is equally bad. Would have been good if they pr
1.Masturbation: She rubs her pussy with the dildo on a desk. She has some help from an old dude. Then she is dressed and they go into a store room to meet the guy who will bone her. Now she masturbates again in a chair.
2.Pussy Eatin: Nick shows up and goes down on her in the chair, she keeps playing with her clit while he does his thing.
3.BJ: He stands up while she gives him head, she is still in the chair. He humps her mouth. Then he sits on some boxes and she continues to blow.
4.Cowgirl: Still on the boxes she mounts him.
5.Reverse Cowgirl: She is turned around and seems to enjoy herself while she rubs her clit.
6.Doggie: On the floor until he cums, he needs no help, the fucking actually makes him cum. This is a nice thing since it seems like pornstar guys nowadays can only get themselve off.

Scene 8: "Tia Bella Extreme Close Up 3: Katie Gold, Michael J. Cox": This scene starts with katie posing for picture and saying she is 19. She is petite with a nice body but I'm not wild about her face, her performance makes up though.
1.Fingering/Eating: She is on a foot stool/chair and he fingers the hell out of her. Her performance is fairly convincing.
2.BJ: He is standing while she kneels on the chair. Nice.
3.Doggie: She puts her face down while on a couch, he is standing then half standing over her. It looks like it was cut early.
4.Cowgirl: He is laying on the couch-extension-footrest-things, she has both feet on the floor and goes to town.
5.Missionary: Now she is on the couch parts and he is standing. She helps with some manual stimulation of her clitoris. Then he whips it out, pulls off the condom and cums on her belly.

Scene 9: "Little Cinderella,Alex Sanders":Starts in the middle of a BJ. Dirty blonde with smallish tits. She has the little pimple looking things girls get by using a dull razor on her crotch. The sex isn't as hard pounding as most of the stuff I've seen this guy in.
1.BJ: Pretty sloppy, all kind of slobbering going on.
2.Missionary: One leg over his shoulder on the bed. He goes hard then slow.
3.Doggie: He is standing, then kneeling. She does a little moving on his cock which is pretty hot.
4.Cowgirl: She may be on top but he does most of the work. Now we get the flapping sounds I have always associated with Alex. Then he jacks off onto her chin.

Scene 10: "Vixen: Ann Marie,Mickey G.": This scene starts with her on a counter getting eaten out and clown nose fucked. That's
right, dude is wearing a clown costume. She is hot. Lighting is decent. This is the best scene so far. She is latina looking with dark curly hair small breasts and an awsome body.
1.Pussy eating: His clown nose keeps coming off, she looks wet. She's on a counter top and he fingers her as well as goes down.I think this part was cut too short.
2.Missionary: She is still on the counter top, he stands and delivers. She make these nasty girl faces the whole time that are pretty hot.
3.Leg hunping: She humps his leg for a few seconds while he sits down.
4.Reverse Cowgirl: She dons his clown hair and does him while he sits. Then he pulls some beads out of her ass magically.
5.BJ:She takes the chair and blows him till he blows in her mouth, which she "isn't expecting".

Now there are more lame phone sex adds.

Scene 11:"Jacuzzi Lovers": This scene is so lame I couldn't watch it. It's one of these supposedly amateur scenes which are only called amateur because the women are as old as my mother and ugly to boot.
Chick 1:0
Chick 2:1.5

Scene 12:"Watcher 5:Mariah,Ian Daniels": Scene begins in the middle of a blowjob. Mariah is a little tittied black woman with a nice body. Throughout the scene we see a "voyeuristic" hand cam which is sometimes stupid and sometimes O.K.
1.BJ: First he is sitting in an armchair, then she sits in it and he humps her mouth
2.Pussy Eating: He takes off her bikini bottom and licks her pussy about three times before giving up and going to the sex.
3.Missionary: The voyeur cam gets kind of lame here. She is spread eagle on the chair. Most of the camera angles could be better. Pretty long.
4.Missionary Anal: He pulls it out of her vagina and goes straight to the ass. Very short.
5.Doggie Anal: He stands over her as she bends over on the floor. Her ass actually looks like it is creaming.
6.Missionary Anal: Now on the floor. He does her ass then busts a below average nut on her lips.

Scene 13:"Barbie Bell,Ted Hunter":Outdorr lighting is usually overly contrasty which is usually bad. This chick is blonde with acne covered by make-up.
1.BJ: Outdoors. Crappy cuts. Some dick slapping. She really goes down on this guy and it is ruined by the cuts and poor quality.
2.Doggie: Bad "far away" shots with obstructions. I hate filler. Might as well skip most of this. This part is drawn way out, only 30% of it is watchable.
3.Cowgirl:Now in full sunlight at about noon, the contrast is at it's hoghest. All the shots are from across the yard.
4.Reverse Cowgirl: Finally some vagina enters the shot. Her boob job is prety bad. His cock slips out and they change angles, she is pretty hot from behind, when you can't see her face. The scene ends with him cumming on her tongue.

Scene 14:When this scene starts they are already going at it.I think the names are wrong because this is a 2 guy 1 girl scene. One guy is Bobby Vitale. This scene is so edited that you feel robbed.
1.Reverse Cowgirl:Three seconds.
2.Doggie: Hard outdoor fucking. One guy is relagated to standing around. Then they astroglide her and switch off. Cut short.
3.Cowgirl: One guys has nothing to do again. Very short.
4.Missionary:One guy does her for two seconds then they switch.
5.Doggie: short, no actual penetration shot, then she suckks Bobby's balls while he jacks off. I don't understand why he can't giz unless he handles himself. He unloads a little then bachelor number two gizzes but he doesn't even make it onto her face.

Scene 15:"The Window:Cherry,Evan Stone,Steve Taylor,Cheyne Collins":This chick is already taking it in the ass when this scene starts. The volume is louder on this scene.
1.Missionary Anal:She is on some kind of table, One of the guys is spanking it in the background.
2.Standing Doggie+BJ:The guy who was spanking it is now getting head and the sex has switched from anal to vaginal. Guy 1 cums on her ass, then guy 2 jacks off onto her tits through a fence.

One more stupid comercial.

Scene 16:"The Watcher 5:Anastasia Blue,Tony Tedeschi":She is wearing lingerie and looks kind of young. She is blond with small breasts. This scene is a little gross for me.
1.BJ:Sloppy Deepthroat action, we're talkin' spit bubbles and mouth humping. Looks like it has been speeded up a bit. Long BJ.
2.Scissors Anal: She is on top of the table, on her side.
3.Doggie Anal: She is bent over the table now. Then he stands on the table and spanks a small load onto her face.

Scene 17:"Watcher 8:Cherry Mirage,Mr. Marcus.": There is a cross dresser watching from the couch in this scene. It goes straight into a BJ on the bed. Cherry has large breasts and pierced tits. If this is the same Cherry as the previous scene she seams older here and a little chunkier. The dude watching is lame.
1.BJ:Average blowjob, he stands on bed part of the time.
2.Cunnilingus: He goes down on her, she moves around pretty nicely then goes back to sucking cock.
3.BJ2: We get to see her pussy bob up and down here and she takes most of his D.
4.Missionary: This position makes her look fat.
5.Reverse Cowgirl: She looks better here with her tits flapping around. But after a few seconds they are magically back to missionary with no actual penetration shots for a while. Then they go to RC and she rides him. Very odd editing.
6.Scissors/Spoon: Her tits look nice here as well. He thinks so too because he unloads on them.

Scene 18:"Jade Marcela,Mark Wood.":This scene looks home made, he is already boning her on a table when it begins. Cuts are terrible.
1.Missionary: She is loud from the start. Jade plays with her clit while he fucks her without a condom.
2.Reverse Cowgirl: Jade puts her feet on his legs and fucks him hard as he's sitting in a lawn chair. Then he pulls her legs up and fucks her some more. Then he jacks off onto her face as she kneels.

Scene 19:"Tabitha Stern,Jonathan Stern.": She is on the cover. She isn't gorgeous but she looks fresh and seams to be enjoying herself.
1.BJ: She sucks on his nads then gives him a few seconds of head.
2.Missionary: Way too much of this guys tattooed back and ass. No penetration shots for a long time, then it is just close ups. Gets good right before it cuts.
3.Doggie: Looks a little speeded up but maybe not. Otherwise same complaints as above. His D keeps falling out. He Unloads a fat wad on her face and it cuts directly.

Extras: 1. Photo Gallery-not really interested, thats what the internet is for.
2.Previews: No separate menu for previews, you have to watch all of them. Portrait of Sunrise and Where The Boys Aren't 14 look good.


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