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bono-ONE Icon (Sex-Z) 4.5 starsIcon (Sex-Z) 4.5 starsIcon (Sex-Z) 4.5 stars
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Icon (Sex-Z)

Icon (Sex-Z)

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Icon (Sex-Z):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Icon (Sex-Z) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Icon (Sex-Z) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Icon (Sex-Z) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Icon (Sex-Z) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Icon (Sex-Z) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Icon (Sex-Z) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Icon (Sex-Z) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  1/12/2009

Prologue Absence makes the heart grow fonder, the old saying goes, and with each passing month that goes by without a Hillary Scott video, there's a void that very few can fill. So, it's an event to rejoice when she has another DVD shaped around her, especially in conjunction with Eli Cross, with whom she's enjoyed so much success. I'm thinking this video isn't going to be appreciably different from her Anal Princess Diaries, and that's not a bad thing at all. Hillary unleashed with friends Jennifer Dark, Tori Black, Morgan Layne, Trinity Post, Trina Michaels, Holly Wellin, and Heidi Mayne should be another winner, and I'll be interested in seeing how she weaves in and out of these scenes.
If you're going to name your film Icon, employing imagery of Hillary Scott approximating the greatest icon of them all, Marilyn Monroe, in her memorable pose from The Seven Year Itch, is a smooth move. Wind blown summer dress and glossy lips in B&W look great. Turns out this great opening culminates in an argument between Hillary and Eli Cross about the relevance of this ancient turn on. Eli storms out leaving Hillary to her own devices, and she's up for the task.
Hillary walks a red carpet of adoring fans and paparazzi, then a photo shoot with Mick Blue. The background is white and the overall look is extremely high key. Ms Scott , who's wearing a pink and black bathing suit that's literally painted on her body (including stockings), pulls down his jeans and wastes little time getting the bone buried in her throat. Nice face fucking precedes Mick masturbating her before feeding her hungry pussy some hot sausage in mish. Spoon next, with a pussy eating interlude that segues into CG. Hillary takes a relentless pounding from underneath, the savagery a turn on. Gentle skull fucking follows, and more digital manipulation. Anal ensues in spoon, Hillary looking so tight you wonder how she fit the likes of Jack Napier into that little orifice. Mick digs that hot little ass out and they both keep her clit alive with shared strumming. A2M, then Mick reciprocates by tossing her salad before an up and over doggy anal mount. Hillary pries open her gaping asshole for Mick to spit in and remount. He fucks her almost senseless, culminating in an A2M bj to pop, Hillary jerking the load out over her face and mouth in a lovely, slutty display.
On the one hand, I'm not loving all the overly bright imagery I've been seeing in porn lately. On the other, I'm loving the arty outfit on Hillary, which has her clothed and bare simultaneously. There's some great intensity in this scene after a cute beginning, and a fitting start to this video.
Hillary, Eli, Kylie, and another production person are brainstorming to find suitable male talent for the day's shoot after a last minute cancellation. They're bleeping out names while slandering and bad mouthing the available candidates. Too bad because Hillary had some withering comments about several of them.
Hillary makes her way down the red carpet for an interview that leads her into another scene.
Japanese music plays and Hillary's in a kimono, which she doffs to slide onto a masseuse's table. Marco Banderas has the job of running his happy fingers over her tight body, paying special attention to her cute little butt. It isn't long before his professionalism evaporates and he's kneading her tits and sticking his dick in her face. Hillary's skilled mouth and hands has Marco babbling, and she assures herself of a big, stiff pole to sit on in RC. Her feet are on his haunches as she bobs on the cock, rubbing it like a bitch in heat after cumming. P2M, then mish. Nice wet fucking with Hillary looking good and stuffed. Cut to a bj on the couch, Alex Sanders joining them and eating some icon ass. Doggy anal courtesy of Sanders, then A2M. CGDP, as per Hillary's request, the dirty dick getting washed in her mouth. They try some RCA with Marco getting some ass, then Sanders completes another DP. A2M before resuming the shit box stuffing, and the guys jam her pretty well when they get back to the DP. Hillary massages Marco's cock with her asshole till he leaves a large deposit that looks a bit off color, or is lit that way. She laps at Sanders' balls and verbally coaxes his load onto her tits, which she enthusiastically laps up. A couple of tired guys are left in Hillary's wake.
Much better lighting for my tastes, and a setup that gets dropped as fast as Hillary's clothing. More good action, with Hillary's smutty mouth paying dividends throughout.
Now we're going into something more kinky as Eli leads Hillary by a leash into a dungeon filled with women bound and suspended from one apparatus or another. Trina Michaels, Amber Rayne, and Trinity Post are the first faces we encounter. Hillary gets locked into a cage, "officially fired" from the scene and not allowed to watch as he cloaks the bars. Eli moves over to Trinity and spanks her pussy, moving her over to a table and shackling Trinity face down. He tortures her ass a little and turns his attention to Holly Wellin, moving her to another table and admonishing her not to sass him. Amber Rayne is next, and she's sat down and teased with his fingers. Trina Michaels gets her big tits played with and pulls off her latex outfit before being outfitted with a bone gag/retainer, laid over a padded bench, and fitted with an ominous looking anal hook, which straps to the back of her collar so that any head movement will pull on it. Satisfied with the new setup, Eli sends in the clowns. Christian, Derrick Pierce, Marco Banderas, and Evan Stone each take a girl. They're all open and vulnerable, but Amber is contentious, and the first to demand anal from Evan. Marco fucks Holly. Christiangets blown by Trinity, and Derel moves from doggy with Trina to her mouth. Amber sucks the dick out of her ass and Christian moves to Trinity's lovely posterior for doggy shagging. Holly moves her ass in the missionary position as much anybody physically can. The up and over on Trinity looks sensational, and Derrick is banging Trina hard from behind. They start to play the game of musical whores, Holly sucking on Derrick with Trinity hanging on his back. Marco gets Trina and Amber is DP'd in CG. Trinity sucks pussy while getting tagged in doggy, and Marco makes the move from Trina's cunt to her ass in doggy as well. Holly does P2OGM and Amber plays with the cock that was in her ass. Mish for Trinity, and RCDP for Amber. She wants it amped up with slapping and choking, then orders Evan to double up in her ass. Anal for Trinity in mish, Holly tossing her salad for a break. A2OGM for Holly, who's in a 69 with Trinity. A2M for Trina. New configurations take place, Amber teaming with Trinity, and Trina taking on Christian to join her and Marco. Holly finally gets her ass plunged by Derrick, and Trinity eats Ambers pussy while Evan is sodomizing her in mish. CGDP for Trina, vaginal mish for Holly, then anal again, but only after begging for it. Her sweet body gets rocked by Derrick, and it looks like she may have cum. A2OGM for Amber. RCA for Trina on Marco. Holly and Trina take on Derrick as things move around again. Trinity gets DP'd in CG, Amber in her face. They double suck Marco out of Trinity's pussy. Mish anal for Trina with Holly providing perverted cleanup. She moves to Evan's cock for a suck and fuck while Marco stacks Trinity and Amber, plowing their asses. Double suck cleanup. Mish for Holly, who elicits a pop shot from Evan that shoots right across her body. Trinity rides Christian to the brink in RC, collapsing on his stomach to take a copious facial, then another from Marco. Derrick is brought to completion in Trina's mouth, then snowballed with Amber.
Eli excels in filming orgies, and this is no exception. The beauty of this scene is the participation of four of the most hard charging performers in the industry. They don't just get fucked. They fuck back, and with energy. In Amber and Holly we have two sweaty freaks in constant motion. They tend to be verbal too, which doesn't hurt one bit. Trinity is quieter, but no less enthusiastic, and Trina is just a beast, sucking up men's energy with her big, beautiful body. Early on, Hillary can be heard to say that it was a waste denying the Performer of the Year from participation, and I kind of have to agree. I thought she might get pulled out for a group sperm dousing to end things, but I'm very happy with the variation and quality of the pop shots as they were. Not a dud in the bunch.

A music video for this production with Kylie Ireland playing bass and Tori Black dancing around.


Hillary is awakened by her alarm clock. More snips from the red carpet, then a music video done for this DVD. Production people, including Kylie Ireland, portraying members of the band. Musical hardcore meets porn's cutting edge.
A 4way lesbian free for all on a canopied bed situated on a balcony overlooking the city. Jennifer Dark lapping at Hillary's holes while Tori Black sucks on the other blonde, Morgan Layne. This being porn lesbianism, everybody gets their turn as top and bottom, switching back and forth, sucking and masturbating each other. They play musical pussies, going blonde on blonde, brunette on brunette, in what is more chaotic than erotic. Jennifer, who is likely the least conversant in English is doing the most verbalizing, unfortunately being drowned out by all the other activity. Hillary plants a butt plug in her own ass and Morgan breaks out a double dildo to fuck her pussy, and all the women turn their attention to the star. Three on one and none of these other sapphic performers can stick the business end of the dong into their own cunts. The toy makes its way into Hillary's ass to replace the plug, and she and Jennifer do A2M on it. A2P, and Hillary demands to be choked and verbally abused by Jennifer. Tori rides Hillary's face and everybody masturbates, Hillary taking both of her holes in hand. They end up in a distaff version of a circle jerk, then kiss each other in a group hug.
A lot of sound and fury, but nothing very focused or especially arousing, unless, of course, g/g is your passion and don't care how real it is as long as the eye candy is good.
Crowd pleaser Hillary finishes her walk down the red carpet and shimmies out of her dress to mount a round bed surrounded by spectators lounging around, very reminiscent of some old time sex shows. She motions Cheyne Collins over and Mark Davis pulls Heidi Mayne out of the crowd with him to join the couple. Tyler and Alec Knight (no relation) join the fray. Both women are being taken care of front and back, Heidi adding a third admirer, Alex Sanders. Cheyne gets a rise out of Hillary when he goes down on her and Tyler gives her the shaft in spoon. Cocks start moving through her holes fast and furious, two by two. Good and warmed up, Hillary's ready for sodomy. Heidi is quietly getting buggered herself, but Hillary remains the central station, where all the trains end up. Doggy anal on the rotisserie. Mish anal. All with force, testing her elastic asshole. First DP is CG with Tyler as the anchor and Cheyne the buggerer. Mark Davis sticks his dick in her face to make Hillary airtight. Double DP's as Heidi gets into the act with Alec and Alex. Hillary puts on a little show when Cheyne face fucks her, then RCDP. Mark is busy nailing Heidi into the mattress while cocks pass through Hillary. CGDP for Heidi, pinned between Mark and Tyler, giving a good intense performance of her own. Hillary continues to dominate the scene with her showmanship, taking two dicks in her ass to trump Heidi, who truly deserves more attention. She gets the first load of cum from Mark, which promptly gets slid into Hillary's mouth to gargle with. Then Hillary gets one that she keeps, but Heidi is the dumpster and transfer station for the next two. Hillary's been saving them and they snowball a couple of times before sealing it with a kiss.
A rambunctious ending to a very well done video. Hillary is irrepressible and in the zone throughout. Heidi deserved a scene of her own, putting in great energy but eclipsed by the bigger star.
Epilogue I think it's reasonable to compare this production with Hillary's award winning video, Anal Princess Diaries, as they're both high end releases dedicated to this very special, sexual dynamo. While this video isn't quite as diverse as the earlier effort, it's even more ambitious in look and concept. The between scenes humor may reveal an actual strain in the seeming love/hate relationship between Hillary and Eli. They both appear to have mercurial temperaments, and the backbiting might be more real than just playful exposition. Be that as it may, they've combined again for a winner, both sexually and aesthetically. By Hillary's admission in the BTS, she'd not had any b/g sex in several months, and was worried about her capabilities. Apparently, anal sex is like riding a bicycle. She didn't miss a beat in the first two scenes. I wasn't overly enthused with the white washing of her scene with Mick Blue, but loved the painted on outfit. Extremely sexy. In the orgy, which Hillary sat out pouting, Eli couldn't have picked four more capable or edgier women. It was like a meeting of the most underrated women in porn, each of whom pushes the envelope with glee. Another great orgy for Eli, who has shot a few good ones. I'll pass on the lez licking. It was too chaotic and unfocused, never acheiving much more than eye candy. At least when the camera stopped moving around long enough to actually get a good look at them. The final scene was hard and passionate, ending a stellar production well.

The Disk This is where this DVD set gets really interesting. Icon is a four disk set. The feature is all of one disk. Special features, which include a BTS, "The Victim" music video, trailers and photo gallery are on a second disk. The other two platters comprise a Hillary Scott retrospective at SexZ Pictures.
Backdoor Beauties - Hillary, Carly Parker, and Mr. Pete
Blow Me - Hillary and Aiden Starr w/Rico Strong
Corruption - The Mark Davis, Staci Thorn BDSM scene.
Desperate Wives 3 - Hillary and Aline w/TJ Cummings
Extreme Asshole Makeover - Hillary and Sledge Hammer
Hillary For President - Hillary and Jerry
Sweet Things - Hillary, Daisy Marie and Sascha
Upload - Five man gangbang

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Girls (Whores on the boxcover) - Hillary and Jean Claude Batiste
Creamy Stink Stars - Hillary and Jean Valjean
Girls Gone Anal - Hillary and Nick Manning
I Touch Myself - Solo. DP and double anal anyway.
Memoirs Of Mika Tan - Hillary, Mika, and Tommy Gunn
No Morals - Hillary and James Deen
Sex Cravings - Hillary, Alex Sanders and Jenner
Teen Cock Rockers - Hillary, Candi Delight, and Seth Dickens

Needless to say, anal and DP's abound (where applicable, of course).


Recommendation I don't usually comment on the price of a DVD as that's a moveable target. In Icon's case, I decided to check current prices and have found it ranging from just over $25 to $50 for the 4 disk edition. At the low end, it's a steal. Even at its highest price there's more bang for the buck than most any video out there. A must have for any Hillary Scott fan.

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