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picman Icon (Sex-Z) 4.5 starsIcon (Sex-Z) 4.5 starsIcon (Sex-Z) 4.5 stars
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Icon (Sex-Z)

Icon (Sex-Z)

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Icon (Sex-Z):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Icon (Sex-Z) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Icon (Sex-Z) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Icon (Sex-Z) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Icon (Sex-Z) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Icon (Sex-Z) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Icon (Sex-Z) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Icon (Sex-Z) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/21/2008
Ok fans here's a dvd that I've been looking forward to now for several months. Hillary Scott in the first few years of her career has risen up like a shootin star, award after award has come her way, fans everywhere and a critical darling she's at the top, a true ICON in the industry so why not devote an entire dvd to Hillary and show just why and how she arrived at where she is at this point in her career. Now this past year has been a slow one when compared to the first few years for Miss Scott but this year end dvd will help remind everyone as to just how and why she became such a leading performer, 4 discs devoted to her from new scenes to including several older ones, all designed to show you how Hillary Scott became a true ICON-- the subject of great attention and devotion as the copy on the dvds back spells out. Now let's hit this baby hard and see what they've come up with.

Hillary Scott & Mick Blue:

As the opening credits roll you get a handy definition of what an Icon is as we see some billowing images of Hillary ala Marilyn Monroe-- the white dress being blown up, the blond hair, those eyes-- it all was reeling you in when out of nowhere Eli Cross yells cut and we procede to have a discussion of just what kind of film they're making, cut to the chase he leaves and now it's up to Hillary to make the best of it. This isn't going to be a whimpy fluff flick, this girl wants to be nasty. But first we get Hillary walking down the red carpet as the flashbulbs are popping, she's a star and the whole world will see why with this dvd. Cut to a room where we find Hillary-- you will love the outfit I think, it's painted on and damn do I mean it was a great job, it took me a bit of time to realize the entire outfit was like this. Mick Blue is the lucky fella here brought in to play with this lady and the two seem to work together well. The room is awash in white-- this was everywhere almost blinding you leaving the performers and the cameraman snapping shots as the only things you see.

Well the two get increasingly romantic from kissing to Hillary dropping down to engulf Mick's cock. This woman is a cock hungry whore of the highest order and shows just why here, taking every inch as we get a good in close shot, the sound was crystal clear too, you 'hear' that dick slamming into the back of her throat, of course you get dirty talk too. This girl needs cock, craves it and she won't let Mick go without fucking every inch of it from her mouth to her pussy/ ass!! Mick's a nice guy too eating that pussy before laying pipe, listen as she loudly screams out the pleasure he brings. That stinkstar never stood a chance, Hillary gladly taking every inch in several positions until it's time for the pop, a good facial. We're off!

Hillary, Marco Banderas & Alex Sanders:

Cut to a meeting with Hillary, Kylie, Eli and someone I don't know, lol. They're discussin the next scene so I guess Eli's back on board to some degree and Kylie's shooting some BTS too, documenting it all. The discussion is pretty funny as they're looking for one guy to fill the scene and they bleep out the names as they're bandied about and I did laugh here several times, I did detect Kurt Lockwoods name amongst the ones mentioned. Anyway we get more time with Hillary on the photo line, she's interviewed and asked what she does in her spare time. This cues up the next scene, the tranquil oriental music is playing and there's no mistaking it's a massage parlor and seems our girl is here for some relaxation. Now I don't know if you've ever been to a massage parlor like this one but they don't just iron out the kinks in your back!!! Hillary lies down and in a few moments she's joined by Marco who sets about making Hill's feel better.

This involves some oils on the back, that is smoothed in by those big hands which soon reach under the towel to expose her ass and from there things start to pick up bigtime. Pussy stroking and Hillary seems taken aback a bit at first but she needs to relax and what better way for a Superasswhore to get in touch with her inner whore than to fuck the masseuse!! The cock somes out and we know Hillary knows what to do with that, lol. The two get into fucking pretty soon too with Marco really laying it on, this is just what Hills needed!! As she is cleaning those pussy juices off Alex comes in and gets in on the fun playing around with our girls ass- his cock soon is pounding that hard'n'fast. Several appealing positions, some A2M, a dp or two and finally the loads-- one is an anal creampie and that is allowed to drip out and I was a bit squeamish at this so creampie fans wanting them to be messy might enjoy this. The second load is launched to her tits and Hillary does a great job licking at her boobs cleaning up that splooge.

Trina Michaels, Trinity Post, & Amber Rayne:

On we go to the next scene and seems Hillary's being put on the sidelines for this one, in a cage she goes, it's covered and we are left with three other fine ladies to watch play. Eli has a little fun here cupping Trina's nice big rack before she's let go to finish taking off the rest of her outfit. You see there's in the dungeon that we've seen several times in SexZ flicks. Eli seems to be enjoying the controlling aspects here, not sure of all the devices used, lol, but they tested the girls that's for sure. Is this full on S & M, bondage I think there are probably elements of that here, the more educated among you will know better than I. After Eli's put the girls in some compromising positions, they aren't going anywhere, he goes to the door, slides it open and lets the animals in to play!! You see Christian, Marco, Evan Stone and Derrick Pierce come running in. All Hillary can do is yell and scream, shake the cage but she's not going to be fucking here, I agree a terrible misuse of talent, lol. But they carry on and the girls don't move much as the guys descend on them, lots of hard fucking here, gagging on cocks and eventually some anal too. In fact all the girls open up their backdoors, they're eventually allowed to move about some, Amber does a good looking dp and poor Hillary just gets to sit and hear it all. There is some cum swapping at the end between Trina and Amber-- I was curious, though, to if this was a real pop, can't think they'd do a fake one but it was an internal mouth shot and the jizz just didn't look right, lol, but the swapping looked great!! After the scene you get some black & white footage of the scene being put together, it was cool to see this, poor Hillary no one ever let her out, she's still in that cage, haha!!

Hillary-- Music video and g/g orgy:

We do see that she does make it out eventually, peacefully slumbering in her bed the alarm raises her and she goes to the bathroom to wake up, she's never looked prettier! More red carpet flashes and another exchange this time with a fan who snaps a pic. Cut then to a music performance, the music had a good hard driving beat to it and who do we see strutting by in her futurisitc gear, it's Hillary Scott!Of note too is the inclusion of Kylie Ireland on guitar, you go girl!! This was a great interruption if you want to call it that in the movie, hear some fucking good music and then get back into fucking, this time it's all girls!! There were some very cool visual effects used in this 'video' hope that's talked about in the BTS, I might learn something, it looks great. Well once the band's gone we're left with just the Band Aids-- ok anyone who knows what movie that comes from is pretty cool, lol. The girls are on top of a bed, it's all satin sheets, I recognize besides Hillary in this Tori Black, Jennifer Dark and I think the blond is Morgan Layne, anyway the girls all stay close and have fun kissing and fingering each other. You have a great view for this. This is the more aggressive lesbian scene, some pussy eating but the tone is what sets it apart, strong action, no lovey dovey stuff here. I think by scenes end they've all tasted each other and you see some toy play too, in both holes. We get more black/white footage afterwards and it is indeed Morgan Layne in this along with the other girls I correctly Id'd!

Hillary-- group scene:

We arrive to the finale on the first disc and it takes us to a room, all in red, a big giant round bed, I'll call it for lack of a better term, is in the middle and Hillary gets on top of that. You see she's got an audience, Cheyne Collins, Alex Sanders, Alec Knight, Mark Davis and we do have another female who I will say is Heidi Mayne. Hillary is in her element here for sure, naked showing off those awesome tits and she gets to suck on a cock!! Heidi and Mark are also on there doing their own thing, like I said this is a big bed, lol. The look and feel to this scene is similar to the first one with the major exception being the color scheme, this time it's red while the first scene had tremendous amounts of white, nearly a white out. But there is still plenty that you do see as Heidi and Hillary take on more than one cock each. The ladies get real nasty here doing dp's and in Hillary's case she goes the extra mile, adding in double anal!! That's how you fuck a whore Hillary exclaims!! The pops start to fly and as they should end up in Hillary's mouth!! Awesome cum play too after from the girls.Pretty solid scene to close this first disc out, we're just getting started folks!

Special Feature and Bonus Discs:

Ok the main feature is done and we saw some fine action there, now lets get in some extras. You have some Behind the scenes which clock in at around 45 minutes and for fans starving for everything Hillary Scott this year I'd give this a watch to see how this all came together. We open with Hillary in that full body makeup that was done for the first scene. Turns out as we listen in that Hills hadn't had sex in over 4 months when this was shot, no anal for 5 months she tells us. There is some anal warm up worked in before the scene, turns out she had an assgasm during this full body makeup scene with Mick. Some great stuff when they're putting the finishing touches on the massage parlor set, great work Kylie and folks in the art dept.!! So enjoy boys and girls. You also have some pictures and trailers to check out and there's a music video for that song, basically it's the same thing you saw in the scene. The Victim Music Video as performer by The Cock Diesel under the able direction of Eli Cross, it was a fine song which helped the film I think. So those were the special features and now there are two discs more of bonus material which turn out to be a Greatest hits of Hillary scenes from her time with Sex Z pictures. Nicely the films are named, you see a small moving picture of the action included in the scenes, this first disc has 8 scenes on it, damn that's a lot!Poppin in the second disc I see 8 more scenes so damn fans that's 16 bonus scenes including the 5 new ones for this movie= 21 Hillary Scott scenes, talk about overdosing in a good way!! If you haven't picked up all of Hillary's work for Sex Z and were curious this is the perfect way for you to get them all in one fell swoop plus you get new scenes. This is easily a must have for Hillary Scott fans, it's a reminder of why so many fell in lust with this sexy Chicagoan in the first place. I hope this next year we might see a bit more of Miss Scott than in this previous one, this will only serve to wet the appetite for more!!

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