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astroknight Icon (Digital Playground) 3.5 starsIcon (Digital Playground) 3.5 starsIcon (Digital Playground) 3.5 stars
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Icon (Digital Playground)

Icon (Digital Playground)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Icon (Digital Playground):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Icon (Digital Playground) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Icon (Digital Playground) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Icon (Digital Playground) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Icon (Digital Playground) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Icon (Digital Playground) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Icon (Digital Playground) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Icon (Digital Playground) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/18/2007
Here we go fans with one of Digital's non-dialogue movies where it's left up to the girls and the musical soundtrack to draw you in and turn you on. It helps that the cast includes Teagan, Tory Lane, Kinzie Kenner and Daisy Marie to name some you might know, I'd add Lindsey Meadows in there too. Icon is a big word and not sure if I'd put any of these girls up to that status yet, that takes time and longevity but I'd put Teagan's ass up there as among the best to ever grace the Blue Screen and you see a nice shot of said tush on the cover for this dvd. The color scheme for the cover too I found impressive incorpating red and white along with a hint of pink- very professional and not to cluttered up. Now let's hit some highlights.

Teagan Presley:

A good way to get this party started. As the credits roll a somber piano soundtrack plays as Teagan uses a glass toy on herself along with some caressing. The slow pace with which she uses the toy seemed appropriate in context with the music playing. The black lace lingerie was a good choice and I prefer this bigtime to the latex and mesh which seem so prevalent nowadays. The picture has a hint of darkness to it but I didn't find that real distracting as I took in the beauty that is Teagan Presley. What is a little frustrating is you see Teagan ratchet up the toy play but you don't hear it, however the music then takes a dramatic turn and you see a gentleman watching through the glass, turns out to be Marco Bandera so I will say the change in tone music wise along with Teagan's obvious energy boost kept the scene moving along nicely. Marco then suddenly appears at her side and he slowly peppers that beautiful young girls body with kisses and I'm really digging the music here. The picture it is helping to paint is a good one along with the good chemistry I'm seeing between Teagan and Marco. I would have liked a little more clarity in the picture especially when she starts sucking his cock, however I did like the side shot given for the bj. Marco is cool sliding down to sample that wet pussy and Teagan gets a good pleasurable look on her face as his tongue works its magic. The condom used is pretty obvious to see so those not liking that in a scene will be disappointed. I liked the reverse shot for the scene, some good bouncing done by Miss Presley but sadly no cowgirl is shot in this scene which I always see as a no-no for any Teagan scene, you need to show off that ass and quite a bit actually. Marco does work out a good pop to Teagan's face and I will say she's never been a cum dodger so a good ending to a solid scene.

Kinzie Kenner:

This next young lady up has been in a few Digital movies over the past few months and seeing the recent influx of contract girls to Digital's stable I would put forth Miss Kenner as a great possible addition if and when there's another contract awarded. A smoking hot body with some lusftul looks which will melt your heart and harden your cock. The scene here starts dispassionately enough with Scott Nails sitting at the base of some stairs staring ahead blankly and Kinzie is looking sexy as fuck in her lingerie and she slowly works her way from the top of those stairs as another great musical track plays along. I don't think Scott will have this sad look on his face when Kinzie gets her claws on him! Sure enough once her fingers wrap themselves around his face and he turns a brief smile crosses his face and Scott's soon kissing those tits over the sexy lace bra Kinzie's wearing. She pulls that aside so he can fully suck on those terrific tits and I'm really digging this music and I'm incredibly jealous of Scott Nails at this moment as Kinzie's shaking those titties across his face!!! Tilting the camera up we see one of those sexy looks which Kinzie's so good at giving. Scott then slides down a few inches to begin lapping away at her wet pussy and again the only drawback I'm seeing is the picture isn't quite as brightly lit as I'd like but still the overall affect is intoxicating with it's beauty and I'm normally one to want dialogue in a scene, hear the real sounds but when I know going in that won't be the case then I'm prepared to try and be won over with the music/ performer doing the real work to draw me in and two scenes in this dvd is doing a great job of winning me over. No bj before the sex and the picture does get a little brighter when Scott slides in for a good romp in doggie. Reverse cowgirl with Kinzie and those tits looked real nice and we finally get some dick sucking when she hops off for P2M and you see a good example of how hot Kinzie can be with a dick in her mouth! Scott soon works out a pop to her mouth and you see his load is substantial and with a gleem in her eye as she looks up Kinzie takes it all in doing some cleanup. Outstanding scene and the momentum is going strong now.

Tory Lane:

This next girl up had one of the best years of any performer in 2006 resulting in her well deserved nomination for AVN Female Performer of the Year. Tory's got some of the best aggressive energy of any girl fucking today. WE start this scene with some interesting lighting, it's a combination blue/ purple and the camera quickly finds a worthy focus in Tory's ass and she crawls up to Jerry who's sitting on a couch. The two kiss a little as he caresses over her body, again the music playing was a good addition I thought. Jerry is good sampling those tits as Tory gets a lustful look on her face. She reaches inside his pants and begins fondling his cock and just by looking at Tory you don't need to actually hear her to see how aggressive she is and it's born out when she envelops Jerry's cock, she devours it totally. It's interesting we keep that same color scheme as the scene goes on, bluish/ purple I call it and it's not bad, something you don't normally see. Tory's also get a small butt plug nestled in her ass as she rides Jerry in cowgirl so I'm guessing some anal will be in the near future. There's a good vag reverse first, though, which is shot. Well guess I was wrong about the anal as we get the pop shortly and Jerry fires a good load into Tory's mouth and she relishes the cum as well as any girl can before doing some cleanup and we're left with a signature Tory lane stare at us before they fade out.

Sophia Lynn:

Up next we have one of the newer girls in the cast and this scene begins with a pulsing soundtrack playing as Scott sits in a darkened room. Sophia suddenly appears at his side and the two appear to be watching a movie, hence the dark room. Whatever they are watching is very entralling as their eyes are fixed on the screen before them and see slowly see Sophia start to caress over her body, then she stands and Scott starts to take notice and his hand starts stroking over the bulge in his pants. Seems Sophia takes a position standing right in front of him on a slightly elevated plane and starts doing a little striptease. Scott soon moves in and he's kissing those modest sized breasts, then the panties are peeled off and he's munching on her pussy. You don't get great shots here of the action or I should say really clear ones as it's just a little to dark for my tastes but the vibe they're going for here I think needed the picture to be like it was and again the music playing seemed very appropriate for what I was able to see on the screen. Things get a little better when it's time for Sophia to suck cock and maybe you'll find the shadows which cross over various parts of her body a turn on, I'm willing to see how one can go in that direction if the whole vibe of the scene carries you there. As the pulsating music rages on you get some sex also with doggie, reverse, and spoon shot leading to Scott standing over Sophia and shooting his load down upon her face.

Skigh Phoxxx:

Here we have another girl which I'd consider a relative newbie to the biz. The scene starts with a cool visual effect as we zoom in on her face which is partially covered by a mask-- Kato style I guess you could call it. Marco Banderas is soon standing next to Skigh and he's pretty horny clutching at his hard cock through his jeans. Marco can get this predatorial looks on his face from time to time and he gets one here as he starts fondling all over Skigh's body and she sits there stonefaced and not moving as he checks her out. Marco then removes the mask and we get a good look at Skigh's pretty face. Sitting back casually on the bed Marco continues to kiss about this attractive black woman's body. Skigh then gets in a good doggie position arching her ass up slightly and Marco dives in for some scrumptous black booty!! There's also some good kittie licking shot when she transitions over to a mish position and we then move neatly to Skigh helping unleash Marco's cock for some bj loving. Sexwise they start strong with cowgirl followed by another good butt friendly shot in doggie which gets us to the pop and Marco pulling out and shoot his load skyward with the jizz falling back down upon her ass.

Lindsey Meadows:

The relative newbie parade continues with Lindsey though I've at least seen her a few times by now including a good live visit on a set with her around Erotica LA in 2006. The scene here begins with a bombastic musical track and we see some good shots right away of her ass as Lindsey puts on a sexy blue number. Ummmm good I believe is the Campbells commercial when they are salivating over the soup they're eating, well you'll be doing that same thing here as you check out this girls ass. Lindsey actually is putting on a full outfit as we see Jerry come in just as she's finishing. Well the bulge in his pants can't hide the fact he's turned on and then Lindsey puts on a pair of Diva shades and starts teasing Jerry showing him that fabulous ass and shaking it just a little. She even furthers the tease pulling her g-string panties down allowing Jerry the ultimate shot of her pussy and he naturally moves in and begins caressing all over that tasty tush with Lindsey then getting the appropriate lustful look on her face. The two start kissing as she's lifted up onto a counter, the shades now pushed up onto her forehead and Jerry moves down to eat Lindsey's pussy as the bombastic music continues playing along. This is perhaps the best scene yet showing the pussy being licked and Miss Meadows is able to really spread those legs wide allowing Jerry the best access to her kittie. Soon we move on to a good bj and Jerry doesn't even get the pants off, nope the dick is brought out through his fly and Lindsey dives in licking all over his shaft and head. As for the sex we get some good tush shots in the standing doggie, then the counter is again used well for an elevated mish and we close out with a big load fired to Lindsey's face and she takes a good blast giving some cleanup too.

Daisy Marie:

I love how when we get to a sexy latina scene the musical tone takes on that latin flavor. Nicely we have Daisy sitting in a glass chair-- back and ass facing out to us and Scott's underneath licking at what he can't have at the moment and that's her ass/ pussy. Daisy works it well too grinding her kittie/ ass over the chair as Scott longingly looks up. As Daisy loses more and more of her clothing the tease takes on a great effect as Scott is so close but so far away from this tasty prize! The tables are then turned as it's Daisy on the outside of the chair and Scott rubs his cock against the glass and she uses her hand and tongue to try and get at his throbbing cock as the music plays on. Finally after both have teased the other to the limit we get Daisy engulfing Scott's cock and it's almost a release of the pent up energy they built up at the scene's outset. Sexwise you get Scott pounding Daisy in a standing doggie, moving to mish and finally a very good cowgirl finishes the scene off. Daisy has her tongue outstretched as Scott fires away with some cleanup too from this sexy latina.

Tory Lane & Teagan Presley:

What a nice way to end the dvd bringing these two back and combining their sex appeal in one scene. The shots of Teagan are haunting in their beauty and the music too brings that feeling out-- I have really been impressed with the lingerie choices in this movie, very sexy and flattering to each girl. You can see Teagan's tied up with a good bit of rope binding her arms to her side. Tory is seen watching from the shadows, maybe behind some glass too and she's stroking a strap on too it appears. Miss Lane then goes into the room to get a much better feel for Teagan who looks so helpless and sexy at the same time. Her nipples are left uncovered by the bra she's wearing so Tory kisses them and then starts kissing all about Teagan's body including some nice work around that ass which sadly isn't shown off very well I'm afraid. Teagan gets to gag herself good on the fake cock attached to Tory and we get both girls pretty much naked before we get to the sex. Teagan's restraints are gone too allowing her to sit back and get pounded hard by Tory. As we get a view through a couple wine bottles Teagan rides Tory hard in reverse followed by P2M with a bit of skull fucking too for Miss Presley. We get some more shots of Teagan with bits of the rope still around her so perhaps they weren't fully removed and they kiss a bit along with more skull fucking before the scene fades out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

I thought this dvd really started strong with Teagan, Kinzie, and Tory Lane's scenes before slowing down a bit with the middle scenes and it ended well with Lindsey, Daisy and the two girl Teagan/ Tory pairing. The music for this title was really good I thought and helped out immensely especially in those first few scenes. There is a good BTS for this one which is kinda rare for a Digital Playground release and you get trailers, a photo gallery also to check out. I'd put this as a strong rental and if you're into Celeste's work I could see this one going right into your collection. I'm still more in favor of actually hearing the performers but knowing what to expect in this title going in I must say it won me over this time as being an effectual sexual turn on so a solid rental choice for sure.

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