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I Wanna Get Face Fucked

I Wanna Get Face Fucked

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Anal , Oral
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for I Wanna Get Face Fucked:
Overall Rating 4 stars
I Wanna Get Face Fucked overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks I Wanna Get Face Fucked Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks I Wanna Get Face Fucked Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex I Wanna Get Face Fucked Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting I Wanna Get Face Fucked Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras I Wanna Get Face Fucked DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality I Wanna Get Face Fucked A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/22/2004
Ok fans, we are in for it today. This dvd stresses the face these girls want to get face fucked and I mean they get royally fucked. This is not a cookie cutter blowjob dvd. These girls get fucked facially so hard the makeup is running, spit is all over the place, the timid need not watch this!! I don't normally go for this type of bj, I like good hard cock sucking but not taken to the extremes this practice gets taken to here but there is definitely a market for it and due to the fact I saw one of these scenes shot, Ariana's, plus several other girls are in it that I know and like so I decided to give it a try knowing full well what to expect.

Kayla Marie:

They start with a good close shot of Kayla's pretty pink pussy and she then introduces herself telling us she's about to get face fucked then bam a long hard cock is thrust into her mouth. The shots stay pretty close as Tony T. rams his rod deep into Kayla's mouth almost touching her throat!! No respite for this girl as Tony takes her top off only to reinsert his cock and we watch as Kayla gags on his cock. You see some good skull fucking and she has to pause at times the intensity was real good. You start to see Kayla's eye almost bug out of her head she sucks so hard on Tony's schlong. During this torrid bj we see Kayla sit back lowering her head off the chair and Tony continue's his assault on her throat and again her eyes get wide open as he pound down. At one point she gets throat fucked so hard, the camera is right underneath as she spits out some saliva and it coats the lense. The scene soon ends with Tony shooting a load in her mouth and she spits some out on her chin and she does some cleanup.

Katin & Jada Fire:

This next scene starts with Katin crawling through the doorway and Jada strides in right next to her holding a chain which is wrapped around the neck of Miss Katin who crawls up to the camera telling us she's going to be face fucked as Jada licks her face. Jada then leads Katin over to do some cleanup to the floor,lol, then she unleashes a blue strap on which Katin engulfs with her mouth. Tony is there giving encouragement to the girls and eventually he gets in on the fun slapping, spitting on, and fingering Katin's ass while she continues sucking off Jada's fake cock. Soon, though, Katin gets the real deal and she gets throat fucked hard right from the start by Tony and Jada gets in a few licks as well. The action then progresses with Jada now getting the throat assault with Katin getting underneath to lick Tony's balls as well as eat some pussy. The girls then get to do some shared knob polishing and we also see Jada sit over Katin's face for some more strap on sucking. There is also some hard skull fucking shot with Jada also nailing Katin's pussy in mish and Tony also tries out Katins ass in doggie and there is a pullout and some A2OGM for Jada. Both girls then get nailed in spoon anal with Katin getting to taste friends ass. To close they shoot some mish anal for Katin and there's a pullout and a load is shot into Jada's open mouth and the girls spit the cum back and forth along with some insults directed at Tony!

Ariana Jollee:

Up next we have the single sexiest girl I know shooting porn today!! Ok I like her a lot but Ariana more than backs up her rep as a gonzo queen with this scene, trust me! She starts out introducing herself and telling us she's going to get face fucked by Anabolic! Sure enough she gets assaulted right away with two cocks no less. Tony T. starts out skull fucking her and Brian Surewood gets in there soon enough burying his schlong deep in Ariana's gullet. This oral assault was nonstop guys and Miss Jollee barely had time to breath and even that proved a chore when they pinched her nostrils a few times. This girl eats cocks like they were candy and she really got to indulge her sweet tooth with this scene. You see plenty of hard cock sucking and Ariana keeps on cummin!! There is lots of saliva and everyone throws some verbal bouquets at one another as this oral assault is occurring. The boys also diddle her pussy and ass a little but mostly it's balls to the back of Miss Ariana's throat!! This scene has some sex in it with the boys double penetrating her and as an added bonus there is double anal which any fan of Ariana's knows she can do in her sleep! We close with Tony spraying his load all about her face which doesn't make Ariana happy as she likes to swallow the cum. As for Brian he leaves his seed in Ariana's ass and just check out the cumfart jizz explosion from her ass. Chico captured it beautifully and in great sound you hear this shoot out of her pooper coating the lense which she licks at as the scene ends. Hardcore throat fucking fans should love this scene.


This girl has a very good scene to follow and we start right away with her mouth engulfing a stiff cock. There is some good gagging shot and she does some nice no hands sucking to this cock. You get a few close views of this bj, one to close as the nutsack was a little to close for my taste,hehe. You see some nice drool from the girl and Brian really gets a big handful of her hair as he thrusts her down his shaft. There is some skull fucking shot with some light face slaps and she does the reach back and grab her heel type bj, ala Skeeter. So we soon reach the end with Brian coating her face with spunk. A decent scene but I'm still spent after watching Ariana.

Chiquita Lopez:

Wow is this girl a cute one. She tells us she likes to suck dicks and soon enough she has two with which to play with. The guys alternate throat fucking her to start and Chiquita for her part does some nice gagging on both schlongs. You see her makeup start to run early on, which indicates to me a good hard scene is in full swing. You see some skull fucking for Miss Lopez and some fucking as well in mish, doggie, cowgirl-- good ass shots plus she gags hard here. There is some anal shot starting actually with a dp in cowgirl as well as in reverse cowgirl. Chiquita then lowers her head off the couch and the men seriously skull fuck her causing the eyes to really water up, I don't really like this look but Chiquita was game so it was easier to watch. The men soon reward her with two jizz blasts one coating her face and the second one also spreads the nutjuice over her makeup/ saliva smeared face.

Nautica Thorn:

Ok we have some really hot babe power with this girl. She is stunning to look at here and it's hard to believe someone this achingly beautiful will let men throat fuck her, we are lucky indeed! She has a playful attitude to start and you will see her abundant cleavage spilling over her top and nicely she pulls those tits out for us. She tells us she doesn't like the rough stuff,hehe, so what is she doing here!! Nautica tells us she was 14 when she sucked her first cock. Well we get to see if there will be any rough stuff as Nautica is soon sucking away on a cock. There is some breast slapping as well as the cock being slapped down against her outstretched tongue. Her makeup is already running down her face so it's rougher than your normal bj and Nautica indeed lets some good gagging occur. We then get a great floor shot looking up past her spectacular boobs while she is skull fucked. By now a nice coat of spit is surrounding her mouth and also extending around her neck so Nautica is going for it as they say. You also get the shot of her lowering her head back off the couch for some more rough skull fucking plus she does some rimming to Joel Lawrence's ass. We see some sex also starting with a fine RC which saw her tits flopping around nicely and we get shots of her face with the makeup really smeared by now. Nautica then turns around for some good hard cowgirl sex. We soon wrap this scene up with Nautica's makeup smeared face being jizzercized good. We watch as she laughs about always getting cum in her eye.

Mary Jane:

Up next we have a 21 year old who proudly tells us she is about to get face fucked and Tony wastes no time thrusting his hard cock deep in her mouth. The pace is fast from the get go and you even see a tear going down Mary Jane's face and she even has to spit up at one point the face fucking was that intense. You see some underneath shots showing off her body as well as the torrid cock sucking she does and we watch Mary Jane also lean her head back off the chair for some skull fucking and her face turns a beet red Tony fucks her face so hard. Tony ends this fairly straight forward face fuck spraying a load over her face.

Katja Kassin:

Ok is Katja just so cute in her blue outfit but damn this scene isn't about being cute with Tony instantly attacking Katja's mouth with his cock. The pussy and boobs are on display but it's the nonstop oral assault which will command your attention. Katja basically grabs on and holds on for dear life as the cock is operating at full throttle into her mouth. Tony pauses for some breast sucking but it's right back to throat fucking our resident German porn girl! This is another scene where the makeup is running quite soon into the scene and having watched Katja numerous times now she can handle this rough stuff and keep begging for more which she does here! You get the idea by now I hope. There is some sex for our girl including some anal with Katja talking dirty for us, though not in German. The scene closes with Tony spraying a load to her face and the makeup and sperm make for quite the foundation!!

Melissa Lauren:

This scene starts out real rough as the lovely Melissa Lauren is face slapped repeatedly and some choking as well occurs along with some verbal abuse. This romantic lead in aside the throat fucking soon commences along with more verbal taunts directed to Melissa. I know she gets off on this kind of stuff but for me I can't jerk off to this but I know some out there love this type of rough action and man does Tony let the guys go for it here and Melissa is such a great performer she feeds off their energy giving an awesome performance sucking their cocks. She gags quite a bit. She gets face fucked so hard she spits her saliva over the cock parked in her mouth like a flowing river and the guys are certainly enjoying themselves as evident by Brian Surewoods taunts right at the camera. Joel Lawrence also gets in big time on the verbal abuse. Melissa is near tears by now as they also pinch her nose close and she really starts almost vomiting they fuck her mouth so roughly. I really am not into this type of action so watching it is real tough and it makes me wonder why this would turn someone on but if it does then man does this scene have that type of action in spades. You also have Melissa holding her arms behind her for a lot of this throat assault. The two men close this verbal and physical assault on Melissa spraying their loads all over her makeup smeared face with some also going down her throat.

Extras & Final Thoughts: We begin the dvd with Melissa's head being flushed in a toilet and we end with her pretty face being smeared in makeup and cum. In between you have several other girls who do real good jobs of letting their throast get a work out namely, Katja, Ariana, and Nautica really impressed. Only if you love hard and I mean real hard cock sucking should you buy this dvd. I recommend this easily to those of that persuasion and to those curious if they would like this then I recommend a rental first. As for extras you have a bonus scene with the Asian girl Lucy Lee where she wears a bag over her face with only a hole cut out for her mouth. There is a disclaimer shown telling they apologize for the lighting but they left everything as is due to the scene's intensity. Like I said she wears a bag over her head and the men go right for the inviting hole in the bag and you do see there is room for her nose to peak out so she can at least breath. Well you get the drift I hope by now so check this scene out if you are a Lucy fan. Myself I am ready for some nice safe lesbian loving!! Solid job for fans of rough bj's but I'll stick with the harder stuff but not the over the top rough stuff like you get here.

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