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I Love Lanny

I Love Lanny

Studio: Suze Randall
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for I Love Lanny:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
I Love Lanny overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks I Love Lanny Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks I Love Lanny Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex I Love Lanny Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting I Love Lanny Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras I Love Lanny DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality I Love Lanny A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  9/26/2005
I Love Lanny Pureplay Media/A Suze Randall Production

Reviewed by scipio and Yoshi.

Dir: Holly Randall

Cast: Lanny Barby, Anais Alexander, Jayna Oso, Kimberly Franklin, Mr.Pete, Toni DeSergio, Scott Styles, Kurt Lockwood, Steve Hooper.

Trailers: Addicted to Sex, Undressed and Oversexed, Dark Side, Sky Foxes, Ladies in Lust, Sophisticated Sluts, Too Naughty to Say No.
Extra footage: 2 minutes of rapid-edit footage of Lanny moving around looking sexy, in a "moving penthouse still" kind of way. My first real look at Lanny, and she does look good. Though the end of this footage crashed my computer's DVD player three times. First time that's ever happened.. I tested it on three different standalone DVD players as well and it also crashed every time at this point, requiring the player to be powered down and then back on. Not huge marks, technically, there.
Photo Gallery: A bunch of still shots that freaked out on my computer's player and went back to the extras menu. They ran at something like three images per second on the standalone player. Ahhh! My eyes!
Pop Shots: The last few seconds of sex of each scene followed by the cumshots. All condensed into one 10-minute clip..
Internet Access: Some shitty weblinks. DVD Credits: Short ad for the guys who did the authoring. Who should be shot.

A quick notes on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind. In the scene running times I start counting when the sex starts to happen, so I don't count the minute or two of tease that precedes it.

I love Lanny, eh? I personally had no idea that Suze Randall had anything to do with video productions, though what with her website and the decline of Penthouse Magazine it shouldn't be much of a surprise to me. On a similar note, I'd never heard of Lanny Lane either, though she looks mighty fine on the cover and it turns out that she's been the covergirl for nearly every second Zero Tolerance release in the last year or so.. maybe I should move out of this cave? I'm not going to describe Lanny's appearance - she's on the boxcover and she's gorgeous.

Scene 1:

Lanny Barby, Kurt Lockwood.

Lanny wears a pink bra and a bling bling belt. Though not for long, as Kurt quickly removes them and starts eating her out and fingering her. He has some really bad tatts, unfortunately. Next she blows him in return via a 69. Her moaning is annoying, unfortunately. Doggystyle on a chair, reverse cowgirl, she blows him, missionary fucky, Kurt eats her out again, piledriver, then her jerks off onto her tits to finish the scene.

While there was nothing special about this scene, the fact that Lanny is so good looking, and the Randalls really know how to make their subjects look good, I can't help but give this scene a good score.

Scene 2:

Lanny Barby, Anais Alexander, Scott Styles.
Condoms (both).

Both girls wear bustiers, Lannys is purple while Anais' is white, but both are quickly removed. There's a bit of posing for the camera in an almost Andrew Blake style, or like a Suze still set that's been animated. Lanny starts the pussy-eating of Anais, while Scott fingers Lanny. Lots of camera -eye contact from girl. Lanny does some face-sitting while guy finbgers and eats out Anais. Anais sucks on Scott while Lanny does her with a dildo, doggystyle while rubbing herself. Cut to Lanny laying on her back being eaten out and fingered by Anais who is getting screwed by Scott doggystyle, then cut to missionary. Lanny eventually climbs onto Anais' face, and everyone fingers Lanny. Next Lanny is bent over for doggy while fingering and eating Anais.Finally, Scott starts to jerk off, but Anais sucks and jerks him to orgasm all over Lanny's chest.

Two gorgeous girls, a bit mechanical, but a hot ending. It's always a pleasure to see the women of porn take matters into their own hands, so to speak.

Scene 3:

Lanny Barbie, Toni DeSergio.
No Condom.

Dressed for a formal outing, he in a suit, and she in a hot pink evening dress. Of course, it only takes seconds for it to be around her waist revealing her perfect store-bought breasts, and then on the floor. His clothes teleport off of him, and Lanny blows him. He eats her out and fingers her, she blows him again, she sits down and he looks for change in her pussy, then he screws her missionarily, then doggily. The first cowgirl of the film makes it's appearance, with P2M thrown in for good measure, then reverse cowgirl. Spoon and here Toni's face looks like a radish, it's so red. At least Lanny looks nothing but gorgeous. Missionary, doggy, and he pulls out to jerk off a smallish load onto Lanny's mouth and chin. She gives him some post-cum head and poses for the camera.

The scene suffered from odd fades to black between each transition instead of simply cutting as is more usual. Perhaps this scene had a different editor? Either way, it's distracting. Nice ending to the scene though.

Scene 4:

Lanny Barbie, Jayna Oso, Steve Hooper
No Condom. Anal (Jayna)

Steve has some kind of paisley shirt on, and leather pants. The girls wear little dresses, but I don't think it will matter for more than about a minute, anyway. Lanny blows him while Jayna climbs up and onto his face. Lanny eventually stops blowing him and climbs onboard for some cowgirl. The girls swordfight with their tongues for the camera, then Lanny eats out Jayna while still being cowgirled. Jayna 69's Steve, while Lanny fingers her and licks her pussy and asshole. Jayna in reverse cowgirl and takes a pounding, then doggy. Lanny gets T-Boned and we notice her pierced clit for the first time. She must not have had the jewelry in during the other scenes so far. Lanny eats Jayna, then Jayna provides the first anal for the video with a RAC. Lanny briefly DPs Jayna with a dildo, but they quickly cut to Jayne dildoing Lanny, while Jayna is anally spooned. The girls take turns being screwed side by side doggystyle by Steve, then with the girls one on top of the other facing each other he moves from girl to girl. We then suddenly cut to him standing over the girls, jerking off onto their chests then just as suddenly we fade to black and it's over.

A pretty hot scene actually. Both girls looked great, the only downer was the extremely weak ending, which loses the scene half a point.

Scene 5:

Lanny, Kimberly Franklin, Mr.Pete.
Condom Lanny/No Condom Kimberly.

Kimberly has the same arm tattoo as Lanny does, only on her left arm instead of her right, as Lanny's is. Both girls have the same hairsyle as well. They look a bit like clones, and admittedly both look beautiful. The guy is some loser who looks like he flunked out of his Eminem wannabe classes, yet the girls "fight" over who will give him the blowjob, pushing each other away until they finally both double-blow him. Eventually Kimberly gets on for some cowgirl and licks Lanny's boobies. Mr.Pete fingers the girls while jerking himself off, then fingers them both. Girl also has a pierced clit, and both girl and Pete lick Lanny's pussy as they screw in doggystyle. Lanny does reverse cowgirl, then Kim climbs on top of lanny for a kind of standing-over 69. Lanny gets spooned and we see she's not wearing her clit jewelry here. Kimberly gets spooned . Kim gets pounded in missionary while Lanny sits on her face. Pete looks for change in Kimberly's pussy, then fucks her again, then doggy, then cowgirl. The girls tongue-swordfight for the camera, then they double-blow him, shot from above for an interesting visual. Girl sits on guys face while he jerks off and Lanny sucks on his right nut, he then doggystyle fucks girl again for about 2 seconds, then pulls out and jerks off onto both their breasts and they take turns licking his dick.

Kimberly also had a lot of tattoos, both ankles, behind her right ear, the armband, a half-legband on her left thigh. Mr.Pete wears a condom while screwing Lanny, but not when screwing Kimberly. Odd.

The girls again looked amazing, Mr.Pete looked like an absolute maroon. A pretty good scene, except for Pete being so bloody ugly.

The credits show a tiny bit of RAC on Lanny's part, which was cut out of the final film, as well as lots of giggling fits.

Well, this DVD is a hard one. The sex wasn't that amazing, and it had a technical fault, yet all of the women looked absolutely amazingly good. At least there's an easy out. if you're a fan of Lanny and don't need to see facials, anals, DPs, condomless sex, etc in every scene. then get this. If you like the Suze Randall Penthouse pictoral look, then get this.

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