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I Love It Rough 2

I Love It Rough 2

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Selena Silver's ratings for I Love It Rough 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
I Love It Rough 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks I Love It Rough 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks I Love It Rough 2 Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex I Love It Rough 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting I Love It Rough 2 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras I Love It Rough 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality I Love It Rough 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Selena Silver  on  8/25/2003
An Inside View with Selena Silver An Inside View with Selena Silver

August 25, 2003

I Love it Rough 2, a Brandon Iron film from Platinum X Pictures
Release Date: July 22, 2003


Brandon Iron put together a very interesting movie complete with rough oral, spanking, double and triple penetration, anal sex, facials, bukkake style cum swallowing, AND political commentary and sexual philosophy via interviews with John Stagliano, Tricia Devereaux, and Rocco Siffredi. He managed to push sexual boundaries and offer socially redeeming qualities all in the same DVD.

I first met Brandon on an Elegant Angel set; I was giving him a BJ and he was cumming in my mouth. :) I worked with him again in Michael Stefano's Fresh New Faces and then finally shot a scene for Brandon a week ago for his Spit Shined 2 movie. I have always been fascinated by the paradox of Brandon Iron: he shoots and performs VERY hard and rough sex scenes, yet he is one of the nicest and sweetest men I have ever met.

Brandon is not a demanding director. He is very accommodating, he makes sure he books talent for scenes they are comfortable with, and he is careful to make sure they have a great time. Knowing that about him and having watched this movie, it was obvious these girls were having a great time and enjoying their rough sex. God, I love that!


The DVD opens with Brandon interviewing the great Rocco Siffredi in Europe about his thoughts on rough sex. I thought about paraphrasing them for you here, but then thought that you should watch the DVD and listen to the master himself. Great touch, Brandon! Loved the interviews in this movie. Before I get into the scene by scene description I want to state that the set-ups and "themes" for each scene were very interesting and added to my "viewing enjoyment" (that is what we call "ability to masturbate") very much.

SCENE ONE: JASMINE LYNN with Manuel Ferrara
Scene Length: 33:00
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: BJ, spanking, slapping, spitting, choking, ass-licking, vaginal sex, anal sex, double pussy penetration, triple penetration, facial
Sex Positions: cowgirl, doggie, doggie anal, spoon anal, reverse cowgirl anal, missionary anal, standing anal
Rating: 4.0

Jasmine Lynn and Manuel Ferrara deliver a perfect opening scene. She is a hot blonde with a great body; he is a hot brunette with a great body. :) They have very good chemistry in this scene and both deliver with a tremendous amount of energy. The scene begins with Jasmine telling us she has "the best ass in the business". Of course, Brandon then insists she show us and she does. Her ass is definitely one the of the best. Wow! They are outside; she is wearing a gorgeous black see through cami top and matching panties with red edging on them. Very sexy. We watch her walk over to fondle Manuel briefly before walking around to the other side of the pool.

Apparently, this scene is all about woman tempting men and the biblical garden of Eden because Jasmine picks an orange from an orange tree (they couldn't use an apple due to trademark violations LOL) and calls out across the pool, "Manuel, want a piece of fruit?". How fitting. Manuel (perhaps thinking of something even more juicy) rushes over to her immediately and takes the forbidden orange. He asks her "do you want it yet?"; she answers "yes" and he says "well, you can't it have it yet". When she asks why he says that they "have to add some flavor first" and puts the orange down the back of her panties. He digs it into her ass and then moves it around to the front of her panties and digs it into her pussy. Finally, he smells it and has her smell it.

Manuel bends her over and spanks her ass as he licks her from behind. He takes her panties and turns it into a G-string wedgie and rubs it first over in her ass and then in her pussy. She kneels down and Manuel grabs her toungue and pulls on it. She opens her mouth up wide and he spits perfectly into her mouth. She begins to suck on the bulge of his cock through his jeans. He pulls his cock out and asks her "do you want that?" She says yes and so he teases her by backing away from her as she crawls on her knees after him, mouth open, trying to reach the cock. Loved that!

When Manual finally gives Jasmine his cock she goes to work sucking him furiously. She moves on to suck his ball and eat his ass. She deep throats him all the way to the base of his cock and holds that for a very long time. He slaps her toungue with his cock and then he slaps it with his hand. Then he just reaches in and grabs her toungue with his hand and pulls it. As she crouches before him, Manuel grabs her head with both hands and violently fucks her mouth. It is starting to get rough....

They head inside (great shots of her ass as they are walking!) and she begins to take off her clothes. "Want me to put on a fashion show for you?" she asks. Manuel jacks off watching her as she takes her clothes off and dresses in another outfit. Very sexy. I love watching girls dress and undress. This one is also see-through; a matching bra and booties shorts panties. Very nice. "I am your little slut" she breathlessly says. (Hmmm... something tells me I would let Jasmine Lynn be my little slut... Of course, I wouldn't mind being Manuel's little slut either...I am thinking threesome now LOL)

Manuel sits in a chair and jiggles her gorgeous ass and then spanks it. "Please spank me" she says. Manuel spanks her breasts and she tells him to
"please spank my titties". He spanks her cheeks, kisses her, and guides her hand to his cock. He grabs her head and begins to fuck her mouth again. Then he holds her mouth open and spits in it again from up above. He then takes off her panties, rubs her pussy with them, and smells them. Then he finger fucks her ass and pushes her panties up inside her ass so they stick out like a tail.

They move into the cowgirl position and she immediately starts slamming his cock into her as if she were starved for sex. He picks her up and fucks her standing while he spanks her ass. Back onto the chair he spanks one of her butt cheeks while she spanks the other. Very sexy. She tells him "I'm your slut". I was kind of wishing she was my slut! LOL

Then Manuel pulls out a very long purple two-headed dildo and fucks her mouth with it. Then he puts it in her pussy and slides his cock inside her pussy as well for a double pussy penetration in the doggie position. Next he finger fucks her ass and makes her suck on his fingers straight out of her ass. He fucks her in the pussy and then fucks her in the ass in the doggie anal position. She tells him to "fuck my ass" and to "spank my ass" which he does. They move to the spoon anal position and she tells him to "fucking pound my ass". What happens next is very impressive... Manual grabs Jasmine and pulls her from the spoon anal position into a reverse cowgirl anal position without missing a stroke. He gives her the dildo to suck on and then has her put it in her pussy for a double penetration. Then he takes the dildo and doubles both heads into her pussy for a triple penetration - two heads in her pussy and a cock in her ass! This girl is amazing!!! There are some excellent gapes and some good A2M here.

They move to the missionary anal position and put the two dildo heads back in her pussy. Manuel then wraps the two dildo heads around his cock and fucks her mouth with all three. Next they move into standing anal and then he picks her up and does some standing reverse cowgirl holding her in the air. Then he has her bend over (still standing) and he assaults her ass. I mean he is ripping into it. When he puts her on the ground, she kneels down and sucks his balls as he jacks into her mouth for a in-mouth facial. She does a great job of cleaning his cock.

To close the scene with the theme we began it with, he takes the orange and squeezes the juice into her mouth. He tells her "don't every offer me forbidden fruit again". I assume she learned her lesson. :) And then Brandon asks her how she likes it to which she replies "rough". Very hot scene. Great energy. You will jack off to this one for sure. I know I would have liked to have done either Jasmine or Manuel or both. :) You have to see the triple penetration. I mean you HAVE to!

Scene Length: 20:03
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: BJ, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, spanking, Facial, A2M
Sex Positions: doggie, missionary, doggie anal, sideways up and over anal, reverse cowgirl anal, standing anal
Rating: 3.5

While the other three scenes were filmed here in LA, this one was filmed in the Czech Republic. Erik and Brandon are at a construction site. Brandon tells Erik that he has been hiring hookers but is running out of money. He asks Erik if he thinks they could get a job at the construction site to raise some money to hire one more girl. Not just any girl mind you, but one that likes it rough. They are looking for a guy to ask for a job on the site when they spot a girl sitting by herself on a bench. They ask her if she speaks English; "a little" she says. They ask if she can help them get a job at the construction site; she says no. They ask if she can loan them money then; again she says no. Erik asks Brandon if they should just take her back with them for the video; Brandon thinks that is a good idea and asks the girl if she will come with them. She says no. Erik asks her to and she says yes. I find that very funny. LOL

When we see them again, they are now inside. Sarah is wearing a black bikini. She is standing and bends over for him so he can lick and suck her ass. He has her taste her pussy on his fingers; then he fingers her ass and she tastes her ass on his finger. She begins to suck his cock; he grabs her head and fucks her mouth/throat with a vengeance.

They move to the couch into the doggie position. He is TOTALLY pounding her. I love that she is so turned on she begins to slap her own ass. He puts his fingers in her mouth and she actually bites him! Later he shows his bleeding finger to the camera. Talk about rough! When he puts her in the missionary position, she slaps his leg. She tells him to "fuck my ass" so he moves her back into a doggie anal position and pounds her ass while he slaps it. There are some great gapes here. Erik moves into a sideways up and over doggie anal position and she spanks his ass. I think she likes spanking! They move to a reverse cowgirl anal and then a standing up anal. Lots of A2M. They finish with a missionary anal and he fucks her in the ass until he has to cum. He pulls out to cum on her face for a nice facial. I loved how she gave this dirty little smile and played with the cum at the end of the scene.

Scene Length: 24:13
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: BJ, hair pulling, slapping, spitting, spanking, vaginal sex, facial
Sex Positions: missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, standing cowgirl, spoon
Rating: 4.5

I first met Lana Coxx in Vegas at this last years AVN award show. We were both there with the same company so I spent quite a bit of time with her. She is everything you want your favorite porn star to be: beautiful, great ass, amazing breasts, tight body, totally sexed-up and willing. She has amazing energy and is so hot to watch. It is no wonder she is on the cover; she MAKES this movie. And, yes...I would fuck her in a heartbeat. LOL

Manuel and Brandon are outside and Brandon asks Manuel what he wants to do. Manuel says "something like last time". Brandon tells Manuel the should go check out the view so they head out on the deck to look out over the valley. They can't help but see the 20 year-old Lana Coxx on the lower deck lifting weights. Manuel runs over to "help" her out. Brandon notices that she is wearing stiletto heels; "those are some sexy workout shoes" he comments. Loved that. :) She is also wearing a leopard skin mini skirt and a black bikini top. Not what the girls are wearing at my gym! I obviously need to change gyms! LOL They have her show off her perfect ass to them.

Manuel comes up behind her and begins to play with her. He asks her what she wants; she says "you my pussy". He kisses her and fingers her pussy. After she has tasted her pussy off his cock, he takes her by the hair and forces her to kneel in front of him and suck his cock. He asks her "if she likes it rough" to which she replies "I LOVE it rough!".

He spreads out her mouth so she can show off her toungue. He grabs her hair and leads her up the stairs and makes her suck his cock and lick his balls. They start feverishly kissing each other as they both grab the others ass. I love it when the talent is really turned on! He spanks her ass and then grabs her hair again and leads her inside.

Manuel puts Lana in the doggie position on the couch and she yells at him "come on- spank me!" so he spanks her while he eats her ass. As soon as he stops spanking her she yells "come on - spank my ass - come on!". He spanks her again. He flips her over so he can eat and finger her pussy. He then makes her stand up and he finger fucks her pussy much harder than you normally see. He does let her lick her pussy juices off his fingers. Next, she kneels before him to suck his cock. He puts both hands on her head and forces her down on his cock. He holds open her mouth and spits down inside it. He keeps spanking her ass until it goes beet red. Brandon asks her "what do you want to do?". Lana replies "I want to fuck" He asks her "how do you like it?" She yells "I love it rough, I love it rough, I love it rough!"

In some of the most athletic moves you will EVER see in porn, Manuel picks Lana up from the kneeling position and in one move flips her upside down with her pussy in his mouth (he is standing) and her head close to the floor. He eats her pussy for a little while and then in one move flips her up again until she is sitting with her legs around his neck as he continues to eat her pussy. He is SO strong and SO athletic and knows exactly how to do those moves. It was worth buying the DVD just to see them. (Mental note: book scene with Manuel as male talent)

They begin the sex in the missionary position, and he is literally ripping into her like a jackhammer. The intensity in this scene was simply amazing. He gets off her and asks her to wiggle her ass for him. She does and he spanks it as she turns him on. They move into the doggie position and he makes her wiggle her ass again as he fucks her. Next they get some great reverse cowgirl in and he slaps her breasts and face as she slaps her pussy. Then he makes her sit on his face and he totally buries his face in her pussy and ass (I would love to do that too!). She is slapping her own ass so he bends her over and slaps it for her. He then sits down and she sucks his feet for him. She tells him "I'm your little slut" three times. I love saying that and I love other girls saying it.

When they move into the cowgirl position, she rides him as hard as you will ever see a girl ride a guy. She wanted it bad. He stands up dragging her into some standing cowgirl. He keeps spanking her ass- it is getting REALLY red. The moved to the missionary position and he pulled one of the great porn teases (it only works if the girl is craving the guys cock). She told him "I want your cock" and he makes a move to enter her, but pulls away. She yells "come on - put it in - come on!" He teases her again and so she screams at him "give me your fucking cock!" That was so hot.

They move into the spoon position and begin kissing until she orders him to "spank me with your cock". So he pulls out and spanks her pussy with his cock. They finish by him standing up and her sucking his balls until he shoots in her mouth. Brandon askers her if she is going to "work out like this every day" to which she replies enthusiastically " oh yeah!"

This scene made the movie even though the next one seals it. Both Manuel and Lana were SO into it. This scene was worth buying the movie for.

Scene Length: 51:38
Scene Type: Boy/Girl + 55 sperm donors
Scene Fetish Guide: Rough BJ, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Bukkake, Cum Swallowing, Puking
Sex Positions: Doggie, missionary, doggie anal
Rating: 4.5

Maggie is in jail drinking from the drinking fountain. She is in a matching black panties and bra set with pink trim. Brandon is a prison guard with a giant black dildo nightstick who approaches to ask her if she is wearing standard prison issue. When she says no, he wraps his arms around her from behind her and puts the dildo in her mouth. After making her suck it, he puts it in her pussy and fucks her pussy with it. Then he makes her kneel in front of him and suck his cock. There is a VERY messy blow job with lots of spit and gagging. To up that, he lies her down on a table with her head hanging upside down and fucks her mouth. The spit from her gagging runs down her face.

He asks here "what did you get put in prison for?" to which she replies "for being bad". He asks "what did you do?"; she tells him "I sucked off the prison guards". To punish her, he puts her in the doggie position and fucks her. Then he flips her over into the missionary position and keeps fucking her. Then he makes her kneel down in front of him and suck his cock again.

He asks her "how many people are in this prison?" She says, "I don't know...allot". Brandon tells her "lets find out" and the camera pans out to reveal on the other side of the cell door a lot of men in the shadows watching. He asks her "what did you do with the cum you sucked off the prison guards?". She tells him "I swallowed it". Pointing at the men outside the cell, he asks her "do you want to swallow their loads?" She says "yes". Then in an incredibly hot sequence he tells her to "tell them". He drags her over to the cell door and makes her tell them "I want to swallow your loads". He points at one guy in particular and asks, "what about him". She says, "yes, I want to swallow his load". Then Brandon walks her down the row of men pointing to individuals telling her to "tell him". She told each man she wanted to "swallow his load" That was SO fucking hot; you HAVE to see that. Buy the movie JUST for that. I wanted to be her right then. :)

Brandon took her back to the table and continued to fuck her in the missionary position with the crowd of men pressed up against the bars watching. Brandon asks her if there is a "hole you haven't given me" and she answers "my ass". He pushes her up against the bars where all the man are watching and she tells them she "likes it in the ass". It was SO hot watching Brandon fuck her in the ass in the doggie anal position while the guys just inches away on the other side of the bars were jacking off. Maggie tells him "I want cum in my mouth".

There is a very funny pan of the row of men as several of them say what they are going to do to her. Then she kneels down on a towel on the floor and the men flood into the cell. One by one they come up and cum directly in her mouth. She does an incredible job of keeping it all inside. About every 10-15 guys her mouth is so full of cum she has to swallow it all; so she does. At the end she has swallowed the cum from 55 guys. Swallowed it. You have to see this to believe it. The scene ends with Brandon cumming in her mouth for her to swallow.

This scene was an fucking awesome end to this movie. You sure don't see this in many movies.

The screen goes black and a question comes up on the screen: what does a 98 pound girl weight after eating the cum of 55 guys? Then we see that after the scene finished she was throwing up into a barrel. The answer they show to the question is very funny and I will make you watch the movie to know what it is. :)

FINAL SCENE: Brandon Iron interviews John Stagliano and Tricia Devereaux

Brandon closes the movie by interviewing John Stagliano and Tricia Devereaux from Evil Angel about rough sex. He actually asked some fascinating questions and got some very interesting answers. John talked about what he liked about rough sex and what he didn't. He talked about shooting rough sex and the trends in porn today. He talked a little about what was right and what was wrong. Tricia talked about what she liked about rough sex, shared a fascinating story about her "introduction" to rough sex in the business and how talent should handle it, discussed the state of the industry today, and gave some great advice to girls. This was an AWESOME idea Brandon and really added something to the movie! Well done. I didn't quote from those interviews on purpose; go watch the movie and you will know what they said! :)


The DVD itself is fantastic. I loved the Main menu screen; the music rocked; the extras were surprising. This was a great DVD. The movie is 2:20 minutes long and the extras add to that very well.

The DVD has the following extras:

  • Cumshot recap

  • Behind the Scenes footage

  • Bonus footage

  • Photo Shoot Video

  • Photo Gallery

  • Directors Bio

  • Cast List

  • Fan Contest

  • Fan Feedback

  • Website links


Of course this showed the cum shot from all four scenes.


1) Clip of what appears to be Manuel holding the camera on Jasmine Lynn as she teases him and he tells her how beautiful she is

2) Outtake clip of Manuel messing up the closing line in the scene with Jasmine Lynn

3) Maggie Star filling out her paperwork and preparing for her scene

4) Michael Stefano interviewing some of the 55 guys who are here to cum in Maggie Star's mouth

5) Maggie Star getting dressed and teasing the camera

6) Brandon taking a break from the Maggie Star scene with a interesting and VERY funny comment

7) All the guys watching the scene

8) Brandon asking how many of the guys in the jail set had really been to prison (you would be surprised how many raised their hands)

9) Michael talking to the guys

10) Behind the scenes of the "bukkake"

11) Sarah O'Neal barking like a dog

12) Jasmine Lynn telling the camera "you fuck my ass and I will let you rough me up"

13) Lana Coxx telling the camera "see this hair - pull it!" and "fuck me harder you little wimp!"

BONUS FOOTAGE: Jasmine Lynn and Brandon Iron
Jasmine Lynn teasing the camera and then giving Brandon Iron a BJ. Great extra!


10 minutes of video of photo shoots:

  • Jasmine Lynn's "Pretty Girl's" photo shoot

  • Sarah O'Neal hardcore pictures

  • Lana Coxx "Pretty Girl's" photo shoot

  • Lana Coxx hardcore pictures

  • Lana Coxx box cover photo shoot


Typical slideshow of random pics from the movie.


A little bit about Brandon Iron.


A list scene by scene of the cast.


Actually pretty cool. To enter you must mail to PXP a essay on "Why I Like it Rough" in 50 words or less. Brandon Iron will pick 1 winner and that person will win the ripped panties Lana Coxx wore in her scene. The contest closes September 30, 2003. The address is in the DVD.


A link for you to send you feedback on the movie.


Links to PXP.


Buy this movie. I was really surprised at how much I liked this movie. From the first very professional feel that Brandon Iron and PXP have added in their DVD's to the hot opening scene, to the scorching third scene, to the 55 man cum swallowing, to the insightful interviews, to the great extras - this was a superb DVD. If you can't afford to buy it, rent it. But this isn't a rent movie; this is a purchase for your collection movie. I have it in my collection and I will eagerly await installment #3. This movie rocked!!!

That is why I Love It Rough is the Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" for August 25, 2003.

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