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I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain)

I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain)

Studio: Acid Rain
Category:  Asian
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain):
Overall Rating 4 stars
I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality I Love 'Em Asian (Acid Rain) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  5/12/2005
I Love’Em Asian

2004, 2 hours and 6 minutes
Acid Rain
Directed by Dan Dapper
Starring Avena Lee, Charmane Star, Jayna Oso, Katsumi, Lacey Tom, Mika Tan

What You Should Know:

I shouldn't even have to tell you at this point -- Mitch Spinelli is bound and determined to rule the hardcore roost by providing the most intense, balls-to-the-wall, step-on-your-face, hold-your-nose-closed-while-I-slap-and-choke-you porno you can find legally in the continental US. This just happens to feature an all-asian cast. Enjoy it. I did.


Katsumi introduces herself in halting, stilted English, stating that she is twenty-five years old and that she is French and Vietnamese. She’s here to do two guys today because her favorite position is “DP.” Wow. Try saying that in the square world over some wings at Hooters. “Hey Susan, what’s your favorite position?” “Oh, I like to be on top.” “How ‘bout you, Rose?” “I really dig it from behind.” “Katsumi?” “Me? I like DP’s.” See how well that goes over. Makes it really easy to tell who is the porn star in the room, I can tell you that. Luckily for Katsumi, Alberto Rey and Benjamin Brat could give a damn what Susie Rottencrotch and Rosie Palmer from Anytown, USA think about them or her. They’re here to fulfill Katsumi’s wishes by drilling all her holes, fucking them dry and for Acid Rain to cut them a check for the pleasure. After some oral, Brat entrenches himself in Katsumi’s pussy standing doggie while she blows Rey. She kneels and give them both more head simultaneously before riding Alberto cowgirl and reverse as she blows Ben. Rey lifts Katsumi off of his lap to share her pussy with Brat. To ease the anal penetration, Katsumi deep throats Alberto with Brat’s forceful assistance before she plops back on Rey’s cock reverse cowgirl anal. Again, ever the considerate partner, Alberto shares that ass with Benjamin, who knows better than to come off as unappreciative of Rey‘s great generosity. Katsumi hops off of Alberto and sucks his cock ATM, then turns to face him and puts his dick back in her pussy. Now in cowgirl, Katsumi gets what she’s been so eagerly awaiting, DP’d, when Brat swoops in from behind to ravage her rectum. The guys allow Katsumi a little bit of a breather to change positions; she switches back to reverse cowgirl anal with Rey for a bit before Brat puts his dick in her slit (the same dick that just came outta her ass) for another DP. Lying on her side, Katsumi is DP’d yet again, in a weird juxtaposition of bodies in the spoon position. This puts the guys a lot closer than I’d like and apparently is uncomfortable for them as well because this doesn’t last long at all. Benjamin bogards Katsumi’s asshole solo mish for a while before handing her back over to Rey, who does the same. Rey delivers a hands-free facial worth remembering, preferring not to jerk off to completion but rather just put his cock near Katsumi’s face and let it spasm and shoot of control all on its own. Bratt unloads in her mouth while Alberto helps himself to more of Katsumi’s pussy standing doggy. She kneels and accepts another hefty Alberto Rey deposit on her tongue. She sucks both cocks and looks up at Rey, “You have more?” And what do you know, he does. One final nut for Rey and Katsumi drops her mouth over his cock to slurp his semen like a starving sex addict.

Charmane Star

What is it about the genetic makeup of women of Asian descent that makes their nipples so goddamn perky? Because we all know how beautiful Charmane’s face is, but I can’t stop staring at her perfect little chest and those erect eraser heads sitting atop it. Starr’s partner today is Nick Manning who, believe it or not, I’ve not seen in action many times before. He sounds like a total retard/robot when he demands Charmane to “suck dick.” I hope he keeps his mouth shut or he’s going to ruin this for me. “Nasty slut!” he yells, as if reading from a porno cue card from across the room. Not only is Nick spouting random nonsense and grunting like a barbarian but Charmane is unusually chatty as well. “Deeper, deeper…SUCK IT.” Nick, please. Slowly but surely, with every time he opens his mouth, Nick “Suck Dick, Bitch” Manning is “sucking” the heat right out of this scene. I’m turning down the volume. Charmane looks exquisite impaling herself with cock reverse cowgirl. I can’t hear what she’s saying but her lips are moving so she’s still talking back to Nick. It’s all fake, cliched and corny porn banter anyway (“Oh my God…your dick is so fuckin‘ hard!”), so you’re not missing anything, trust me. When it’s delivered as wooden as these two are doing it, you have to ask yourself why they even bother. Starr licks her juices from Manning’s pole before grinding down on him cowgirl and then again before taking him balls deep missionary. Nick actually doesn’t do a bad job of beating Charmane’s pussy up in this position. He rams her hard and fast and gets those perky tits a’jumpin’. It’s s shame it has to end to move to doggie; the boy was finally doing something right. Thankfully, it ends here with Manning providing Charmane a milky-white manifest all over her tongue.

Jayna Oso

Oso starts her scene by showing off her tight and lean wares and giving us a flexibility demonstration. Otto Bauer and Benjamin Bratt attack her from opposing sides, shoving their cocks to the farthest recesses of Jayna‘s throat. It should be said, Otto should thank his lucky stars every day for his old lady, Audrey Hollander. Because without her, I doubt we‘d have ever seen Bauer in the business. It pays to have a slutty, do-anything anal demon for a girlfriend. At least fucking her on a regular basis likely prepared him to deal with the likes of Oso. The ease in which Bratt is able to slide four fingers in and out of Jayna‘s bung is frightening. No one should be that loose…and like it. “I‘m a fuckin‘ whore!” Oso screams as Otto slaps her around and Ben bangs her ass doggie. Jayna goes through a lot of this scene with her top on but then again, it‘s not like her breasts are her best asset. Eventually she does lose the top, nothing remaining except her strappy black high heels. In anal reverse cowgirl with Bauer, Bratt is exceptionally rough with Jayna, groping her breasts hard and choking her even harder before fucking her pussy, locking her into a DP. The ways in which Bratt and Bauer cram and contort Oso defy description. Just know that I can‘t figure out how or why she does it. I‘ve seen rapists who were more gentle and/or considerate. After another logic-defying double-penetration, Jayna‘s left looking like a stray cat, her hair a sweaty tangled mess, her ass fucked red and raw with two loads of cum all over her face and chest. Oh yeah, and a big smile. Insane.

Avena Lee

I‘ve been an Avena Lee (Craving Big Cocks, Tight & Asian 5) fan for a minute but never as much as this year. Sakura Tales 6 and Sinful Asians 4 put her back on my radar in a big way recently. This isn’t the gangly, brace-wearing teenager of 2002. Avena is all woman now, baby fat sticking to her in all the right places (though she could stand to lose a tad around the midsection). The braces are gone but in their place was left a phat jiggly ass and mouth-watering natural tits to match. Goddamn. Avena might be the closest thing we’ve got left to Asia Carrera, truth be told. After her tease sequence, Lee lounges on a sofa, cat-napping in a pink terrycloth bathrobe until she rudely awakened by Sascha and his hard prick. Avena shakes loose the cobwebs and starts sucking. Lee‘s one of those girls that just looks great from every angle, thanks to her perfectly proportioned nubile young body. In reverse cowgirl and spoon you have a great view of her adorable face and she can even lick the nipples atop those flopping breasts. In cowgirl, Avena drops her ass like a seasoned stripper. It‘s a sight to behold and something I‘m glad she‘s made somewhat of her trademark. Someone must‘ve told her how amazing it looks. Her ass looks just as awe-inspiring high in the air in doggy. Just the right amount of enthusiasm, aggressiveness and dirty-talk make Avena and this scene one to watch. She just needs to stop doing one-on-ones and step her game up to multiple partners or anal.

Mika Tan and Lacey Tom

At 27-years-old, Mika Tan is more gorgeous and playful than ever. Her female partner in this scene, I‘ve been less enamored with in the few times I‘ve seen her, Lacey Tom, recently walked away from the biz. Too bad, because this is a standout scene for her. I Love‘em Asian‘s finale consists of these two busty wonders, (one enhanced, one natural) taking on Otto Bauer. The energy level is HIGH, so much that the usually sleepwalking Lacey actually becomes the highlight of the scene while Mika, still doing her share, willingly accepts the role of instigator, blending into the background making sure Tom gets fucked nice and hard. I‘ve never heard Lacey do much more than moan before this scene but here she‘s screaming, barking orders, very vocal. As she rides Otto reverse cowgirl, Mika sits on the back of the couch behind her. Lacey leans back and laps at Mika‘s cunt, making Tan writhe and wriggle uncontrollably. Tan and Tom share Bauer‘s prick, taking turns, passing it back and forth and even kissing each other in between inhaling boner. While Lacey continues to blow, Mika plops her heavy backside on Bauer’s face and Tom resumes more reverse cowgirl. Mika wraps her hands around Lacey’s throat in a light choke as she rides. Otto then bends Mika over to fuck her doggie and stacks Lacey on Mika‘s back to screw her mish. I have SO got to try that; it looks like MAJOR fun. The visual is one you will never forget, one that will be seared into your subconscious for life -- Mika‘s plump round ass cheeks resting underneath Lacey as she rubs her clit and her big natural tits sway to and fro. Lacey then takes her place beneath Mika‘s pussy while Bauer continues to pound out Tan‘s pussy hole. When he slips his crank into Lacey‘s mouth, Mika sneers and asks, “How does my pussy taste?” Lacey doesn‘t answer, she instead opts to simply bury her face in Mika‘s gash. Damn. Does that answer your question? I THINK SHE LIKES IT! Otto keeps stretching Mika‘s hole doggie as she twists her face upwards to lick Lacey‘s pussy, which is hovering just above her face. Bauer slaps Lacey and spits in her face right before plowing her snatch mish while Mika sits and undulates over her face again. Mika asks for Bauer’s cum in her mouth and he delivers, drizzling semen over both girls’ wagging tongues. This is how threeways should be done, everyone actively participating at all times. Mika‘s pussy is dripping wet, Lacey‘s worked up a serious sweat and a combination of all that moisture and lube has splattered the lens. That‘s all you need to know.

And this sort of action is typical of Acid Rain. Go find yourself a copy before all the other Asian lovers beat you to the punch.

Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes (8:00)
  • Photo Gallery (manual control, 42 photos, some of the same pics repeated)
  • Cum Shots (4:19, no option to play them individually)
  • Trailers (The Ole‘ In & Out, ATM City, Go Ahead Ream Me, 18-N-Fuckable)
  • More Hot Action (5:25, phone sex ads)
Crucifixio Jones

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