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I Love Bree

I Love Bree

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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ai no corrida's ratings for I Love Bree:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
I Love Bree overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks I Love Bree Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks I Love Bree Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex I Love Bree Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting I Love Bree Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras I Love Bree DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality I Love Bree A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by ai no corrida  on  8/23/2007
I Love Bree
Directed by (various
) A New Sensations Compilation
Dates of Production: 03/05/07
Length: 4 hrs 21min. (2 Disc Set)

Starring: Bree Olson & Paulina James
With: Erik Everhard, Ramon, Mario Rossi, Brother Love, Mike Adriano, & Johnny Sins

[Disc One]

Scene One: Bree Olson & Erik Everhard
(from Young As They Cum #21)
Wearing a floral trimmed white nightie, we find Bree standing in an empty bathtub, caressing herself, seating herself on a marbled green counter. She masturbates with a bullet vibe as her asshole grazes the impossibly cold countertop. Pressing it down on her clit, she shakes and cums. Readjusting herself, she breaks out a bigger wand and goes to town, mouth continually open, taking breaths like an animal. Just then, Erik wanders in, and dives into her pussy, face first, going up for a few sucks on Bree’s nipples. Bree gives him a kneeling blowjob as Erik rubs her pussy and asshole from behind. He continues to finger, then suck her, and she squeals! Onto missionary, and reverse cowgirl, she tastes his dick, and onto cowgirl. She straddles his face, and he licks her twitching asshole. Going doggy, he fucks her pussy, fingering her asshole, finally bending down to stick his whole tongue inside of it. A bit of cowgirl to follow, then doggy, and he lands his load inside of her mouth, and onto her chin. A pretty hot scene for Bree, as Erik always delivers the goods; they team quite well together.

Scene Two: Bree Olson & Ramon
(from It’s Huge! 6)
Outside on the patio of a seaside home, Bree meets Ramon and chats him up for a bit about “problems”. She reaches down and blows him for a few minutes, leading him indoors. Wearing a sheer pink top, she continues with her blow job, flipping over to give him the same pleasure upside down. Her cheeks, shiny with spit and pre-cum, glisten, as he flips her doggy style, attacking her ass while fingering her pussy. They continue onto reverse cowgirl, spooning, missionary, spooning again, and straight cowgirl (all anal!), ending with a load dripped into her mouth. A good scene, as Bree takes Ramon’s huge member with ease and vigor.

Scene Three: Bree Olson (solo)
(from I Film Myself 3)
In a bedroom, Bree, addressing the camera, begins swaying and rubbing her hands all over her goods, which are covered in an all white outfit (see-thru tank top, white cotton panties). She continues to tease, displaying her tanned ass, playing with her underwear, pulling it into a g-string shape. Bending over, she shows off her asshole and feet (which need more play, hint hint). Sitting face to face with the camera, she pours a bottle of water onto herself, rubbing her thin veil of cotton into a sopping mess. Down to her now soaked panties, she disrobes and jumps playfully onto a nearby bed. A few close-ups later, she rubs her pussy with a vibrator, using her fingers to sample the contents. Ass in the air, she plugs herself with the vibrator, tasting her earnings yet again. A nice little “you are there” scene, with Bree showing off her dirty talk style, and her playful side.

Scene Four: Bree Olson & Mario Rossi
(from I Cum For You, You Cum For Me #2)
In pigtails, Bree strips and masturbates. Using a realistic dildo, first into her mouth and then into her slightly stubble-laden pussy, she works the instrument for a little while. Following up, she takes a bigger pink dildo, and works that for a spell. Taking out an even bigger (?) flesh-colored dildo, which barely fits in her mouth, she plunges the weapon into her pussy, breaking only to stuff her two hands worth of fingers in her slit. Mario enters, gets a POV blow job, and jerks off into her mouth. She ends the scene a shaking, quivering mess. Thank you.

Scene Five: Bree Olson & Brother Love
(from POV Fantasy #7)
Entering the house with cleaning supplies, Bree proceeds to tidy up an empty house. Splashing a fair amount of water onto her otherwise dry clothes, she strips, into her panties, and changes into a white apron. A little more tidying later, and the house owner (aka the guy operating the camera, who was already there in the first place?) finds her in the bathroom, and asks her for some oral treatment. She complies, her perfectly pinned hair, dark roots on display, eyes staring up at him. He plugs her ass from behind, atop the edge of the bathtub (towel down for extra comfort, of course, out of courtesy and safety). She bends down to taste. They switch to the bedroom, and he continues to fuck her ass in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. She blows him from time to time, and she straddles his dick, pumping on her pussy. In missionary, he fucks her ass, ejaculating at least two or three times, judging from the amount of sauce which leaks from her ass. She gathers the majority of the mixture and smears her breasts and chest with it. He continues to fuck her pussy, doggy style, and unloads yet again into her mouth. Phew! This has to be the highlight of the whole disc, as it’s the always appealing POV style, the high amount of juice, and how well Bree works throughout the entire scene. Did I mention it lasts a long time? Well, it does.

[Disc Two]

Scene One: Bree Olson, Paulina James & Mike Adriano
(from Fresh Outta High School #3)
Paulina, talking to a naked Mike on a couch, is dressed in the complete schoolgirl uniform. Panning down, Bree is already servicing his wang, herself also clad in a similar uniform (but with a red shirt, rather than Paulina’s forest green). The two switch off giving him head on the bed, as they have fits and starts of disrobing each other. Bent over, Bree eats out Paulina’s ass, as Mike fucks both in turns. Paulina rides cowgirl, and Bree is treated to some anal work in a spooning position, which Paulina timidly sucks Mike’s cock tip thusly. Nailing Bree doggy style, Mike unloads into Paulina’s mouth, which she shares with Bree. Overall, it’s a pretty adventurous scene, but for Bree, it’s still a day at the office. Nice stuff.

Scene Two: Bree Olson (solo)
(from Fucking Myself #2)
In blue pajamas, Bree begins by rubbing herself in various states of undress, pulling her clothes off one by one, rubbing on her pussy gently. She breaks out the wand, again, and works herself into a frenzy. Using three, then four, fingers, she stuffs her pussy. Onto a small blue jelly vibe, then a bigger blue jelly dildo, and finishing with a seated vibrator (straddling the arm of a chair?), she cums again and again and again and again. Totally Bree, totally alone.

Scene Three: Bree Olson & Johnny Sins
(from Fuck For Dollars 3)
Scouting in a parking lot, Bree finds Johnny at a recycling center. After a high amount of goading and promises of nearly free sex (“You have to pay me at least 65 dollars”, he says), she finally land him in the back seat of a passenger van, giving him head as he paws at her breasts and pussy. They compose themselves, and redress, riding to their destination: someone else’s house. Inside, they negotiate yet again, as if you’d believe it at all, and she disappears, returning stark naked. Blow job, doggy, and reverse cowgirl happenings later, he manages to fuck her ass cowgirl style, and she, as Bree always does, tastes for certainty and potency (one would assume). After a bout of vaginal pounding, doggy style, he unloads onto her tits and chin. Money is exchanged, but why? Bree is effervescent as always, especially when she’s negotiating and not doing her in-heat vocalizing. Maybe we didn’t need all that negotiation, but we did get to hear her say things other than “fuck my ass!” and “shit!” Well, it was worth it.

Scene Four: Bree Olson & Erik Everhard
(from Prying Open My Third Eye #2)
In a schoolgirl outfit, Bree is caught masturbating by Erik, who stuffs his member deep down her throat. In a pronounced position (ass up), he licks and fucks her ass, bending down for a bit of spooning, and nails her, pushing her legs together for maximum tightness. After a little more doggy and spooning anal play, he plunges his dick inside her ass, poised in missionary, and pops into her mouth. More Bree goodness abound here, even if the scene felt a little short.

Bonus Features:
Pick Your Pleasure Menus (Tease, BJ, Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie, Spoon, Cumshot), a Model Gallery (from the respective shoots), & Company/Web Info are available bonus features on both discs. There is quite a bit of material on these discs, and the combined value of cherry-picking all the respective scenes from their originating movies is well worth the cover price alone.

How the Disc Looks & Sounds:
The footage is pretty constant in all respects, technically, as it was all shot in the last year or so. The richest palette, color-wise, is the scene from Fuck For Dollars, which is crisp, save a few white washes in the outdoor scenes. The overall audio quality is clear, with Bree’s screams blasting, at times, to overly high levels (this seems tricky, as she does the loud-quiet-loud back and forth with her vocalizations during sex, and keeping up with that seems like a daunting task indeed), but without any distortion. Overall, a nicely tied together compilation of not-so disparate video elements.

Overall Thoughts:
Like the other titles in the I Love… series, Bree Olson’s title is no slouch at all. Perhaps, if you’re a bona-fide Bree expert, you might have a majority of this material, but on two handy discs? Those that do already have this material may feel cheated somewhat for not waiting (but really, who knew she would prove to be as explosive and reliable as she became?), but for all the non-Bree flock, this one’s for you. All four hours of it! Her work beyond this could venture into more extreme material, but as it stands, this compilation will survive as a document of her finest moments. Totally worth it!

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