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I Love Black Dick 4

I Love Black Dick 4

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for I Love Black Dick 4:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
I Love Black Dick 4 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks I Love Black Dick 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks I Love Black Dick 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex I Love Black Dick 4 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting I Love Black Dick 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras I Love Black Dick 4 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality I Love Black Dick 4 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  12/14/2007

I Love Black Dick 4

Prologue When Tory Lane contracted with Sin City, a lot of people wrote her off as though she was going to some softcore outpost, honing her acting chops and fucking to muzak. Granted, it might limit her in terms of who she shoots for (technically, mostly herself), and with, as many of the top male talent perform largely in their own productions and for friends. But judging by how Aurora Snow was used by this same company, not only will Tory be encouraged to continue her very hardcore ways, but multiple times in each of her directorial works. Interestingly, I think that one of the things that may have drawn Sin City to Tory as a contract performer is that there was still some unexplored territory for them to exploit. Tory had never done an interracial scene before. I have no illusions about her motivation to do this. It's most certainly about the money, which should at least vindicate all the people who reasoned that if everything else is for sale, why dodge black men? I guess this is her answer. The price is right. So now we have this very physical, sex crazed dynamo, poised to jump into the interracial pool, and if she follows form, right into the deep end. Most of the other women here are largely unfamiliar to me. I'm sure I've seen Sindee Jennings and Jennifer Dark along the way, and Carly Parker was in the orgy scene in Upload. Starla Sterling and Brooke Scott are mysteries to me, but none of this is important because the big news is Tory Lane, just as it should be.
Director/participant Tory Lane introduces sexy little blonde, Sindee Jennings, who admits to not only fucking black men on video, but fantasizing about them in her private time. She and Tory start to rhapsodize about big, black cocks, and getting friendlier with each other as they riff. Sindee doesn't do anal but Tory decides her first dark adventure will definitely include a butthole banging. She summons Brian Pumper, who's starting to look like a comic book character with his oversized muscles and distinct lack of height. The girls are all over him, and with two hot mouths working his cock and balls it's apparent that all his length went to his penis. Both suck enthusiastically, with Tory even deep throating. No hands facefuck for Sindee, who also takes a skullfuck while Tory laps at her pussy and tits. Skullfuck for Tory also, as Brian hovers over them and switches throats. Cut to spoon with Sindee. P2OGM for Tory, who really seems to be warming to this black dick thing. She rides Pumper CG after Sindee spit lubes the hard cock. Houston we have interracial for the previously embattled Tory Lane. Sindee licks her sphincter and Tory starts to push Pumper with her energy. P2OGM, then back to CG as Tory slams the pussy pleaser into her innards repeatedly. Sindee sucks it clean again and Tory opts for a taste herself before relinqueshing the dick to her in RC. Sindee provides some circus atmosphere with long streams of squirt that Tory says she's going to have to clean up. Perverted taskmaster Tory makes sure that Sindee takes the cock balls deep and orders her to grind on it. P2OGM and back on it. They both suck it and Tory tells Sindee to ride it again to prepare Pumper for her ass. She pulls out a magic wand while Sindee's doing her bidding and has her pissing all over the place again. Cut to doggy anal for Tory with multiple insertions providing plenty of gapes. Sindee gets under Tory to lick pussy and suck cock out of the dirt hole as Brian pumps it in an up and over. Tory rides RCA and positions Sindee to suck balls and dirty cock. Tory tests Pumpers mettle as she pushes him to fuck harder. They move to mish anal and Sindee starts begging for cum, which is delivered shortly into her open mouth. Sharing is caring, Tory taking the snowball from her. She swallows, then gloats about her first interracial experience.
I thought this was going to be Sindee's scene with Tory helping, but it turned out the other way around. Tory showed her unique dynamism and hell bent for leather personality. I have seen her fuck harder, but that doesn't mean she didn't scorch Pumper a little. Loved the way she pushed Sindee into really taking the dick deep and not just tap dance her way through the scene.
Tory is all over brunette lovely, Jennifer Dark as she introduces her. Jennifer is getting two cocks to play with and Tory promises to eat both loads out of her ass. Hope that wasn't supposed to be a surprise ending. D Snoop and Gorgus Drae are summoned, Jennifer going to work on them immediately as Tory sinks into the background. She mounts Gorgus in RC as he came to the set ready to play, hard as steel. Her skimpy attire is ripped off and Snoop rejoins to feed her some cock, then turn her for doggy while Jennifer slobbers on the big fatty. CG on Gorgus while sucking Snoop, then P2M as D enters her ass from behind. Jennifer loves the anal action and pushes Snoop to get more rowdy in there. A2M, then RCA, Snoop filling her pussy for a DP. Jennifer's a pretty good trash talker for a Euro as she works the RCA solo while Snoop attends to his limp dick. He gets back in with new life, but can't sustain and leaves the scene again after P2M. A2M, then doggy anal. CG anal with Snoop trying to get his groove on in Jennifer's ass, but a quick edit to RCA with the only hard dick in the house. He's getting cocky as he tries to draw Tory into the scene, begging her to let him go balls deep in her ass. Tory trash talks back, then enters the scene to lick the chocolate stick out of Jennifer's pussy, where it had migrated. Snoop feeds Jennifer some cock while Tory continues to blow the other guy, then a cut to side by side 69's. Instead of the ass creampies promised in the opening, Jennifer and Tory kneel on the floor and wait patiently as the cock gets spanked in their faces. All that work and he produces maybe two drops, which the ladies dutifully share. He calls them back for more and squeezes another couple of drips into Jennifer's hungry maw. She deep throats Snoop, who maybe cums in her mouth, with Jennifer drooling into Tory's to end the scene.
One limp dick and two empty balls are the hallmark of a scene gone horribly wrong. I don't even know how a scene like this makes it onto a DVD. Too bad, because Jennifer is totally hot, ready, willing, and able to get nasty.
Busty blonde, Carly Parker, looking very sexy in glasses, is Tory's next introduction. No interracial newbie is she, having gone over to the dark side at the tender age of 15. Carly's got beads sticking out of her ass and Tory's got a butt plug. Both black, of course. Nathan Threat comes in and surveys the scene before him. Two horny women all over each other, salivating at the prospect of taking his dick deep in their bowels. Threeway kissing and licking, Nathan and Carly sharing Tory's pussy. Nathan and Tory 69, Carly crawling around behind him for her share of ebony. Tory lets her hog the cock while she removes the anal balls, sucking them clean like a nasty slut. Tory gets face fucked and Carly removes the butt plug, also cleaning it with her mouth. Doggy for Tory. P2OGM for Carly. Nathan licks it before he sticks it in Carly, mish. P2OGM for Tory. Face fucking for Carly, Tory making sure she gets it nice and rough. Doggy anal for Tory, Nathan plunging her in an up and over while she works the magic wand on her clit. Carly finger pops her pussy when the toy is dropped. A2OGM earns Carly a butt fucking of her own. She takes it in mish, also using the wand to make it go easier. Carly's not the anal queen Tory is, but she seems very turned on, even if not 100% comfortable. Cut to RCA, Carly eventually taking charge and shaking all her shit on his glistening rod. Balls deep is hot, then she slides the dirty dick into her hungry pussy and really giving it a workout. Some throat fucking, then a cut to mish vag. Nathan works up quite a load that gets dumped into Carly's mouth. She's a happy camper.
Much better action here as Nathan shows up ready for work and gives Carly all she can handle, with a side of Tory. Pretty good anal scene for Carly, who doesn't project a been there, done that type of attitude.
Brooke Scott and Starla Sterling are both platinum blonde and long time appreciaters of dark dicks. Tory tests their resolve with one of the most thug-like performers in the industry, Tone Capone. His hair is a nappy headed mess and pants hanging mid-thigh. Brooke is quickly on his hard cock as Tory sets herself up for a throat fucking with her head hanging over the edge of the bed they're all on. After getting her esophagous dredged, she turns him over to Starla for deep throat, then Brooke takes him in doggy. She takes a nice slamming that coats his cock with her juices, giving Starla a good taste as she does a mid-fuck cleanup. Starla takes a face fucking and lays on her back, legs peeled back for Brooke to warm up her pussy with some tongue. Tone penetrates in mish and has Starla bouncing and trash talking as he pounds away at her ample body. P2OGM deep throat gets Tone ready to drive nails into Starla's tight, gripping pussy. Brooke takes a ride CG, Starla rubbing her ass while the pussy's being stretched. Brooke gets a little wild as her cunt starts drenching, then she turns for RC with Starla strumming her clit. P2M, then Starla goes for RC. She's begging to cum but there's a cut to Brooke getting railed doggy while Tory holds her head and pushes the scene a little. Tone pulls out and cums in a glass heald by Starla. Tory drinks the slime and spits it back into the glass, ordering Brooke to do likewise, then Starla, who drools it onto her tits and Tory's tongue. Tory gives Tone some PCH and thanks the ladies by licking and kissing them.
Better scene than I expected because the women were into it, even if it was pretty vanilla. Starla may be packing a few extra pounds around the middle and could easily be enlisted for MILF work, but she's pretty hot, and both she and Brooke rode Tone hard.
It's time for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.
Tory starts this final scene by trying to explain away her past aversion to interracial. It isn't very sincere, but it'll do. She dove into the deep end here and there's no going back. She brings in Julius Ceazher and whips his dick out to suck. He's hard from the start and Tory takes deep draws, even licking his balls with the dick down her throat. He pushes her onto the couch with a resounding spank that gets Tory's juices running, then impales her doggy. She really appreciates getting forged steel slamming into her, giving Julius carte blanche to her body as he squeezes her tits and smacks her ass. Tory's pussy sleeve has a tight grip on his fat cock as he continues the relentless banging. Tory's turned for mish and body jangling thrusts. Tory appears to pop her cookies here and promises her ass next. She delivers in spoon, taking Julius balls deep in her rectum. A2M, then a cut to mish. Julius shoots the mother load onto a glass table for Tory to clean up. She hoovers then plays with the gooey mess to end the video.
Solid scene with Tory getting fucked as hard as she likes, which is considerable. Strong turn by Julius who really let it out on her, and even provided a tremendous cumshot, which would have been so much better on Tory's face.
Epilogue As far as Tory Lane going black, mission accomplished. Her imprint was all over this video, but that wasn't enough to overcome the assembly line feel and trite dialogue she was fed by Jim Powers. In fact, if Tory has any illusions about making a mark for herself as a director, she shouldn't allow her company to assign Powers to shoot it. If he's behind the camera, he's the de facto director, and this is just product to him. In the BTS you could sense some tension between them as he fed her lines to repeat to the camera. No big surprise that they weren't very convincing. The scenes were spotty with the Jennifer Dark fiasco as a low point, and Sindee Jennings' waterworks not my cup of tea, but some nice moments in the scenes with Carly Parker, and good energy from Starla Sterling and Brooke Scott. Tory's one on one was pretty good, although it seemed short. She was probably worn out from all the other sexual activity she'd been indulging in throughout.
The Disk There's a BTS, cumshots, photo gallery, trailers and a plethora of corporate spam.
Recommendation If you've been waiting with bated breath for Tory Lane to take a walk on the dark side, this is it. She does it over and over again. If you're just looking for a great piece of smut, I don't think it qualifies. Far from bad, but nothing life altering.

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