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I Have a Wife 4

I Have a Wife 4

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  Straight
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fu_q's ratings for I Have a Wife 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
I Have a Wife 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks I Have a Wife 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks I Have a Wife 4 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex I Have a Wife 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting I Have a Wife 4 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras I Have a Wife 4 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality I Have a Wife 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  3/2/2009
Adrenalynn, Alexis Texas, Nikki Benz, Daisy Marie, Mason Moore, and a number of nameless porn studs

“I Have a Wife, Volume 4” is a film by Naughty America that ends up being quite good. The theme, if the title doesn’t give it away immediately, is that of husbands who cheat on their wives with hot, cock-craving cuties. While the acting varies from scene to scene, the theme is always present to a good degree, and the sex that goes along with it is often scorching. There isn’t a scene here that isn’t good, but the best is that of Alexis Texas, followed closely by those of Adrenalynn and Nikki Benz. Admittedly, these selections are arbitrary, as all of the action here is of a solid caliber. Every scene is one guy on one girl, and there is no anal sex, but if you are interested in this particular theme, or you are interested in scenes depicting steamy oral sex and vaginal intercourse featuring scrumptious ladies, you’ll find them here.

Inserting the DVD / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, the standard “FBI Warning” plays and then it’s pretty much on to the Main Menu. There, we find four options: “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection” – a standard device for selecting scenes, “Website Info” – which gives the production company’s website address on the bottom-right of the screen, as animations for the logos / titles of various Naughty America productions play across the screen, and “Extras” – which will be covered at the end of this review. For now, let’s hit “Play Movie”.

Opening Credits
None. The movie just kicks right into Scene One.

Scene One (Mason Moore)
This scene begins with Mason Moore, an attractive brunette wearing a dark pink tank-top and denim short-shorts, in a home with an older (middle-aged) actor. She is borrowing some magazines for a Halloween project. After a brief interaction, she leaves the home, and the male lead heads into the other room to work at a desk.

Mason is shown re-entering the house through the door, and she stealthily sneaks into the doorway of the other room. The actor turns and notices her. An exchange follows in which Mason coerces the male lead into having sex with her by threatening to lie to his wife (poor guy—my heart bleeds for him).

Mason Moore threatening her older, soon-to-be partner

They start out with a tiny bit of kissing before Mason pushes him down on a low-lying, sofa. She then pulls his shorts off, and she begins to work him over orally (this guy’s cock has a fairly big head on it relative to the rest of his size). Within moments, he is erect, and Mason is blowing his engorged member. Mason is enthusiastic, aggressive in her attitude toward him, and skilled as she licks, sucks, and jerks him. As this is going on, her top and bra come off, revealing her fairly-large, “enhanced” breasts, and the older gentleman gets in some suckling.

After the lengthy blowjob, Mason teases him a bit and then tells him to remove her shorts. He does as he’s told, and he pulls down both her pants and her thong, giving a nice view of Mason’s toned backside and fully-shaved cooch. She then lies back on the arm of the sofa, and he begins to eat her out. During this process, we get a good view of a lot of Mason’s tattoo work, which is substantial. She has a flowery sleeve down her left arm, a so-called “tramp stamp” on her lower back, some work on the inner part of her right arm, and a tattoo on her shaved pubic mound. For those who love tattoos on women, she will not disappoint.

The male-on-female oral action, which includes some rimming, goes on for a good deal of time, and then the male lead transitions directly into penetrating Mason’s moist womanhood in a missionary-like position (no condoms here or for the remainder of the scene). From here, we get a fairly standard boy-girl sex sequence, with a number of positions, including: the aforementioned missionary-like activities; some hot cowgirl and reverse cowgirl riding; and some good-looking rear-entry banging. The sex essentially ends when the gentleman ejaculates on Mason’s tongue and in her mouth, with a good deal of his load dribbling down over her breasts, her chest, and onto the floor.

This scene really works, not just because the coupling is hot and the theme is taboo, but because the camerawork is good, and the acting is believable. Mason really plays the naughty seductress well, and the male lead is good at playing the role of the resistant husband. This is definitely worth a look.

Scene Two (Daisy Marie)
This scene involves a computer repairman, who is a mid-20’s athletic type, coming over to Daisy Marie’s house to fix whatever is ailing her system (it wasn’t turned on). Daisy looks great here in her black miniskirt and yellow tube-top, as she takes him into the bedroom where her computer is located. Daisy is a Latina actress with tan skin, straight black hair, and a slender, sexy form, who has much larger breasts than the last time I saw one of her movies—they look good.

Daisy Marie seducing the computer repairman

After taking care of the computer, which is trivial, Daisy convinces the repairman to stick around by coming on to him with seductive movements, touching, speaking, and also glimpses of her goodies. He notes that his wife awaits his return, but this (surprise!) doesn’t stop Daisy from still wanting to get it on. Indeed, this poor, unsuspecting gentleman is no match for Daisy’s feminine wiles, and within moments, his shirt is unbuttoned, the two kiss, and Daisy goes for his pants. She unzips them, pulls his thick, erect cock out, and begins to suck him off. During all of this, Daisy is on all fours on the bed, and the repairman is standing. There is a bit of finger action on Daisy here, as well, with the male lead reaching around behind her and pulling aside her dainty, black thong, giving some nice shots of her exposed womanhood.

Upon completing this lengthy blowjob, Daisy’s skirt (which had been hiked up) and panties come off, and she is thrown back on the bed’s blue comforter. The repairman performs a brief bit of oral sex on her before immediately splitting into her tight, fully-shaven femininity in a missionary-like position (no condoms here or for the remainder of the scene). As this is going on, Daisy takes her top down, and her nice-sized, “enhanced” breasts come out—again, they look good.

The repairman gives it to Daisy pretty well in this position, and her dirty-talk and moans are quite arousing. From here, a fairly standard boy-girl scene ensues, with the highlights including: Daisy’s eye contact with the male lead during a lot of the action; some steamy reverse cowgirl action; the shots of Daisy’s well-toned physique that are quite revealing, especially after the top is fully removed; a nice side-entry pounding; a super-hot doggie-style sequence; a little bit of pussy-to-mouth work by Daisy; and a gooey cum-shot on Daisy’s face, tongue, and breasts followed by a touch of oral cum clean-off to end the scene.

Overall, this scene is scorching in terms of the sex, and neither Daisy’s large tattoo on her back nor her new (?) boob job take away from the heat. The acting is a little bit more over-the-top and a bit less believable than in the first scene in terms of the cheating theme, but the two participants still do a reasonable job with it. It’s almost a bit comical, though I’m not sure if that were the intention. Regardless, it’s definitely a better-than-solid scene and worth a look.

Scene Three (Adrenalynn)
This scene focuses on Adrenalynn—a brown-haired, exotic-looking actress wearing light-blue, denim short-shorts and a black tank top--and a married neighbor who has come over to complain about Adrenalynn’s noisy partying over the recent past. Before the neighbor can even really get started with his whining, Adrenalynn takes a seat on a couch with a red sheet over it and entices him by pulling up her top and revealing her large, “enhanced” breasts. Adrenalynn has a well-toned, curvy body with a lot of tattoo work, including down her right arm, and she looks great here.

Adrenalynn listening to the neighbor whine

It isn’t long before she has the neighbor’s shirt unbuttoned, his pants pulled down, and his long, thick cock in her mouth for a sexy blowjob. There’s a decent amount of stroking, sucking, and ball-play as this goes on, and, immediately after, Adrenalynn takes off her pants to reveal her smooth-shaven, tight womanhood and tattooed (yes, that’s right—tattooed) butt-hole. The neighbor returns the oral favors and then some, doing some pussy-eating, fingering, rimming, and light spanking on Adrenalynn from behind. This is hot stuff.

Directly following this action, Adrenalynn’s top comes off to give a full view of her beautiful physique, and she immediately assumes a reverse cowgirl position, with the neighbor’s cock penetrating her soft folds. From here, a fairly typical boy-girl sequence follows, all without the use of condoms. Some of the better activities include: the scalding, aforementioned reverse-cowgirl work complete with ball-play and multiple variations; a steamy doggie-style reaming; the between-fucking oral action by both participants; a sexy cowgirl riding; Adrenalynn’s theme-drenched dirty-talk; a decent missionary-like position penetration which shows just how big the male lead’s cock is, as it only gets deep into Adrenalynn’s body with some effort; and a squirting ejaculation that gets all over her (in her mouth and on her face and breasts). The scene then abruptly cuts to the next and thus ends.

This scene is an amazingly hot one featuring an actress with a very distinct, yet sexy look—multiple tongue piercings, tattoos, etc.—and an actor with a massive cock and forceful cum-shot. Although the description here might suggest that Adrenalynn is better suited for so-called “alt-porn”, this is definitely not the case. She is as gorgeous as the vast majority of the actresses out there and is easily a top-notch mainstream porn star. She does get a bit loud during the action, however—which can be either a plus or a minus. For me, it’s nice to see her with such enthusiasm, though in general, being too loud can be a distraction—not so much here, though. The acting in the scene is about on par with the last, and the theme is clearly present and effectively (enough) advanced. The only real downside is the abrupt ending; I’m not sure why this is done this way. Overall, though, this scene rocks!

Scene Four (Nikki Benz)
This scene starts out with Nikki Benz, a creamy-skinned, big-breasted blonde, speaking emphatically with an ex-lover who is now married. He is a mid-20s type wearing a black tee-shirt and blue jeans, while she appears to be in her mid-20s, as well, and is attired in a pair of form-fitting, denim jeans and a lacy, white / light-green top that shows off her ample cleavage. The argument focuses on the male lead’s wife and her lack of tolerance for his “best friends” relationship with Nikki.

Nikki Benz being emphatic with her married “best friend”

Before long, Nikki is reminiscing about the good old days and how she “misses” his cock. As she is doing this, she begins to rub him through his pants and, in short order, pulls his member out (surprise! “best friends”—of course). Nikki begins to blow his thick manhood, as he lies back on the small, red-covered chaise lounge in the room. After a bit of this, the male lead takes the remainder of his clothes off and stands up in front of Nikki, who takes down her top and black bra, freeing her large, “enhanced” breasts. Her chest seems much larger here than the last time that I saw her in a movie, but it might just be the lighting, or me, as I haven’t seen a scene of hers in some time.

From a kneeling position, Nikki continues the oral and hand work, including the use of some spit and deep-insertions in her endeavors. She really gets into her job here and pays homage to his bulging erection in myriad ways; this is very solid oral action. Immediately, there is a transition to Nikki taking off all of her clothes (other than her heels) and revealing her curvy physique and tight womanhood, which is shaved but for a well-trimmed landing strip just above the lips.

From here, the male lead penetrates her with his thick cock in a missionary-like position, starting off a fairly-standard (though quite hot) boy-girl sequence. Everything proceeds without the use of condoms, and some of the more interesting activities include: a well-captured reverse-cowgirl position by Nikki, complete with riding and grinding as she impales herself on his huge unit; an equally sexy cowgirl sequence featuring plenty of bouncing, spanking, and good close-up shots from behind; the between-position oral work by Nikki; a good rear-entry pounding with Nikki up against / on the arm-rest of the furniture; and an ejaculation by the male lead into Nikki’s mouth and on her tongue (primarily) that she appears (?) to swallow. This essentially ends the scene.

This scene is definitely one of the best here. The two performers are clearly into one another, and there is a lot of heat generated between them. While the acting is fairly poor, and the theme of the DVD is pretty weakly played through, there is no denying the sexual connection between the two, and Nikki’s sexual vocalizations are quite believable. The camerawork is also solid, capturing a lot of good shots as Nikki and her “married” companion take full advantage of one another. Despite the issues with the acting, this sequence is very worthwhile.

My Wife’s Opinion: My wife watched this scene with me and found it to be very erotic. She also liked the fact that Nikki appeared to be enjoying herself instead of just going through the motions. She felt that the chemistry between the pair was excellent, as well, and she liked the fact that this scene wasn’t merely all about the guy getting his rocks off—Nikki seemed to get hers, too.

Scene Five (Alexis Texas)
This scene focuses on Alexis Texas, a soft-skinned, blonde with a curvy figure and a notorious, round bottom, and an early-20s actor as the male lead. The actor is wearing a pair of blue-jeans and a gray tee-shirt, while Ms. Texas has on a tan, denim miniskirt and a dark gray, sleeveless top that leaves a bit of her midriff showing; her curves are accentuated by this clothing, and she looks great here. Alexis is the gentleman’s wife’s best friend, but that doesn’t stop her from taking a taste of what her newly-married friend has—namely her husband.

Alexis Texas proving that she always wins an argument

After a bit of coercion (again, my heart bleeds for this poor male victim of female aggression), the pair heads over to a living area just in front of a blue leather couch that is covered with a brown blanket. The gentleman removes his pants, and Alexis—who is on her knees—immediately begins to administer a blowjob. After a quick cut, the male lead is fully erect, and Alexis works him over well with her oral and hand skills. There is a bit of deep-throat action here, as well as some ball-licking and naughty dirty-talk. As this continues, Alexis’ skirt gets hiked up to reveal her near-perfect, black thong-clad derriere, and she then removes her top, which frees her perky, natural breasts. Alexis is one of the most stunning women currently working in the adult film industry.

Immediately following the blowjob, the gentleman tosses Alexis up on the couch, pulls aside her see-through panties, and begins to eat her out. Alexis has shaved lips, but she also has a good deal of bush just above them; this is a nice throw-back to the late-80s / early 90s and is quite hot.

After a good amount of this male-on-female oral action, Alexis’ panties are removed (her skirt is still on but hiked up around her midriff), and her best friend’s hubby enters her moist womanhood in a missionary-like position. What follows is a condomless, boy-girl romp that never loses its heat. Amongst the better happenings here are: Alexis’ dirty-talk, realistic moaning, and masturbation while being banged; the little butt-jiggling that she does while sucking off the male lead between switching from the missionary-like position to a jiggling and bouncing cowgirl position (this is where her skirt comes off fully, as well); a steamy reverse-cowgirl riding punctuated with some further female-on-male oral / hand / spitting action; a scorching rear-entry / doggie-style sequence on the corner of the couch; and a good cum-shot all over Alexis’ breasts that she then plays with and tastes to end the movie.

In total, this is the best scene on the disc. Alexis has an incredible look, a beautiful backside, and comes off in a very natural, sexy manner here. Moreover, her acting skills are reasonably good. There is never a slowdown in the action, and everything is captured well. While there appears to be a bit of a video issue at the beginning of the scene (outdoors), this quickly goes away once they are indoors—which is where the sex takes place, anyway. Alexis is one of those starlets of whom one never seems to be able to get enough. This is an excellent scene.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
As a big fan of BTS segments, I am a bit disappointed in the extras here. There is no BTS material, nor are there any interviews. The bonus materials, accessible as the “Extras” from the Main Menu, consist solely of a slideshow of pretty-girl shots and stills from the production. This is one area in this production that could have had more attention paid to it.

Closing Statement
This DVD is very good. There are big-name stars here, and they are put to excellent use. The camerawork is exceptional, and the “cheating” theme of the film comes off reasonably well. While there could definitely be more in terms of extras, this is really the only area where the production falls short. This disc is definitely worth a look.

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