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Hustler's Babes 1

Hustler's Babes 1

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Gangbang , Orgy
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Hustler's Babes 1:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hustler's Babes 1 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hustler's Babes 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Hustler's Babes 1 Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Hustler's Babes 1 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hustler's Babes 1 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Hustler's Babes 1 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hustler's Babes 1 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/28/2002

Running Time: 91 min.

Production Date: 5 / 6 / 2002

Director: Frank Thring

Cast: Luisa DeMarco, Aria, Maya, Sandy Style, Sharon Babe, Sylvia Lee, Violette, Csoky, Frank Gunn, James Bosworth, and Joel Lawrence in sexual roles and Kyra, Jordan, and Lee Francis in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: Frank Thring has impressed me ever since I saw some of his Private Pirate movies. With a cast like this, I canít help but still have high expectations.

Initial Reaction: This is a great start to whatís hopefully a long running series!

Who Should Watch It : Fans of beautiful women doing nasty, nasty things

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants whatís traditionally thought of as ďcouples sexĒ

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear, but is out of balance in a few spots. Most of these are outdoor shots near the water, which seems to be a fairly common problem. The video is also pretty clear. It shows a little grain and pixelation during some of the darker moments, which once again is a fairly common problem in most any movie, but mostly looks very good. The lighting is also very even, but does vary a little from angle to angle in the scenes. Finally, thereís a small bar along the left edge of the video, but unless youíre looking for it I doubt youíll see it.

Music: The music is fairly typical porn music, but it does work in a little bit of an island music feel to it. It even goes calypso during many of the non-sex scenes. Itís a little loud through most of the feauture, but feels right for the movie and helps out the scenes.

Disc Problems / Complaints: Thereís no time stamp, which means you canít jump to any point you want to in the feature. Itís also bad enough here that if you watch the DVD on a DVD-ROM that will normally start at the place it left off if you shut down your player and come back later, when you restart the player it starts at the beginning of the DVD. Thatís right. You have to sit through all the warnings and hunt through the chapter menu to see how close you can get to where you were before. Itís a major pain, but thankfully this is the only DVD Iíve seen this problem with. Iím hoping this was just as isolated problem that wonít be seen again.

Menus: The menus are fairly simple, but have a fun feel. The main menu has a little animation and a feel thatís cheesy in the good way. The chapter menu is pretty standard, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene, but unlike other DVDs, this one breaks it down scene by scene and into several different breaks. This helps make up for the lack of a time stamp, but itís still short.

The Feature: While on a photo shoot in St. Lucia, model Aria is murdered. Being one of the last people to see her alive, James Bosworth decides to try and find the killer, thinking itís somebody involved with the shoot. The only thing that seems to get in his way is lots of nasty sex, which all the models want as much as they can get of.

Everybody has a little much to drink at the start of the movie, which leads to an orgy with most of the cast. Joel Lawrence ends up with bleached blonde Sylvia Lee. He plugs her ass and leaves her with a good facial. Csoky Ice pairs up with Maya and Violette, Maya takes it in the ass and lets Violette take the ass to mouths. Theyíre joined by Aria, who sits on Csokyís face and helps the girls on cocksucking duties. Finally, Luisa de Marco and Sandy Style pair up in the hallway, taking turns eating each other out. Aria kind of goes between the groups, but only gets involved with Csoky, Maya, and Violette. As an orgy scene itís lacking a bit, but the individual scenes arenít too bad for how short they are. The camera pretty much focuses on one group at a time and cuts out when theyíre done. The lesbian part feels like thereís a lot more to go, but sadly seems to be normal when directors donít have a pop shot to let them know the sceneís done.

Next Maya and Violette decide to do more than just dance for and with Frank Gunn by a pool. They team up to suck his cock, nicely sharing it and giving Frank some great eyes, before he starts fucking Maya. He and Violette team up to tongue Mayaís holes before Violette gets her ass fucked from behind. Maya takes a few good ass to mouths before letting Frank have a turn in her can. The girls keep switching back and forth between taking it in the ass and taking ass to mouths until Frank gives them a nice facial. He even upholds the porn stud standard of giving one of them a full blast in the eye. Itís a very hot and very nasty scene. Maya and Violette work great together, and turn out another great performance here.

After kissing quickly, Sandy Style, who reminds me a lot of Silvia Saint, drops down to swallow Joel Lawrenceís schlong. Joel returns the favor with some energetic pussy eating before fucking her missionary style. Of course things donít remain restricted to the pussy for long, as Joel moves on to spoon Sandyís ass, fuck it doggie style, and let her slide it up and down on his cock reverse cowgirl style. Not surprisingly, she takes a couple ass to mouths from Joel and lets him spray his ball butter all over her face to finish things up. Itís a pretty hot scene with some nice chemistry. Sandyís style reminds me of Silvia as much as her looks do, so Silvia Saint fans should really check her out.

James Bosworth takes a break from sleuthing to lay down his towel and boink Violette. Violette starts things off with some energetic sucking and stroking for James before laying back and letting him go right to fucking her. After James takes a turn in each of Violetteís holes, theyíre joined by Joel Lawrence, who eagerly unzips so Violette can put her great oral skills back to work. Joel gets a turn in Violetteís ass before James slides into her pussy to <double penetrate her. Violette gets into it pretty well and finishes things up with a nice facial that she seems to really enjoy. Itís a great scene with excellent energy and very good chemistry.

Csoky tells of Aria catching him wearing a pair of panties and jerking off with another pair in the next scene. He sucks the spike heels on her fuck-me boots before eating her pussy and letting her suck his cock. Csoky takes care of Ariaís pussy first, spooning it and fucking it from behind, before moving on to her ass. He eats that first too, and then lets Aria energetically bounce her ass on his cock reverse cowgirl style. She finishes things off taking the man milk mustache and beard. Itís a great scene with excellent chemistry, energy, and heat. Iíve only seen Aria in a few movies so far, but she has yet to disappoint me.

Finally, Sharon Babe rewards James Bosworth for solving the mystery. They exchange oral favors before James fucks Sharonís snatch in a few of the common positions. Sharon doesnít take any anal or nasty stuff here, which really surprised me with this being the final scene of the movie. Normally this is the scene it all comes out in, yet it remained fairly tame throughout. She does finish things with a nice facial, but the scene didnít quite mesh with the rest of the movie.

Babes is a surprisingly good and nasty fuck flick. There isnít much of a plot, but itís still a little better than whatís in most pornos. The girls are mostly European, and keep all the nastiness that one has come to expect from European films going. Almost every scene has anal and ass to mouth in it, with Sharon Babe being the only girl to stay away from both. Violette and Aria both really shine in the sex here, and turn out the best performances in the movie. Babes is a must see movie for all fans of anal sex and ass to mouth action.

Extras: First thereís phone sex commercials before the main menu. This always annoys me, but at least Hustler cares enough to make it so you can skip past it to the main menu. Trailers are included for the Barely Legal, Asian Fever, and Hot Showers series, as well as Jail Babes 19, Ballbuster, and Brazilian Snake 2. The great looking full screen photo gallery lasts about two minutes, with about six seconds per photo and morphs from photo to photo. Thereís also a behind the scenes featurette, a directorís profile, and commercials for the Hustler magazine and website.

The directorís profile comes from Mr. Beaver Checks in #12 and features Mike Albo interviewing Frank Thring. He talks a little about the idea behind the Mr. Beaver series, and is also shown shooting the action. Iíll admit that I would have really liked to see a focus on the Babes series, but itís fun enough that Iím really wanting to check out the Mr. Beaver series now too.

Finally, thereís a ten minute behind the scenes featurette on the making of Babes. The camera nicely captures the scenes and photo gallery being shot, as well as things like Frank Thring and the cast having fun on the beach. Thereís a little extra sex here that you donít see in the movie, which makes it even better to watch. Frank Thring talks a little about whatís going on throughout the featurette, and adds a nice bit of humor to things. Itís one of the most fun behind the scenes featurettes Iíve seen in a while, and possibly the funniest one Iíve seen without Evan Stone in it. Whoíd have thought a British guy could be funny?

Themes: Straight, lesbian, group, orgy, anal, ass to mouth, voyeurism, masturbation, rimming (male > female), and shoe worship

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently,Babes can be found online for between $18.50 and $26 with many stores offering it for under $20. If you want nasty sex, this is going to be money very well spent. Thereís also a good transfer and some

Note to Hustler: Hopefully this series continues for a while. I also hope that the time stamp problem was a one time occurrence.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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