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Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2

Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2 Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  3/31/2003
Hustler Platinum 5: Arsenic part 2
Pierre Woodman
Orsolya, Lucia, Lilly, Gabriella Tchekan, Suzie, Sophie, Drimla, Alain Deloin, Pascal St James, Philippe Duroc, Bob Terminator, JPX
Running time:
1hr 45mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

Though I missed part 1 of this murder-mystery thriller from Pierre Woodman, I hardly feel disadvantaged, for two reasons. One, this concluding part opens with a five-minute recap of part one. Two, as is evident from this recap, part two is much like part one in consisting largely of hardcore sex with the slender thread of plot spun out to beyond breaking point. Still, the superb cast of European lovelies has been chosen with typical expertise by Woodman, though the cast list offered by Hustler on the disc is another minefield of mixed up IDs, so I have gone by the end credits alone.

Sophie & Orsolya

Private investigator Jonathan Stark (played by Philippe Duroc) is awoken by the sounds of girl-girl pleasure emanating from an adjoining hotel room. Enjoying some Sapphic pleasure are blonde Sophie (if I have these IDs right, she's certainly been credited as this in men's magazines before, but that's no real evidence - she's a real supermodel type who I believe has some admirers - but does she do it with boys?) and brunette Orsolya. Naked as the day they were born, these girls are utterly gorgeous, long legged, trim and toned with jutting breasts and thoroughly inviting little pink pussies which they probe with hot tongues. The eye-rolling expressions of ecstasy are about as fake as the dubbed soundtrack, but my god, it's exceptionally pleasurable to look at, even if the connection to the plot is quite obscure…

Philippe raises a glass to the wall and whacks himself off, listening to the moans and groans as the blonde stuffs her girlfriend's pussy with a strap-on in doggy, and then she sucks it before taking a cowgirl ride. Orsolya has her ass filled with the rubber cock in reverse cowgirl. Philippe finishes himself off, which could safely have been left to the viewer's imagination, but the girls continue with a 69 in which Sophie also has her ass filled with a vibrator. Finally, they kiss but this is too little, too late - the lack of kissing, even when their faces are so close together that it would seem the natural thing to do, is one of two things that leave the sex earthbound, even though the girls are heavenly to look at, the other being the ridiculously lame dubbing.

Philippe gets a call from the sultry Drimla, who's paying him to investigate the murder of her husband, and a little spell of progressing the story occurs before the next batch of sex scenes. The basic gist of it is that Drimla arranges for Philippe to hook up with a journalist friend of hers, Emma (played by Alicia, another pretty brunette with a wicked twinkle in her feline eyes - don't recall seeing her before, but in my addled mind that's no guarantee I haven't see her), and that they'll meet up with the prime suspect, a businessman, played by Pascal St James.

Gabriella / Lilly
We get an insight into Pascal's household, as the gorgeous Gabriella Tchekan gives her husband Pascal some luscious head to thank him for agreeing to meet their daughter's new "friend" Philippe. Meanwhile, Pascal's son-in-law Stefan, played by Alain Deloin is coming on strong to a new housemaid, played by Lilly, a cute little Asian lass who did a great turn in Superfuckers 12.

Gabriella gives Pascal a loving blowjob before simply slipping off her panties and riding his cock - she's otherwise fully dressed in smart jacket, spangly skirt and sheer black nylons. The action cuts to a shot of Lilly's improbably lean, taut legs as she bends into Alain's lap as she blows him in the hallway. He looks utterly disinterested. Back with Gabriella, she's now freed her lovely boobs from a bra that barely restrained them anyway, riding Pascal in reverse cowgirl with her full thighs looking particularly enticing. Being ensnared by such abundant charms would be an exquisite torture, I'm sure.

Out in the hall, Alain is now taking Lilly in spoons, her lacy maid costume around her waist, her pert, petite tits sticking up deliciously. Returning to the Gabriella/Pascal scene, we're treated to an absolutely fabulous shot of her big bum raised in the air, as she sucks Pascal's cock. Her exposed arsehole looks like it's already seen some action and sure enough Pascal spears her rear in doggy. It's just a shame the preposterous, detached overdubs deprive us of the chance to hear her own response to the sodomy that's captured in graphic close-up.

This all ends with Gabriella sucking and stroking Pascal to climax on her quivering tongue and beautiful face, but it's (annoyingly, as it happens) interspersed with a pointlessly brief excursion to Alain and Lilly. Woodman finally contents himself with fully featuring Alain's intrusion into the maid's incredibly tight back door, taking her from behind and even picking her up like a doll to move her on his cock. She sucks him but it takes quite a lot of hand action to get Alain to shoot in her mouth. The intercutting of these two scenes simply seems to undermine the value of both, and in truth I'd rather they'd just concentrated on the ample, womanly delights of Gabriella.

Alicia and the private dick

After Pascal's family affairs have been concluded, Bob brings Philippe the manuscripts needed to create his disguise as a writer and hence to infiltrate Pascal's trust. He leaves Philippe and Alicia alone, and they decide to make their disguise as a couple as convincing as possible by having a sexy escapade together in the bath. Her amazing eyes are highlighted during the blowjob, and then she wriggles her trim figure around as Philippe licks and fingers her. She seems pretty horny, wriggling around even before he starts to fuck her, and she bounces her firm butt cheeks up to meet his thrusts.

During a lengthy splash in the tub, Alicia seems to take real pleasure bouncing on his dick, as she really arches her back and thrashes her hair around. There's a brief blowjob break and then she lets him deeply penetrate her ass as she lies on the seat by the bath. He withdraws and comes on her ass, but more squeamish viewers may wish too look away from this messy conclusion to the sex (hint: accidents do happen). Perhaps unaware, she turns around and sucks his dick clean. Still, this is a pretty tidy scene with good energy and the lithe, fresh and natural Alicia is a pleasure to watch in action.

Over at the home of Alain and Suzie next morning, Alain shows his clear and understandable preference for breakfasting on this gorgeous, petite young blonde's tiny tits and shaven snatch. She's lying on the kitchen counter as he licks her, fingers her and eases his cock into her pussy. He fucks her a little, then we see scrumptious Suzie down on her knees sucking his cock and making beautiful eyes at him - he, meanwhile, wears the same old look of mild disinterest. I hate you, Alain; you get all this prime action and still treat it like it's a chore!

I mean, look at what follows - a great shot of her fab little butt, a butt that Alain is soon filling up with his dick while making the heavenly act of sodomising this divine diminutive creature look like it fits in somewhere between mowing the lawn and having Sunday lunch with your mother-in-law (though if mother-in-law looks like Gabriella Tchekan, then that might be tolerable). Alain proceeds to endure the onerous duty of filling up her butt some more, her in spoons while he stands, and then the final torture of having this sweet sexy doll sucking and wanking him off. Oh, it's a hard life, Alain. I've heard that Woodman discourages his male performers from actually enjoying themselves with the girls, and Alain's performances over the years usually carry out this directive to the letter. This scene also seems to have little to do with advancing the story, and as I have so subtly hinted it's sexually lacking, but my goodness Suzie is a cute little thing.

Alicia and the doctor
The drama takes a turn for the bizarre (or could that be unconvincing, contrived or scarcely believable - I am not sure) when Philippe and Alicia arrive for their meeting with Pascal at his chateau. Laura collapses and a doctor is called, but it's obvious she's up to something, and sure enough, when left alone with the doctor (JPX) she wickedly offers him a blowjob in return for his misinforming the gathering that she's pregnant. He "reluctantly" accepts, but sadly the dubbed dialogue on this part renders it laughable, as the doctor's resolve seems as weak as the story itself. Still, he's treated to a succulent BJ and hand job to creamy completion from the lovely, naughty Laura, so he's not complaining.

Plot again…
Our hero Philippe finds himself in jeopardy as soon as the doctor leaves the house - his drink has been spiked and he awakes in handcuffs, with the scheming Alicia and her associate, Alain, leering over him, explaining the details of their plot. I won't give any more of the story away, but what happens next is amusing but silly as Philippe's great mate Bob hears of Philippe's predicament on TV news but chooses, perhaps understandably, to get it on with his girlfriend instead of racing to his buddy's aid. This girlfriend turns out to be Elodie, played by the sultry, seductive Drimla, the woman who hired Philippe for the gig in the first place. The plot thickens!

Drimla, also featured in Christoph's Beautiful Girls 8, is another girl with amazing, cat-like eyes, so striking, in combination with the pouting lips she wraps round his dick, that it's easy to see why Bob is seduced. Clad in scarlet bra and knickers and wearing calf-length boots, Drimla deeply blows Bob before slipping off the lingerie and straddling his cock with her long, lean frame. She works her hips nicely on top of him ahead of having Bob, who clearly went to the same acting school as Alain, fill her ass in doggy. With her sweet cheeks perched on the arm of the couch and her legs spread wide, Drimla gets her clean-shaven cunt fucked once more, then Bob nudges her brown eye again too. The dark-haired, tanned beauty squats down to wrap things up by sucking Bob till he orgasms.

And so with further twists, the story reaches its convoluted conclusion. Without giving anything more away, I'd suggest this is not a movie to buy for a convincing, satisfying plot or likeable characters. Not for the first time, Woodman populates a tale with variously weak, shallow, selfish, grasping individuals. I can't imagine where he gets the inspiration. Alicia aside, perhaps, the acting lacks charisma although their efforts are further sabotaged by the desperately dumb dubbing.

As a tale of murder, double-dealing and sex, it's hard not to draw comparisons with the likes of Woodman's Private classic The Gigolo, and the comparisons are not entirely favourable. Although it's reasonably well shot, Arsenic just feels and looks inferior. Woodman still fails to write a plot that accommodates the sex scenes or create sex scenes that fit the plot. It's easy to dismiss this and say, "it's just a porno, what do you expect?" but why accept that? Why not write a witty, concise story to help the sex along or more if possible?

But, it's not all bad, far from it! With good make up and styling, the girls are absolutely gorgeous, of course, and the sex is athletic and strong, and these are the primary selling points of any Woodman movie, no matter if he might wish the production values and so on counted for more. The sex has an absence of malice but also certainly lacks the kind of chemistry that I would prefer to see, but it's undeniable that there's a certain thrill in seeing girls this beautiful doing rude things, and it's for that reason that Arsenic part 2 is worth a look.

DVD Comments
I found the picture to be a touch on the dark side, which is a common flaw of both Hustler's discs and some of Woodman's movies. The colour suffers from what I'd call NTSC colour, i.e. to my PAL-trained eyes the colour looks weaker in the way that US-made TV shows on TV here in the UK used to look. The sound is good but that means you can't avoid hearing the truly pathetic dubbing loud and clear. The extras include a misleading cast list, photo gallery, trailers, standard 9-minute Hustler profile of Pierre Woodman, and other advertising - not a brilliant package to be honest. A "behind the scenes" on this movie would have been nice, for example.

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