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Hustler Hardcore Vault 11

Hustler Hardcore Vault 11

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Compilation
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picman's ratings for Hustler Hardcore Vault 11:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Hustler Hardcore Vault 11 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Hustler Hardcore Vault 11 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hustler Hardcore Vault 11 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Hustler Hardcore Vault 11 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hustler Hardcore Vault 11 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hustler Hardcore Vault 11 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hustler Hardcore Vault 11 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/30/2008

Hardcore Vault

Prologue This is the eleventh iteration of a compilation series taken from the Hustler umbrella of companies. There's nothing but top shelf female talent here. Cindy Crawford, Chanel Chavez, Missy Monroe, Trina Michaels, Marie Luv, and Kat. The cover states "Every Hole Crammed With Cock", and with these fine ladies, that might not just be hype.
Blazing hot blonde, Cindy Crawford, wearing a chain mail top, black panties, and over the knee black PVC boots, is playing with her tight body when Ben English and Marcus London close in on her with riding crops. This from Mass Destruction, directed by Shy Love. The guys paw her roughly and Cindy indicates that she likes it. English spanks Cindy hard, and takes genital inventory before allowing Cindy to suck some dick. Obedience training served up with the rough face fucking and finger popping, English in charge all the way. They put her on the rotisserie, English banging from behind. He pounds away, and it looks like Cindy's running from it, but she's skewered, and it only drives London's dick deeper into her throat. Cindy's pussy is gripping the fat cock as he holds one of her legs up like a slutty bitch. Cut to Cindy riding English in RCA. London helps her play with her pussy. With Cindy's back arched and head thrown back, he skull fucks her, mostly just trying to get back in the game and not physically ready to contribute. Her little nipples are hard and tight as English rolls Cindy into spoon. A2M, and back to anal with English, still in spoon. London seems to be a non starter as he recedes from the frame. CG on English, with Marcus finallly making his grand entrance, filling Cindy's ass for a DP. Another cut to RCDP. After the quick round of DP's, Cindy's face is used as target practice for the unloading cocks. English splatters the right side of her face and London follows into her open mouth. A giggling Cindy squeezes out every last drop.
Very high energy scene from Cindy with Ben English lording it up, as is his wont. Not much of a contribution from London before the all too short DP's.
Chanel Chavez is a vision in hot pink undies, standing at the entrance to a room that matches her outfit in a scene from Axel Braun's Hustler XXX: Cream Pie Eruption. She crawls over to a seated, naked, and hard Marco Banderas, and starts scarfing dick. Marco stands over Chanel as she throats his big dick, losing her top, then spotting another dick waving from the other side of the room. This hog is huge, and Chanel is over in a flash to see if she can make it disappear. Soon she's priming both dicks until Marco's ready to put her on the spit. Up and over deep into Chanel's receptive pussy, then spoon. She has a little one of her moments, where she forgets what she's doing with the cock in her mouth as an orgasm sweeps over her. Chanel recharges by climbing onto Charming's dick in CG and tucking it deep inside with some nice hip movement. The dick in her guts has Chanel spasming in pleasure as she tries to maintain her bj on Marco. Unfortunately, Axel cuts away here, coming back to a double vag that really has Chanel losing it. Another cut to CG on Charming, Marco popping into her ass for the DP. After scissoring her ass in an attempt to get as deeply as possible, Marco takes the anchor position for an RCDP, Chanel taking the time to fit him in nicely before Charming adds the big plunger. Chanel's legs are flailing as she scales the heights of double pleasure, then a cut to Charming railing her in doggy as she sucks Marco off. A rare bit of extra animation by Charming before he passes Chanel off to Marco for CG. She moves the dick into her ass, then quickly switches back to Charming for vaginal spoon. Chanel warns of an impending orgasm and she must have put the big squeeze on Chris because he has an emergency pullout, dropping seed on her ass, then right back in to try to salvage his part of the scene. Marco follows with some droppings in her mouth and the scene fades out.
I love Chanel Chavez. Her elfin face, creamy skin, and perfect tits, along with her ego boosting orgasms, make for a consistently terrific viewing time and again. They may have messed up a little at the end, but it was understandable. She's just too hot.
Missy Monroe, from Mason's Sluts,in her brunette phase, wearing a fur jacket over skimpy underthings, is smoking a cigarette in a wooded area that looks like a tinderbox. Mason is a little nervous about it and Missy props the butt on a tree stump while she plays with her pussy using a glass toy. The cigarette gets extinguished by the joy juice she brings with her manipulations. Mason asks if she wants to have more fun and Missy says she wants to suck some cock. She takes a walk and finds Joe Rock and Brian Surewood doing some digging. She leads them to a clearing with a blanket conveniently laid out, shucks her jacket and gets to her knees in the time honored ritual pose for "Fuck my face and treat me like a whore". The dicks are out and the battle is joined as Missy starts a little feeding frenzy. Mason wants to see Missy's big floppy tits freed and Rock makes it happen, then pulling off her panties of his own volition. Missy adds some more toy play and squirting to this blowbang, then literally bends over backward for Surewood to skull fuck her. Finger banging by Brian brings more rain while she blows Rock. They close in on her and give Missy two cocks to stuff her gullett in tandem, then some slobbery artistry, drooling down her chest and blowing bubbles on a dick she sucks slow and sensually. Mason sounds like she's ready to cum just watching this and Missy adds a full deep throat of Surewood for her visual delight. Rock rudely interrupts with a surprise facial, emboldening Missy to attack Surewood's cock like a slut on a mission. He paints her face nicely, and Missy suggests they get back to work. She closes out the scene with a bit of dirty talk to the camera.
This doesn't qualify as every hole crammed with cock, and unfortunately, the last couple of times I've reviewed a Missy Monroe scene, they've been strictly oral. She is good at it though, but her sexy body cries out for more.
Trina Michaels from Creamy Delights (Rick Davis), opens by telling us she's got a surprise. I'm thinking creampie, as per the title. First she's juggling her big tits, then two cocks. They're not the biggest tools in the industry, but Trina's giving each a feel of the back of her throat. She's put on the rotisserie, Van Damage stuffing her from behind while she impales her throat on Cheyne Collins. The guys switch ends and Cheyne goes up and over. P2M, then RC on Collins. More P2M, and mish with Van. Cheyne pumps Trina's throat till she has to hold him at bay for awhile. She treats Van to a short foot job, then a deep pussy ramming. That must be some good pussy because Van's got to unload, leaving his calling card in the shallow end so Trina can play with it. She sidles into spoon with Collins and he pumps the hot buttered hole. Light choking in the beginning of this sequence, then deep mish with Trina in a small package, getting nailed into the couch. RC does the trick for Collins, his DNA flowing out of Trina's well fucked hole.
Not much going on here compared with what I'm used to seeing from Trina. The early creampie by Van Damage was a dud, but Cheyne followed with the best fucking, and a good load. The lack of any anal in a threesome with Trina was surprising, and sorely missed imo.
Butt Buffet from Zupko serves us up some Kat, looking so sexy and dangerously young in a hot pink fishnet outfit. She's teasing us by fondling her body and talking about sucking cock and getting ass fucked. Kyle Stone is there to worship her tight little butt, sniffing, smothering and tongue fucking Kat's brown eye. He gives her a DP fingerfuck, feeding Kat a taste of the mixed juices. She responds by inhaling his dick, then getting flipped in the air for a standing 69. Kyle sits on a couch, holding his dick up for Kat to squat on in anal CG. She's very active on the cock, bouncing and grinding, singing anal praises and looking very stuffed. She even manages to yank out a little orgasm during her ride. A2M delivered with no reservations or wipes. She primes the pump with her throat and sticks her ass in the air for up and over sodomy. The only action her phat little pussy is getting is from her ever present hand. A2M, and back to doggy anal. Piledriver brings another hand aided nut, and doggy again. Kat wants to swallow cum and Kyle pounds away with long strokes to make her wish a reality. He empties a small load into her mouth and gets some PCH from the little butt slut.
This was like a sexual explosion. No niceties or romance. Just straight to the "A", and hard. Kat loved it, making for a better scene than it might have turned into with a lesser light.
From Young and Nasty (Richard Hamilton dir), the always stunning Marie Luv. Dancing in front of a pink backdrop that matches her outfit with both her name and Young and Innocent (probably had to change the name of the video after this shoot) splashed all over the wall. The quick flashes of her are a bit annoying, but it's only a short time before she whips her top off and gets down to business sucking the cocks of Talon and Sascha. Marie looks characteristically hungry and horny alternating between the stiff rods and already living up to the nasty in the title. Cocks stab deep in her throat, releasing mascara running tears and drool that streak her amazing torso. Marie seems able to strike a glamour pose while acting like a cheap slut, her squat and upper body maintaining perfect form as she tries to drain the cum laden balls. Cut to Marie getting her phat wet pussy stirred up in mish by Talon as she pushes him to make her cum. When she's ready, Marie orders him to stick it in her ass. Still living up to the nasty as it slides in almost too easily. Marie spreads her pink and pinches her clit while being dug out. Cut to Marie riding RC, again holding form in the most difficult situations, keeping her back arched and toes touching the floor with her legs in perfect symmetry. A cameraman's dream, and not to the detriment of the action. Another cut and the dick is in her ass, Marie's heels on Sascha's knees. She rocks it hard, her gaping pussy looking like and open invitation to DP, which is introduced after another quick cut, but in CG. Both guys are getting balls deep in Marie's holes, and she couldn't love it more. The double pumping brings out the orgasmic beast in Marie as she regales us with shrill moans, then a cut to the cumshots, delivered with Marie's tongue outstretched, and voluminous enough to paint her gorgeous face. PCH, a b&w replay of the pops, and two exhausted studs laid out behind Marie as she walks off victorious, declaring herself young, but not that innocent.
A very good scene, but the intent and delivery are aimed at people looking for a quick hit with nothing but highlights. Too tightly edited for my tastes, but the synergy between Marie and the camera can't be denied, as she manages to vogue and fuck at the same time, maximizing her incredible beauty throughout.

Epilogue All in all, a decent compilation, but no career peak scenes in the lot. If you're watching everything in one sitting, the different video styles will probably stand out, the formats changing with each new scene. Stylistically, only Axel Braun's contribution was immediately identifiable, and only a couple of the choices stood out in any way. It's a bit mystifying as to why there was nothing of Van Styles included, as his videos were the best of Hustler for the last couple of years imo.

Cindy Crawford was primed for a raw performance, but basically gets let down by Marcus London's no show. Including a scene from Mason, who's association with Hustler got cut very short, with an editing job that wasn't under her control, doesn't promote the idea that the best scenes available are being chosen. Just arbitrarily recycling scenes makes this nothing more than distributor friendly product. I was disappointed in Trina Michaels' scene, a threesome that never tapped her dirty side. Offsetting these were some better than average outings by Chanel Chavez, Kat, and Marie Luv.

The Disk A slideshow and trailers, along with corporate advertising.
Recommendation This is ok as a rental.

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