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Hustler Centerfolds 6

Hustler Centerfolds 6

Studio: Hustler
Category:  All Sex
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scipio's ratings for Hustler Centerfolds 6:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hustler Centerfolds 6 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hustler Centerfolds 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hustler Centerfolds 6 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Hustler Centerfolds 6 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hustler Centerfolds 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hustler Centerfolds 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hustler Centerfolds 6 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by scipio  on  7/31/2006
Hustler Centrefolds #6

Director: Richard Hamilton.

Behind the Scenes:We see several of the girls get made-up, dressed and take some pretty-girl and hardcore shots in a series of MTV-edited style montages with music overlaid. Not really a BTS, but actually a pretty entertaining watch.
Slide Show: A bunch of hi-res action stills in autorun format.
Trailers: Individual trailers for: Kane's World, Young Latin Ass, Asian Fever #24, Black and Wild #15, One in Every Hole, Barely Legal Bootcamp.
Sex Talk: Phone Sex ads. OLD phone sex ads..
Web Access: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC, visit our site, yadda yadda, you know the drill by now.. Website ad you've all seen before. Hustler Hollywood: Ad for their retail store. Select a Star: A menu where you can select the performer you want to watch and then select the part/chapter of their scene you're interested in.

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind. Since the "part b" parts of the scenes are just made of blowjobs and facials, the ratings don't compare directly to a standard fucking scene, but to something like RLD's Cum Glazed.

Haven't viewed anything from this series before, but it appears to be magazine-layout style porn, similar to, say Suze's stuff or a Penthouse layout, or maybe even a Hustler magazine layout(!). Hot babes with perfect makeup and hair having meaningless sex in themed costumes or locations. This is volume 6, let's see how it goes... No condoms were seen.

Scene 1:
Roxetta, John West, Tommy Gunn.
Anal, DP, Double Facial.

Roxetta is the hardbody featured on the back of the boxcover. She's the one standing, spreading her buttcheeks open for the camera. If that's not a great description, Roxetta has long auburn hair, a large pair of fake boobs, and the hard, lithe, athletic body of any number of top-quality stippers, Penthouse Pets or Hustler Honeys (that's what they're called, right?). While it might sound like I'm being flippant, I think she looks great. She starts off the scene sort of shaking her hips while wearing a pair of black panties and a tiny black boob tube as Tommy Gunn and John West walk into frame. Finally I have an ID for John West! I've been calling him Batista because of his resemblance to the WWE wrestler. Anyway, these two guys are slabs of black-clad muscle which could work out well for any ladies watching the scene.

Pretty quickly Roxetta is kneeling between the lads and groping their tackles through their pants, and a few seconds later, her breasts are out, the guys' t-shorts are off and and she's alternating between their cocks with her mouth for some sloppy cocksucking. John throat-fucks her a little but it's without malice or seal noises. She goes deep on both guys. Next up there's some fantastic looking RC while roxetta is now totally naked except for her collar and shoes, though I can't properly see which guy she's bouncing on (I think it's Tommy) and the other is nowhere to be seen. There's unfortunately a fair bit of breast puckering as Roxetta bounces around. Next John pounds her from behind on a padded seat-thing, seeing her leg vibrate as he borks her is an interesting visual. After a cut it seems that Tommy is the guy once again, as he fucks Roxetta spoon doggy. Then we cut again, this time to Roxetta being DPed cowgirl style with Tommy on the bottom and John behind her. After awhile of this we cut to the facial, as first John jerks his load onto her face and breasts and then Tommy, witht he guys making quite a mess on Roxetta's face. Stupidly, the editor cuts the end of the scene while Roxetta is still making cum-covered-nasty-faces rubbing a cock against her lips. God damn, let that shit run for another full minute at least!

This was a pretty good scene. All three performers looked good and while the sex wasn't especially fluid due to the cuts it was still well lit, well shot and well worth watching. Just a shame the guys didn't spend more two-on-one time with Roxetta, and that the scene ended a minute or so before it should have. Some RAC and RAC-DP wouldn't have gone astray either, but still, a good scene.

Scene 2:
Alexis Amore, Randy Spears.

Alexis, in case you're not familiar with her, is the front boxcover girl of this title. A gorgeous Latina with curly black hair, several tattoos scatted around her body built for sin and a pair of super-sized breasts. In this case, she's wearing a bright yellow PVC dress that barely clears her butt and a pair of heels. The set is some kind of mishmash of styles in silver and orange, but that's not too important as long as it looks decent and is unintrusive. Randy Spears, a veteran from the 1990s who has managed to not succumb to becoming fat and unpleasant looking (in fact, many women find him quite attractive even now) walks into frame and Alexis rubs her PVC-clad butt against him. There's also a strobe effect in the scene so far, which is mildly annoying. They kiss and touch, and soon enough, she's on her knees with Randy's cock in her mouth and her dress off, showing us that fantastic body.

Quite a nice blowjob with lots of eye contact, followed by a great looking reverse cowgirl which also shows off Alexis' pierced clit. Missionary is next, then cowgirl by which time the two of them have both gotten quite sweaty. Alexis sticks a couple of fingers up her own butt a couple of times while she works herself up and down Randy's shaft. To finish up Alexis assumes the baby bird position while Randy jerks a very thick and white his load onto her mouth, chin and neck. Alexis sucks him for awhile after and scoops the cum off of her chin, possibly to swallow, but the scene fades to black.

Really a good scene. Two performers who both look good having hot sweaty sex and looking like they enjoy it, without any choking, gagging or slapping. Again the editor being too quick on the ending cut was the only real drawback to an otherwise fine scene.

Scene 3:
Karlie Montana, Samantha Ryan.

I'm not sure which of these two girls is which. One is blonde with her hair in pigtails and has smallish natural breasts, and is wearing a kind of Daisy Duke's-top themed bra and micro-skirt-that's-so-short-it-may-as-well-be-a-belt. The other girl is a brunette also with smallish natural breasts, her hair down, and wears matching bra-and-panties with little strawberries on them. Both girls' lips are covered in glistening super-glossy pink lipstick, and otherwise made up to the nines. The set is a farmhouse barn kind of deal, with barrels, stacks of hay, a wagon wheel and that kind of thing scattered about the place.

Brunette embraces blondie, they kiss which is mostly swordfighting with tongues, then they expose one anothers' breasts to lick and touch, bite one another's nipples, then blondie goes down on the now-naked brunette's shaved pussy with fingers and tongue. A translucent pink vibe makes it's way out and brunette uses it on the now-naked blondie, going P2M a couple of times, but essentally the same thing int he same position for a looong time. Next brunette stands while blondie kneels and eats and fingers her for awhile before using a blue dildo on her. Eventually, thankfully, the scene ends.

The girls were both beautiful, but the dildo stuff got a touch boring. If I'm going to see extended penetration in one or two positions, I'd rather the penetrator was a penis with a guy attatched. The setting was too uncomfortable for the performers to have more then posed sex and so while it was well enough shot, it was a far cry from the better g/g scenes out there.

Scene 4:
Cassie Courtland, Tommy Gunn.

Cassie is a gorgeous natural-breasted blonde, all dolled up in a pink bra-halter top and matching pants with cutaways. She has a nice-looking buterfly tattoo on her tailbone as well. She prances around in front of a couch made out of a classic car's body with a backdrop of the Hollywood sign behind. She's quickly joined by Tommy, who wears only leather pants, showing off his muscular chest and arms.

The usual ensues, as her top comes off and she drops to her knees to suck Tommy's cock. Tommy looks to have a pretty thick cock, as Cassie blows and jerks him, but without knowing how big or small Cassie is it's hard to tell. They both get bonus blowjob points again for not gagging or choking, though the close-up camerawork gets a little too close up. Reverse cowgirl which as always shows off Cassie's now-naked body very nicely, including her bare beaver with some nice reinsertion shots. Spoon, then cowgirl, then the usual facial, during which Cassie continues to suck for some time.

Again, some good solid non-violent porn. No anal and no gimmicks, just two attractive people fucking in a magazine-layout style.

Scene 5:
Monica Mayhem, Van Damage.

The theme of the scene this time is Winter. Auburn-brown haired Monica is dressed in a skimpy white top and micro-skirt which both have furry trim. She also has some white ankle-boots on, as she walks in front of the set featuring some white winter trees, a sled, some fake rocks, and a snowman, while "snow" is sprinkeld from the rafters. Van fades in on the scene's right, wearing nothing but faded jeans, then embraces Monica from behind. And we're on.

In an amusing move, the Christmasy music suddenly stops and Monica says to the camera "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of him". At whioch point she drops to her knees and blows Van. During the BJ, Monica takes off her top, but you don't get a good look at her large implants till Van takes her from behind in a standing doggie against the sleigh, and her skirt is gone too. There's again some nice footage of the penetration. It's good to see that Hustler has people who know how to properly operate a camera. There's a bit of butt-slapping through the doggie. Enough to turn Monica's right buttcheek a rosy colour. Missionary is next in the seat of the sleigh, great-looking reverse cowgirl on the fake rocks. Finally Van jerks himself onto Monica's face, but it goes everywhere - right down to her body, mouth, chin, across her eyes, into her hair, and then Monica gives him some post-cum head, which is inexplicably cut short.

Except for the cutting short of the post-ejaculation oral, this was another solidly good scene. Once again there was no anal but there was also no choking or gagging. Another two attractive people fucking in that magazine-layout fashion.

Hustler Centrefolds #6 is a title that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending if you're the type who enjoys Hustler/Penthouse-style magazine layouts and would like to see them in porn movie form. It wasn't pushing-the-limits hardcore, and the girls weren't all-new fresh-faced teens, but if you like the pornstar/stripper look and don't mind the lack of interviews and vignettes and such, then it's an overall solid title, let down slightly by the girl-girl scene not being up to par with the rest of the title, but still a good one to pick up. Some of Hustler's other directors might want to take a few notes from Richard Hamilton, particularly on the technical side.

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