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Hush (Wicked)

Hush (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Hush (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hush (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hush (Wicked) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Hush (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Hush (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hush (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Hush (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hush (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/20/2009
Good morning fans, NFL sunday but we can work in some porn too right!! Got a feature here starring the lovely jessica drake who plays a psychologist something she found easy to choose as a career path but she's wondering why most of her clients are cops when her dad was one and she saw firsthand how his lifestyle affected the whole house. To top it off she's dating a cop who is currently investigating a serial killer. A couple developments then happen which will change her life forever, a new patient who seems to offer the things her boyfriend isn't and then a bad guy who just wants her dead. So that's the basic storyline without the ending and we need to get those juicy bits covered too, namely the sex!! A fine cast here which is probably familiar to a lot of Wicked Pictures views with Alektra, Kaylani and Mikayla joining their contract sister jessica. Guy wise you have familiars too with Wicked's Brad Armstrong and Randy Spears joined by Eric Masterson and Alec Knight.

So we open the movie with jessica alone watching the news which always seems to feature a story on death. The power then goes out and from what I gather watching this is towards the end of the storyline I touched on above. jessica calls out for Matt a couple times who I assume is her cop boyfriend before she rushes into the shower, closing the door and trying to raise him on her cell. The ole light movement under the door trick is then used as jessica sees something but that's when we cut away to the opening credits and I would guess we're going to go back and see how we got to the point of jessica rushing into the bathroom.

jessica drake:

We do indeed go back in time and jessica's looking sexy on the bed as Eric comes home from work. jessica wastes little time in helping him unwind. There's a nice doggie pose as she leans in to suck his cock, ahh the badge on the bed too, nice. The lighting was a little dark but you shouldn't have any problems making the naughty bits out. I do enjoy a good pussy licking session so good to see Eric pleasing his woman and jessica's sure to encourage him here. Some solid couples style sex then follows with jessica fingering her ass while riding vag in cowgirl being a highlight. Pretty good open shot too for the doggie, that's a nice ass jessica! No anal this time but still some good action ending with a facial for miss drake. We are off.

After that nice of sex we get a good voice over plot development from jessica who wonders why she would get involved in the same type of lifestyle ala dating a cop that was so problematic with her own father growing up. You see Eric looking down on jessica's car as she drives off. After the sex he was quick to pick up the badge, get dressed and was back into cop mode, practically forgetting jessica and her facial expression there lying the bed seemed to convey this. We then get more voice over work from jessica as she relives this painful past with her father Randy who tries to rationalize his work but jessica's not hearing it. She wants and needs a father and Randy just isn't there for her. A shot then takes us back to when jessica's a baby and Randy's standing over her crib singing Mockingbird to her and hello the word HUSH is part of that song and Randy does a nice job of trying to convey as he looks down on his infant daughter of his love but we see later how his job has taken it's toll. Back to reality for jessica as she's called on the cell by Eric who is worried about why she just left but the two seem to not be on the same page, she just hangs up on him asking him if he was really 'there' meaning in this relationship. A little flashback to when they first met, how it was all innocent and the flirting was immediately there. Shots too of the more joyful times, sex in the shower but then the big serial killer case came and this took over Eric's life for the most part. Eric had asked jessica to move in too early on, he needed her but when this case came you see the change as she's trying to get his attention but he's on the phone and begs her off and walks off to take the call, photos of the case strewn all about the coffee room table. The killer it seems wants to be caught but won't turn himself in.

We move on to where jessica meets a new patient, Brad Armstrong, but he too is a cop as are most of her patients. He has the rough exterior working from the start. His coming to see jessica was not his choice. The incident which brought him here was a bar fight. This also leads to our second sex scene.

Alektra Blue:

So we happen upon Alektra and Brad as they chat in the parking lot, the flirting was intense and she liked his shiny badge! We work jessica back in too as Brad recounts his night to this shrink. But this last encounter was different with Alektra, the flirting this time leads to something. Boobs come out, hands feel and there a few kisses here and there. Alektra is pretty direct too dropping down to free his cock and again the lighting here's darker but it's also nighttime and you still get good shots of the bj. Brad gets out to do a little more kissing and fingering to her pussy, liked him turning her around for a good face burying shot into her ass. A little more finger action and then you actually see Brad put on the condom. Good standing action here which turns then to Alektra sitting on the drivers seat and Brad pounding her in mish. Good facial closes this parking lot tryst out. Now back in the bar we get a patron who saw them in the parking lot riding Brad about it and this leads to the confrontation as he talks about her tight pussy. This sets Brad off and he slams the guys head into the bar knocking him out, so now he's here to see jessica. The story then brings in the serial killer but we can't know who he is yet but we have Veronica Hart here doing her best momma impersonation, riding her boy. Back to jessica real quick who's on the phone with Eric, he won't be home tonight, maybe breakfast in the morning.

Kaylani Lei:

So this leads to jessica again musing on her life choices and we're taken back to a time where she saw her father having sex. Tip toeing down the hall she looks in the room and she sees Kaylani giving him head. Who wants to watch their parents have sex, lol, but jessica stays but for us the shot moves in and nice'n'close too as Kaylani works over that cock. Some nice shots of Miss Lei's body and we also get some good oral for her along with Randy using a few fingers to tingle those pussy lips. Sexwise gotta love the cowgirl here, nice shot on her ass as her pussy hugged that cock. Solid drilling from behind too from Randy and we get a good pop to her oustretched tongue with cleanup to close it. Right after this we get the dreaded cop walk up to the house, you know the kind when they bring bad news and Randy met with a bad end so jessica will never get to patch up that relationship which seemed to be a goal of hers. She wonders why trade that life of being lonely, wanting your father for a life where she's lonely wanting her boyfriend. jessica still tries to rationalize it, this was a big case for Eric and little does she know but jessica will soon become part of this case.

Calling him at work she leaves a message, she's going to try and be more supportive but we saw Eric at the job putting his phone on going to message so not sure if he'll be receptive or not. But we catch up with Eric at the job and hello Brad's there too and the guys get into discussing girlfriends, who has one, etc. Brad's like she's gotta understand the job, the long hours and Eric seems to realize he's letting jessica down and hasn't found the right way to balance the job/ relationship out and he wonders if there'll be enough time. We go back to jessica who's trying to sleep but is awakened by a phone call, no one says anything but you hear the click of someone hanging up, perhaps the killer has a new victim. Next morning Eric comes home with doughnuts but he still seems fixated on the case, images flashing in his mind even as he has a nice romantic moment with jessica. We then get a cool shot, frozen water as we see jessica in the shower, it's a 360 degree move almost before the shot unfreezes and we have jessica doing the normal shower thing not to sexual here but I still love shower time! She comes rushing out for nookie but finds Eric sleeping. Another session then with Brad who doesn't know the shrink he's talking to is Eric's girlfriend. jessica tries to press him on the case he's working on but Brad's not talking about it but he does start to open up in other areas concerning his job. jessica listens but then Brad turns the focus on her, wanting to know about her. Time runs out on this session, two more to go. Brad asks before leaving if she likes sushi, ahh perhaps some designs on jessica are forming even though she told him about her boyfriend- but not who it was.

Mikayla Mendez:

So we see Eric back on the job but he steps out for a break and what does he find but two fellow officers getting it on. Alec Knight is all over Mikayla getting those titties out and Eric watches while we get some ominous music playing-- only when he's watching though so not sure what to make of that. Alec does well licking those titties, then it's Mikayla's turn dropping down to handle his nightstick-- ok that was bad!! Still good close bj shots here lead to some close in shots for the fucking too. Standing doggie, a pause to eat her pussy, then it's back to nailing it in mish. Mikayla looks very good in the chair, legs opened up and Alec pounding away. We end with a pretty good facial too with cleanup from Mikayla-- side view and up close for both. No more shots of Eric peeping on them but we do get an interesting development as the next shot takes us to a sushi place where jessica and Brad are continuing their discussion. Oh ok, seems he fired her as a therapist so is this a date, lol. jessica does another voice over and this reminded her of the old Matt, when they first met and not the all consumed job Matt that is now present. Brad still has no idea about Matt but he does know who jessica's father is and how he was killed in action. The two seem to be getting close here. We get a slight detour back to the station where the ominous music comes back, nighttime vision takes over and Officer Mikayla Mendez is attacked by someone and I don't think she's getting up from that brutal assault.

We get another peek in with Veronica Hart who's berating her boy, you better tell momma what you done or I'll turn ya in and I'm assuming this is the killer we just witnessed off the lovely Mikayla. Well that was the wrong thing to say and even though he loves his momma he walks up and I'm assuming we've seen the last of her. Now back to jessica who's sitting in their place musing on her time with Brad, it felt good but she's still attached to Matt. This leads to our final sex scene.

jessica drake:

jessica is taken to the precinct room where Brad in full on cop gear-- he so far has worn the more laid back shirt and jeans ensemble. But hey it's a fantasy so he's a cop in a cop uniform and jessica's already down to her lingerie as they begin passionately kissing, falling onto the desk. jessica looks fantastic in her jet black lingerie and Brad has fun working around it for a little pussy fingering and this only intensifies when she has a seat on the desk, legs opened nice'n'wide. Brad then takes out his dick and jessica's all to ready to engulf it while continuing the pussy stroking. Sexwise we get another good ride in cowgirl where jessica's fingering her ass and this time we do get some ass play as she literally uses a nightstick to fuck her ass so it made it all to easy for Brad then to slip in after she's done nightstick A2M. Great open mouth pop to close, cleanup too from jessica who has a nice bit of jizz dripping down her chin. Ok now to resolve the story!

Well this was obviously a fantasy which bring her back to reality when she gets a patient visiting. jessica loved the fantasy but she was still committed to Matt and she was willing to do the work. If the time came to end it she would but we haven't hit that point yet. Another talk with Matt and he's exhausted from all of it, feeling out of sorts and not quite himself. He feels like he's in another person's body, the images still flashing in his mind of the crime and now there's a pain in his head too. Matt tells her of Mikayla's murder, the press doesn't know yet. The guy seems to really want to get caught now being so brazen. jessica wants to help but another call comes in, the job so Eric takes it. A big break perhaps comes in, an address and he rushes off leaving jessica alone. This takes us to the point at which the movie started. As Eric tries to find clues at this address we go back to where the lights go out, jessica calls out for Matt and then the rush into the bathroom. She's frantic as the shadows come right under the doorframe, back to the address where Eric and his men find the dead body of momma, eyes still open in that final terror stare. jessica then calls 911 saying the serial killer is in their apartment.

We get a hello johnny moment when the killer breaks through the door and hello it's Brad. We know it had to be either Brad or Eric who was the baddie. We hadn't seen Brad be anything but sympathetic so far so the transition to full on serial killer mode was good as he fills jessica in on his motivation. jessica is a mess and we hear a sick rendition of Mockingbird from Brad-- he wants to hear her scream out I'm afraid and she eventually does. It was like feeding a drug habit watching Brad's facial reaction. He then opens the door and a shot rings out. Eric is suddenly behind her saying everything is ok, it's over. He's going to take some time off and spend it with jessica who still wonders why she spends so much time with cops. Basically it's about missing her dad and wanting him back in her life. Eric did take the time off and things were good, even when the next case came along this feeling of abandonment wasn't there anymore so a happy ending after all for jessica and Eric!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was another strong flick for Michael Raven and Wicked pictures. jessica is such a strong leading lady and offers up another fabulous performance here. Eric Masterson and Brad Armstrong as the male leads more than held their own and watching the turn in Brad's character in the final 10 minutes was handled well. Sexwise we had strong scenes throughout, two for jessica fans with one anal. Alektra looked good in her truck boning with Brad while Kaylani's bed in with Daddy had a few good moments also. Mikayla didn't get to lay down the law for long but she did well in taking on Alec Knight. Extra wise we get a bonus scene lifted from Mobster's Ball 2 with jessica takin on Randy Spears and Kris Slater.

I like how they open this with a serial newsreel like you'd see before the picture shows of the time. Getting the news of the day and they did it right too with the scratchy picture, the style of the newspaper and the music too was spot on I think for the time period. So from that we go to technicolor and the lovely miss jessica drake who is Jane Q. Law! The seedy music style still plays as we the crime scene laid out. There are two men there along with jessica, Randy Spears as the beat cop and Kris Slater as the cub reporter who might be taking the first photos of his hopefully long journalistic career. The outfits were cool from the cop to the reporter to jessica's detective. Not sure how many wore purple ties or no bras under their white shirts but it sure looked hot-- would've had me talking in no time if jessica had been before me peppering me with questions. Well they don't use any dialogue here just the visuals but those do a good job of drawing you in and then jessica does the rest! The camera and billy club are set aside so jessica's cock hungry mouth can get to the truth and she has a blast finding out what they know, lol. Solid dick sucking here and then the guys do a fine job of laying pipe to her pretty pussy. There is some talking but it's the visuals which were most powerful here. The guys each get a good shot at nailing that pussy before blasting off to jessica's face with fine cleanup too from our girl. Solid start to this one.

So a nice addition but kinda weird since Randy played her dad in this one, lol. A good flick for couples fans, jessica drake fans and fans of good acting paired up with pretty good sex.

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