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Hungry Heart

Hungry Heart

Studio: NuTech
Category:  Feature film , Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Hungry Heart:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Hungry Heart overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Hungry Heart Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Hungry Heart Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Hungry Heart Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hungry Heart Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Hungry Heart DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hungry Heart A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/3/2001

Running Time: 106 min.

Production Date: 4 / 15 / 1996

Director: Rick Blaine

Cast: Shanna McCullough, Missy, Nici Sterling, Sid Deuce, Lovette, Suzi Suzuki, Tom Byron, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Mickey G., Rick Masters, Wilde Oscar, and Dave Hardman

Initial Expectations: There’s quite a bit of great talent here that should be able to make this work.

Initial Reaction: It’s a well done feature that does a good job mixing fetish sex with a couples movie.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who’s curious about fetish sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for a more standard couples movie

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is often slightly unbalanced and has an electronic sound to it every now and then. There’s also a few dubbed areas and a few areas with no audio outside of the music. The video is normally clear, but has a bit of grain throughout the feature and a few spots where the lighting is a little low, beyond just mood lighting, and some where there’s way too much natural light.

Music: The music starts out with a slight eerie feel to it, which fits some of the fetishist feel to the feature, but turns into more of a romantic style that would seem to fit more romantic features such as Nick Orleans’ films. It fits some of the scenes, but normally brings down the scenes rather than enhancing them. If this isn’t enough, it’s also way too loud and covers up a lot of the other audio.

Menus: The main menu has a few small clips from the feature and is fairly well organized. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene and a title for the scene.

The Feature: It’s so hard to fins love as a dominatrix. The last time Shanna McCullough had a relationship she walked in on another girl fucking her boyfriend in the ass. Now she has a hard time letting down her guard around anybody but her servant Nici Sterling. Even though she’s able to release great love between other couples, it still eludes her. The only time she gets close to love is when she’s paid to be a dominatrix or when she listens to others having sex, which brings the added burden of reminder her of her own loneliness.

Sid Deuce, a fairly attractive bleached blonde with a great bubble butt, starts things out strapped to a table for mistress Shanna McCullough, an attractive brunette with slightly overdone tan lines, while her husband, Alex Sanders, is blindfolded and tied to a post. Shanna removes his blindfold but leaves him tied to the post to make him watch her drive his wife wild. Shanna undoes Sid’s restraints and panties, kisses her a little, and then dives into Sid’s pussy with her tongue and fingers. Shanna fucks Sid from behind with a strap on while spanking Sid’s ass and trash talking back and forth. It’s a very hot scene that has great chemistry. It sets the mood very well for the feature, and sets things up very nicely.

Missy, an intense blonde with a great body as well as being a former Wicked girl, and Mickey G., who was at one time her real life husband, get busy on a bed. Mickey’s wearing a mask and a collar with a leash that Missy uses to slap him while Missy has on some nice fetish style lingerie. Missy starts off riding Mickey’s face and then has him fuck her from behind. Missy turns the tables on Mickey next, making him beg her to fuck him in the ass while spanking his ass, and then pumps away on his ass with a strap on. Some of it appears like it was faked, but there’s quite a bit that obviously isn’t. Afterwards, Missy sucks Mickey to a finish and lets it spray all over his pubes. It’s a hot scene and has great chemistry. Since there’s a babe balling a boy it’s not for everybody, but it is handled very well.

Sid Deuce and Alex Sanders make love beside a large bathtub in the next scene. Alex starts out with his head buried between Sid’s legs, and making sure her pussy stays nice and wet with lots of spit. Sid returns the favor with some great head before laying back for Alex to fuck her pussy on the edge of the tub. She takes his pop on her ass and then gives it a couple pulls to make sure it’s all out. It’s a nice looking scene, and seems to have very good chemistry, but unfortunately doesn’t have any audio other than the sappy romantic music. Normally it would fit a scene like this very well, but after seeing these two last in a fetish scene, it doesn’t fit the scene and brings it down some.

Nici Sterling, an extremely cute brunette with nicely augmented tits and looking absolutely stunning in a tight white turtleneck and a black shirt and stockings, gets busy with Wilde Oscar on a couch. She starts off giving Oscar a hot blowjob while he plays with her pussy and then lays back to let him pump in and out of her pussy. Nici nicely takes it in her pussy in a few positions before moving Oscar back into her ass. She finishes it off by taking a very nice facial. It’s a very hot scene and has great chemistry. It seems a little tame compared to some of the earlier scenes by not having any fetish aspect to it, especially with Nici being Shanna’s servant, but has enough heat that the fetish aspect is soon forgotten.

Lovette, an augmented blonde well known for temper tantrums, and Tom Byron, often one of the scummiest looking guys in porn, pay a visit to mistress Shanna next. Shanna has Lovette fill her glass and then has Tom lick Lovette’s shoes and suck her heels before eating Lovette’s bald pussy. Mistress Shanna finally allows Lovette to suck Tom’s cock after a little begging while she spanks her ass. Shanna finally has Lovette climb on Tom’s cock and then tells them when to change positions, what position to fuck in, and which hole to fuck. Lovette finishes the scene off by taking Tom’s pop in her mouth after he jerks off furiously. It’s a pretty hot scene that works fairly well just because the camera rarely shows Tom’s face, as well as keeping Shanna as a nice driving force throughout the scene.

Suzi Suzuki, an average looking oriental with real tits and a very nice body, adds insult to injury by cheating on husband Mark Davis with Dave Hardman and Rick Masters. The scene starts in the middle, as Mark finds out, with Dave pumping Suzi from behind while she sucks Rick’s cock. The guys trade back and forth while Suzi plays with her asshole and then double up on her holes. Neither guy lasts too long before unloading on her ass. It’s an okay scene, but very short.

Finally, Shanna McCullough and Mark Davis hook up. The movie leads very nicely up to the Shanna and Mark of them hooking up, and does a great job in building the chemistry between them as opposed to having them just meet and start fucking. They cut their dinner short to shower together, where Mark starts working on Shanna’s body, and then make their way to a low lit bedroom where Mark continues to work her over with his tongue and fingers. She reciprocates with a very nice blowjob before climbing onto Mark’s cock. They work through a few other positions before Mark nicely decorates Shanna’s face. It’s a very romantic scene that flows nicely throughout. It’s a great ending for the couples film here, however leaves the fetish side very unfulfilled.

Hungry Heart is a very different type of feature. It’s a love story about a dominatrix. It mixes a few fetish sex scenes in with a couples style feature, and spanning both nicely, but not going either way quite enough to completely satisfy fans of either. It should, however, satisfy and raise the curiosity of couples who are curious about fetish sex but not quite daring enough to check out full fledged fetish sex features such as those in Private’s Pirate line. It’s not an easy thing to do, yet Hungry Heart does it well. The biggest problem with the entire feature is the music, which rarely fits the scene, and some of the technical aspects, such as the actual scene audio not being there. Despite these problems, Hungry Heart is still an enjoyable movie that should raise some new interests in many couples.

Extras: Bios are included for Shanna McCullough, Sid Deuce, Missy, Nici Sterling, Lovette, and Suzi Suzuki. Each bio includes a little bit of personal information, a still of the performer, and a link to the star’s scene. The slide show lasts two minutes with about five second per full screen photo. The photos look just a little blurry and appear to have been taken directly from the feature rather than separate photos from the production. Trailers are included for Boogie Now, Coming To Beverly Hills , Coming to Beverly Hills 2, My Best Friend’s Wife, the Kaylan Nicole series, A Peek of Pandora, It’s a Wonderful Life, Price of an Education, Promises - Collector’s Edition, Sensual Experience, and one of my personal favorites, Sex, Lies, & The President. There’s also website information, company information, and other audio options.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, B&D, fetishwear, toys, spanking, male anal stimulation, anal, shoe worship, toe-ing, and DP

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Overall: Currently, Hungry Heart can be found online for between $8.50 and $22 with a couple stores offering it for under $15. If you’re at all curious about fetish sex, this is a great place to start, especially at this price. The sex has a nice variety, mixing fetish sex with couples sex which gives Hungry Heart a very unique feel that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Unfortunately, the transfer is pretty average, as are the extras, which makes the label of “Platinum Club Edition” a little misleading.

Note to NuTech: I’m not really sure what makes this worthy of a label such as “Premium Collection”. There’s nothing here that really separates this DVD from those of most other companies. If you’re going to put labels on your DVDs to make them appear to be something special, please do something to the DVDs so they are. If you don’t, the customers will remember it and look past you at first when you really do do something really impressive.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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