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Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve)

Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve)

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Anal , Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Hungry For Ass (Adam & Eve) A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/12/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 231 min. (cover states 235 min.)

Production Date: 3 / 30 / 2004

Director: Various

Cast: Alexa, Ann Marie, Aria, Ashley Long, Brooke Ballentyne, Cailey Taylor, Carmen Luvana, Cindy Crawford, Dominica Leoni, Dru Berrymore, Dyn-a-mite, Jessie V., Melanie Jagger, Nicole Sheridan, Nina Hartley, Rhiannon Bray, Shayla LaVeaux, Velvet Rose, Venus, Cheyne Collins, Dick Nasty, Evan Stone, Guy DaSilva, Joey Ray, Manuel Ferrara, Mickey G., Rafe, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher, Steven St. Croix, Tyler Woods, and Voodoo

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Adam & Eve’s comps can be kind of hit or miss. I’m not sure what to expect here.

Initial Reaction: It's a pretty good compilation.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of anal sex with a couples slant

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants to know who the performers are and where the scenes come from in the compilation

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects vary a bit from scene to scene, just as one would expect with a compilation. For the most part the technical aspects are well done, but there are a few scenes with a little background noise. The video is all presented in the full frame ratio, with some scenes coming in with a non-anamorphic widescreen format or look like like they were stretched to fit the full frame ratio. The lighting varies a little as well, as does the grain.

Music: As with most compilations, the music varies a bit from scene to scene. Sometimes it's a bit loud, sometimes it's well balanced, and sometimes there isn't even any music.

Menus: The main menu is thoroughly unimpressive with a few pixelated still of a couple of the girls with some colors flashing by. The chapter menu is just as unimpressive, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a scene number.

The Feature

Hungry For Ass keeps things extremely simple. It's a compilation focusing on anal sex, and goes from scene to scene without letting you know anything about anything in the movie.

Scene 1 - Alexa and Evan Stone

Alexa’s scene from Emerald Rain with Evan Stone starts things out. Evan comes out of the woods looking like he’s gone native as Alexa washes her hair in a pool by a waterfall. He licks her pussy before fucking her face, and then fucks her from behind on some rocks. They get in a bit of missionary work before Evan fucks her ass doggie style. Finally, Alexa sucks and strokes Evan until he gives her a nice creamy load on her nicely natural tits.

This is a very warm scene. It seems like it’s more concerned with being pretty and capturing the scenery than showing passionate sex, and it isn’t helped out by the technical aspects. There’s no audio from Alexa and Evan, and the picture looks like it was stretched from a widescreen aspect to a full screen aspect. Although there’s anal, even that seems like it was trying to be softened as much as possible. This could have been a pretty good scene, but it just feels too pretty and sanitized.

Scene 2 - Aria and Steve Hatcher

The second scene comes from Naked Hollywood 13: Obsession. Brunette Aria kisses Steve hard in what looks like a strip joint, and he doesn't waste any time going after her tits and rubbing her pussy through her pants. She strips down and drops down to happily suck and stroke his schlong before sitting on the edge of a table for Steve to eat her pussy and lick her ass. Aria grabs the stripper pole for a bit of guidance as she lowers her pussy over Steve's reverse cowgirl style, and then gets on all fours for him to take her like a dog in each of her holes. Finally, Steve pulls out and pops on Aria's back with a below average load.

This is a slightly above average scene. Aria looks darn good and takes it in both holes extremely well. She and Steve also have some pretty good chemistry. The only problem with the scene is that the action feels a little held back at times and there are also no position changes shown. This is a pretty good scene that had the potential to be even better.

Scene 3 - Dyn-a-mite and Steve Hatcher

Dyn-a-mite’s scene with Steve comes from Nina Hartley's Guide To Sensual Domination 2: How To Dominate A Woman. Dyn-a-mite starts out in a little sexy rubber outfit, and lets Steve take her over his knee to spank her ass and tongue her holes. He moves her around a bit to work her over orally, and even slaps her ass lightly with a flogger when he gets her back on all fours. Dyn-a-mite kisses her way around Steve's shorts before pulling them down to suck his cock, and then lets Steve fuck her from behind standing up in a doorway. He has her crawl around to a bed and get on all fours before he fucks her from behind a little more, and then spoons her pussy a bit. Dyn-a-mite gets up to slide her shitpussy up and down Steve's cock reverse cowgirl style, and finishes things up letting Steve pop in her mouth. Steve lets go with a good pop that looks to really surprise her, as she recoils from it at first before coming back with a smile.

This is a pretty hot scene. Dyn-a-mite looks pretty darn hot here, and shows off a great attitude. There's plenty of little smiles and laughs from her as they fuck, and she looks like she's having a great time. There's no really hard domination here, but it does raise itself up a little here and there. It isn't enough to quash the chemistry, but it is enough to add just a little edge now and then. This is a pretty good scene.

Scene 4 - Cailey Taylor and Guy DaSilva

Next up is a scene from Amateur Angels 10. After cute blonde Cailey talks about coming from Phoenix where she used to bartend and run a club, Guy gets right to work going after her big fat titties. He moves down to lick her pussy before letting Cailey reciprocate while giving him some great eyes. Guy breaks out some chocolate and regular whipped cream that he squirts around Cailey’s body before working on her orally again and fucking her missionary style. Guy fucks her doggie style next, and at Cailey’s suggestion moves on to fuck her ass. Cailey seems to want it much slower than Guy does, so he moves back to fucking her pussy from behind. Finally, Guy pulls out and pops on Cailey’s ass and back.

This is a fairly average scene. Cailey and Guy have great chemistry, and I kind of like the reality and care of Guy moving back to Cailey’s pussy when it seems like the ass isn’t going to work right for her. On the other side of things, the camera work often left a lot to be desired for me. It focused on the penetration way more than I liked, especially here because Cailey really is a cutie. Even without Cailey being so darn cute, the camera rarely gave an angle I was happy with, and frequently held the scene back for me. This scene has some good potential, but I didn’t care for much of how it was captured.

Scene 5 - Ann Marie, Cindy Crawford, Melanie Jagger, and Steven St. Croix

Secret Suburban Sex Parties checks in next with Cindy Crawford, Melanie Jagger, and Ann Marie. The girls show off their panties and diddle themselves with one girl sitting in a chair and the other two on a couch facing each other. They’re joined by Steven St. Croix, who Melanie goes down on immediately before climbing up to ride him cowgirl style. She turns around to let Steven fuck her ass while she plays the banjo while Ann and Cindy watch and diddle themselves. Steven finishes things up taking Melanie’s ass missionary style before backing out and hosing her down.

This is a pretty hot scene! It seems a little weird with Steven and Melanie being the only ones getting it on here, but it also helps to set the scene apart from so many of the other scenes out there. This leaves me torn because as much as I would have liked to see Cindy and Ann get in on the action, I also really like the uniqueness of the scene.

Scene 6 - Ashley Long, Jesse V., Joey Ray, and Manuel Ferrara

Next up is a scene from Hot Rods. After posing with Joey’s car, Ashley gets busy with him while Jesse gets busy with his mechanic Manuel. They play around a little before the girls each squat down to mouth their man’s manhood. The guys repay them with a little tongue action from behind before Joey nails Ashley from behind while Jesse rides Manuel reverse cowgirl style. They trade positions, so that Jesse takes it from behind while Ashley kicks things up a notch by letting her reverse cowgirl ride be for her back door. Finally the guys stroke themselves onto their partner’s chest.

This is a pretty good scene that ended up lacking a little. Everybody really seems to be into their partner, and it’s a pretty looking scene. I was a little disappointed that the scene only lasted two positions and that the girls never really got it on with each other. For what it is, this is about as good as you can hope for.

Scene 7 - Dru Berrymore and Rafe

Dru and Rafe’s scene comes from Naked Hollywood 22: Goodbye. The two of them start things out kissing passionately before Dru drops down to mix in a little cocksucking for Rafe. She makes sure to take him all the way into her throat repeatedly as she works him over orally, and then gets up to let her pussy swallow his cock cowgirl style. Dru also lets Rafe take her doggie style while he plays with her ass before letting him fuck her ass doggie style. Finally, Rafe pulls out and drops a decent load around her asshole.

Dru is one of those girls I just can't dislike. She has a natural cuteness that I find very refreshing, and I love how well she takes it in the ass. She and Rafe have a lot of the chemistry one rarely finds with real couples, and the scene doesn't move along too badly. I love how they mix in the anal fingering while fucking, but a little more ass fucking would have been very nice here. This is a pretty hot scene.

Scene 8 - Brooke Ballentyne and Steven St. Croix

Brooke and Steven’s scene comes from Rawhide. Brooke quickly goes to work sucking Steven’s cock while he plays with her pussy and ass. She doesn’t bother with Steven giving her any other warmup before letting him fuck her from behind. They move through a bit of cowgirl and missionary before Brooke takes it in the ass reverse cowgirl style. Brooke also takes a missionary ass pounding before Steven pops in her ass while pulling out.

This scene leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand, there’s some nice energy and chemistry and Brooke takes it in the ass with the same ease as some people open a newspaper. The scene isn’t quite romantic, but there’s definitely a feel about it that feels right for the characters and the feeling of the movie. It also keeps a fairly mainstream movie feel about it, which I think was a big draw for Rawhide. On the other hand, the artistic lighting for the scene often left it a bit on the dark side where you couldn’t see some of the action, and I think there was at least one position where you never even saw the penetration. I can definitely appreciate the attempt to merge mainstream movies and porn, but I think this scene went a little too far towards the mainstream end of things.

Scene 9 - Venus and Tyler Woods

Next up is a scene from Under the Influence. Venus starts things out sucking a large green dildo while rubbing her pussy. She starts fantasizing about Tyler coming in to help, as well as Nikita Denise coming in to look things over. Tyler licks and fingers Venus’s pussy before she energetically sucks his cock in return. She bends over and encourages him to fuck her ass before taking a facial to finish things up.

This is an okay scene, which means it’s pretty darn good for Roy Karch. Venus does a nice job, but for a scene that just has one position it seems to go on forever at roughly fifteen minutes. Venus looks like she’s into it pretty well, and the camera work is better than usual for a Karch scene. It has a nice artistic touch in the middle to break apart the masturbation from the sex, but it also throws the scene a little. This is a pretty good scene for Roy Karch, and as usual, doesn’t come close to capturing the full potential of the scene.

Scene 10 - Velvet Rose and Mickey G.

Next up is a scene which appears to come from Quality Time. Velvet starts things out sitting on a counter looking like she just got back from working out, and lets Mickey kiss her passionately on the mouth as well as her pierced tits. Mickey moves down to tongue and finger her pierced twat next, and then lets Velvet drop down to suck his cock and work it over with her pierced tongue. She bends over the counter to let Mickey take her from behind before letting him have each of her holes missionary style. Finally, Velvet gets down to take Mickey's below average pop over her tongue.

As usual with Roy Karch's movies, this scene is pretty much a snooze-fest. Velvet looked like she was faking her enjoyment through much of the scene, and she was much better at it than I was. The scene moves at a snail's pace, and the scene alternates between long gyno-cam shots and shorter distance shots where neither of the shots did much for me. This scene reminds you why there's a fast forward button on remote controls.

Scene 11 - Rhiannon Bray and Dick Nasty

Next up is Amateur Angels 13. Nice and realistic looking brunette Rhiannon starts her scene out talking about what she loves about anal before showing off her killer ass and legs for the camera. She and Dick flirt a little as he explores her body, starting with her tits and then letting his fingers work on her pussy at the same time as he watches Rhiannon’s enjoyment. Dick moves down to tongue Rhiannon’s pussy a little before letting her know that it’s her turn. She strips down for him and undresses him before sucking his cock, and then climbs up to ride it reverse cowgirl style. Rhiannon hops off and bends over for Dick to finger her ass to prepare it, and then fuck it from behind. Rhiannon rolls over for Dick to fuck it missionary style, and after appearing to have a nice little orgasm lets Dick pop on her neatly trimmed bush.

Rhiannon is far from an amateur, but I really don’t care. I find her look very refreshing and she knows how to put out a great scene. Dick seems to know just what she needs her as well, and the two have great chemistry throughout the entire scene. There are plenty of smiles back and forth, and the scene never gave me the slightest feeling that either Rhiannon or Dick were just there to help make rent. This is a hot and refreshing scene.

Scene 12 - Carmen Luvana, Nicole Sheridan, and Voodoo

Voodoo gets the pleasure of both Nicole and Carmen in a scene from Sex Across America: Ninth Stop Puerto Rico. Nicole starts things out sucking Voodoo's cock on the balcony before they head into their hotel room where she lubes herself up right away as well as sliding a little onto Voodoo’s cock so they can get right to the assfucking rather than worrying about foreplay. Nicole starts out in reverse cowgirl, and then bends forward so Voodoo can take her from behind. They roll back and forth a bit to see how far they can take the position, and Nicole even gets a little rough kneading Voodoo’s nuts as they fuck. After Nicole gets a little satisfaction, she goes off to get Voodoo a surprise and brings out Carmen to join them. Nicole sends Voodoo off to get himself cleaned up while she plays with Carmen on the bed. As Voodoo washes his cock, Nicole washes Carmen’s pussy with her tongue. She lets Carmen work on Voodoo when he rejoins them before he fucks Carmen’s pussy missionary style. He fucks Carmen doggie style as they girls sixty-nine, and then shoots his load on Carmen’s face for Nicole to lick up.

This is a pretty hot scene. I love how Nicole wants to go straight to the anal, and how they then back up to hold things to vag with Carmen. There’s some nice interaction between the girls, and the scenes moves along very well. It even manages to work some reality into the scene (namely having Voodoo clean up before going from anal to vag) without too disastrous of results. I can’t say that I want to see Voodoo washing his schlong in the sink, but for a couples release I can live with it. This is a pretty hot scene with some very nice chemistry.

Scene 13 - Dominica Leoni, Nina Hartley, and Steve Hatcher

Dominica joins Nina and Steve for a scene from Nina Hartley’s Anal Kinksters. Nina starts things out in a little black lingerie dropping down to check Dominica out in some white lingerie. The girls strip each other out of their shoes while worshiping them a little. Steve comes over to get a closer look, and joins in the foot worshiping as they play with each other's pussy with their feet. The girls put on some super high heeled shoes before Nina crawls onto Steve's face and Dominca starts sucking his cock, and soon after both girls are down working him over orally. Being respectful to her host, Dominca lets Nina have the first fuck cowgirl style, and then lets Steve take her from behind. She also lets Steve take her ass doggie and missionary style before letting him give Nina the same treatment. Finally, Steve shares a pop between both asses, with Nina getting all but about a drop of it.

This is an okay scene. I love the foot worship aspect, but the scene just has a bare bones feeling that makes it feel extremely cheap. The technical aspects are weak, and although there's some nice chemistry in the threesome, it was enough to draw me out of the action. This scene hovered right around the average mark.

Scene 14 - Dominica Leoni and Cheyne Collins

The penultimate scene comes from Code Blue. Cheyne and Dominica strip each other down outside an ambulance so he can drop down and tongue her twat. Dominica rewards him with a bit of knob gobbling before turning around to let him take her from behind. She lies back in the truck for a little ass fucking before letting Cheyne pop on her stomach.

This is a pretty average scene. Dominca looks very nice and takes it in the ass great, but the entire scene felt like it was more concerned with being “pretty” than anything else. I don't mind pretty porn, but here it hurt the heat and held the entire scene back. This could have been a darn hot scene, but the style throttled it back to the average level.

Scene 15 - Shayla LaVeaux and Randy Spears

The final scene brings things back to Nina Hartley’s Anal Kinksters. Shayla starts things out in a little fetishwear and a fur coat as Randy offers her a cigar she runs around her legs at a “bar”. He gives her a couple tips on cigars before lighting her up, and Shayla comments on how satisfying it is as well as how it puts her in the mood for other things before drawing him in close with a leg. Randy drops down to worship her feet before coming up to suck her tits and give her a good pussy licking. Shayla pulls off Randy's belt with her mouth so she can open up his pants and suck his cock in return, and makes sure to keep working on her cigar as she works on Randy's cock. Randy takes her missionary style when he's ready, and even picks her up to give it to her in midair as he moves to a chair for her to ride him cowgirl style. She gets up and turns around to slide her shitpussy back over his cock, and after riding him a little gets on all fours for him to continue to shaft her ass. Finally, Randy lets loose with a nice dose of dick droppings over Shayla's ass.

This is a fantastic scene. Randy and Shayla have fantastic chemistry, and although the scene started out a touch cheesy it quickly moved past it. I love the smoking aspect of the scene, and both Randy and Shayla play into it extremely well. There's a great spark in Shayla's performance, and she gets into the anal just as well or better than she does the vaginal. This is easily one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Hungry For Ass is a pretty average anal compilation. As one would expect with Adam & Eve, there isn't any of the nastiness that some might expect with anal, such as double penetrations, ass to mouth, and a lot of rimming. There is a softer feel that pops up repeatedly throughout the movie, as well as some sexy costumes. I can't have a problem with any of that, as I think some of the charm of a good compilation is that it mixes things up so that everybody can find something they like, as well as maybe even finding something new. The problem here is that if you find something new you like, you have to work to find more of it. One of the things this release should do is act like a nearly four hour commercial for what else Adam & Eve has to offer, and it should leave the viewer wanting to check out more form a movie or two or more of a few stars. Sadly, that's where the problem comes in for this release as there's nowhere on the DVD to let you know who's who in each scene or where any of the scenes come from. To me that's a major fault with this compilation, and it takes Hungry For Ass from being a pretty darn good compilation to being one that's average and just feels slopped together to get a few extra bucks from whoever wants to plop it down.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Dirty Little Devils 1, Hollywood Guru, Vortexxx, and Stripped: Carmen Luvana. The photo gallery lasts nearly five minutes with about three seconds per pixelated photo. There's also weblinks.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, anal, rimming (male > female), group, tease, toys, lesbian, and foot worship

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: High

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Adam & Eve’s DVDs can be found online for between $8 and $25, with several stores offering this line of DVDs for around $15. I'd aim a bit low on this one. There's some good sex here, but there's no effort to let you know anything about the scenes themselves. The technical aspects are just a step below average, and there's no real effort put into the extras. This is a pretty average compilation.

Note to Adam & Eve: It's nice to see you mix up the action a little in your comps, but please let the viewer know where the scenes come from so they can see more if they like what they see.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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