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House Of Wicked

House Of Wicked

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for House Of Wicked:
Overall Rating 4 stars
House Of Wicked overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks House Of Wicked Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks House Of Wicked Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex House Of Wicked Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting House Of Wicked Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras House Of Wicked DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality House Of Wicked A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/28/2009
Good day porn fans here's a new one from Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong-- this combination's been seen several times now but what's new with this one is the inclusion for the first time ever of every single Wicked Contract hottie. That's right fans, you get all the lovely girls who make up the Wicked Pictures roster on one title and the ladies will each be taking on a role from goth chick, a skater chic, and a fave of many I'm sure-- the schoolgirl look! So sit back and relax for the next hour and a half as these ladies do their thing.

Kirsten Price:

We open with this lovely young lady and the schoolgirl look is in definite full effect here. Kirsten's got the short skirt, the white shirt & tie and she smokes!! So that about hits all the buttons and from the body language she's showing to her two male costars the naughty factor is there as well, how sweet I see an apple too! Well the threesome is pretty cozy by what we're seeing so time to get naked and have some fun. A nice thing on the blackboard too written in chalk-- To Be Or Not To Be.. WICKED! I think the answer to that query is playing out as I see Kirsten working out the first of two cocks. You see the classic pose with her kneeling between the guys, trading their cocks as we also get a rocking soundtrack playing along. The fellas take turns nailing that pretty pussy, you see the condom visible so if that's a dealbreaker you probably won't keep this one but the visual here was good as the trio roll along. By the scenes end Kirsten's down to just the tie and some bling around her neck as the guys facialize her.

jessica drake:

We move smoothly to the next scene and it features jessica and I liked the ID you're shown too, same was given for Kirsten too, the lettering I think it what's really cool about it. Have to say jessica's looking real hot here and we get snippets of the other Wicked girls too but this scene will be just jessica and not one, not two, but count'em boys Three cocks for Miss drake!! The boys do a great job fawning all over jessica who gives us a few sexy stares back, you know the look that says these guys are all mine and I can do whatever I wish to with them-- pretty sure she'll do just that too. After a nice bit of pawing we get jessica on her knees and the three guys standing over/ around her. Watching this sexy girl doing three cocks at once was terrific, she seemed to really enjoy the added meat to her porn diet. The foursome only hit a couple positions, reverse was real good before it was pop time and jessica's open mouth proved to tempting a target so that's where the guys fired, nice cleanup too from Miss drake.

Kaylani Lei:

Our next scene has a decided Asian flavor to it starting with the lovely Miss Lei who's gracing the screen. The sounds also have that edge of drums beating in unison. You see a guy arriving behind Kaylani doing a couple doughnuts on his motorcycle and the set too has an Asian flavor to it. Our cycle rider stops and we soon have Kaylani making out with this gentleman who I don't know by name but looking at the back of the dvds cover I will assume he's Deep Threat, regardless Kaylani looks real good working on his long black cock! There's a nice long blowjob shot here, we're given a couple cool shots too, underneath and from the side as well. The sex is pretty strong too, hard pounding in doggie, reverse and mish-- not sure how condom P2M tastes but they shoot it. We end with a good facial for Miss Lei.

Alektra Blue:

Well the next girl up I believe is the youngest, not sure maybe Kirsten is but anyway, Alektra seemed a natural for the skater chic look so that's what she's given, the skateboard was a dead giveaway!Alektra shows off her hot bod as we get a couple guys showing tricks on their boards-- now I'm assuming those weren't the male talent who then show up taking a seat next to Alektra and the trio don't waste anytime. Tommy Gunn's all over that pussy with his tongue and fingers while Barrett Blade is busy getting his knob polished by Miss Blue. There is some classic kneel down between the boys blowjob fun and the guys do a good job thrusting their hard dicks into Alektra's mouth. The sex isn't bad, hitting a few positions, both men get their dipsticks wet in pussy juice before letting lose with their pops, Tommy graces her pretty ass while Barrett unloads on her tits.

Stormy Daniels:

The next woman is one I'm sure you won't need an introduction for, the possible next Senator from the fine state of Louisiana is here and looking pretty hot sitting on her hog so she's the biker chic!! Loved the short shorts, tied shirt and the cowboy hat was a nice touch too. Stormy is paired up here with Danny Mountain who does a little caressing over those tits which are then pulled out and kissed-- love her boobs!! Danny also lends a few fingers for the cause diddling her pussy while they're standing. We drop down then with Stormy as she engulfs Danny's cock, the side view also gave us more boobage which is a very good thing. They use the bike as a bed, Stormy lies back so Danny can have a few licks at her sweet pussy. Then it's time for fucking, mish and doggie are shot here, missed seeing reverse, I'm a sucker for good boob bouncing, there was some in mish and the dangling in doggie looked good but reverse cowgirl is a shot I'd have wanted here with Stormy. A very nice open mouth pop to close it, she pushes it out but a very good popshot to close out one of the better scenes for this movie.

Mikayla Mendez:

We keep on going and the beat is definitely picked up with this next hottie who I'm guessing's a DJ. Nice skimpy outfit and we watch as Mikayla stands behind the turntable doing her thing, but I think you'll be starring more at the great cleavage she's showing off. Mikayla also busts a few moves while Derrick Pierce is there also striking the pose. The two decide to hook up and we get some good kissing and then Derrick helps himself to those nice boobs, both of them! Mikayla gets to sit while sucking cock, resting those knees which I'm sure are tired from all the DJ'ing!! The shots were pretty good in the sex too, cowgirl shows off the ass which also gets a few good look when they try a standing doggie. This wasn't a long scene, in fact all of them were a bit shorter than normal but the action was solid and we get a fine open mouth pop here for Mikayla.

The Wicked Girls:

We have a few minutes left, time for all the hotties to get together, notably absent here was Stormy, I missed her in this but you had jessica, Kirsten, Kaylani, Alektra and Mikayla. The ladies do a lot of posing here, some you saw in their respective scenes and they have on the same outfits worn too. Lots of good visual here as we see these beauties shown off one final time. We end up with Kaylani sitting doing solo play while Mikayle pairs off with Kirsten and jessica is with Alektra. I don't think Kaylani will be alone for long and the whole group will interchange I'm sure in these last few moments. Sure enough we get Kaylani working herself into the jessica/ Alektra pairing, pussy eating for Kaylani while jessica uses a toy on Miss Lei, licking off the juices when she pulls it out. There is even a bit of face sitting shot for Kaylani, I very much like seeing pussy being placed over a face in such a manner. The girls do switch it up too, Kirsten going with Alektra and Mikayla doing some coochie play on jessica. Brad does a good job letting the shots linger just long enough to give you a flavor of the passion going on. There is some toy anal play too for Kirsten and jessica works in two so a toy dp. The girls end with some good pussy cleaning off the toys/ kissing and I'd say that puts a cap on a pretty good title, only wished Stormy had been in this scene too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a first here and you get six solid scenes here, I'd probably go with Stormy and Danny Mountain as the one I liked best but you had some real good action with all the girls. The looks were distinctive for each and you got several good shots during each scene for the fucking and sucking. Now for extras you get a bonus sex highlights reel-- this is action not from this movie and nicely you get the girl ID'd as well as the guy and the movie the snippet's taken from too-- this goes for over 40 minutes. There is a Women of Wicked icon to click and you're given the tease shots from this movie and then an interview with the girl, that was cool. You also get a making of for this movie which lasts for 23 minutes so some cool items to check out in the extras here, also a photo gallery too for those who enjoy the visual images captured during the making of this movie. Well worth it for the Wicked Pictures fan who enjoys all the girls or had wanted to see them in the same movie. The scenes had the girls separated but we get some in between scenes shots of them together and then you had the finale where nearly all the girls came back for a little lesbian nightcap! Well worth a purchase.

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