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MASAMUNE House Of Sin (Suze Randall) 3 starsHouse Of Sin (Suze Randall) 3 starsHouse Of Sin (Suze Randall) 3 stars
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House Of Sin (Suze Randall)

House Of Sin (Suze Randall)

Studio: Suze Randall
Category:  Couples
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Starring: , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for House Of Sin (Suze Randall):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
House Of Sin (Suze Randall) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks House Of Sin (Suze Randall) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks House Of Sin (Suze Randall) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex House Of Sin (Suze Randall) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting House Of Sin (Suze Randall) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras House Of Sin (Suze Randall) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality House Of Sin (Suze Randall) A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by scipio  on  12/9/2006
House of Sin

Director:Big Bad Onxxx.
Producer:Holly Randall.

Bloopers: Alektra Blue has trouble with a few simple lines, over and over. Maybe the porn studios could invest in an autocue. Or maybe just some big sheets of cardboard and a few markers..
Strip Tease: Dragon Lily does a strip of sorts for the camera.
Trailers: Lots of individual trailers - it seems to be nearly their whole catalogue: Undressed and Oversexed, Sinfully Sexy, Ladies In Lust, I Love Lanny, Dark Side, Three's Company, Addicted to Sex, Sophisticated Sluts.
Web Access: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC, visit our sites, yadda yadda, you know the drill by now..
Photo Gallery: A bunch of hi-res action and pretty girl stills in autorun format.

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind when reading the overall DVD and scene ratings.

None of these scenes feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

I've only seen two Suze Randall/Pure Play discs before, the first being I Love Lanny, which was awful technically, but featured much well-shot action with the smoking-hot Lanny Barbie. The second one I saw, "Dear Celeste.." which was directed by the same "Big Bad Onxxx" who is also our director today, was a disappointing bait-and-switch. So with one mark for this studio and one against, let's see whether I'll find Suze's studio worth keeping up with, or one to skip in the future..

Much like Dear Celeste this DVD is presented in the form of "Hosted vignettes". That is to say that Alektra Blue talks to the camera a little and rubs herself a bit, then we move onto the scenes. Though there's not much intro to the first scene...

Scene 1:
Tory Lane, Scott Nails, Tony DeSergio.
Anal, DP, A2M, Facials.

Tory Lane wants us to watch her get ravished. Tory is a very attractive brunette with an enhanced chest, wearing a nice looking black and white bra and panties set with dark stockings. She sucks off both guys very enthusiastically. Soon enough, one guy is shagging her from behind while she sucks the other guy, and as always, she leans the other way so the guys can swap orifices. Spoon and suck, RC, cowgirl, RC again, missionary. All mostly with whoever the other guy at the time is having his cock sucked. Tony enters her asshole doggiestyle, there's a brief RAC before the RC-DP. Unedited A2M, a little rest break, then a brief cowgirl-DP, some double cocksucking, then both guys rub one out onto Tory's face and into her mouth, which she laps up like a good little baby bird, before dripping half of the cum onto the carpet..

Not bad at all. Tory's performance felt a little put-on, but hey, it's still quite a decent scene.

Alektra talks about the senses, and how they're good and stuff while posing.

Scene 2:
Michelle Maylene, Scott Nails.

Michelle is a kind of golden-highlighted blonde, who is blindfolded and weakly acts with lines such as "who is this" when Scott Nails arrives and starts to ravish her while shirtless and wearing his tight leather pants. The blindfold comes off quickly enough though. Michelle looks to be part Asian, or perhaps Latina. Scott doesn't much care by the look of him, as he licks and fingers her pussy as she coos about how she wants to suck his cock. Scott's leather pants have disappeared, and Michelle sucks his cock briefly before Scott fucks her in missionary. Her porn dialogue sounds so fake and annoying that I have to turn the sound off though, especially as it's delivered in an unconvincing "little girl" voice. Baby.

Spooning, RC, P2M, doggie, and a facial to finish up. Baby. All in all this scene was pretty average. Michelle's look and outfit was really the one thing that lifted it above standard smut, as the actual fucking was pretty much par for the porn course.

Alektra enters wearing high bondage style heels and large fishnets, with a riding crop and a wholly-fuckworthy outfit. A shame she just poses briefly and then utters some nonsensical "horny" tripe dialogue before disappearing again. She's very attractive but comes across as wooden as my house's front door.

Scene 3:
Dragon Lily, Marco.

Dragon Lady is a heavily tattooed Asian woman. Born and Raised in Hawaii, though her accent sounds almost Germanic rather then Polynesian. Marco comes in and she whips his butt a little. He's her slave though, so when he takes off the bits of her red-and-black asian-themed lingere/fuck outfit, it's at her command. He gives her some head, she whips his back a bit, he fucks her from behind doggiestyle, there's briefly a split screen effect that just doesn't work effectively. Cowgirl, RC, missionary, and finally a weak facial. It was an interesting scene. Better than I'd expected, but far from outstanding.

Alektra wears lingere and sits down, talking a little but mostly posing. I'm finding her sequences more annoying than arousing by now.

Scene 4:
Cassie Young, Derrick Pierce.

Cassie is a hot blonde with a slightly longish face, similar to Sophie Evans. I know some people dislike that look, but I find it damn sexy. Cassie and Derrick are having lunch, I guess, when Cassie decides to crawl across the table and make herself the main course as Derrick beckons. They share a glass of wine, then a strawberry, he licks her breasts, they kiss, then he fucks her throat, providing us with horrid gagging noises. Great. Thanks for that. Cassie sucks some cock briefly, and luckily for us the gagging noises aren't accompanied by choking and such. Derrick strips off and Cassie is bent over the table for doggie. POV BJ, then a close-in RAC, gagging cocksucking, vag missionary on the table, then Cassie jerks his load onto her face while they both laugh and giggle.

The camerawork in this scene was lacking. Cassie is very attractive but the scene was shot at odd angles, and with far too much use of close-up, lacking the full-body shots that really work so well in porn. I have a feeling that the large heavy table used for the set dressing took up most of the presumably small room they shot in, which in turn made it difficult to get beyond medium shots. There's some odd, jarring editing about halfway through the scene as well, along with a few pointless quick fades in and out of black. Really though, this scene had a lot of potential, and unfortunately only some was used, Making it pretty much more one-shot watch porn.

Alektra is in a bubble bath this time. She says something but the music is too loud to properly understand her. Then we cut to her introducing herself again, in a different outfit in a bedroom. Then we see.. oh, the scene has started!

Scene 5:
Alektra Blue, Lisa Daniels.
Spanking, Dildoes.

Alektra is wearing a red mesh, well, kind-of-bikini, black stockings, red garter, and a stocking-material cape, along with a riding crop. She looks great. Lisa is wearing what looks like a leather and PVC corset and crawls across the floor to Alektra, who quickly discards Lisa's corset. Alektra is the brunette,Lisa a blonde, they both have porn-stripper bodies with large implant breasts, and both look quite hot.

They make out for starters, Alektra does a bit of slapping Lisa's butt with both her leather-gloved hands and the riding crop, before using a series of paddles. Alektra gets the vibe out and fucks Lisa with it. Lisa goes down on Alektra and uses the vibe on her in turn. Alektra sits on Lisa's face, spanks her some more, dildoes her again, then the scene ends..

As sexy as both girls looked here, I couldn't help notice how detached Alektra was. She fucked Lisa with the dildo, and took dildo herself and let herself be eaten out, but she didn't even lick Lisa's pussy once. Very disappointing

We immediately go into the bloopers again. Like they were something exciting to begin with. Meh.

Well, it seems that Suze Randall Productions/Pure Play Media/Big Bad Onxxx haven't learned since the last time I watched one of their films. Once again, the consumer gets hit by the old bait-and-switch, as again our cover girl and introduction-person doesn't actually get fucked by a guy in their porn movie. Im not impressed at all. This paragraph, lifted from my review of Dear Celeste explains my opinion of the matter pretty well:

Well, this was a DVD that started strong, went downhill, and then suddenly stopped without the reason people would have bought actually happening. Now I've been on ADT for years, and RAME before it, but I consider myself pretty much a normal consumer of porn. I know a bunch of the performers, but there are far more I don't know, and I don't pretend to know which women are doing g/g only or whatever at any given time. I don't think I'm along in being the kind of consumer who picks up a DVD, and expects the covergirl to be doing some b/g in a DVD that's not specifically g/g only. I'm not impressed by the bait-and-switch put out here by PurePlay/Suze Randall.

To make matters worse, in this disc, Alektra, who appears in no b/g scenes, and one g/g scene, doesn't even lick pussy. That's one easy gig, and one dodgy way to promote a DVD in my opinion. The other scenes were all watchable, but nothing here really stood out as must-haves, and even Suze's usually top-quality polish and wardrobe was lacking here. Technically, the video quality was sub-par for DVD, and the editing was noticably bad in the fourth scene with Cassie Young. Despite all these negatives, it's not shockingly bad, it's just not what I would consider good.
Worth a rental, or picking up as a cheapie.


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