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House Of Ass 3

House Of Ass 3

Studio: Evolution Erotica
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for House Of Ass 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
House Of Ass 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks House Of Ass 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks House Of Ass 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex House Of Ass 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting House Of Ass 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras House Of Ass 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality House Of Ass 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/29/2006
Alright fans here we have a new dvd from the legend himself, Tom Byron who's been utlizing his directing skills along with another tool for a few years now! This time out we concentrate a lot on the booty caressing and then violating said tushy. You have some sexy girls here to appreciate too from Aurora Snow to Kat to Faith and finally the main draw I know for a lot of you ADTer's out there is the presence of one Sasha Grey. I can't recall a single star talked about on the boards who's generated more buzz without anyone seeing a single scene than this girl. There was the Teagan thread, Sasha Knox got a long one but Sasha Grey's is unique in that besides some internet stuff and some still photos no one had seen this sexy young girl do anything. This is all about to change as the scenes should come flooding out and then we can have some "hard" basis for those opinions which from watching this scene with Tommie Boy won't change. But let's cover the other scenes too as you have some sexy young girls here who want to please you.


I like in his newer dvds that Tom has a cohost basically and this time out he's got Aurora Snow occupying the chair next to him and they have some witty banter before we head into the scene with this petite fireplug. We then see this cutie come onscreen wearing lace thigh high stockings, white cotton panties, and skimpy pink top. Tom lets the camera travel all around this tight bod and Kat's now experienced enough to give us the good tease which will set your cock on the way to hardness. Plus we see the sweet "innocent" smile of Kat's and anyone who's seen Kat work this past year or so knows she far from innocent! Tom then gets her on the couch where she sits up for a session of stroking her pussy over the panties and even Tom gets in there feeling the promised land over the panties. Kat then gets on her knees and helps out his cock and we're into it with a hot POV bj. Great closeups of her eyes and we get some gagging from young Kat. Tom then gets in frame burying his face in her ass-- panties pulled down now, and you see just how good that ass looks. Moving to the sex you get Kat riding him in cowgirl and then it's ass time with some mish anal. Kat's left the white lace stockings on which adds a bit to the scene and she's furiously stroking her kittie while Tom's sliding his tubesteak in her ass. Kat is totally down for A2M and she does it without wiping the cock and then it's even more nasty doings when she buries her face in his ass. Back for more anal we go this time to reverse and I loved how her legs spread so wide, she kept stroking her pussy and she does some sexy dirty talk too. A quick dick clean by Kat and they turn around for more fun anally in cowgirl, then on to doggie and we end with Tom shootin several streams into her open mouth. A very good start.

Faith Leon:

Our next girl's been around now for a while and not sure when she added the Leon to her name but she's been a good performer. Tom does a quick interview with Aurora's ass,lol, before we get into the scene with Faith. I enjoy this amusing time between the scenes, porn should be fun and Tom definitely has it with Aurora and then with his ladies! Going to the scene we get some sexy moving images as Faith puts her bod on display-- a cool guitar playing goes along with the images and I enjoyed that a lot, it had an acoustic feel then we get to a more electronic vibe as the music went along. Faith is good with the eye contact and her fingers know where we want to go so lots of good ass fondling and diddling to her pussy. Tom then has a few words with Faith who isn't going to do anal, she saves that for her man at home, but she isn't opposed to showing off that ass and the blue panties were a sexy site. Tom is allowed to bury his face in her bootie, over the panties though but then he pulls them down and gets to do it for real! Tom then whips out his happy happy joy joy which is very happy when Faith pounces on it giving a spirited suck off. Sexwise you see doggie to start and it takes a second or two but we get some nice shots of her ass as Tom's plugging her kittie. A much better shot then follows when we visit cowgirl and looking up we get the money shot of Faith's ass. You also see her done in reverse, mish and finally Tom has another round of jizz he shoots to her face/ mouth with some cleanup by Faith.

Sasha Grey:

Ok fans we've arrived at the moment a lot of you have been clamoring for these past couple of months, Sasha Grey actually fucking!!!! Tom has a few words with Aurora who is also new to knowing about Sasha. We get images of Sasha intercut with Tom and Aurora talking. As anyone who's a friend to Sasha on MySpace has read she doesn't think today's porn is quite nasty enough so she's here to try and rectify that one scene at a time!! This BTW was her third scene ever shot on film. Tom was all smiles as he talked about this young lady and then we get to fully immerse ourselves in the world of Sasha Grey. The dark hair sets off her expressive eyes and then Tom moves down to her ass which is covered by those ever present white cotton panties and we also get some shots of her breasts and Sasha works those eyes on us as the shots travel all about her. I think it really helps if you've been reading about Sasha some before watching this scene as you have a sense of how sensual this girl can be and then the actual images as they flood your screen help validate all the words that have been written. Tom then gets Sasha in the couch for a short talk session and you can hear how confident this girl is and moving on because we all want to see Sasha in action we get her sucking cock and she's very good. The sex starts real strong with cowgirl, I'd say Sasha's got a booty worth stroking long and hard to. She also works in the dirty talk and that's tricky to do effectively but I think she pulls it off pretty good. After some good gaggin on his schlong we move to Tom invading Sasha's ass in doggie and unlike Kat's scene where we got the overhead shot this time Tom's opened Sasha up better to the camera giving us a great view of her ass as he's fucking it. Sasha asks several times in the scene to taste the cock out of her ass so we get some nasty A2M from her and we have both performers licking ass in this scene. I can't forget to mention Sasha's finger banging to Tom's ass and he totally gets into it and we end the scene with Sasha taking a good load to her face and mout, rubbing the jizz in along with some dick cleanup. A solid debut and it offers a hint of how good she might become and I'll look forward to seeing this journey of her career unfold.

Christie Lee:

This next scene is with another fireplug but she's got a little more meat on her bones than say Kat does. The scene was also supposed to be anal but seems this day Christie's ass wasn't willing to cooperate as Tom discusses before the scene with Aurora. Still he felt the scene had good energy so he kept it in. You get some nice images too of Miss Lee showing her body off as they talk. Aurora points out this is good ole fashion fucking the way it used to be! We then skip the tease and get right to Christie sucking cock and I can see why Tom kept this is and he gave he compliments on her head giving skills and they were deserved as we see. The lighting was a bit dark here but the energy and flow to the scene was such that I really didn't mind to much, the intensity was real and that trumps a well lit bj with no passion behind it. Tom has some fun while being fellated with her white panties and then we get to some sex starting with cowgirl where the floor shot pulled back at first was nice but we do move in close to see the ass jiggling in all the right places. There is also some doggie action with Christie, again nicely opened to the camera and we don't see the anal difficulties instead we get a good facial glazing by Tom. Not a bad scene at all, the lighting was a bit off but I liked the chemistry between the two and that went a long way to helping me enjoy the scene.


On we go and Vixen is a tall red head with a good set of tits and a nice ass too. Just a side note to maybe make you all jealous a little this pussy's been about 1 1/2 from my face!! Ok it was on a set where she was bangin a guy with a strap on but we take the good with the bad in this biz eh!! We get back to some tease this scene as Vixens fine body is put on display, all natural and I just liked how it flowed. Tom then gets in the scene and he's all about feeling that ass giving it several spanks before moving down to kiss it over her tight dress which gets lifted up revealing surprise, white cotton panties! Tom kisses around those for a time, buries the face deep in her cheeks, and then the panties get pulled down so he can fully immerse himself in all that is Vixen's ass. I know this had to be fun for Tom each time burying his face in a sexy ass. Tom then lies back allowing Vixen some good time to suck his cock and then we get the sex with cowgirl flooding the screen. The shot moves in and then back giving you the full sprectrum for Vixen's ass. They get to mish soon and here the legs are pulled back almost to her head and Tom easily slides into her ass, great open view too for our viewing pleasure and we see some gaping too by Vixen. I throughly enjoyed the reverse anal-- super floor shot, the titties were moving and for fans of bush you see a nice patch is resting above her pussy. Cowgirl anal is another position shot and again good close shots which we see also when they move to doggie anal. Tom then gets positioned just below her mouth and spurts several times getting most to her mouth but there's an eye shot too, oops!

Aurora Snow:

Ok we get to the final scene and who better to close out this memorable dvd than Aurora Snow. I had lost touch with this sexy girl for a time but have been welcoming her back on my tv now for a couple months and she's as sexy as ever. The tease was a bit short but I can bet Tom was anxious to fuck this hottie. They start off with some kissing actually and Tom reaches around to feel that ass and then it's face burying time which Tom has throughly enjoyed doing in this dvd. Aurora then gets a chance to shine and that she does giving some very good head and she even gets nasty for us rimming Tom's ass and she buries that tongue in there and then she fingerbangs him-- ok I wouldn't do this for just any girl but Aurora I can see making an exception for. Tom then gets to plug this hottie and we get mish to start and you can see just by watching how good the chemistry is between the two. The give and take which make for the best of scenes is totally working here. More rimming when Tom buries his ass over Aurora's face, then it's on to cowgirl where the bed really gets a rockin-- When the House is a rockin don't come a knockin!! Anal then gets worked in as they go back to mish and watch as Aurora helps get herself off with some strong pussy fingering. The gape is real good too whenever Tom pulls out. Cowgirl which has been a real good position this dvd is shown again this time with her ass being filled and I also thought reverse was a winner when it got shown, more gaping is as well. A hard pounding in doggie anal helps wrap the scene which cumcludes with Tom firing away to her outstretched tongue. Of course Aurora offers some cleanup and I'd say we've experienced a pretty good ass themed dvd.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans if you wanted to see a good ass themed dvd this would be a fine choice especially when you add in that it's an early glimpse into Sasha Grey's career which I think all of us hope is a long one. The action throughout was good led by Kat, Aurora, and I'd put Sasha's scene up there too. Extra wise you get a gallery of photos, the pops are repeated and we get some behind the scenes so be sure and give that a look. This will definitely be a buy for all Sashanites out there and it's a good scene too showing off her talents which will only get better. Now she's a raw talent, untapped by the biz so we can see that great energy now only get more focused as the cameras capture it all.

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