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Hot Wet & Sexy, The

Hot Wet & Sexy, The

Studio: Justin Slayer International
Category:  Interracial
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Starring: , , , ,
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wraithlead's ratings for Hot Wet & Sexy, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Hot Wet & Sexy, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Hot Wet & Sexy, The Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Hot Wet & Sexy, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Hot Wet & Sexy, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hot Wet & Sexy, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hot Wet & Sexy, The DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hot Wet & Sexy, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by wraithlead  on  9/20/2009
The Hot, Wet & Sexy - Justin Slayer Productions

Just my final rating and a few random notes:

I've been a fan of Justin Slayer's previous work. He likes to shoot some positions I enjoy watching, and he usually picks sexy women to work with. His "Black Pipe Layer" stuff is legendary for me. I'm hoping I'll like this movie too, so here goes.

During the movie, a few things bugged me. First, a wide angle every so often wouldn't kill. And while i'm a fan of big butts, sometimes it can go too far. Depending on the girl, it either works or it doesn't for me. This movie had some of both.

Seriously. It seemed like half the movie was intro. Maybe a little sound during the tease would have helped, but it was still too long.

I'm giving this movie an above average 3/5 overall. The parts I liked, I loved. There were just a few things here and there that really took away from the experience for me. Even with the long intros, though, the scenes still wound up being okay, because they were long enough. I just didn't like such a long cool-off period between the end of one scene and the start of the good parts of another.


Disc 1

Kapri Styles

She's outside tanning on a mat, wearing a bikini and some hoop jewelry. As she stands up and walks somewhere, on a bluetooth phone call, we see her backside, round and juicy. Only one problem, and maybe it's jus tme. I'm a fan of big booty, but after more than six minutes of intro, I'm bored of her walking around followed by the world's shortest camera man. Well, we're over 8 minutes in, and she finally got to the bedroom at least. She teases us, making her booty bounce and posing on the bed. Oral sex is finally here around minute 13, with the guy eating her from behind. She gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob, doing a good job of it too as she sucks in a few different positions. Then he starts working her pussy pretty good in a few positions. Both the sex position and the camera angle work for me. Her riding was good, but I liked it best when he was taking her from behind. One thing I wasn't that into was the whole 'bent in half with knees behind shoulders' thing, but some of you may like it. He cums on her face and mouth to end the scene. Enjoyable once it got started. 3/5


Hellen seems to be at least part latina. That and her huge tits through her bright red top were the first things I noticed. Lucky for us, the shirt goes fast. Every curve on her looks good, but I'm hoping the intro isn't too long this time too. While I did enjoy her eating a popsicle seductively, I'd still rather have my few minutes back. Jump to the blowjob in the bedroom, with the guy laying on his back, her on her knees taking him into her mouth. I love when she was laying flat on her stomach, him on top working her, then when she started moving under him, it got even hotter. more positions, all the usuals for vag sex, and a cumshot on her tongue, and this smokin hot scene is over. 4.5/5

Vanessa Cruz

Small chest, small-ish waist, with big butt and nice thighs. She gives a good blowjob, down on her knees. She's wearing her red bikini, but her breasts were exposed. Next, she takes her bottoms off, and climbs on RCG while he sits in a chair. They move to the bed for some missionary, starting off with him fingering her first. Cowgirl, then doggiestyle, and just like the last scene, when she starts getting it from behind, this scene really took off for me. More missionary followed, and with the closeups, she is REALLY wet. He pulls out and cums on her butt to end the scene. After good heat for a little while, this scene ended slower than I expected, but was still solid. 3/5

Toni Sweeets

New to me, but probably not to some of you. VERY big booty on Toni. She kinda pretty too, long hair, a couple piercings, and butt cheeks that swallow her thong. They trade oral for a while as they warm up, him jiggling her butt cheeks while she sucks him off. Honestly, this scene did a lot of things I liked. It had a few positions I REALLY enjoyed. But it seemed like they were 'going through the motions'...but not really enjoying it. 2.5/5, because it wasn't bad, but wasn't good either.


Disc 2

Katie Cummings

Girls can't look like this. Women do. I hate to keep bringing up the same point, but you buy sex tapes to watch sex. Not to see 10-minute long teases. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but still...anyway, her black panties...and those breasts in the blue bra make me thirsty, lol...As she lays on her stomach on the bed, you can't help but appreciate her big ass. So lovely...Once the scene gets started, there's oral, with her on her knees on the couch and him standing next to it. There's a few variations of her on her back on that couch. She takes it from behind while leaning on a chair, which I enjoyed. More oral, then RCG, followed by cowgirl riding. She did a good job, and seemed to like it, but the guy seemed to just be there, as if we couldn't see but he was watching the clock. It was a disappointing end. 2/5


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