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Hot Teens Kissing

Hot Teens Kissing

Studio: Silver Sinema
Category:  All Girl , Barely Legal
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for Hot Teens Kissing:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Hot Teens Kissing overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Hot Teens Kissing Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hot Teens Kissing Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Hot Teens Kissing Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hot Teens Kissing Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Hot Teens Kissing DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hot Teens Kissing A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  11/14/2010
Hot Teens Kissing Vol. 1 features five pairs of cute young lasses – discovering their natural bisexuality – while smooching and eating twat. The kissing is superb. The pussies are more than cute. And the girls make out – as though it’s a normal part of growing up – as it should be.

Tiffany Sweet and Jayme Langford

The opening scene with Tiffany and Jayme is one of the hottest. Their boyfriends are going to be an hour late -- so they decide to make out. Hey, it works for me.

Jayme suggests it slyly, and Tiffany is more than willing. Tiffany is a thin-faced brunette who looks a lot like Jenna Haze. And Jayme, with her heart-shaped face and red-and-blonde locks, is every guy’s (and girl’s) dream come true.

The girls tilt faces and artfully kiss. They let their hands roam -- and both girls quickly lose their tops. Tiffany is soon sucking on Jayme’s gorgeous all natural pair. While Tiffany plays hard to get -- while keeping her bra on -- until Jayme insists that it be removed.

Both girls push off their skirts -- before going back to smooching. Jayme lays on her back -- and Tiffany kisses gently down her center -- before reaching underneath to remove Jayme’s sexy undies. In a half-a-sixty-nine, Tiffany buries her face between Jayme’s thighs -- and alternates between kissing Jayme’s luscious lips and licking Jayme’s delicate slit -- which I believe is a pleasure all young girls should experience with one another before they get too serious with guys.

Jayme returns the favor. And with her cute face and tongue -- she looks as good giving as she does receiving. What’s especially nice about this scene is the passion and innocence with which the girls make love. But they do so out of friendship and to explore their sexuality -- and not necessarily because they want to become lesbians. How refreshing.

The encounter reaches its zenith when the girls engage in a luscious sixty-nine with Tiffany on top -- and with Jayme underneath -- gently teasing Tiffany’s florid, pink labia with her tongue. The girls end by sitting side by side – and enjoying some mutual toy play – while kissing each other lovingly, but of course. All in all, this was a very satisfying scene.

April Aubrey and Alexandra

April surprises her friend, Alexandra, by bringing some huge plastic snakes to their play session. The girls wear matching turquoise togs -- while smooching, undressing and reaching with their hands -- to explore between each other’s silken thighs.

Alexandra is the first to spread her gams wide to be eaten, which April does so enthusiastically. April then goes spread eagle herself to let Alexandra perform the same. The girls poke each other with brightly colored plastic from the rear -- and while in a sixty-nine. They then don a large double-headed jelly monster which they jam into one another -- while humping with scissored legs – as their tits jiggle vigorously in time with their thrusting. Wow!

Aubrey Addams and Roma

Roma invites Aubrey over to be her teacher in the art of girl-girl loving. Aubrey is very flattered to be asked -- and they start off kissing – tentatively at first and then more and more seriously. Both girls are petitely breasted which makes them appear to be really, really young.

Since the lesbianism here is stronger, the girls kiss a bit more passionately. They exchange pecks -- over the shoulder -- as the girl behind plays with the girl in front through her panties.

Roma, the novice, is surprisingly the first to go down to enjoy her first taste of Aubrey’s clean shaven snatch. Roma spreads herself next as Aubrey -- fucks her with a dildo -- and makes her taste her own juices. The girls bring each other to climax and sweetly tongue kiss to conclude.

Chloe Chanel and Kelly Skyline

Chloe and Kelly flirt by admiring each other’s make-up, jewelry, hair and boobs. They end up practicing their kissing -- which they haven’t yet done with boys. Their lip smacking interlude is long and sensual -- with plenty of tongue -- as the girls keep their eyes closed for the entire time. Kelly plays the boy -- and lets her hands roam across Kelly’s breasts. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours comes next -- as the girls spend time admiring each other’s pair. They lap each other’s nipples and giggle when it tickles. How cute.

One of the nicest portions of their vignette arrives when the girls – the epitome of maturing innocence -- are sitting topless, in panties only, and kissing. They then play Simon Says -- to finally get each other naked. (Hey, I’ve done that!)

On a dare, they orally explore each other’s pussies. Chloe goes first to lap at Kelly’s center – just as naturally as she was kissing her -- only moments before. They eat – and finger each other – as effortlessly as though they were breathing. They marvel at how good it feels – to both give as well as to receive.

Their ultimate discovery comes when Kelly straddles Chloe’s face in a sixty-nine. And it’s hard for me to decide which girl looks more beautiful – while licking cunt and sucking on her partner’s clit.

In my own perfect world, watching this video – and acting out their own version of this vignette – would be encouraged for every girl at a very young age. Hopefully, some young women – already are.

Kendra Devons and Vanessa Lynn

Being more experienced, Kendra and Vanessa shoot pool – but then end up quickly on the couch having sex. They kiss hungrily and undress quickly. The girls wear colorful socks – while eating and finger fucking each other’s twats – and tasting their own secretions afterwards. Their wide open views provided while munching snatch were superb. They bring each other to conclusion with dildos – and kiss wantonly to conclude.

Bonus Scene

In a tasty bonus extra, Jayme Langford gives us a nice solo girl striptease -- and then nastily plays with her pussy. (I always play with myself after I strip – don’t you?) The best part comes when she finger fucks herself from the rear -- with three fingers. She then wraps-up by using a toy – and sucking her flavor from it when she’s done.

Hot Teens Kissing is a nice erotic series – of satisfying girl-girl discovery. I highly recommend this original episode to any girl looking to explore -- her own sensuality, her friend’s – or the pleasures of porn – for the very first time. Guys will like it too. Please, don’t miss out!

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