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Hot Legs (Elegant Angel)

Hot Legs (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Hot Legs (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Hot Legs (Elegant Angel) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Hot Legs (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hot Legs (Elegant Angel) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Hot Legs (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hot Legs (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Hot Legs (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Hot Legs (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/18/2001

Running Time: 116 min.

Production Date: 12 / 01 / 2000

Director: Randy Spears

Cast: Asia Carrera , Alexandra Silk , T. J. Hart, Julie Meadows, Silvia Saint, Ryan Conner, Tina Cheri, Chris Cannon, Dillion Day, Dale Da Bone, Eric Price, Eric Everhard, Joey Ray, and Randy Spears (non-sex)

Initial Expectations: I haven’t seen a lot of Elegant Angel’s DVDs but what I’ve seen has normally been above average. With a cast like this, I’m really hoping for something good, especially after watching Randy Spears’ Lick My Legs .

Initial Reaction: If you liked Lick My Legs , you’ll like this. It’s a hot feature that’s sadly held back by the technical aspects.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of anybody in the cast and legs

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes high technical quality features and a well done plot

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is slightly grainy, looking more like it wasn’t completely finished than a shot on film grain as well as suffering quite a bit from over lighting. There are also some places where it looks out of proportion, kind of like many of Nic Cramer’s features. The audio, however, sounds very good most of the time. There isn’t any music, but you can hear the sex clearly. Unfortunately, the editing lacked a little also and you can hear a few of the stars’ directions. There were also a couple minor dubbings.

Music: The only music normally happens during some of the teases. There isn’t much of it but it’s at a good level.

Menus: The menus are done extremely poorly. There’s a little cut of the opening credits on top of a still picture for the main menu with the choices listed below. The chapter menu lists the scenes by numbers. It includes a cut from the scene, but they all have so much pixelation that I felt like I was watching a pre - Nintendo video game. Needless to say, with menus this poor I lost a lot of hope for the feature before it even started.

Disc Complaints / False Advertising: The cover states the photo gallery contains tons of shots. I can count the number of photos on this DVD on my fingers, which is a far cry from “tons”. I don’t really care much one way or another about photo galleries, which seems to be fairly common. To us, this doesn’t matter much. There are a lot of people, however, who love the photo galleries. If I was one of these people, this would really piss me off.

The Feature: Randy Spears returns as Duane, the same character he playing in Lick My Legs , who’s still at the psychiatrist and still having trouble because he can’t get any. This time, the shrink doesn’t help any by making a lot of suggestive comments and bringing out his fantasies out her. As they go along, Randy shares his fantasies or they just cut in another sex scene.

Eric Price starts things off with Alexandra Silk and Tina Cheri. As usual, Alexandra makes this scene a heck of a lot of fun. While Tina gets busy on Eric’s nipples and cock, Alexandra shows off her amazing legs and cheers them on a little. She teams up with Tina a little to work on Eric’s cock before Tina goes up so Eric can eat her pussy for a very short time. Alexandra hops on for her ride first, and takes Eric’s cock in both her holes. Tina plays with Alexandra’s pussy a little, and even gets hers played with by Alexandra in return when she isn’t playing with it herself. Tina gets fucked too, and is a lot more impressive her than in the other scenes I’ve seen her in. She wants it a little rougher, and tells Eric she wants her pussy pounded hard while putting his hand around her throat to choke her. Eric finishes it off with a pretty good pop on Alexandra’s face that Tina gets a little of. It’s a very hot scene where everybody seems to be really into it, which makes it a great scene to start with.

Hooker T. J. Hart (does that make her T. J. Hooker?) makes a house call to Dale Da Bone in a scene that’s reminiscent of Nic Cramer’s style. She puts on a pair of black nylons for him, undoes his drawstring pants with her feet, and then gives him a foot job as well as a blow job. Dale returns the favor by licking her legs and eating her pussy, and then lets her ride his cock, looking uncomfortable for much of it. It gets a little better when they switch to missionary and especially cowgirl, but the heat comes and goes throughout the entire scene. Dale finishes it off with a very good pop on T. J.’s feet.

Eric Everhard and Asia Carrera team up in the next scene which appears to have been shot in Asia’s house. Eric waits on her bed as Asia comes in dressed in black lingerie and stockings and puts on a little show for him. After she makes her way onto the bed, Eric works his mouth all over her legs and feet before diving into her pussy with his face and fingers. After Eric finishes, Asia takes off one of her stockings and rubs it all over Eric’s body as they kiss, finally putting it on his cock before she sucks on it. It’s a great sequence that Asia seems to enjoy immensely. As usual with Asia, once she’s worked up she isn’t coming down. Her enthusiasm continues through several more positions, with Asia spanking herself and chewing on her stocking as Eric fucks her, ending with Asia taking Eric’s pop on her tits. This is a great scene that benefits a lot from the great chemistry between Asia and Eric. In fact, I think it’s the best Asia Carrera scene I’ve seen in a long time.

Ryan Conner puts on a pair of stockings to turn on boyfriend Joey Ray in the next scene. Ryan teases him a bit and they masturbate for each other before working each other over orally. They fuck in the living room before moving to the bedroom to finish up, working through several positions along the way. Ryan ends the scene by taking as much of Joey’s load as possible in her mouth before it drips onto her tits. There’s some good chemistry here again and Ryan does a very good job. Joey’s okay too, but at one of the camera angles he really started to remind me of Steve Buscemi, who I never really want to see having sex.

Julie Meadows teases her boss, Dillion Day, with her stockings at work before telling him how she’s wanted to suck his cock. He helps her partially out of her dress before she drops to her knees to suck his cock. As usual, Julie does a great job, normally having extremely bright eyes, a smile on her face, and a lot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately we don’t get to see Dillion eat her pussy, as she goes directly from sucking his cock to fucking him in his chair. Julie does her normal squealing great job as she and Dillion work through several positions at a volume that’s sure to let the entire office know what’s going on before Dillion gives Julie a great facial. It’s a great scene with plenty of heat.

Finally, Chris Cannon convinces Silvia Saint, one of the most beautiful girls to become a human pin cushion, they have enough time before a reception to have a little loving. He starts out slowly working on her tits, stopping now and then to convince her they have time for a little more. Silvia’s great here, and stays quite playful as Chris works on convincing her. He works over her legs and feet, but she stops him when he starts to eat her pussy just long enough to make sure he does it right. Afterwards, she works over his cock with her feet before he whips it out for her to suck on. She tells Chris that she’s afraid that he won’t fit in her, since not all girls are Bridgette Kerkove, but he reassures her that he’s not a human chopstick factory and that it’ll fit. As usual, Silvia does a great job and gets into it extremely well as Chris fucks her from behind, reaching back to spank his ass to get him to fuck her harder. They go back and forth between some heavy, hard fucking and soft, tender fucking as they go through a few positions, with both of them looking like they’re really enjoying it. It’s even good enough that Silvia starts crying out in her native language. I’m assuming this is from pleasure rather than Chris doing something wrong since there’s some great chemistry between them. Chris finishes the scene off by unloading on Silvia’s shoes. It shows how into the moment he is, since now she’s going to take at least another three hours to pick out a paid of shoes that matches her outfit.

Hot Legs is filled with a lot more than just hot legs. The women are all very hot, with the exception of Tina Cheri who still looks very good here, and Randy does a good job of focusing on legs in the scenes without taking away from the actual sex. The framing sequences are also normally well done, and also have some decent heat. About half way through the feature the framing sequences pretty much fall by the wayside. They’re still there, but the sex scenes don’t blend in as they did in the beginning, which is too bad. Even the ending seems cut off, which seems ready to bring in another scene but ends in the tease. Despite that, Randy Spears has put together another hot feature here. Sadly the editing and technical qualities bring it down a bit. It’s still worth checking out, but should have been better than what it is.

Extras: The photo gallery contains ten pictures that range from almost okay down to “are those supposed to be people?”. Trailers are available for Freshness Counts, Buttwoman Does Budapest, and Tails of Perversity . Finally, there’s website information.

Themes: Straight, legs, group, lesbian, anal, masturbation, foot jobs, toe-ing, and spanking

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Hot Legs can be found online for between $14 and $25 with a few stores offering it for under $20. If you’re a fan of hot women, hot legs, and hot sex, it’s worth the lower end. It should be worth the upper end, but the technical qualities and poor extras bring it down.

Note to Elegant Angel: Please pay a lot more attention to your technical qualities. When the photo gallery and menus look this bad on a DVD, it doesn’t look like you care about your product that much. The technical qualities in the feature were better, but still left a lot to be desired. This was a hot feature and deserved better than this.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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