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Hot House Rose 1

Hot House Rose 1

Studio: VCA
Category:  Classic , Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Kelly's ratings for Hot House Rose 1:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hot House Rose 1 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hot House Rose 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Hot House Rose 1 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Hot House Rose 1 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hot House Rose 1 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Hot House Rose 1 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hot House Rose 1 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  10/13/2005
Title: Hot House Rose 1
Company: VCA (LFP, Inc.)
Length: 77 minutes
VHS Release: December 1991
DVD Release: August 2005
Condoms: None

Director: Henri Pachard
Director of Photography: Alex DeRenzy
Written by: Raven Touchstone

Liz Harris is more than just a fan of porn superstar Hothouse Rose. She's obsessed. In her private life, Liz stalks the bars for men to help her re-enact Rose's wildest scenes-and finds plenty of willing participants. But that's not enough to satisfy Liz's desire, which can only be fully quenched by taking on Hothouse Rose herself in a climax that will leave you in complete suspense...until Part Two.

From what little information I had going into this one, I was expecting All About Eve (1950). Instead, I got something closer to Desperately Seeking Susan (1985). Expanding upon the boxcover synopsis, the plot involves a recovering sex addict, Elizabeth Harris (Jeanna Fine), who works in a lingerie shop that sells to all of the porn companies, including the one that Hothouse Rose (Victoria Paris) is under contract to. The problem? Harris is obsessed with Rose. At the beginning of the film, she has seemingly worked long and hard with her psychiatrist (Jon Dough) and finally overcome her obsession. She is free to lead a normal life. So, her new boyfriend (Chapman) is opining about how great it is that Harris isnít one of those crazy girls he usually ends up with. However, as the two go through the motions of sex and he turns on a porno starring Rose to fire things up he sees just how wrong he was. She storms out and goes home in search of medication prescribed to her by Dough. When it is ineffective, she gives in and reverts back to her old ways, awkwardly worshiping at the bizarre alter she happens to hold to Hothouse.

What follows is a rather enjoyable film with two dynamite main stars and a plot they can both thrive in. As Harris, Jeanna Fine is sensational, definitely deserving of the AVN Best Actress award she received for her performance back in 1992. She handles complex scenes, such as calling her ex-husband (Randy West) and blaming him for exposing her to Hothouse Rose in the first place, with ease and makes us forget how bad the typical porn actress would have looked in even some of the simple scenes, such as obsessively watching a loop of Hothouse saying her catchphrase in one of her films. Paris, as the object of obsession, is equally entertaining. Her phone conversation with Fine where she answers a question about whether or not she behaves in real life like she does in her films with ďOh, yeah. I party all the time. I wake up with a cock in my pussy and go to sleep with two dicks in my ass. [hangs up phone] God, itís time to change this phone number!Ē is a particular highlight. Their sex scenes are just as strong as their acting. Victoriaís energetic (circa 1991) scene with Sikki Nixx probably surprised plenty of fans back in the day.

However, as fun as their performances are and as fun as the parody scene of the adult industry that sees F.J. Lincoln going so overboard that you can see Tom Byron struggling to keep from laughing is the film is not without flaws. This is a horrible analogy, but if this film is the soup then its spoon is the soundtrack. Not familiar with the old joke Iím referencing? Okay. Essentially, the biggest problem with this film is that it is often times very hard to understand what people are saying. I donít know that I understood more than two sentences Dough uttered and sometimes even Fine or Paris were hard to heard, depending on their distance away from the camera. This audio problem seems to have led to quite a bit of ADR work, and it is pretty much uniformly horrible. The TTBoy/Tiaria/Fine threesome is pretty well ruined due to this.

The SEX:
Scene 1: Jeanna Fine w/Tom Chapman (10 minutes)
Sitting in a living room with couch and TV, Jeanna and Tom proceed to do as young lovers do. Soon, she is topless with her skirt around her stomach and sucking on him with plenty of eye contact. He thrusts in and out of her in doggy for a minute or so, but when she looks back to see him looking at the TV showing Scott Irish fucking Victoria Paris from Strange Curves she becomes incredibly upset and storms out of the room.

Scene 2: KC Williams (resemble early Ginger Lynn) w/Randy West (10 minutes)
From the fact that KC answers Randyís office phone, we can ascertain that she is supposed to be his secretary. So, she does as all secretaries in porn do and gets in good with the boss. They share a glass of wine and after that she starts losing her clothing as he meanders his way from her breasts to her ass with his hands. When she bends over the side of his desk and he pulls off her white panties we see that she has surprisingly sexy thighs and one hell of a juicy ass, neither of which are taken advantage of by West or Pachard and DeRenzy. She kneels to blow him, almost deep throats a couple of times, and then moves to a standing doggy position against the desk . After a decent fuck with some quality close-ups on her face during hot moaning, he shoots off on her ass.

Scene 3: Jeanna Fine and Tiara (brunette, think Jennifer Aniston before the nose job) w/TT Boy (12 minutes)
On a big white bed, we have Tiara, an everyday girl brunette with a natural C-cup, looking good in white bra and panties on TTís right while Jeanna, in hot black one-piece lingerie, is on his left. Tiara has recruited Jeanna to help give her boyfriend, whom she loves, a birthday present: a threesome. So, heís in charge and he wants the girl he knows to suck his dick first. While she does that, Jeanna literally goes over her head to give TT an eyeful of her augmented chest. So, when he demands that Jeanna suck dick and then lets out substantially louder moans in appreciation of her oral skills Tiara looks pissed. She lightens up once her pussy gets licked by both TT and Jeanna though. She even does the whole silent moan/heavy breathing thing when her fiancť pounds her in missionary. Bad ADR though creeps in and ruins the heat of the scene, as Jeannaís mouns while getting screwed in doggy come across about as good as any scared villagerís cries of terror in a Godzilla film. TT cums on her back, and Tiara throws both of them out.

Scene 4: Victoria Paris w/Sikki Nixx (7 minutes)
In a white satin lingerie dress, Victoria is fighting off the advances of her boyfriend. An awkward call from Jeanna though fills her with a sudden need for stress relief and the boyfriend is still there. So, lying back on a couch, her classy lingerie now relegated to only covering her shoulders and the top of her back, she moans and thrusts her hips upwards as Sikki uses his tongue and fingers for purposes of happiness. The camera nicely stays in a close-up on her pussy as Sikki leaves the frame and she makes up for his absence with her fingers. Then out of nowhere he puts his dick in her for missionary and we cut to a wide shot showing him giving it to her harder than most guys working with Victoria Paris dared try. She seems to love it though, and her breasts, on full display, look absolutely marvelous. Sikki picks her up ever so slightly off the couch and thrusts even harder. Then they do doggy for like 10 seconds and cut to him doing her missionary again, preparing for the money shot. He pops off four or five solid streams of cum and some hit her right on the mouth. She even has to spit some out and forms a cum bubble on her lips. Off hand, I canít think of a single other actual facial from Victoria on this caliber.

Scene 5: Jeanna Fine w/Marc Wallace and Sikki Nixx (8 minutes)
Dolled up like Hothouse in a red dress with a red rose in her hair, Jeanna walks into a strip club and immediately locks her sights on Marc and Sikki. Of course, Sikki, who has now been dumped, knows that this mystery woman is not really Rose, but Marc doesnít care so they play along. They take her to the bathroom and throw down for some fun, never stopping to question why this bathroom a. only has one urinal and toilet b. and is so spacious. With her red dress all ready around her waist, Jeanna sucks on Marc while Sikki nails her in kneeling doggy and they maintain the same pairings in standing doggy. They take an extended break from fucking, as Sikki really works hard at eating her out and Marc enjoys her mouth. Switching positions with Sikki, Marc finally gets to poke her a little, with some great penetration shots. However, Sikki gets to finish her off in kneeling doggy. She gets his cum on her back and Marcís seed all over her face.

Scene 6: Hot House 2 Preview (2 minutes)
It looks like we can expect to see Jeanna with Buck Adams and Victoria with Jon Dough in the sequel. There will also be the climactic scene where Jeanna and Victoria finally hook up. Plus, Nina Hartley and Trixie Tyler will get in on the fun in their own individual scenes.

SPECIAL FEATURES: 3 Trailers (Peppers, Ritual, and Still Insatiable), Photo Gallery (runs for 3 minutes)

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio problems were discussed earlier. I imagine this is a problem from the original VHS masters and is not a fault of the DVD transfer.

CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH: Fine looks horrible the few times in the film when she worships in front of her altar wearing a blonde wig and heavy make-up. The actorsí voices were not always picked up well and that lead to bad ADR work. Outside of that, the two stars were as good as I have ever seen them (sex and acting) and the rest of the sex was pretty hot. I cannot wait for VCA to put Hot House Rose 2 on DVD. How will Elizabeth cope with Rose's decision to...wait. I don't want to spoil the ending of volume 1 for you so I better just stop talking now.

About the Author: One night, years ago, I happened to watch a film on late night Skinimax starring an actress named Taylor St. Claire. Captivated by her gorgeous face and astoundingly natural DD chest, I looked her up and was shocked to find that she was in fact a hardcore porn star. At that point in my life, my porn exposure was mostly limited to soft core and what hardcore I had seen looked unappealing. However, Taylor was my gateway drug, and soon I was running a fansite dedicated to her in my free time. Jump ahead a couple of years and Iím an undergrad in college writing reviews of porn DVDs every now and then. Taylorís still my favorite porn star of all time, but right behind her at number 2 and 3 respectively are Avy Scott and Christy Canyon. Among the active girls, I enjoy Haley Paige, Kinzie Kenner, Taryn Thomas, Sunny Lane, Karina Kay, and Sara Stone. I also appreciate some of the stars of yesterday, particularly Tracey Adams, Taija Rae, Joanna Storm, Victoria Paris, Nikki Dial, Heather Hart, Juli Ashton, Zora Banks, Melody Max, and Jennifer Luv. I avoid Max Hardcore, Ed Powers, Evasive Angles, and compilations like the plague. I keep track of new releases from Platinum X, Third Degree, and Evil Angel. I generally favor anal and DP scenes with big facials, but am too timid for gangbangs and any such other extremities. My favorite active directors are Chris Streams, Mike John, Van Styles, and Jules Jordan. My favorite porn films of all time include The Fashionistas (2003) and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 1 (2000).

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