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Hospital (Vivid Alt.)

Hospital (Vivid Alt.)

Studio: Vivid Alt
Category:  Alt-Porn , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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Zorge's ratings for Hospital (Vivid Alt.):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hospital (Vivid Alt.) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hospital (Vivid Alt.) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Hospital (Vivid Alt.) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Hospital (Vivid Alt.) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hospital (Vivid Alt.) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Hospital (Vivid Alt.) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hospital (Vivid Alt.) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Zorge  on  9/12/2008
Hospital! is Benny Profane's Vivid.Alt debut. It's kinda weird, and that's to be expected, but he's put his new access to some help and at least some kind of budget to good use here. It's an entertaining video with a good sense of humor and some good sex.

Mandy Morbid is the cover girl, and she gets center stage here. Things start off with a very dark scene, with Mandy in a black wig (filmed perhaps to look like old vhs footage?) as she sucks on some faceless guy's cock. The somewhat uneasy aesthetic at the beginning here makes things seem a bit ominous (and it also reminds me a bit of some of Eon McKai's aesthetic in his earlier material). Mandy is wearing a leopard print corset and fishnets as we see her getting screwed in doggy, and soon the guy just pulls out and cums. (there's a visual effect included here, too... they seem to have had some fun with cheap effects in this one.)

There's an odd omen from a computerized voice narrator and we quickly find Mandy (maybe called "Lucy" in the movie)waking up in... yep, you guessed it, the hospital! And a creepy and desolate hospital it is!

Mandy gets up to explore, and she's now in her known pink mohawk hairstyle. She sees two slutty looking nurses moving supplies (Caroline Pierce and Sochee Mala). Sochee is incredibly enticed by Caroline's pussy, so those two get it on with each other in their nurse outfits.

6 months earlier, Zak Sabbath and Mandy swindled Kimberly Kane, amongst others apparently, by putting on an act that Mandy was having a miscarriage, and that somehow money would be of help... an odd scheme to be sure. Then the couple goes to "Pappy's house" where they can get it on. And after Zak cums on Mandy's chin, he dumps a huge bowl full of candy hearts all over her. That's some symbolism, there. Probably a commentary on the "cumshot motif." Or maybe not.

Back in the present, Caroline Pierce is apparently forcing Mandy to shower.

6 months prior, something odd was going on between Mandy and Marie McCray as we see them wearing the same (very nice) dress and passing each other. As they pass, Mandy trades the black wig to Marie. Marie marches up to find Daniel who is playing video games sitting on a folding chair in the middle of a very empty large loft with lots of natural light. Marie looks incredible here, and she flings off the wig and mounts Daniel's lap (probably ruining the game he'd been working on, but no matter.) I would tell you how good Marie looks here in this outfit, but I don't think I can fully convey it. She looks damn good.

As Marie sucks and fucks Daniel, Caroline and her partner Sochee are watching via surveillance camera (and this is 6 months in the past... so something is afoot...)

So yeah, those knee-highs and shoes on Marie are super-cute, and she's super cute anyway. The action rolls through a number of positions until Marie gets Daniel's cum all over her very attractive chest.

Dr. Benny, apparently drunk, gets dragged by the nurses in to tell Mandy that she will need a trepanation since she is a slut, or something to that effect, and that she has too much brain-blood volume.

After Mandy escapes (due to another nice cheap effects stunt), she gets picked up in a car by Coco and Zak, which leads to more sex! Zak has a tattoo on his head. Coco looks great. Nice scene to finish. I'm not sure I follow, story-wise, but hey!

Extras and such Mandy Morbid's trepanation video: what is it? What will they do?
There is a behind the scenes called "The making of Hospital!" a documentary, where we get to see all of the cast and most of the crew and learn about some of the stunts and the people in the movie.
There is a photo gallery with nice pictures from Winky Tiki.

Conclusion: It's a bit confusing to be sure, but that's fine by me. The cast is great, in the looks department, the sexual intensity department and they are all fun in the roles. The setting is fantastic and really creepy looking. Benny gets to unleash his unique sense of humor and perception a bit and he brings a good aesthetic to this one. I hope for much more in the future from Dr. Benny and Vivid.alt.

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