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Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Horizon:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Horizon overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Horizon Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Horizon Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Horizon Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Horizon Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Horizon DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Horizon A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/26/2011
Good afternoon porn fans. It is getting that time of year in the porn calendar when the studios start to release their big epic movie for the year and I have the latest huge one from Wicked entitled Horizon. It is a futuristic story and the basic plot is the earth was invaded by an alien force and billions died. A select few managed to get off the planet but left behind a couple billion more that will most likely perish in the near future. We get a glimpse of what these aliens look like in the first moments of the movie though not a close one. What is left of humanity is going to head off to a base in Mercury-- what not Uranus!! But early on we learn from an important govt character that what was left behind on earth is to be destroyed as we don't plan on returning, geez that's a bit harsh. jessica drake plays the commanding officer of the ship Horizon which is tasked with going back to drop the big bomb in earths atmosphere taking care of the aliens but also of the humans left behind- being a military officer jessica doesn't disagree with the order but you can see she doesn't like it because this mission might very well cost her and the ships crew their lives. If it doesn't she promises the President, Xander Corvus, that she'll return and do something not so nice to him, let's hope she gets the chance. Anyway, don't want to jump to far ahead without touching on some of the sex that happens too along the way.

Misty Stone & Bill Bailey:

So once that first escape was made off the planet we have Misty who is a grunt catching up with a fellow grunt Bill Bailey who is in another platoon and seems he was the lone survivor from his while Misty was able to get off with most of hers intact. Anyway the two meet up in one of theirs quarters and decide to have some we survived the massacre type of sex! I have to say watching the blu ray that Misty Stone's skin looks incredible and it doesn't hurt either that the picture I was looking at was on a 51 inch screen!! Pretty standard scene with some oral on her as well as Misty giving a little head. A couple good shots as Bill nails her pussy ending with a pop just above her shaved pussy area.

Alektra Blue with Xander Corvus & Danny Mountain:

Not long after this first scene we meet up with Alektra who is playing what appears to be a whore but a very nicely dressed one and she is hooking up with who we later learn is the President, Xander, and his Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman- Danny Mountain. This would appear to be the small command center where the President and his council would meet but since I guess a few of them didn't make it they used it instead to have some fun with Alektra. She's made up nicely with some sparkly things on her face, some hair extensions and a sexy blue dress that matched those sparkly things on her face. Alektra is good with some head to both guys before they take turns fucking her pussy. Sadly no anal in this scene for Alektra but solid pussy fucking ending with both pops to her titties and she dips a couple fingers in for a taste. Afterwards as the guys are dressing jessica and her second in command, Kaylani Lei, show up and get the bad news on what their mission will be- regarding going back to earth and dropping the big bomb. jessica lets Xander know just how she feels about it, they are her order and she will obey but if she survives come hell or high water Xander will get some payback.

Kimberly Kane & Tony DeSergio:

Fresh from getting those orders jessica and Kaylani relay them to the team which includes Rocco Reed, Kimberly and Tony-- these two are a couple and retire back to their quarters where they have some we might die so let's fuck one last time sex!! Both are pros and Kimberly has such a pretty pussy which Tony is sure to lick a bit before letting his cock get in there for a few positions leading again to a titty pop.

After these scenes we move forward to the attack with a couple new characters brought on board to help with the bomb payload- Dr.'s Bobbi Starr and Andy San Dimas who gets to rock it with a Russian accent! Turns out too that Kaylani and Bobbi are a couple and they will hook up in just a sec but first we start the attack on earth. We've had a few special effects so far in this movie and they have been cool to see but they don't get in the way of the story which was good. One of those special effects gave the ship a cloaking appearance which made it disappear-- Star Trek fans will know the term cloak I should think. Well the ship is cloaked as the attack begins but some fire power and resistance eventually knocks this device out and sends the ship on a collision coarse with the earths surface. We also saw during the attack Kimberly Kane's ship get hit and she knocked out enough so that she also hurtled towards the surface unconcious with her ship taking over and ejecting her. We don't know her survival at the time Horizon also hit the surface. It was on the ground that jessica inquires of the scientists if they could still make the payload detinate and Andy says yes though it will take some time and she is ordered to go ahead with this course of action. As jessica leaves Kaylani stays behind with Bobbi Starr and the two discuss this with Kaylani wanting to not let the bombs go off and see if they can't work something out with these aliens who didn't destroy the surface when they invaded leaving in inhabitable so maybe a bargain could be struck. Bobbi isn't so sure but since the two girls are alone it was a great time for some we survived crashing sex!!

Kaylani Lei & Bobbi Starr:

The women do some nice kissing as they help each other undress. They had just crashed and the ship was on partial power so there was some light flickering in the background for good measure but there was still ample light given so you see the action. Bobbi basically took charge doing some good fingering to Kaylani. In turn Kaylani has some good moments too kissing on Bobbi's tits and then peeling her panties off with her teeth before diving back in to taste her pussy using some fingers herself to heighten the pleasure. The girls engage in a little tribbing too as the scene went along. Have to say the looked pretty good in the embrace rocking back and forth their pussy on pussy rubbing front and center. Another great shot has Bobbi sitting over Kaylani's face, tongue darting up into that juicy pussy, hell yeah!

Shortly after this scene ends Kaylani brings in Misty Stone and her platoon in on a plan to take control of the weapons so they aren't used. Bobbi has also agreed to help and knocks out Andy when she learns they are actually closer to using the weapons than the one day. We also learn that Kimberly didn't die and made it to the surface waking up she starts walking and I don't think she knows the destination. The story then takes us to jessica who shows the weight of her decision and asks Rocco Reed who is there if she made the right one.

jessica drake & Rocco Reed:

For his part Rocco doesn't debate this with jessica though he thinks she is right but more importantly she needs something else, a little take my mind of destroying the world sex! These two have worked together a few times so there is a comfort level as they seemlessly move into kissing and working out of their military style attire. Hey even as a commander jessica was wearing a thong underneath!! Good shots of Rocco moving down to sample that pussy, nice open shot right into the camera. After some very good and I mean very good oral from Rocco he is rewarded with jessica wrapping her lips around his cock but first she kisses her way down to it, taking it in her hand and licking slowly around the head before taking him in-- very hot! After a couple good pussy positions Rocco unloads to her mouth with a good blast which soon coats her chin and tits.

We go back then to the open desert where Kimberly is unaware her mother ship, Horizon, has crashed so she takes shelter right there on the sand trying to go to sleep but suddenly we see her drug off, I think by one of the aliens. Back to jessica who hasn't heard from Kimberly or the scientists in awhile so she gest dressed and heads off to see what's up. jessica finds them and lays into Kaylani for wanting to stop the detonation but we are quickly diverted back to Kimberly who is shown lying on an all white floor, knocked out but then she wakes to a voice telling her to not struggle.

Kimberly Kane & Aiden Starr:

Kimberly inquires who this presence is and to show yourself. Aiden Starr then appears and she's all white, I'm talking albino white. Turns out she is us from several hundred years into the future-- what we will become once those who survive get to the planet they are heading towards after leaving earth. They have come back to rid the earth of a cancer and I think to stay behind. Aiden also lets Kimberly know her main ship has crashed on the planet but that it was cloaked so they haven't found it yet. But enough of revealing so much plot, let me climb on top of you and engage in some future/ present lesbian sex!! A damn fine shot of Aiden hovering over Kimberly's pussy lips sucking on them and using her fingers. The pulled back shot shows Kimberly's tongue having some fun licking up at Aiden's cookie. The all white backdrop and the all white appearance of Aiden was interesting to see here. After a long 69 with Aiden on top we have her lying back and Kimberly going down in front for a little more pussy licking and finger banging. This also gave us our first real good shots of Aiden's tits, damn these were some good looking boobs! Nicely Kimberly does move up while fingering to suck on those babies. There is another good shot with Aiden going behind Kimberly who assumes a doggie pose to really finger her pussy hard with multiple fingers and a little more licking with her tongue too. So by this successful pairing does the future forgive the past for fucking us over in the present!!!

We first must see if this bomb can be prevented from going off, it's all set to go but they don't know what Kimberly does and that's these aliens aren't hostile to all of us. We head back to the Horizon ship where jessica has assembled a group to try and retake the bomb. This group includes Rocco and Tony who doesn't know his wife Kimberly has survived. A big firefight ensues with both sides firing off many rounds. One side had on helmets that had to be extras from Battlestar Gallactica!! The fight stops but there has been a hull breach- the aliens finding the ship perhaps. Oh no Rocco takes one to the head, he is dead and then jessica finds Kaylani and the two start having a death battle which is interrupted by Bobbi who has a gun. jessica takes care of her with a knife to the chest and then gets the gun shooting Kaylani. It is the aliens who have found the ship and they start taking apart the crew, some pretty bloody so is the Horizon crew the cancer Aiden was referring to and this last bit needs to be stopped. I think this might just be it though some obviously don't want to use the bomb but can the aliens separate them from those who do. Lots more fire fighting going on but it's a losing battle against these aliens who take the crew down one by one. Oh shit jessica has found the bomb and starts the final count down but a wounded Kaylani comes from behind to knock her out. Turns out Bobbi is still hanging on too though Kaylani drops down again, not sure if she's dead now. Bobbi is met by one of the flesh wripping aliens who sniffs at her and tells that she's a good person so leaves her unharmed. Outside the ship we find more of those aliens along with Kimberly and Aiden who does some mind melding talk with Misty Stone who steps outside the ship. Aiden wants to leave them with some of the future intelligence to help them start over here on earth-- a good thing right alls well that ends well. But not so fast my friends as back on the ship we see a minor spark around the bomb and the countdown starts again and there were only a few seconds left. Just as Aiden was telling Misty about sharing this knowledge we see the count near zero and........................ The end!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok we don't actually know if the bomb went off as the clock doesn't hit zero so does somebody stop it. I wonder if there will be a sequel to this show or if we are to assume the bomb went off-- but if it did how do you explain Aiden being there. She must be from the group of initial survivors that reached the final destination-- those who left with the Xander Corvus group so the bomb could indeed go off and kill Aiden now along with Misty, Kimberly and everyone else. Again I wonder, though, if there won't be one final reprieve and we can see what if any more to the story Sam Hain and co. can come up with. I went to the dvd side for the extras and you have a dvd for the movie and a dvd for the special features. Among those is a behind the scenes segment which I'd for sure check out and get a glimpse into this story and how it was put together. Another feature deals with the crawlers and those were the gross aliens we see a few times in the movie. There is a feature too on the girls of Horizon and you see some sexy photo shoot pics taken of the ladies- Misty, Kimberly, jessica, Alektra-- some pretty hot and fucking sexy girls don't ya think. There are some bonus scenes too to check out starring jessica drake who is shown fucking Rocco Reed from the highly successful parody Rocki Whore Picture Show. Alektra Blue has some fun fucking Billy Bailey from the Wicked production Bring It and finally Alektra bones Rocco Reed from the movie Party Girls. There are a couple pic galleries too featuring the cast if you feel like checking those out too. A good story which I think with the end begs for another chapter and we will just have to wait and see if Sam Hain and Wicked come up with one as I think there is more story here for sure.

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