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Hooked (Wicked)

Hooked (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Hooked (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hooked (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hooked (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hooked (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Hooked (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hooked (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Hooked (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hooked (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/3/2010
Good day porn fans time for a little feature action and there isn't a better studio or director making them today than Wicked Pictures and award winner Brad Armstrong. The star of this one is jessica drake certainly no stranger to Wicked fans or to fans of great feature films of which she's participated now for awhile. This one has her trying out a role that is of a dual nature. By day a boring office job but as we see in this movie she's added a little spicy nightlife to balance out the humdrum existence of the day but will the new life come to overshadow her entire life. Let's get hooked and find out!

As often happens in a jessica movie we begin with a sexy voice over by Miss drake as she gives us the lay of the land. This time was no different as we head to jessica's office where indeed life isn't a piece of cake. Randy Spears comes out and isn't happy at all going right to jessica, seems she's the projects manager for the firm. At a recent restaurant opening a clown showed up rather than the belly dancers which they ordered, this cost $500! So needless to say Randy isn't a happy camper and jessica's now on even thinner ice than before. So jessica needs to unwind and heads to a local bar rather than go home like she normally does. Little did she know that this is a place where men go to how shall I say it acquire companionship!! Marcus London is such a man and sends jessica over a drink. The two chat a bit before Marcus asks if she's ready to go. Where is jessica's reply and Marcus was actually quite nice about it letting jessica know this is an escort bar and it takes her a couple seconds to realize what he's saying leading to her spilling the drink on him and walking out. But this isn't the last the two will see each other as jessica's curiosity gets the better of her that night in her dreams!

jessica drake:

jessica isn't peacefully sleeping in the next shot. Nope she's in dreamland and thankfully for us viewing it involves sex!Marcus is there fucking her, eating her pussy and we get jessica in there with some nice head too, oops a 69 too!!The two then work through a few positions, cowgirl looking pretty good until Marcus is ready to explode which he does to jessica's upper chest, some to her mouth with cleanup. Now this wasn't such a bad dream was it Miss drake!

So we go to the next day and jessica's going back to work but it isn't the kind of work she had been doing! She goes back to the bar and heads over to where Marcus is sitting. jessica sits and apologizes for her outburst. Marcus is still quite nice to jessica and the two have another good conversation, at least know there's no misunderstanding! jessica goes even further saying she's ready to agree to his proposal!

Eva Angelina:

Well we head next to Marcus's hotel room and it's nice fans. Good looking bed, large space and it's got jessica too! This won't be a dream this time Marcus actually gets to enjoy it too, lol. jessica heads in to freshen up but it's just a ruse to call her friend, Eva Angelina. jessica is thinking of backing out but Eva gives her the encouragement to follow through! Ok jessica hangs up and as we pan down Eva's not alone as Bill Bailey's down below eating her box as she so lovely calls it. This goes on for a bit until it's Eva's turn with a good close view of her making his dick disappear. Sexwise you can't go wrong with Eva riding in reverse and they keep her breasts in full focus here doing spoon and mish too before the pop which is a facial with cleanup from Eva.

We head back to Marcus's room where the two are in bed, did we miss the fucking, lol. Marcus gives a reason why he prefers the term escort to hooker. An escort to him is a notch below top model-- like expensive lingerie, a few other things and oh yeah $1500 an hour! The two exchange numbers and head their separate ways. jessica gives us another good voice over as she leans over to look at the money he gave her, a good number of Benjamins. Now it's back to her office life and she's sitting at her desk when flowers arrive followed soon by a call from Marcus. We're then treated to a few shots of the two in bed fucking, it was more a boyfriend/ girlfriend thing according to jessica. No getting to know you, nope 0-60 in seconds so that means clothes flying off and lets get to it kinda deal. Their last time together Marcus lets her know he's got to head back to NY the next day so thus endeth their relationship but jessica wasn't done with this life just yet. Back to the office where she was bored and showed it in the shots Brad captures. jessica had caught a whiff of this possible new life and wanted more even if it was without Marcus so she heads back to the bar. She surveys the room and settles on Barrett Blade who was enjoying a quiet drink. jessica is definitely grooving on Barrett and he notices this and asks if she wants to head upstairs, now that's direct!


The two are kissing even as they make their way down the hallway but jessica is bold making sure to take care of business before getting freaky for Barrett-- a grand! Good thing he isn't a cop right, lol. We soon move past the money and have jessica working her way down to his cock. jessica adds in some dirty talk too, she's warming up to the escort life pretty good I'd say. I don't think you'll be to disappointed in the close shots of jessica sucking cock. Reverse, cowgirl and doggie are worked in before Barrett glazes jessica's pretty face. I'd say she was worth every penny and he agrees!

Another voice over with jessica as she now describes the not so good side of the escort life. They all can't be Marcus and the endless parade of guys pass us by as jessica talks about the change in her life. These guys were a necessary evil, paying the bills but like a tv show when one ends you just find another to watch. A not so pretty way to describe events perhaps but accurate. We go to an encounter she almost had with Eric Masterson who got her number from Marcus. Upon learning this she gives the money back and storms out. This leads to jessica rethinking her life choice. But she stays with it but I think she changes locations- where she picks up her tricks. Well at this newest one it isn't to long before she's approached by Chanel Preston who wants some action for herself and her man.

jessica & Chanel Preston:

So we get Chanel coming over and damn she's hot. The white lace top was very nice. Chanel comes right to it. She likes jessica's style and says a few of her clients like 3 ways so ok it's not a boyfriend they'll be fucking and it helps if jessica's into girls which we know she is. So jessica gets the room key and the happier Chanel is the more money jessica will get. So she heads over to the room where she finds Chanel lying naked on the bed. The date is running late but they're to get started without him. jessica and Chanel do some kissing, soft kissing which I like. jessica does a nice job working her way down Chanel from her lips up top to her lips down below! Great open shot as jessica traces Chanel's pussy lips with her tongue, tickling the little stud that's piercing it. Ok Brad then joins in going down on jessica from behind while she's still engaged up top with Chanel's cookie. The girls then get to share his cock and there isn't much more a guy could want than two lovely girls sharing his rod. The ladies then take turns riding Brad's cock and doing some P2OGM too. How about a 69 with Chanel on top, damn that was hot add in Brad fucking jessica, it's all good. The girls gets a good pop to share at the close of the scene, I'd say jessica was most impressive here.


Cut to a new day and Chanel calls with a client but he's not the average joe. He likes to be treated like shit by the girls. jessica's not so sure but agrees to it. jessica's told to wear something kinky! We move to that night and it turns out the john is none other than her shitty office boss Randy Spears! He's wearing a dog collar which should tell you all you need to know, lol. jessica's in a mask so he can't see that it's her. jessica is laying the abusive talk on thick from the start and it was actually real easy for since she knows the piece of shit! jessica then takes off the coat at least showing Randy her tits. Randy is made to get on his knees and she takes the reins of the collar and spanks his ass with the riding crop. All that was missing was making him bark like a dog, lol. It wasn't all bad for Randy sexwise as jessica does work his dick out but for now it's only stroking it. She makes Randy worship her feet so foot fans get some love as he sucks on her toes a bit. Randy then gets to eat jessica's pussy, now that is no punishment for sure. jessica then does some riding in cowgirl plus she uses a toy on her ass at the same time. This leads to our first anal action as she turns around for reverse ass fucking. jessica ends up jerking the load out onto her feet but she also dips a finger in for a taste!

We move to a new day and another phone call from Chanel! Randy was much impressed so she's got a gift for jessica. A high end client wants several girls for a party and jessica's up for it. Move to that night and jessica being picked up by a stretch limo. Chanel is there along with three other girls, Shyla Stylez, Jenny Hendrix and Kortney Kane. The limo pulls up and the hotties file out.

jessica, Chanel, Jenny, Shyla & Kortney:

But as we hit the party and see who the guys are you can't help but notice Marcus London is among them. jessica doesn't miss this and immediately heads out to leave with Marcus chasing her. The two have a quick and heated talk before she's gone leaving Marcus to pick up the pieces-- but Chanel thanks him for finding jessica and offers a drink to help sooth the pain. You see the girls have paired off with the other guys in attendance, Tony DeSergio, Rocco Reed and Tommy Gunn. Kortney gets Rocco and Tommy while Jenny and Shyla tag team Tony. We waste no time in letting the girls get Tony's dick out and share the knob polishing while Kortney gets it from both ends with her two men. Ok Jenny branches off and heads to take over Tommy's cock leaving Kortney with Rocco's reed! There is more dick swapping by the girls as they move through a series of positions, Shyla in reverse is always a highlight with those bouncing boobs. Good facial endings here too for this last sex scene. Not quite as strong as the others but certainly lots to see.

We go back to jessica who's working the streets--- yeah it seems she can't quite let the life go. Well a dude walks by and we get to it, well not quite all the way as he pulls the badge out which is not good news for jessica. She's allowed to make a call but ooops only gets voicemail. I think she's calling Marcus- she needs someone to bail her out! Well it was indeed Marcus who's waiting a short time later, with flowers as jessica's released. The two seem to want to try it for real but jessica has one thing to take care of first and Marcus can't help her with that. So jessica heads back to the office, her real office and Randy's there with a couple choice words, lol. Randy wants a couple big reports on his desk that day or she's toast. jessica has other ideas and prints out a few copies of selected photos from her recent tryst with Spears when he didn't know he was fucking jessica. She passes around the pic to everyone and when Randy returns jessica now full of verve really lets him have it with a dumbstruck Randy having to stand there and take it. jessica soon walks out most triumphant. Last shot has jessica walking down the street and you can see the confidence in her step and hear it in her voice as she's entering a new chapter in her life, one I think she's more than ready to move onto.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was another good one for jessica fans as she adds several scenes for us to enjoy along with some good dialogue. Chanel was good in her limited role and I dug the two girl party they had with Brad a lot. Extras for this included some BTS, pics a few trailers. There is a extra too for more scenes from Wicked but you have to pay for those, not sure entirely how it works and it's not something I'd do but check it out for yourself. There is one more jessica scene and it's from the recently released 3 Days in June which she directed. It's the scene with her and Dane Cross.

So we head away from the bar to Dane's room where he's waiting. A knock at the door and it's jessica so he indeed called her. Dane isn't as confident now as he was with his buddies around him at the bar so it's jessica who takes the lead closing the door, starting the kissing and it's her that pushes Dane down onto the bed. On top she keeps on kissing and feeling down around Dane's bulging jean area that is housing Mr. Happy who's about to get some lucky time! Ok Dane sits up and it starting to get more into his groove lifting up jessica's shirt freeing those tits which get some attention. The next shot gets us to jessica down below and working her magic on Dane's hard dick, pulling those jeans off with some force and diving back down. Sexwise cowgirl was nice we get a good upclose shot on her ass and jessica's willing to do P2M on his condom covered cock, I wondered if it was flavored, lol. They repeat this a few times here so good shots on jessica's ass before we move around for a frontal shot in reverse. A spoon finish gets us to the pop, fired right on target to jessica's open mouth, cleanup instantaneous as she gets those last few drops out. We had some shadows here and there but nothing to serious to drag the scene down.

So a nice addition to a strong title for jessica drake fans, do yourself a favor and check it out, you'll be Hooked!

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