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Honeymoon, The (Wicked)

Honeymoon, The (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Honeymoon, The (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Honeymoon, The (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Honeymoon, The (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Honeymoon, The (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Honeymoon, The (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Honeymoon, The (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Honeymoon, The (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Honeymoon, The (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/30/2010
Alright fans, got a bit of a cold here so I could use a little cheering up so I decided to slip in the new comedy from writer/ director/ performer Stormy Daniels. The story centers on Alektra Blue who was ditched just before getting married by her fiance. Among the things left behind were some nonrefundable tickets to a honeymoon vacation spot and Alektra decides to use it and we get a possible new man in her life that just might help her forget Mr. Wrong or will he, let's find out.

The movie begins with some nice credits showing wedding gifts and pictures of Alektra with her man, Dane Cross. The story then takes us to a concerned friend, Kaylani Lei who's been trying to reach Alektra but so far she's not picked up the phone.

Kaylani Lei:

Kaylani's not alone as her man Anthony Rosano has a seat next to her and offers up that he needs some comfort himself which Kaylani is more than happy to provide. A real nice job of getting Kaylani naked and we move to Anthony doing a good job licking her pussy followed by Kaylani showing his cock a little love with her mouth and hands. The scene was fast paced with a good bouncy cowgirl captured. Mr. Rosano does some great pounding in doggie leading to an ass pop, now what's up with Alektra.

Alektra Blue:

The story then takes us to Alektra's place and Kaylani's stopping by and lets herself in when she's not met at the front door. Kaylani finds the groom/ bride top of the cake laying on the floor with the groom's head missing, ouch! The ladies then sit down for some coffee and Alektra gets to spill her guts a little. Cut to later on and it's just Alektra who is still alone and remembering when Dane first gave her the engagement ring. She takes it off and goes to bed-- Alektra then wakes to find Dane back, he's sorry, never going to leave her and this leads to some makeup sex. Pussy licking and fingering follow. Alektra is always good with a cock and offers up some enthusiastic head. Sexwise reverse was a big winner with her dancing tits, the great wide open shot and a little grinding too from Alektra. Spoon and mish help round out the scene which ends with a pop up her belly--- then Alektra wakes up and yep it was all dream, a bad dream.

Alektra gets up, has a cup of coffee and looks over the plane tickets she can't get a refund for-- she's like fuck it I'm going! So the next shot takes us to that romantic getaway spot. Alektra arrives but it's just her so she didn't bring Kaylani along or another friend. Rocco Reed meets her and talk about service he takes her luggage away to her room with Alektra taking a look as he leaves-- nice to see she's got a pulse! Over to the bar we go where a pair of newlyweds arrive and it's Kaiya Lynn & Mr. Pete. The two are all lovey dovey as they wait for their room key and Alektra arrives too just behind them and she's not very lovey dovey, just give me my room key, lol. Alektra makes it to her room and quickly hits the mini bar. Rocco arrives with her luggage and gets a little earful from a still not happy Alektra. He's nice enough even when she gives him a small tip. Alektra then gets the good news in sound that she is right next door to Pete and Kaiya, ouch!

Kaiya Lynn:

So we leave an unhappy Alektra to head next door where more fun things are happening. The newlyweds are at it hot and heavy with Kaiya riding Pete in cowgirl. There is some vag spoon too before he moves down an inch which means some anal sex, alright. Pete finishes off with some strong strokes in doggie anal, off comes the condom and he pops to Kaiya's waiting mouth with some cleanup from the new bride.

Move to late that evening and Alektra ventures out to the actual bar where she asks for a strawberry margarita but the woman tending bar isn't a real bartender so she sits a beer in front of Alektra instead, it was a funny moment. Rocco joins them too and the two have more get to know ya chatter. There was some flirting but nothing that yields promise at this moment, Rocco asks her to meet him later but gets no answer. A little more comedy is worked in when we see Brendon Miller playing a musical instrument and singing his hear out to Zoe Britton, Aiden Ashley & Carmen Valentina. The ladies seemed very much interested in his singing too, lol. Things look like they might get sexual but for some reason Brendon gets up and leaves-- but the girls were still horny so they decided to help each other out.

Zoe Britton, Aiden Ashley & Carmen Valentina:

So Brendon leaves and this leaves three horny ladies alone together. There is some kissing, caressing and we start to see boobs revealed and kissed. I think Brendon's song was magical, these ladies waste no time in getting down for some pussy eating as well. Pretty good shots for the oral with mostly side views with the girls opened up to camera so you get the pussy and their ass too in the shot. Liked it when one slides underneath to lick pussy, love face riding. No toys used which didn't bother me one bit. A nice three girl lesbian party.

We move to the next day and catch up with Rocco and Alektra who look like their on a nature hike of some kind. The camera follows them along as they check out the woods, smell the flowers. More conversation and you can sense Alektra warming up to Rocco who's already taken the plunge for Alektra-- I don't think he knows it yet but you can tell. Seems Rocco had a bad break up too, something Alektra can totally sympathize with. The two nearly kiss and this causes her to run off- where she's joined by an obviously intoxicated Brendon- he's got a tub of some sort of drink, sex on the beach maybe, lol. Brendon does his best drunk talk but how can you take him serious when he's got rubber floaties on his upper arms!! Brendon tries his best to seduce Alektra but she's able to thwart off his charms, lol. In his drunken state Brendon relates a past sexual experience he had-- it could all totally be BS but it's our next sex scene.

Monique Alexander:

So into Brendon's warped fantasy mind we go and according to him he's just arrived back from a successful rock tour and Monique's there and she just has to have him. She rips off her top, fluffs the hair and jumps his bones. Kissing, touching, breast play and Brendon does some pussy eating too- good open shot for this. A good side view then when it comes Monique's turn and she shows she knows a thing or two about sucking cocks. Sexwise I'd have to say cowgirl was the best shot, just love seeing a superb asshole tease shot and Monique's ass gives us one here. Brendon fucks her good in doggie too leading to an ass pop. Coming back to reality Brendon further states this was only the first of 14 times they had sex that night-- Alektra has to fight the urge to puke as Brendon was thrusting his hips towards her face as he said this- I think she needs to get out of there, lol. Ok she stays a little longer and turns out Brendon's got a secret he spills and you should a little laugh out of it and his appearance makes sense plus how he was talking. Anyway, we need to get some final loving for Alektra.


Well she goes in search of Rocco and finds him swimming. Can I join you!! Off goes her top and in the pool she goes, hello boobs!! I think her signal was received loud and clear as the two begin to passionately kiss. Rocco does very well moving down to Alektra's pussy where we get a superb close up as his tongue darts in and out. Alektra then delivers her second sizzling hot blowjob with great eye contact, spitting on the shaft, deep throating. Doggie and mish were both very brisk leading to a pop just on top of her pussy lips. Post sex kissing but sadly Alektra keeps her plane ticket and heads back home leaving Rocco behind.

So how does the story end, well as she gets back home Alektra is met by Dane who wants another chance but Alektra is like no way, get the F out. How can you throw it all away Dane cries-- well I didn't, you did Alektra correctly retorts and shows Dane the door. Seconds later another knock but this time it's Rocco who just couldn't let her go and this time Alektra was more than happy to let a man into her house and I think back into her life. We fade out with the two walking back presumably to her bedroom for more hot sex!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a good movie. The story was easy to follow, the dialogue wasn't hard to understand and the actors delivered the lines well. Brendon Miller has fun with his role as the gay advice giver. Alektra delivers to good scenes, one with Dane and the better one and it made sense with Rocco. The extras were missing some behind the scenes but there is a bonus scene with Alektra from the Wicked Pictures movie Mean Girls and she takes on TJ Cummings. A good flick and worth a rental for Alektra fans as she gives you two scenes plus the bonus one.

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